10 Reasons To Invest In Small Pure Water Equipment

The treatment of water is very important to prevent the risk of consuming contaminated waters. Water is life but sometimes it can lead to the loss of the same life it’s meant to save. Every drop counts and every drop ought to be clean and safe for consumption.

With small pure water equipment, there is definitely a chance for any individual, homestead, or organization to achieve 100% water safe for use and consumption.

Small pure water equipment kills and eliminates any disease-causing organisms. The filtering process of small pure water equipment will prevent any disease from getting into your source of water thus guarding you and your friends and family. Below are 10 reasons why you should consider investing in high-quality small pure water equipment.

Figure 1. Small Pure Water Equipment

1. Very Few Toxic Chemicals In Your Water Tap.

There are more than 2,000 toxic chemicals that may exist in your water taps. The small pure water equipment will help you filter these toxic chemicals up to 99.9% thus safeguarding every consumer.

The small pure water equipment removes:

  • Toxins
  • Lead
  • Excess Chlorine
  • Microorganisms
  • Dissolved particles
  • Germs such as dust
  • Virus
  • Bacteria

These are the contaminants that can lead to harmful effects on your body. For example, the consumption of excess amounts of chlorine from the tap can cause rectal cancer, colon cancer, and even bladder cancer.

The intake of water contaminated with lead can lead to signs and symptoms of influenza, negative prenatal effects, and intellectual disabilities. Small pure water equipment has the ability to filter out any harmful bacteria such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

The two have the potential of causing gastrointestinal illness. Some of these harmful contents may not really affect you. They may however be a danger to our children by suppressing their vulnerable immune system that is already suppressed.

The small pure water equipment is able to filter out all these harmful contents. At the same time, small pure water equipment retains the naturally present minerals that are of help to your body.

2) Small Pure Water Equipment1

2. Small Pure Water Equipment Is Cost-Effective Compared To Buying Bottled Water.

An average person uses more than 170 gallons of water every day. This includes showering, cooking, and even toilet flushing. We also consume not less than half a gallon of drinking water every day. If you were to rely on bottled water instead of purifying water using the small pure water equipment, then there is no doubt that our expenses on water would escalate rapidly.

Borrowing from the business insider, the cost of bottled water is $1.22 per gallon. This is 300 times more compared to tap water. In contrast, filtered water will only cost you $0.10 to $0.20 for each gallon.

For a homeowner, the cost of installing small pure water equipment may be a bit high. However, over time the upfront cost of installing Small pure water equipment will be very low compared to what you may have spent on regular purchasing of bottled water.

For this reason, it is a good idea to consider having the small pure water equipment earlier enough. This will save you unnecessary expenses on pure water that may otherwise be filtered to save cost.

Small Pure Water Equipment2

3. Small Pure Water Equipment Creates A Better Environment With Less Plastic Waste.

Figure2 Environmentally friendly small pure water system

It is estimated that Americans use about 50 billion plastic water bottles every year. Unfortunately, only 38 billion of these plastic bottles get to be recycled. Plastic bottles worth $1 billion don’t get to be recycled and result in environmental pollution. Most of these plastic bottles normally end up in our lands and in the pacific ocean.

The number of plastic bottles all over the world has reached a staggering 200 billion every year. These bottles take millions of years for them to decay leading to pollution of the environment. The use of small pure water equipment saves the negative impact of plastic bottles on our environment. Every time small pure water equipment is installed, a positive impact to safeguard our environment from pollution is created.

Small Pure Water Equipment3

4. Good Quality Of Life.

There is an old saying that goes, “You are a definition of what you eat”. This is actually true when it comes to your cooking behavior. “What you drink is what you become”. Water treatment with small pure water equipment goes a long way in shaping you by ensuring you only take quality purified water.

Remember that 70% of the body is made of water, the cleaner the water, the “cleaner” your body gets. Purified quality water will help you have shining hair, strong nails, clean teeth, and quick recovery from diseases. The use of small pure water equipment is cheap and easily fits in small spaces thus giving you every reason to look good by taking in clean water.

The taste of purified clean water from a drinking water system for home is also good compared to that of your tap water. This is the same case when it comes to your food. Good water dictates the taste of your food. This is why it is important to have small pure water equipment for your water treatment. If you use purified water, the meals will have very few contaminants which makes them taste much better.

5. Extended Life Of Your Appliances.

The appliances you use are also important and need care and maintenance. They include dishwashers, showers, laundry washers, and toilets. They all need to have an extended lifespan and this is mainly possible when using purified water from small pure water equipment. The use of tap water can lead to clogging, worn faucets, drainage, and other damages to the water taps and piped appliances.

Small pure water equipment helps in softening hard water thus removing the effects of hard water on all the appliances thus increasing their lifespan. It cannot make sense to buy your assets both for home and industry and let them get damaged by untreated water. Treated water from small pure water equipment will guarantee both the health safety and durability of your appliances.

6. Quality Water For Your Pets.

Whatever is good for you is definitely good for your pets. If you choose to treat your water using small pure water equipment, it is only good if the same is applied to your pets. The immunity of your pets from toxins in the water is not different from you. Clean water will help your pets live extended long and happy lives. They will not require any special care resulting from ailments due to the intake of contaminated water.

Water from small pure water equipment rinses with little residues compared to the tap water. Washing pets with purified water causes less skin irritation and ensures much healthier fur and skin. This will not only save you unnecessary treatment costs but also earn you a good title in keeping your pets healthy.

Small Pure Water Equipment4

7. Reduced Risk Of Health Problems.

Many studies that have been conducted by researchers indicate that people who consume purified water have low health risks. Using small pure water equipment means you have 33% chances less of developing gastrointestinal infections compared to drinking water directly from the tap. In addition, the calcium contained in tap water leads to kidney stones for many people which can be really painful.

The water filtration system of small pure water equipment ensures that the water is pretty easier for the natural chemical balance of the stomach compared to untreated tap water. This helps in reducing any risks of acid flux and ulcers.

Having small pure water equipment is a sure way of protecting your friends, workers, family, and yourselves from health problems arising from contaminated waters. The health benefits of small pure water equipment coupled with affordability and fewer maintenance costs are a perfect reason to ensure you don’t take untreated water. Watch this video to know how water purifications work.

8. An Additional Layer Of Security.

In many industrialized countries, the treatment of public water is never quite effective. There is an increasing case of water contamination from pollution. This normally comes from lead coming from faulty and outdated water pipes. It can also arise from the pesticide residue and find its way into the piped water.

Some weather conditions also tend to be extraordinary like heavy rainfall can also strain the residential wastewater treatment systems at the municipality level. This, therefore, means that you may need to have small pure water equipment to get the needed assurance that your water is safe.

With all these situations, it may be unreasonable not to set a second layer as that would be not only risking your life but also being careless. You should consider setting your small pure water equipment to supplement that of your municipal water treatment.

9. Ease Of Installation.

Figure 4. Ease of Installation

The filtration of water through the small pure water equipment is quite an easy process. You can easily rely on your local plumber to fix your small pure water equipment accordingly and start enjoying clean and safe water. If the installation of the small pure water equipment is not properly done, it may lead to expensive repairs that can be avoided.

You do not need to hire special experts, once you purchase your small pure water equipment, you only need to ensure the installation point is ready. You can contact your plumber to fix it and enjoy and start using it.

Buying small pure water equipment from a good and reliable company also guarantees you extended support anytime. NEWater is such a company and any time you decide to partner with us for any of your projects, you are guaranteed quality and durable small pure water equipment.

10. Lower Cost Of Maintenance.

Small pure water equipment comes with many advantages among them being the low cost of maintenance. The maintenance procedure is simple and the spare parts like the media filtration system that may be necessary as easily available and affordable.

Purchasing small pure water equipment from a reliable water treatment manufacturer guarantees you extended warranty terms. This means that in case of any challenges, you not only get support, but you also get free repairs and/or parts replacement for free.

Figure 5. Replacement filters for water treatment


There is no doubt that water is life. With the increasing number of contaminants in our different sources of water, there is a need for water treatment. Otherwise, we all risk contracting familiar and unique diseases that may be a challenge to the whole population.

With the availability of small pure water equipment, you have no reason to take risks. Here at Newater, we are ready for discussion to offer assistance for your next water treatment project. Contact us today and our team will respond accordingly.

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