3 TPD Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant

  • Main features: small size, easy installation, convenient operation, and maintenance.
  • Fresh Water Output: 3 tons per day
  • Size: L*B*H=500mm*570mm*1350mm
  • Weight: ≈150kg (dry weight)
  • Power Consumption: 1.5kw
  • System recovery rate: ≈15%(depending on temperature and water quality)
  • Power supply: AC380V /50Hz/Customizable
  • Electric control protection grade: IP56
  • Product color: primary color
  • Material composition: SUS316 stainless steel
  • Effluent water quality: in accordance with GB5749-2006drinking water quality standard

NEWater 3 TPD Portable Water Desalination Unit

  • Fresh Water Output: 3 tons per day
  • DOW, water alkaline membrane
  • Automatic cleaning and backwashing
  • Low operating cost
desalination machine applications

1)Advanced reverse osmosis technology
2)The best design scheme is designed according to the raw water analysis report and water quality requirements.
3)Desalination rate is as high as 99.7%, which can remove inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, bacteria, inorganic chemicals, etc.
4)Water quality is stable and pure. There is no need for other chemicals and no environmental pollution.
5) Pre-treatment system, activated carbon adsorption filter, refined quartz sand filter, etc.
6) Automatic and manual cleaning of the RO membrane.
7) The whole system has a long life, simple operation, and strong applicability.
8) The system has an automatic pressure protection system and an online monitor.

3 TPD Commercial Seawater Water Plant Manufacturer-NEWater

NEWater is a company specializing in the design and production of seawater desalination equipment, and RO pure water systems. Our 3T desalination equipment is widely used in various fields to provide healthy and clean drinking water. For example, boats, camping RVs, yachts, outdoor emergencies, and so on.

The components of the equipment include an original water pump, mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, ultrafiltration high-pressure pump, RO system, cleaning system, high and low-pressure protection system, automatic level control system, automatic alarm system, automatic shutdown when the tank is full, and automatic operation when the tank is empty.

Not only desalination equipment, we also specialize in designing and manufacturing brackish water desalination equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, nanofiltration equipment, and many other water treatment equipment. It is our mission to bring new life to more water.100% guarantee your order, 1 year after-sales quality assurance. A professional design team is always online to solve your water treatment problems.

To get more technical advice, please contact NEWater. info@newater.com.

seawater desalination unit applications



Why NEWater?

  • 20+ Seawater Desalination Experience
  • A Variety of Water Treatment Capabilities
  • Support one-to-one Customization
  • One Year Warranty
  • Factory Price & No MOQ
  • Product Quality Certificate


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