250L/H Car Urea Liquid EDI Ultra-pure Water Plant | Electrodeionization System

1. Equipment Introduction.

EDI ultrapure water is the upgraded version of the new ultra-pure water equipment in the 20th century, raw water is through the reverse osmosis system to produce pure water, through the EDI device’s clever combination of electrodialysis and ion exchange technology, this process no longer requires the traditional acid and alkali chemical regeneration and can continuously produce ultrapure water.

EDI system

NEWater has been improving the whole set of RO and EDI systems for 20 years, using imported reverse osmosis membrane elements and EDI membrane stack devices to stabilize the water quality and flow, the system adopts fully automatic Siemens and Mitsubishi PLC control, the equipment has the advantages of advanced process flow, stable water quality, fast operation, low cost, environmental protection can be recycled, etc.

All of our products have passed the international CE certification. Customized solutions are designed for different fields of use and can be installed and commissioned at home.

Car Urea Liquid EDI Ultra-pure Water Plant

2. Product Parameters.

250L-H EDI system Product Parameters.

Name: Ultra-pure water equipment
Model RO-250L
Size 1650*650*1670mm
Material Fiberglass/stainless steel (304&316)
Water production: 250L/H
Water intake requirements: Tap water and groundwater, total soluble solids(TDS≤300ppm)
Water production standard: Resistivity ≥18mΩ.cm²
Application Electronics industry (semiconductor, integrated circuit cleaning, chip, liquid crystal device production), automotive urea fluid, electroplating production, coating material production water

The medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory water, etc.

RO system flow diagram

3.  Equipment Control and Performance.
Reverse osmosis pure water system has two core components configuration.

The reverse osmosis membrane is the core component to achieve reverse osmosis, is a simulated biological semi-permeable membrane made with certain characteristics of the artificial semi-permeable membrane.
NEWater choose industry-recognized high-standard RO reverse osmosis – imported Dupont Dow membrane, water quality stability, long service life. You can also optional domestic high-cost RO membrane.

RO membrane1 RO membrane2

China’s high-quality Hangzhou South pump, the choice of stainless steel SS304/SS316 material, its power pressure performance is stable, low noise to reduce energy consumption, and long service life. You can choose the top imported Grundfos pump or other brands according to customer requirements.

high quality pumps

RO System Advantages

  • Implementation of automatic control, and automatic flushing of RO membrane to reduce the rate of contamination.
  • Automatic shutdown for no water and low pressure or full water, automatic water production for water tank shortage.
  • Low-pressure switches protect the high-pressure pump to avoid damage to the pump group.
  • Produced water conductivity meter continuously monitors produced water quality.
  • Grouped inlet and discharge pressure gauges to continuously monitor the differential pressure of the reverse osmosis membrane and indicate when cleaning is required.
  • Automatic water stop valve to avoid water precipitation caused by the continued inflow of water during the shutdown.
  • Stable reverse osmosis host system with automatic operation, group protection, and real-time monitoring.

EDI technology advantages.

  • Ability to continuously produce produced water quality that meets user requirements.
  • Modular production, which can be controlled automatically.
  • No need for acid-base regeneration, and no pollution emission.
  • No downtime due to regeneration.
  • No need for regeneration equipment and chemical storage and transportation.
  • Compact design structure and small footprint.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Simple operation and low labor intensity.

EDI system

4. The Scope of Industries Using the Equipment.

* Food industry: snack formulas, tea, juice, vegetable juice, plants, and other heat-sensitive substances extraction and production water.
* Chemical industry: electroplating, aluminum profiles, chemical recycling water, fertilizer, fine chemical, cosmetics, metal smelting, home appliance coating, inverted film glass production, urea liquid for automobiles, melt-blown cloth, freezing liquid, and other production water.
* Electric power industry: thermal power generation boilers, plant, and boiler feed, high-pressure boiler supply water, machine cooling water, etc.
* Electronic industry: integrated circuits, silicon wafers, display tubes, picture tubes, liquid crystal displays, circuit boards, computer hard disks
* Single crystal silicon semiconductor, condenser, and other electronic components production water.
* Medical industry: water for medical infusion, injection reagents, pharmaceutical kits, biochemical products, and artificial kidney dialysis, mask protective clothing workshop, and laboratory apparatus cleaning.
* Beverage industry: beer, carbonated beverages, and other formulations, production, washing water.
* Drinking water engineering: schools, office buildings, communities, construction sites, and hotels direct drinking water preparation.
* Petrochemical industry: reaction cooling water, oilfield injection water, petrochemical wastewater treatment.

NEWater has a design team with 20 years of professional water treatment experience and can provide free quality water purification solutions while providing door-to-door site visits, free installation, and commissioning services.

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