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  • Automatic Backwashing equipment
  • Makes use of superior core technology
  • Environmental Protection Engineering
  • Used in over 200 countries and regions
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Productivity:     5000L/Hour
Filter Precision:     50-2,000μm
Applicable Viscosity:     1-40cp
Standard Design Pressure:   0.6-1.0 MPa(Higher pressure can be customized.)
Single Filtering Area:     0.45m2-14.40m2
Cleaning Pressure Drop:     0.05-0.1 MPa
Filter Screen:    V-SLOT series slotted screen
Housing Material:     304/316L/CS
Cleaning Mode:   Pressure differential, time, and manual
Flow Rate:     15-8000 m3/h
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Here at NEWater, furthers our goal of designing, manufacturing, and supplying environmental protection equipment. Our Automatic Backwash Filters are highly efficient devices, with robust construction and the ability to deal with a high flow rate. Allowing for a reduction in water wastage and proper treatment.

Our Automatic Backwash Filters, capable of cleaning and regenerating your filtration media. They allow sediments, particles, ions, and other specific contaminants to be removed from the filtration media, while also preventing the retention of substances that may cause unwanted odors or tastes to occur in the water being treated.

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NEWater Automatic Backwash Filters Parameters:

Automatic Backwash Filters Parameters

Water Automatic Backwash Filters Flow chart:

flow chart

flow chart




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The Automatic Self-cleaning Filter You're Looking for

NEWater’s automatic self-cleaning filter is the most popular type and has been recognized by users in several fields. It is in brush cleaning mode with a good cleaning effect.

This type of filter has two stages of filtration, horizontal installation and very easy maintenance, please refer to our drawing for the internal structure.

Automatic Self-cleaning Filter detail
NEWater Automatic Backwash Filters advantage

Why Choose the NEWater Automatic Self-cleaning Filter

  • Compact size
  • Two-stage filtration
  • Simple control – PLC
  • Safe operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Water consumption
  • Custom paint colors
  • Fully automated control

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How Will Your Automatic Self-cleaning Filter Be Transported?

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    NEWater Automatic Backwash Filters

    Backwashing, as a water conservative process, is an essential process. NEWater’s Automatic Backwash Filters make use of a series of steps to ensure the efficient functioning of the filtration media. And run until the turbidity of the backwash water is below a standardized value. The steps include service, where the water is being filtered by the media, after that backwash occurs, concluding with a rapid rinse.

    The first step that occurs is the service cycle, where the raw water moves through the filters and is treated, by the removal of impurities and contaminants. This is done as the water flows from the top of the filtration tank to the bottom. Over a series of filtrations, the media is likely to clog up, and it is due to this that backwashing is then carried out, and is this process is also referred to as regeneration of the media.

    Automatic Backwash Sand Media Filters System

    Once it is identified that the filters need to be cleaned, our Automatic Backwash Filters, begin the cleaning process. The water enters a cycle where it flows in a direction that is the reverse of the service flow. The water flows, rather than the top, flows from the bottom of the filter bed to the top, this may be aided by compressed air being pushed up through the media, depending on your need, and as the water flows up, it separates any retained contaminants from the media.

    The final step is the rapid rinse stage, where the water again flows from the top of the media to the bottom, thus in the same direction as the initial service flow. But rather than its usual flow, the water is directed to the drain. This helps clear any remaining contaminants and impurities in the tank and also helps repack the filter media to its original condition. This allows your regular filtration process to resume with renewed efficiency.

    Automatic backwashing filter1

    Our Automatic Backwash Filters are both cost-effective and easily programmable. We provide both highly experienced teams for the installation of equipment, along with comprehensive instructional videos, to alleviate any confusions you may have as a customer of our devices.

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