1.5 TPD Portable Water Desalination

  • System recovery rate: 12%
  • Power Consumption:1.5KW
  • Voltage: single-phase 220V/50HZ ,three-phase 380V/50HZ, three-phase
  • 440V/50HZ(Customized)
  • Working pressure: 35~55MPA
  • Operating temperature: 5~45℃
  • Inlet water TDS: less than 40000PPM
  • Desalination rate: 99.2%
  • TDS: less than 700PPM
  • Inlet PH value: 3~10
  • Size: 800mm*500mm*500mm
  • Net weight: 100KG
  • Packing net weight:120KG

NEWater 1.5 TPD Portable Water Desalination Unit

  • Fresh Water Output: 1.5 tons per day
  • Delivery time:7-15 workdays
  • Certificate: CE certification
  • OEM/ODM Availability: Yes
desalination machine applications

💧With touch screen human-machine interface, beautiful and generous, simple operation, operation, and fault online display.
💧Output Water Quality: Meet international drinking water standard < GB5749-2006.
💧Over-pressure protection for the output water from the high-pressure pump, When the high-pressure pump outlet pressure exceeds 6.5mpa, the equipment will stop automatically and show sound and light alarms.
💧Under pressure protection when the inlet pressure of the high-pressure pump is insufficient. When the water inlet pressure of the high-pressure pump is lower than 0.05mpa due to inadequate pre-treatment water supply, it will automatically stop and send an audible and visual alarm.
💧Equipped with a manual multi-channel valve, the sand filter can be filtered, backwashed, and flushed conveniently and quickly as required.
💧The alarm system has the function of manual confirmation and silencing.
💧Equipped with a reverse osmosis membrane cleaning system, it can carry out physical cleaning, concentrated water replacement, chemical cleaning, and filling of protective fluid for reverse osmosis membrane components.

1.5 TPD Commercial Seawater Water System Manufacturer-NEWater

Our 1.5 TPD desalination system is small and portable. They are commonly used for personal outdoor activities, hiking adventures, camping, boats & yachts, off-grid homes, and in emergency situations.

The advantage of NEWater’s small desalination system is that it is not limited to a power source, but can also use solar power. Combined with the advanced reverse osmosis technology it guarantee of the high quality of the produced water. No matter where or when you are, you can get healthy water at the touch of a button. One day freshwater production can reach 1500L.

Our desalination plants are available in various sizes, such as 3 TPD, 5 TPD, 10 TPD, 25 TPD, 60 TPD, and 100 TPD, and we also support the customization of the plants. The equipment is quality certified and comes with a one-year warranty. We provide considerate and prompt international shipping service for our customers worldwide, MOQ is 1 unit.

Equipment composition:

Raw Water
Raw Water Pump
Pre Sand Carbon Filtration
Ro Reverse Osmosis
Precision Filter
Direct Drinking Water

Consumable List:

RO system customization

seawater desalination unit applications



Why NEWater?

  • 20+ Seawater Desalination Experience
  • A Variety of Water Treatment Capabilities
  • Support one-to-one Customization
  • One Year Warranty
  • Factory Price & No MOQ
  • Product Quality Certificate


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