60 TPD Compact Water Desalination Unit

  • Fresh Water Output: 60 tons per day
  • Size: L* B*H = 2250mm*1250mm*2040mm
  • Weight: * 2500kg (dry weight)
  • Power Consumption:18.5kw
  • System recovery rate: 33%(depending on temperature and water quality)
  • Power supply: AC380V / 50Hz, AC 440v /60Hz,AC480v /60Hz(Customized)
  • Effluent water quality: in line with GB5749-2006 drinking water quality standard
  • Electric control protection grade: IP56
  • Main components: the high-pressure pump is made of sepck brand imported from Germany; the reverse osmosis membrane is made of American ceramic Brand.

NEWater 60 TPD Seawater Desalination RO Plant

  • Certification: ISO9001, CE
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.0001um
  • Dow reverse osmosis membrane
  • Application: potable water for schools, rural villages, factories, and hotel
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💧The system is automatically operated and monitored by a microprocessor controller
💧Compact system design and compact instrument panel
💧Equipment is factory tested to ensure trouble-free operation
💧 High-quality seawater reverse osmosis membrane & FRP membrane housing
💧Low and high-voltage switches
💧 5-micron sediment filter and housing
💧Product TDS with digital display readout
💧Equipment life span of 15 – 25 years

Trusted 60 TPD Seawater Desalination System Supplier-NEWater

They can be used in offshore drilling platform operations. NEWater uses materials such as SS316L. , Manufactured with advanced process design, and high-quality structural materials are selected to handle highly corrosive seawater. The equipment can guarantee a longer service life and less maintenance.

System process:
Raw water (provided by the purchaser) → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → primary security filter → secondary security filter → primary high-pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis system → pure water outlet (provided by the purchaser)

We supply commercial & industrial seawater reverse osmosis systems of different types and capacities. The equipment can be powered by solar energy, and the system can be designed to be compact and easier to move.

Not only our 60TPD seawater desalination equipment, all of our seawater desalination equipment can be customized according to the specific requirements of users.

Contact us for the latest desalination inquiries. info@newater.com.

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Why NEWater?

  • 20+ Seawater Desalination Experience
  • A Variety of Water Treatment Capabilities
  • Support one-to-one Customization
  • One Year Warranty
  • Factory Price & No MOQ
  • Product Quality Certificate


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