Automatic Water Filter

  • Reduces water pollution
  • Interface humanized design
  • Large filtration area and high-efficiency
  • Smaller filter size
  • The filtered flow rate is large and the accuracy is high

Raw water:    industrial wastewater, drinking water, brackish water, and seawater, etc.
Produced water:           industrial, domestic, municipal, etc.
Power supply:        220v / 380v / 400v (Customizable)
Power:       0.5-15.5, 0.55-15.5 kW
Productivity:       5000 liters/hour
Treatment capacity:       1000-100000L/H
Filtration accuracy:      0.1-100 micron
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As a leading water purification solution provider. Our automatic water filtration systems promise you the best factory prices and require minimal maintenance. They are easy to install, simple and economical to operate and maintain and have a small footprint.

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1. Working medium: river water, lake water, sea water
2. Working power supply: 380VAC 50Hz
3. Working pressure: 0.15-6.4Mpa
4. Working mode: automatic or manual switching
5. Filtration precision: 0.01-8mm
6. Design pressure: 0.6Mpa; 1.0Mpa; 2.5Mpa;
7. Pressure loss: 0.01-0.10Mpa
8. Drive speed: 1-3r/min
9. Filter mesh hole: 1.5-6mm
10. Automatic backwash time: 5 minutes or as the case may be
11. Backwash flow: less than 20% of the total flow
12. Backwash cycle: 1-72h, default 6h
13. Backwash water consumption: less than 5% of the filtered water flow
14. Pressure required for backwashing: ≥0.2MPa
15. Effective filtering area m2: 3-5 times the flow area of the water inlet
16. One grid flushing time: 2-5min
17. Differential pressure setting range: 0.02-0.1Mpa
18. Timing setting range: 0-240 hours or more.
19. Suspended solid content in turbid water: generally should be less than 500mg/L (higher content means shorter backwash cycle)
20. Suspended solid content in filtered water: related to filtration accuracy and suspended solid particles in turbid water
21. Water filter and drain valve flange standard: HG/20592-2009

The fully automatic water filter is composed of ① rotating pump ② positioning rod ③ bracket shell ④ mesh core ⑤ water inlet ⑥ water outlet ⑦ sewage outlet, etc.
The incoming water quality is generally fresh water, and the filter and main internal components are made of stainless steel. For strong acid and alkali types such as seawater, it is recommended that parts in contact with the medium be made of special stainless steel.

The fully automatic water filter is controlled through a PLC control box, which has the following functions:
1. Scheduled cleaning: Users can set the scheduled cleaning time arbitrarily according to the operating conditions. When the electric device starts, the drain valve opens, and the water filter cleans and drains the sewage.
2. Differential pressure cleaning: Users can set the differential pressure value for differential pressure cleaning according to their own requirements. When the differential pressure value at the inlet and outlet of the water filter is higher than the set value, the water filter will realize cleaning and cleaning. Sewage discharge conditions.
3. On-site manual cleaning: There is a manual cleaning button on the control box. When pressed, the fully automatic water filter realizes manual cleaning and discharge working conditions.
4. Self-checking function: The control box also has the function of alarming for excessive differential pressure, alarming for motor failure, and alarming for drain valve failure.

Fully automatic water filters are widely used in circulating or non-circulating cooling water systems, heat exchange systems, central air conditioning systems, central heating systems, hot water boiler systems, etc., to protect cooling equipment, heat exchange devices, air conditioners, boilers, etc.



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Automatic Water Filter Features

1) Electric drive, stainless steel brush cleaning, the system has strong pressure bearing capacity;
2) High-precision pressure difference control design, time control, and manual control cleaning;
3) The steel brush is easy to disassemble, install and maintain;
4) For two consecutive cleanings, the motor rotates forward and reverse alternately;
5) Motor overload protection can effectively protect the motor.
6) The control display interface has a humanized design and is very easy to operate;
7) Compact structure, small space occupation, flexible and convenient installation and arrangement.
8) The running water resistance is small, the filtered flow rate is large and the accuracy is high.
9) The filter cleanliness can be made according to user requirements, from 0.01 mm to 6 mm.

Automatic Water Filter Features
Automatic Water Filter applications

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With 20 years of experience in water treatment work, NEWater can provide the most professional water treatment system design solutions to customers worldwide.
NEWater has gained valuable practical experience from thousands of customer cases and has gained friends while solving various water treatment problems for many companies. We will always provide sustainable water treatment solutions at the most cost-effective price.

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    NEWater Automatic Water Filter System

    A fully automatic water filter is a device for filtering water. It is a type of water filter. It is also called a fully automatic backwash water filter. The filter can be used to directly intercept impurities in the water, remove suspended solids and particulate matter in the water, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, and reduce system dirt, bacteria, algae, rust, etc. Thereby purifying water quality and protecting other equipment of the system from working normally.

    Figure 7 2000 LPH RO filtration plant.

    Due to the intelligent (PLC, PAC) design, the system can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and send a signal to the blowdown valve to automatically discharge wastewater. It has the function of filtering raw water automatically cleaning the filter element and discharging sewage. The system provides an uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and sewage discharge, and the degree of automation is very high.

    The equipment can be installed vertically, horizontally, or inverted in any direction and at any position. It can be used for water filtration in various industries such as industry, agriculture, municipal power, electronics, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, papermaking, etc.

    If you need to distribute and wholesale purchase fully automatic water filters in large quantities, NEWater is your reliable partner. We hope to achieve long-term and win-win cooperation with customers around the world. Send us an inquiry now!

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