Installation Diagram of 8040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Figure 1 8040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Regarding the installation of the 8040 reverse osmosis membrane, a tutorial consisting entirely of illustrations is provided below to teach everyone how to install it, so that you have a better understanding of how the membrane is installed and the process involved.

Installation of 8040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

1. The membrane element is usually stored in a sodium bisulfite solution with a concentration of 1%, and before use, it must be thoroughly rinsed with pure water (qualified pretreatment product water or reverse osmosis product water).

2. As shown in Figure 1, the water seal ring is centered on the inlet side of the membrane element, and the installation direction of the seal ring is towards the inlet side. 

The function of the concentrate seal ring is to seal the gap between the membrane element and the membrane housing to ensure that all water entering flows through the channels of the membrane element. 

The pressure on the inlet side will tightly seal the opening of the concentrate seal ring on the inner wall of the membrane housing. If the installation direction of the seal ring is reversed, the seal ring will not seal properly, and some of the water entering will flow out of the membrane element. 

The flow rate on the membrane surface will be reduced, and the phenomenon of concentration polarization on the membrane surface cannot be suppressed. The lifespan of the membrane will be shortened.

Figure 2 Single membrane element installation

3. Rubber O-rings are installed in the circular grooves on the outer surface of the connectors and adapters for 3.8-inch membrane elements, and on the inner surface of the circular grooves for 4-inch membrane elements. 

First, confirm that the O-rings are installed in the specified positions on the adapters and connectors. When installing, be careful not to scratch or contaminate the O-rings or the surfaces of the connectors, and be sure not to twist the O-rings during installation. 

If there is a leak in the connector, the feed water will mix into the permeate, causing a decrease in water quality. When installing on the collection pipe, lubricate the O-ring and collection pipe surface with pure water, distilled water, or hydrophilic glycerin to facilitate installation.

4. Remove the end plates on both sides of the membrane housing and install the reverse osmosis membrane. Install the adapter on the concentrate side of the first membrane element’s collection pipe. Then slowly push the membrane element from the feed water side of the membrane housing to the concentrate side of the membrane housing.

5. When installing multiple membrane elements in series as shown in Figure 2, prepare to connect the next membrane element to the connector before the previous membrane element is fully inserted into the membrane housing. Also, be careful not to let the membrane element contact the edge of the membrane housing, to avoid scratches, and push it in as parallel as possible.

Figure 3 Example installation of several membrane elements

Figure 4 Installation gap adjustment shim

6. Finally, connect the product adapter to the collection tube of the last installed membrane element. Ensure that the RO membrane is firmly connected to the adapter and that the RO membrane is tightly connected to all other fittings. Then connect the concentrated water side end plate to the membrane housing.

7. After installing the retention end plate, push the membrane element back to the retention side from the inlet side to ensure that it is fully connected, and then install the inlet end plate. When installing the inlet end plate, be careful to measure the gap between the end plate and the adapter, and cover it with a hard plastic gasket to eliminate any existing gap.

During the installation of the 8040, the following issues should be noted:

Figure 5 RO Membrane

1. Remove the pipes connected to the membrane housing and remove the end plates from both ends of the membrane housing.

2. Push the RO membrane from the inlet side of the membrane housing to the concentrated water side of the membrane housing, and remove each membrane element from the concentrated water side one by one.

When installing multiple membrane elements (2 to 6) in the membrane housing, a water collection rod should be installed on the inlet side and the pushing distance of the membrane housing should be increased. During this operation, the use of a hard metal rod is prohibited.

3. Failure to comply with storage regulations may reduce the reusability of the membrane elements.

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