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We appreciate your interest in our products and the trust you place in us. NEWater is a specialist Chinese manufacturer of industrial and commercial water treatment and reverse osmosis technology applications and over these decades we have earned an industry reputation for high quality and superior performance through our global distribution network. Just send us your details and our manager will respond immediately and discuss further details of cooperation.

Our sales team is professional enough and ready to assist you with any inquiry, including specific projects, quotes, or interest in becoming a distributor/reseller. To become a NEWater distributor you can get.


Proprietary items including brochures and illustrations

Active assistance from our team of professional experts

Exclusive territories are available in certain areas.

Promotional use of marketing and branding resources

Access to sales leads and customer referrals.

Expert guidance in relevant technical, marketing, and company development.

Expertise in international logistics and shipping.

Improved business strategies and tactics to ensure a higher share in the market.

Long-term professional technical support.



Please send your details to:

Please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or by filling out the form below to send us a quote. You may also choose to submit additional information via the documents in the form. We look forward to getting in touch with you soon.



Become a Distributor

Click here to download the “Become a Distributor” form.

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