Benefits of Utilizing Pure Water Systems in Central Air Conditioning

Benefits of Utilizing Pure Water Systems in Central Air Conditioning

The main unit of the pure water equipment for central air conditioning consists of a booster pump, membrane shell, reverse osmosis membrane, control circuit, etc. This is the core part of the entire water treatment system, and the quality of the produced water mainly depends on this part.

1. Reverse osmosis is a physical method that uses no phase change to desalinate and remove salt from saltwater at room temperature. The desalination rate of the ultra-thin composite membrane element can reach more than 97%, and it can also remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, and 99% of dissolved salts in water at the same time.

Reverse Osmosis

2. Imported DuPont reverse osmosis membrane is used, which has a high desalination rate, long service life, and low operating cost.

3. A fully automatic pretreatment system is used to achieve unmanned operation.

4. Imported water treatment accessories and consumables such as pumps with high efficiency, low noise, stability, and reliability are used.

5. Online water quality monitoring and control are implemented to monitor water quality changes in real time and ensure water quality safety.

6. Fully automatic electronic control program with optional touchscreen operation, making it easy to operate.

7. Personalized design that meets the needs of actual water quality comprehensively.

Pure water system personalized design

8. Pure water production equipment has a small footprint and requires little space.

9. The reverse osmosis device has a high degree of automation, and minimal work is required for operation, maintenance, and equipment maintenance.

10. Water treatment relies only on water pressure as the driving force, and its energy consumption is the lowest among many treatment processes.

11. No large amounts of chemical agents or acid and alkali regeneration treatments are needed, and there is no chemical waste liquid discharge or environmental pollution.

12. Reverse osmosis can continuously produce water, the system is simple and easy to operate, and the produced water is stable.

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