High Quality 25 TPD Desalination RO System

  • Fresh Water Output: 25 tons per day
  • System recovery rate: 25%
  • Power Consumption : 5.5KWVoltage: 440 V /60 HZ
  • Working pressure: 3.5~5.5MPA
  • Operating temperature: 5~45°
  • Inlet TDS: less than 40000PPM
  • Desalination rate: 99.2%TDS: less than 700PP
  • MPH value of inlet water: 3~10
  • Size: 1700mm*1120mm*1900mm
  • Packing specification(wooden case): 1900*1320*2100mm
  • Net weight of equipment: 800KGpacking net weight: 880KG

NEWater 25 TPD Desalination System

  • Filtration precision:0.0001um, desalination rate>99.2%.
  • High-quality high-pressure pump
  • Simple operation, low maintenance cost
  • Service life up to 15-20 years
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💧The system is automatically operated and monitored by a microprocessor controller
💧Compact system design and compact instrument panel
💧Equipment is factory tested to ensure trouble-free operation
💧 High-quality seawater reverse osmosis membrane & FRP membrane housing
💧Low and high-voltage switches
💧 5-micron sediment filter and housing
💧Product TDS with digital display readout
💧Equipment life span of 15 – 25 years


Reliable 25 TPD Salt Water Filtration Manufacturer-NEWater

NEWater’s 25 TPD desalination system converts seawater into potable water. The capacity of our desalination equipment ranges from 50 LPH to 2,000 LPH with a maximum TDS of 35,000 ppm. The unit is equipped with high-quality components, including a high-performance, corrosion-resistant, high-pressure pump and a control system with multiple built-in features.

25 TPD Portable Water Desalination machines

We design our seawater reverse osmosis systems to be compact and easy to install in any size area, making them ideal for yachts, boats, cruise ships, and resorts. They can be customized to fit your water needs. Whether you are a luxury yacht, cruise ship, fishing boat, or beach resort, using our 25 TPD is an excellent choice.

NEWater provides specialized water treatment services for land and marine applications requiring marine desalination systems. Contact our engineers for a free design proposal.

seawater desalination unit applications



Why NEWater?

  • 20+ Seawater Desalination Experience
  • A Variety of Water Treatment Capabilities
  • Support one-to-one Customization
  • One Year Warranty
  • Factory Price & No MOQ
  • Product Quality Certificate


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