Automatic Water Filter System

  • Reduces water pollution
  • Environment-friendly and safe for your health
  • Energy efficient
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Reduces operational cost by 50%

Raw water:    industrial wastewater, drinking water, brackish water, and seawater, etc.
Produced water:           industrial, domestic, municipal, etc.
Power supply:        220v / 380v / 400v (Customizable)
Power:       0.5-15.5, 0.55-15.5 kW
Productivity:       5000 liters/hour
Treatment capacity:       1000-100000L/H
Filtration accuracy:      0.1-100 micron
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As a leading provider of water purification solutions. Our engineering methods adhere to eco-friendly principles. In addition to their eco-friendliness, our automatic water filters can automatically treat water that is discharged after industrial or domestic use. They remove harmful pollutants from the water to prevent damage to fisheries, water bodies, and humankind.  Moreover, our automatic water filter systems can reduce the operational cost of a business by 50 percent and require minimal maintenance.

Our automatic water filter systems are simple and economical to install, operate, and maintain. The automatic water filter system can be customized to fit the needs of any application, and it can save energy and maintenance costs.

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Automatic Water Filter System Parameters:

( L/H )
( KW )
Recycle Rate
( % )
Raw-Water conductivity
( μs/cm )
( μs/cm )
( μs/cm )

Automatic Water Filter System Flow Chart:

Automatic Water Filter System Flow Chart





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NEWater Automatic Water Filter System Application:Application


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Automatic Water Filter System Details Display

NEWater Automatic Water Filter System adopts the latest multi-filtration technology for deep purification of raw water.
1 Quartz sand filter: remove silt, impurities, colloid, suspended matter, etc.
2 Activated carbon filter: remove free chlorine, chloride, eliminate odor and smell.
3 Softening filter: mainly remove the components of scale: calcium ions, magnesium ions
4 Secondary filtration: effectively remove crusts, rust, PM, etc.
5 RO System: effectively remove heavy metals, bacteria, pesticide residues, etc., removal rate can reach 99.8%


Automatic Water Filter System details
Automatic Water Filter System cases

Thousands of Successful Automatic Water Filter System Cases

With 20 years of experience in water treatment work, NEWater can provide the most professional water treatment system design solutions to customers worldwide.
NEWater has gained valuable practical experience from thousands of customer cases and has gained friends while solving various water treatment problems for many companies. We will always provide sustainable water treatment solutions at the most cost-effective price.

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    NEWater Automatic Water Filter System

    NEWater automatic water filter system uses system pressure to automatically clean its filter. Additionally, it can remove unwanted particles in the range of 5-4,000 microns from water sources at flow rates ranging from 10 GPM to many thousands GPM. NEWater automatic water filter system provides users with significant savings on water, energy, maintenance, and equipment replacement. Additionally, this automatic water filter requires no routine maintenance. With a NEWater automatic water filter system, you can guard pipelines as well as downstream equipment from scale buildup. If your pipes do not receive sufficient filtration, they accumulate scale, increasing the amount of energy required to pump the system water.

    Industrial Mixed Bed Resin Ion Exchange Filter for Water Treatment System

    Pumping dirty water through a piping system is a daunting task as smaller orifices require more energy to pump the same volume of water. It is also a problem with soil buildup, contaminate settling, and damaged equipment, all contributing to poor pump performance. Installing a NEWater automatic water filter system will prevent these consequences as well as save energy.

    Our Automatic Water Filter system uses a rigid screen to remove particles from a water source, causing debris to be trapped on the inside of the screen. This layer causes differential pressure across the inlet and outlet. Upon sensing an adequate differential pressure, the controller opens a flush valve, causing rapid flow through the internal cleaning equipment. The vacuuming action removes dirt from the screen and expels it.

    Figure 7 2000 LPH RO filtration plant.

    NEWater Automatic Water Filter systems feature a unique backwash type filter that does not require that the entire flow be stopped and reversed, as the other filters do. Instead, a point-of-suction backwash reverses flow across the screen only in the immediate vicinity of the suction nozzles, allowing incremental cleaning of the screen without disrupting the main flow through the filter.

    NEWater Automatic Water Filter systems are powerful enough to make water entirely free from harmful chemicals. As a result, filtered water can be used both for drinking as well as for other purposes. If you are interested in installing a NEWater Automatic Water Filter system that can deliver consistent, safe drinking water, call us immediately.

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