Application of Reverse Osmosis System in Hotels

1. Background

Hotels need different kinds of water, drinking water, bathwater, and regular tap water, for example, and different star hotels provide different water quality requirements. Depending on the location of the hotel, such as in mountains, seaside, arid areas, etc. Suitable water purification equipment should be selected according to the local water features to ensure that the water quality meets the demand of the customers.
NEWater is devoted to delivering premium high-end RO equipment and solutions. The technological subject of NEWater is strict purification and depth treatment for a variety of water quality, combined with membrane treatment process (including microfilter, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis) and ultraviolet disinfection process. NEWater has provided different processing facilities for all types of hotels and has wide applications in the hospitality industry worldwide.

ro equipment for Hotel application

2. What is Reverse Osmosis

In the natural condition, the solvent flows from the dilute solution side through the semi-permeable membrane to the thick solution side when the permeabilization pressure is unequal, the natural phenomenon called permeation. Oppositely, when we put pressure on the solution. The solvent flows in the reverse so they can obtain the elements needed for people’s production and living, which is known as the reverse osmosis process.

3. The Principles of NEWater Reverse Osmosis Technology

3.1 Preparation principle

The NEWater reverse osmosis equipment is usually composed of three parts: raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis purification system, and ultra-purification post-treatment system. The fundamental purpose of pretreatment is to make the raw water meet the inlet requirements of reverse osmosis membrane separation components and ensure the stable operation of the reverse osmosis purification system. The reverse osmosis membrane system can remove more than 98% of ions, organic matter, and 100% microorganisms (in theory), which is the most economical and efficient purification method. The system removes the remaining impurities in reverse osmosis pure water with a variety of integration technologies to satisfy the final water quality index requirements for different purposes after ultra-purification.

3.2 Working principle

NEWater reverse osmosis refers to the application of pressure on the inlet water (concentrated solution) side to overcome the natural osmotic pressure and reverse the flow direction of the natural penetration of water molecules. The water molecule part in the inlet water (concentrated solution) becomes the purified water on the dilute solution side through the reverse osmosis film, which is the most precise membrane liquid separation technique. NEWater has tailored different RO treatment equipment for all kinds of hotels according to the different quality of the water source, which has a good removal effect on pathogenic microorganisms, turbidity, natural organic matter, trace organic pollutants, and ammonia nitrogen in the water, which can better meet customers’ requirements for water quality.

Figure 1: Comparison between natural penetration and reverse osmosis

4. Composition of NEWater Hotel Reverse Osmosis System

The NEWater reverse osmosis water treatment device is a complete set of unit equipment including between the inlet flange from the security filter and the reverse osmosis freshwater outlet flange. It includes a security filter, high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis machine, electrical, instrument, connection pipeline, cable, and other devices that can operate independently.

4.1 Security filter

To ensure the safe operation of the reverse osmosis equipment, precision filter equipment, that is a security filter (also known as a precision filter)still needs to be set up. The security filter has a variety of structural forms, water enters the security filter from the middle, the water outlet room of the lower part of the partition, and impurities are kept on the filter element.
The filtration accuracy of the reverse osmosis water treatment system selection is generally 5μm. The NEWater filter element has high filtration accuracy, easy to manufacture, cheap price, and is safe to use.

4.2 High-pressure pump

As the RO membrane operates, the water is raised to the specified pressure through a high-pressure pump to complete the desalination process. The current high-pressure pumps are centrifugal, plunger, and screw forms, and the medium and multi-stage centrifugal pumps are the most widely used. This pump is characterized by high efficiency and can reach more than 90% and save energy consumption.

4.3 Reverse osmosis unit

The reverse osmosis unit is a combined water treatment unit that combines and connects the reverse osmosis membrane assembly in a certain arrangement. A single reverse osmosis membrane is called a membrane element, one or a number of reverse osmosis membrane elements according to the fixed technical requirements, with a single reverse osmosis membrane shell assembly to form a membrane assembly.

(1)Membrane elements

Reverse osmosis film elements with industrial functions are made of reverse osmosis film and supporting materials. The rolling membrane elements are mainly applied at present. NEWater not only provides high-quality reverse osmosis membranes for the hotel industry but also enables customized production of multi-purpose membrane elements for users in various industries.

(2) Membrane housing

The pressure vessel used to load the reverse osmosis membrane elements in the reverse osmosis body device is called the membrane housing, and the housing of the “pressure vessel” membrane shell is wrapped by epoxy FRP cloth and painted with epoxy paint. NEWater can also provide customized stainless steel membrane shells according to customer needs.

Figure 2: Operation flow diagram of the reverse osmosis device

5. Application of Reverse Osmosis Water Equipment in the Hotel

It is essential to have plenty of clean water for laundry service and catering to cleaning service and personal bathroom functions when operating a hotel or restaurant business. Adding efficient RO water systems applied to the hotel ensures that guests have clean, safe, and hygienic water in bathing and drinking water, enabling a pleasant check-in experience and ultimately commercial benefits. On the other hand, hotels and restaurants require high-quality, clean water for laundry services (such as purifying linen and dishwasher) in addition to the water consumed and need to ensure that hard water does not corrode pipes or adversely affect household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

RO application for hotel

It is necessary to design effective water filtration equipment systems due to most hospitality industries demand water. NEWater can meet the hotel’s various needs and will design the best system from scratch.

In order to meet the needs of clients, meet the water quality meeting the standards, and reduce pollution at all levels as far as possible, in the process of design, take the national tap water standard as the source water, and then equipped with a medium filter, active carbon filter, precision filter, and another pretreatment system, RO reverse osmosis host system, ion exchange mixing system, etc. Water quality meets international standards, Electronics (18MΩ*cm,15MΩ*cm,2MΩ*cm and 0.5MΩ*cm IV)

NEWater’s water treatment technology for hotels:

  • Pretreatment

1. Traditional process consists of mechanical filters, activated carbon filters, and security filters.
2. Process consists of mechanical filters, security filters, and ultra-filtration.

  • Reverse osmosis system

1. Consists of a high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis
2. Can be divided into first reverse osmosis and second reverse osmosis

  • Precision processing system

1. Ion exchange and micropore filter composition
2. EDI and micropore filter composition

NEWater reverse osmosis machine has a good desalination effect, it through different process design, make river water, groundwater, well water, bitter alkali water, and seawater to meet the requirements of people’s drinking water or domestic bathwater, which is very suitable for application in hotels and catering industries.

Figure 3: Application of the reverse osmosis device in the hotel

6. Advantages of The Reverse Osmosis System

6.1 Application and Advantages of NEWater Reverse Osmosis Equipment in The Hotel

(1) Advanced product technology, professional guarantee. NEWater reverse osmosis system can be used in food manufacturing in the hotel. A NEWater reverse osmosis treatment system with an ultraviolet disinfection device can safely disinfect these water sources. The hotel catering department uses high-quality pure water to wash cooking food, which can not only reduce harm to human beings but also better guarantee catering hygiene.

(2) High-quality water quality, high-cost performance, and no pollution to the environment. Providing customers with a high-quality water use environment is the most basic guarantee for the hotel industry. The water treated by NEWater reverse osmosis treatment can be drunk directly. In addition, the concentrated water generated after treatment can also be reused, which can be used for greening, irrigation, and washing after using the toilet, which can save a sum of the costs paid for sewage treatment.

(3) Good filtration effect and large soft water quality and flux. According to the experience of some hotels, if the bath can provide high-quality softened bathwater, customers can experience unprecedented bath cleaning and avoid the harm of tap water chlorine.

(4) Low operating cost and long service life. It uses half the energy of electrodialysis and one-tenth of the distilled energy,  hotels don’t have to worry about wasting too much time to replace water purification equipment or parts of the system due to its high efficiency and long life expectancy, which can save time cost for the hotel. And the treated water quantity is calculated in t/10 yuan, and the operating cost is extremely low, which can save the specific economic cost for the hotel.

(5) Easily operating. An operation including automatic flushing of system shutdown and low-pressure protection control box is set in the whole system to realize the automatic and manual operation of the reverse osmosis system, and the start-stop operation of the whole device can be completed in situ or operated automatically. 

NEWater reverse osmosis system for hotel

6.2 Advantages of NEWater Reverse Osmosis Machine

  • The desalination rate is high, the desalination rate of a single membrane can reach 99%, the first reverse osmosis system can generally be stable above 90%, and the second reverse osmosis system can be stable above 98%;
  • Excellent equipment imported high-quality reverse osmosis membrane elements;
  • Automatic equipment does not need human detection, equipment operation is stable, can be efficient, and continue to achieve high-quality pure water;
  • The equipment can recover the value component dissolved in the solution, with a high recovery rate of more than 70%;
  • NEWater reverse osmosis equipment is simple to operate, easy to realize automatic protection function, and saves labor;
  • The equipment is compact and small, thus reducing the cost;
  • Long use cycle, one year of quality guarantee, reduce maintenance costs;
  • Support skid loading, container system customization, easy transportation, and installation;
  • Support one-to-one customization, and reduce unnecessary cost input according to customer needs.

 reverse osmosis seawater desalination machine container type

Reverse osmosis technology has given birth to a new revolution in human drinking water. Around the world, RO technology has been applied all over the world and penetrated into various industries to provide guaranteed water resources and product services for human beings. NEWater is a professional water treatment system solution provider in China, with applications in many fields, such as the hotel industry. We can provide you with professional and strong technical support and equipment support, please contact our engineers for specific consultation, we believe you will benefit a lot.

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