5 TPD Desalination Device

  • Main features: compact structure, generous
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Size: L*B*H=910mm*500mm*1540mm
  • Weight: *260Kg (dry weight)
  • Power Consumption: 22 KW
  • System recovery rate: 20%(depending on temperature and water quality)
  • Power supply: AC380V /50 Hz/Customizable
  • Quality standard: comply with ship CCS inspection and provide the corresponding certificate
  • Effluent quality: meet GB5749-2006 drinking water quality standards
  • Electric protection grade: IP56
  • Main components: high-pressure pump imported from Italy original 316L stainless steel material;
  • The reverse osmosis membrane is made by the Dow brand.
  • Effectively ensure the core quality of products.

5 TPD Desalination Machine-NEWater

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Desalination Rate: 99.2%
  • Function: Pure Sea Water Process
  • Application: Island, Coastal Regions, offshore drilling platform, distant fishery
desalination machine applications

💧With touch screen human-machine interface, beautiful and generous, simple operation, operation, and fault online display.
💧Output Water Quality: Meet international drinking water standard < GB5749-2006.
💧Over-pressure protection for the output water from the high-pressure pump, When the high-pressure pump outlet pressure exceeds 6.5mpa, the equipment will stop automatically and show sound and light alarms.
💧Under pressure protection when the inlet pressure of the high-pressure pump is insufficient. When the water inlet pressure of the high-pressure pump is lower than 0.05mpa due to inadequate pre-treatment water supply, it will automatically stop and send an audible and visual alarm.
💧Equipped with a manual multi-channel valve, the sand filter can be filtered, backwashed, and flushed conveniently and quickly as required.
💧The alarm system has the function of manual confirmation and silencing.
💧Equipped with a reverse osmosis membrane cleaning system, it can carry out physical cleaning, concentrated water replacement, chemical cleaning, and filling of protective fluid for reverse osmosis membrane components.

5 TPD Pure Seawater Purifier Manufacturer-NEWater

Our 5 TPD desalination plant is suitable for hotels, restaurants, home use, sea fishing, islands, and so on.

5 TPD Portable Water Desalination unit application (1)

Water Production Procedure
Sea Water ➔ Feeding Pump ➔ Multi- Filter ➔ Precision Filter ➔ High Pressure Pump ➔ RO mainframe ➔ Fresh Water

NEWater has been in the desalination industry for 20 years. In addition to 5TPD desalination equipment, we also include other high-quality and cost-effective large-scale desalination equipment and small-scale seawater drinking water equipment. The capacity ranges from 1.5-100TPD. The equipment is customized according to the customer’s needs in terms of assembly form, capacity, appearance, system composition, energy supply method, power supply, and so on.

We are committed to specializing in the design and production of desalination system systems and have become a leader in the water treatment industry, including solar desalination, brackish water desalination plants, nanofiltration & ultrafiltration plants, and many other types of water treatment plants. We value our customers’ feedback and comments, and it is our mission to provide fresh water to more areas.

Contact us for professional advice on customizing your system.


seawater desalination unit applications



Why NEWater?

  • 20+ Seawater Desalination Experience
  • A Variety of Water Treatment Capabilities
  • Support one-to-one Customization
  • One Year Warranty
  • Factory Price & No MOQ
  • Product Quality Certificate


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