14T/H Cabinet Type Container Pretreatment Equipment

1. Introduction of Container Water Treatment Equipment.

Container water treatment equipment extends the ordinary water treatment equipment storage methods, mainly for some remote mountainous areas and sites often move the problem, to avoid in order to find the placement of equipment sites, container sewage treatment equipment is an atmosphere, processing capacity of water treatment equipment. Equipment processing capacity of 5-5000 tons of water per day, the equipment is mainly used in small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, suitable for living, medical, food industry, meat processing, breeding, washing, tanning, and other living and industrial water.

NEWater has specialized in manufacturing container water treatment equipment for 20 years, including pure water equipment, seawater desalination equipment, and sewage treatment equipment. We can choose the right type of water treatment according to the different needs of our customers. Our engineers will design the integrated water treatment equipment for you, and you only need to connect the water circuit and electric circuit.

Container Water Treatment Equipment

Container Water Treatment Equipment2

2. The Advantages of Container Water Treatment Equipment.

  • Container integrated water treatment equipment appearance of the atmosphere upscale, low cost, one-time investment less. (Optional pure container shell equipment or electric accompanying heat container integrated water treatment equipment)
  • Equipment management is convenient, the operation of the equipment can be set to semi-automatic or fully automatic, with no need to cultivate microorganisms, to achieve immediate use.
  • Compact and strong structures can be installed on the ground or buried in the ground.
  • Carrying load, strong purification capacity, stable working performance, and stable water quality.
  • Container internal process can be designed reverse osmosis system, MRB and other water treatment systems.
  • Container integrated water treatment equipment is simple to operate and has good process stability.
  • After treatment by the equipment, the output water reaches the water standard and meets the requirements of enterprise production water.

Container Water Treatment Equipment advantages

3. NEWater Container Water Treatment Equipment Application

  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Power industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Medical industry
  • Drinking water engineering
  • Petrochemical industry
  • etc.

Container Water Treatment Equipment applications

4. NEWater Water Treatment Equipment

NEWater focus on water treatment equipment manufacturing for 20 years, mainly on the core product development and production and sales of reverse osmosis system-related water treatment equipment. Our team of engineering designers and equipment production engineers has 15+ years of water treatment experience.

Because NEWater has its own factory in China, our water treatment equipment has passed the quality inspection and has factory inspection report. We guarantee that you will get high-quality equipment at a low factory price, and our one-year warranty proves the stability and durability of our products.

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