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    NEWater: Automatic Water Filter Machine Manufacturing Leaders

    Your automatic water filter machine manufacturer NEWater provides all forms of water treatment and purification systems for all manner of uses from industrial to domestic. Our aim is to provide the best service to our clientele while also prioritizing the quality of our machinery. Our superior Automatic Water Filter Machines provide you with superior-quality water for all your uses. We provide turnkey services!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Automatic Water Filter Machines

    Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

    We manufacture Automatic Water Filter Systems, which allow the provision of healthy and better-tasting water.

    Automatic Backwash Filter System

    NEWater manufactures Automatic Backwash Water Filter Systems purifies water by reversing the flow of fluid through its filters.

    Automatic Sediment Filter System

    We manufacture Automatic Sediment Filter Systems that use settling tanks to retain larger sediment and membranes for smaller sediment.

    Automatic Water Filter Valve

    Our Automatic Water Filter Valves are customizable according to your application area and requirements.

    Automatic Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

    We here at NEWater manufacture Automatic Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems which bring into use RO technology with the help of hydrolytic pressure.

    Automatic Water Filtration Machine for Factory

    Our Automatic Water Filtration Machine for Factory is manufactured at a large scale and helps the water meet industrial standards.

    Your Automatic Water Filter Machines Manufacturer in China

    NEWater’s automatic water filter machines are used in a variety of application areas from commercial kitchens, and pharmaceutical companies, to domestic household use. They are easily programmable and our onsite service providers eliminate any hassle during the installation process. We provide door-to-door delivery worldwide and have our engineers available for any queries you may have.

    At NEWater during our more than 20-year tenure in manufacturing water treatment equipment including Automatic Water Filter Machines, we have received multiple certifications guaranteeing our proficiency to our customers. Including our international CE and ISO9001:2015 certifications.

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    NEWater Automatic Water Filter Machine Energy Efficient Attributes

    1. Cartridge pre-filter for FRP pressure vessels.
    2. Spiral wound membrane elements of poly made type.
    3. The multistage pump is made of 316 stainless steel.
    4. High-Pressure Pump.
    5. UPVC high-pressure piping.
    6. Low feed pressure switch for pump protection.
    7. Motor starter with disconnect switch.
    8. Motor contactor with thermal overload protection.

    NEWater Automatic Water Filter Machine Application Field

    • Water purification device, both pure and ultrapure.
    • Raw water equipment for pharmacies with no bacteria and no heat.
    • Beverage, drinking water, and mineral water purification.
    • Separation, concentration, and purification are all processes used in industry.
    • Treatment of wastewater, electrophoretic coating, electroplating, and treatment of oil effluent.
    Automatic Water Filter Machine
    NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant factory

    Why Choose NEWater

    why choose NEWater

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    Professional Automatic Water Filter Machine

    NEWater is a globally leading manufacturer of automatic water filter machines. We are a manufacturer that focuses on energy-efficient, robust, innovative, and precisely engineered automatic water filter machines. NEWater manufactures automatic water filter machines that are widely used for commercial and residential applications. As a professional manufacturer, NEwater is committed to providing one-stop solution your water filter demands and needs. Here in NEWater, you can find the broadest selection of automatic water filter machine that will fit within your budget.

    NEWater – Your One-stop Solution Automatic Water Filter Machine Provider

    For over 16 years, NEWater has been the most trusted automatic water filter machine manufacturer in China. We value integrity and a good reputation. Thus, we are committed to manufacturing only the best quality automatic filter machine with the highest standards.

    NEWater manufactures a series of automatic water filter machines. These are designed with high-performance filters that are specifically used for water filtration. It features optimized back flushing to ensure stable quality even when used for turbid raw water.

    Drinking Water Sand Filter Machine Automatic Backwash

    NEWater automatic water filter machine is the best solution for removing any contaminants in the water such as suspended particles, unpleasant tastes, sediments, unwanted colors, irons, turbidity, sulfate, and more.

    Our automatic water filter machine also features different media types. It is well-equipped with manganese greensand, multimedia, sand, anthracite, calcite, filter AG, and so on. We can guarantee that every filter media type of our automatic filter machines is highly efficient.

    We also designed an automatic water filter machine that is highly resistant to clogging and fouling. It is also easy to clean and maintain without additional cost. Our automatic water filter machine also features modular control valves that are used for flexible operation.

    Commercial Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Membrane System Purifier Fittings Pump Purification Unit Machine Automatic Deionizers

    Aside from that, NEWater automatic water filter machines are manufactured with robust designs. It has no moving parts or components inside the tank so you can guarantee that it is safe to use. Of course, our automatic water filter machines are affordable, tested, and proven for water treatment.

    NEWater automatic water filter machines are manufactured using carbon steel or stainless steel tank. It features a 100psi pressure rating that can remove chlorine easily.

    Commercial Water Filter Machine Ionized Alkaline Water Filter Ion Exchange System

    Additionally, NEWater designed an automatic water filter machine that has certified interior and exterior coating. These are also available in limitless sizes and designs. NEWater automatic water filter machines are fully customizable based on your specification.

    NEWater manufactures automatic water filter machines that are widely used for commercial, municipal, industrial, institutional, and residential applications. All our automatic water filter machines are certified by international quality standards such as ISO9001, CE, etc. to ensure the highest quality.

    Whether you need an automatic water filter machine for your business, NEWater is your ultimate manufacturer. We guarantee world-class automatic water filter machines that can provide you a great water filtration performance.

    Automatic Backwash Industrial Large Sand Filter Water Treatment Machinery

    Integrity, worth, and reputation are valuable for us. Thus, we only produce the highest quality and safe-to-use automatic water filter machines. Our automatic water filter machines and services have expanded not only in China but around the world. We serve over 500 clients from 100 different countries.  For your automatic water filter machine needs, choose NEWater as your manufacturer!

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    Automatic Water Filter Machine from NEWater

    Here at NEWater, our manufactured automatic water filter machines are of the highest quality. They may employ reverse osmosis technology, where pressure is used to push water through membranes that retain impurities allowing only clean water to pass through. Membranes of varying pore sizes may be employed to allow for a thorough treatment of water to make it portable and usable, by removing impurities of varying molecular weights.

    Automatic water filter machines that we manufacture remove impurities that may cause diseases and may remove microbial pathogens along with viral pathogens. We provide flexibility to our customers throughout the manufacturing process and the number of measures used for water treatment also depends on your area of application!

    If you want to know more, please consult us.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Automatic Water Filter Machines.

    The automation of water filter machines has revolutionized personal, industrial, and commercial water filtration. With a push of a button, users can now access fresh and hygienic water without stretching a muscle. For industries and commercial enterprises, automatic water filter machines are the real deal. They eliminate expenditures on labor and installation whilst preserving valuable time. In this article, we explore automatic water filter machines and their diverse applications.

    Figure 1 Automatic water filter machine.

    What is an Automatic Water Filter Machine?

    An automatic water filter machine refers to a preprogrammed water purification device that requires minimal or no human control. Automatic water filter machines generate clean potable water by eradicating unwanted pollutants from feed water.

    Owing to their easy operation interface, they are applicable in several industries. Small-sized automatic water filter machines are commonly used to provide safe drinking water while conventionally larger ones are used in industries and commercial enterprises.

    To produce high-quality potable water, automatic water filter machines exploit various filtration processes including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration filter, and UV light.

    What are the Benefits of Using Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    In addition to the benefits exhibited by manual and semi-automatic water filter machines, automatic filter systems chiefly offer convenience and time conservation. They are often compact systems that are easily portable and do not necessitate technicians to operate.

    Automatic water filter machines have unsophisticated user interfaces and with a switch of a button or using a remote controller, your machine will be up and running. They generate high-quality water thanks to their predominantly high filtration rates.

    Figure 2 Benefits of using automatic water filter systems.

    Where are Automatic Water Filter Machines Applied?

    Most industries, businesses, and virtually all households obligate the relentless supply of freshwater. This has created a global niche for standard and custom-built automatic water filter machines. The diversity in size, productivity rate, and filtration processes has further enhanced the application of automatic water filter machines in distinct industries, businesses, and households. The following are general sectors currently utilizing automatic water filter machines.

    Food processing industries.
    ● Households.
    ● Hospital laboratories.
    ● Office complexes.

    How do Automatic Water Filter Machines Work?

    Automatic water filter machines generally function by eliminating or significantly shrinking the concentration of dissolved solids and other impurities in water. However, the filtration processes differ depending on the filtration technology in use.

    RO filtration systems necessitate pretreatment contingent upon the concentration of the feed water. The pre-filters remove large constituents while the perforated membrane ejects smaller particles and dissolved salts. Automatic water filter machines are self-operating hence you only push a button and the water is automatically filtered.

    What are the Various Types of Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    To comfortably suit varied applications, automatic water filter machines are manufactured with distinct features and diverse capabilities. NEWater specifically manufactures filter machines for industries, commercial entities, and households. Underneath, we briefly expound on NEWater’s various automatic filter machines.

    Reverse Osmosis Automatic Water Filter Machine.

    We manufacture high-quality automated filter devices that utilize reverse osmosis technology to generate fresh potable water. Our RO filtration systems rely on pressure to forcefully pump water through semi-permeable membranes, which eradicate contaminants. Varying capacities permit their application in households, office buildings, food processing, and industries.

    Figure 3 Fully automatic RO water filter machine.

    Ultrafiltration Automatic Water Filter Machine.

    NEWater further provides ultrafiltration systems that use UF membranes to remove undesired constituents weighing approximately 1500-100,000 Dalton. They are ideal in the production of pure and ultrapure potable water. Automatic UF machines consume relatively low power and can function optimally under ordinary temperatures.

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    What are the Basic Components of Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    Automatic water filter systems are made up of different components with each part fulfilling a certain role. NEWater only uses premium components to manufacture automatic water filter machines. This guarantees versatility, optimal performance, durability, and impressive designs. Underneath we take a look at the basic components of Automatic RO water filter machines.

    • Filters such as sediment and carbon filters.
    • Chemical dosing system.
    • Semi-permeable membrane.
    • Post-treatment unit.
    • User interface.

    Figure 4 Reverse osmosis Membranes.

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    What Filtration Method is Used in Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    Thankfully, there are numerous filtration technologies ready for utilization in automatic water filter machines. The choice of ideal filtration methods to use solely depends on your feed water concentration and your desired water quality. The following are prevalent filtration methods used in automatic water filter machines.

    Reverse osmosis.

    Water filtration via reverse osmosis involves the utilization of pretreatment filters and semi-permeable membranes. The filters eject colloids and prevalent large particles while the membranes eradicate dissolved solids such as ions, chemicals, and microorganisms.


    Similarly, ultrafiltration utilizes perforated membranes to eradicate unwanted contaminants. Ultrafiltration alienates solutes with high molecular weight from those with less thereby generating high-quality potable water. The filtration rate of ultrafiltration ranges from 90% to 100% depending on the type of feed water.


    Nanofiltration uses membranes to eradicate COD/BOD, microplastics, suspended solids, bacteria, and viruses. The 0.001 micron-sized pores are extremely effective in ejecting the above-mentioned contaminants, therefore, enabling the production of high-quality potable water.

    Figure 5 Nanofiltration process.

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    How Much Does an Automatic Water Filter Machine Cost?

    Due to the intricate nature of distinct automatic water filter machines, approximating the price is quite difficult. The price is often a reflection of the system’s capacity, flow rate, and other specifications.

    Further cost variables include the operational costs of automatic water filter machines. These dynamics include power consumption and expenses on upkeep and asset depreciation value. Approximately, the total cost of filtering water using an automatic water filter machine ranges from $0.5 to $1.20/m3.

    Accurate price quotations on NEWater’s automatic filter machines are however available upon request.

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    Can Automatic Water Filter Machines Treat all Forms of Feed Water?

    Distinct feed waters harbor different contaminants at varying concentrations. Similarly, various applications mandate various qualities of potable water. For optimal results, automatic water filter machines are customized to optimally treat certain concentrations of feed water and ultimately generate a specified water quality.

    As such, you can access automatic water filter machines perfect for certain forms of feed water. NEWater manufactures systems that can treat feed water with TDS levels ranging from 1000 ppm to over 45,000 ppm. Feed waters viable for treatment using automatic filter machines include seawater, brackish water, well water, and tap water.

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    Do You Have Portable Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    We have an extensive array of mobile automatic water filter machines suitable for use in varying applications. Portable automatic filter devices are incredibly vital in emergency responses, temporary projects like construction sites, and personal use.

    They are easy to move around, set up, and operate hence their widespread prominence. Portable water filter systems are light in weight, fully assembled, and mounted on mobile metal rails for easy transportation. For inquiries, technical consultation, or order placement, do not hesitate to contact NEWater.

    Figure 6 Portable RO automatic water filter machine.

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    What Pollutants are Removed by Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    The types and concentrations of contaminants removed by automatic water filter machines depend on the filtration technology employed. Reverse osmosis is particularly effective in eliminating dissolved salts, colloids, chemicals, and microorganisms.

    Ultrafiltration on the other hand effectively eradicates contaminants with a molecular weight ranging from 1500 Dalton to 100,000 Dalton.  Ultrafiltration removes up to 99.7% of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and non-ion dissolved solids. Nanofiltration systems are particularly effective in removing viruses, organic matter and molecules, salts, and divalent ions that make water hard.

    Figure 7 Automatic wastewater filter machine.

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    Can Automatic Water Filter Machines Produce Drinking Water?

    Automatic water filter machines generate distinct levels of high-quality potable water. Ultrafiltration systems are often used to produce pure and ultra-pure water for sophisticated applications such as pharmaceuticals and laboratories. Filtration, irrespective of the process deployed, has the capacity to generate fresh drinking water from seawater, brackish water, or groundwater.

    According to health professionals, ideal drinking water has a TDS concentration ranging from 300 ppm to 600 ppm. Automatic water filter machines generate water with such characteristics thereby reinforcing available freshwater sources.

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    Do You Customize Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    Customization broadens the market niche of our products as well as results in happy clients. Our expertise and unrivaled innovation enable us to produce automatic water filter machines resembling our customer’s intrinsic demands.

    NEWater’s customized filter machines encompass your region’s power voltage and frequency options, desired productivity rate, capacity, and design. Samples generated via 3D modeling will be first sent to you for approval prior to the commencement of the actual creation.

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    What Types of Filters are Used in Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    There are numerous filters meant for varying uses. A perfect filter selection is chiefly influenced by the type of feed water to be treated. Underneath, we are going to discuss three kinds of filters used in automatic water filter machines.

    Self-cleaning Filters.

    Self-cleaning filters simply filter with a mechanism to self-clean once pollutants clog them. They often possess indicators, which display the level of clogging in the filter elements. Self-cleaning filters permit relentless filtration given they get rid of pollutants that could potentially clog the filter elements thus slowing the filtration rate.

    Figure 8 Self-cleaning filters.

    Automatic Backwash Filters.

    As the name suggests, automatic backwash filters utilize flowing feed water to self-clean in a backwash manner. Incoming water at a high pressure forces the pollutants out through the filter housing. Consequently, they facilitate continuous and uninterrupted filtration of feed water.

    Simplex Filters.

    These are filters with only one filter element, which is continually used until it clogs. Once a simplex filter clogs, you are obliged to pause the filtration process to unblock the filter element.

    Figure 9 Simplex filter.

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    Are There Solar Powered Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    Yes. Integration of solar power in water filtration systems is one of the emerging trends steered to lessen electricity-related expenses. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is freely available unlike fossil fuels, which are prone to depletion. One of its principal advantages is that it eliminates carbon emissions thereby aiding environmental conservation efforts.

    Automatic solar filter machines use solar collectors to absorb thermal heat from the sun and photovoltaics to transmit the energy into electrical power. The integration of battery cells permits the storage of energy thereby facilitating usage during non-sunny periods.

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    What Should I Look for When Buying an Automatic Water Filter Machine?

    Wrong choices when it comes to purchasing automatic water filter machines could result in adverse repercussions. To mitigate the negative implications of wrong buys, NEWater summarizes for you key elements to inform your purchase.

    What is your desired production rate?

    Automatic water filter machines have varying capacities to produce varying amounts of potable water per hour. Based on your desired production rate, you can order the perfect automatic water filter machine.

    What is your Feed Water Concentration?

    Specific filtration systems produce optimum results when filtering certain TDS levels. The data on feed water concentration and composition helps manufacturers customize water treatment solutions and machines for your project.

    What is your desired potable water quality?

    Above all, you need to be aware of the water quality your project demands and compare it to the filtration rate of prospective water filtration systems.

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    How Many Gallons of Fresh Water Can Automatic Water Filters Generate in a Day?

    The need for fresh water in various projects differs significantly. As such, automatic water filter systems are endowed with different capacities to produce diverse amounts of potable water. Automatic water filter systems for industrial applications generate from 250L of potable water per hour to 10,000LPH.

    Smaller production rates are available for household applications and small commercial enterprises. NEWater customizes the capacity and production rate of automatic water filter systems based on the client’s specifications.

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    Can Automatic Water Filter Machines be Used in Industries?

    Most industrial applications necessitate high-quality product water. With depreciating freshwater reservoirs, most industries are turning to water treatment solutions. Automatic water filter machines have been a revelation to most industries given they are easy to operate and install.

    Their diversity in capacity ranges further encourages their use in different industries. Typically, standard water filter machines have capacities ranging from 250 LPH to 10,000 LPH. NEWater also offers the opportunity to have your industrial automatic water filter machine customized.

    Figure 10 industrial automatic water filter.

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    Can Automatic Water Filter Machines be Used for Commercial Applications?

    Our commitment as a comprehensive manufacturer of water treatment solutions is to adequately meet the commercial demands for water filter machines. NEWater has a myriad of automatic water filter machines exclusively made for diverse commercial applications. The capacities and flow rates are ideal for both small and large business activities.

    Over the years, food processing enterprises, office buildings, and water bottling businesses have significantly benefited from our automatic water filter machines. To order yours, kindly contact our specialists via the details provided on our website.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms for Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    Enjoy flexible payment terms every time you shop from NEWater. We have designed conveniently flexible payment terms for our conventionally small-sized and large automatic water filter machines. For small-sized machines, NEWater permits payment prior to dispatching the order.

    Bigger equipment as well as skid-mounted and containerized systems, prompting a 50% prepayment. The remaining 50% is payable in two installments with the first installment of 30% being due after video inspection. The final 20% is payable prior to the shipment of the system.

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    How Much Power do Automatic Water Filter Machines Use?

    Power bills account for over 50% of most automatic water filter machines’ operational costs. Contemporary filter systems however utilize energy-saving technology to facilitate efficient power consumption. This has seen massive drops in power consumption and ultimately an increase in the use of automatic water filter machines.

    For typical RO water filter machines, the average power consumption when treating seawater is roughly 3kW/h to 7kW/h per cubic meter. However, power consumption rates differ significantly in varying locations due to the use of distinct power frequencies and voltage.

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    What are the Limitations of Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    The benefits of using automatic water filter machines are as clear as daylight. Similarly, automatic filter systems have a few limitations that require addressing. Filtration processes and systems have been subjects of steady progress and efforts to make them even better are underway.

    Here are a few of the shortcomings derailing the optimal application and performance of automatic water filter machines.

    • Production of highly concentrated wastewater.
    • Excessive consumption of energy.
    • Relatively high purchasing and maintenance fees.

    Figure 11 Plastic automatic water filter unit.

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    Do You Deliver Automatic Water Filter Machines Overseas?

    Rest assured NEWater will deliver your automatic water filter machine to your selected delivery location promptly and safely irrespective of your country. Over the 20 years, we have been in business, we have developed over 200 delivery routes spread out across the globe.

    For security and time preservation, NEWater procures the delivery services of renowned courier service providers. Our delivery timelines are unmatched given we deliver small-sized systems within 3 to 7 days. The delivery of larger systems may be a bit delayed (2-3 months) but we try to exploit the fastest modes and routes.

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    Are There Containerized Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    We have standard automatic water filter machines fitted on 20 and 40 feet containers. In addition to this, we customize containerized systems to suit specific applications. Containerized systems are fitted with adequate air conditioning and are often plug-and-play. They support various capacities and can handle TDS levels of up to 35,000ppm. To inquire or order a containerized automatic water filter machine, get in touch with our engineers.

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    Can I Get an Automatic Water Filter Machine for Domestic Use?

    NEWater manufactures a wide range of small-sized automatic water filter systems perfect for use in domestic applications and small commercial activities. They are available in varying capacities and the portable water generated in a day is sufficient to sustain multiple households.

    They are effective in ejecting disease-causing microorganisms from water thereby minimizing your risks of contracting water-borne diseases.

    Figure 12 Domestic automatic water filter machine.

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    What is the Maximum TDS Level of Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    Automatic water filter systems specifically made to treat seawater have extremely high TDS tolerance rates. Typically, the average TDS level of seawater is 35,000ppm therefore most filter systems are manufactured with maximum TDS levels of 45,000ppm.

    Moreover, modifications that equip automatic water filter machines with higher TDS tolerance are possible especially when handling highly saline water. For brackish and groundwater, the systems do not necessitate high TDS levels.

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    Where Can I Purchase an Automatic Water Filter Machine?

    There are numerous manufacturers of automatic water filter machines but only a few can match the quality and customer service of NEWater. For the past two decades, NEWater has spearheaded the development and advancement of automatic water filter machines as well as other water treatment products.

    Our automatic water filter machines are shipped globally and their availability is often in two options, standard or customized versions. They are precisely and intelligently manufactured to serve commercial entities, industries, and individuals.

    The quality of our products and our consumer-friendly prices guarantee quick returns on investments.

    Figure 13 Skid mounted automatic water filter unit.

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    Do Automatic Water Filter Machines have a Warranty?

    By procuring your automatic water filter machine from NEWater, you automatically qualify for 12 months of warranty protection. Our warranty policy holds NEWater responsible for any technical defects experienced within the warranty period. Essentially, it is further proof of the quality of our products and our commitment to consumer protection.

    Malfunctions resulting from human errors are categorically not entitled to free repairs as stipulated by our warranty policy. For inquiries or suggestions about our warranty policy, kindly contact our customer support.

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    How Durable are Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    The right purchase of an automatic water filter machine guarantees a sufficient service life and keeps you off the market for over 15 years. NEWater uses the best material and components to manufacture authentic water filter machines capable of providing continuous services over the years.

    To uphold the high performances, certain components such as the membranes demand frequent maintenance services and planned replacements. RO membranes, for instance, necessitate replacement after three years while filters often demand annual replacements.

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    Do You Provide Custom Repair Parts for Automatic Water Filter Machines?

    Figure 14 Spare components for automatic water filter machines.

    NEWater’s production of repair parts and accessories is chiefly done in-house. This gives us complete control over the quality and pricing of the components. Additionally, we rigorously test our spare components to eliminate the chances of selling defective items to our clients. Some of our custom repair accessories include:

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