Big Water Purifier Machine

  • Removes up to 95% total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Reliable and consistent UV disinfection technology
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Stainless Steel purification chamber
  • Comes with Advanced Filtration System

Raw water:      Tap water, surface water, lake water, well water, etc.
Productivity:      6000L/Hour
Application:      Filtration
Inlet water quality:      TDS≤500ppm
Desalination rate:      ≥80%
Recovery rate:      ≥50%
Power:      380V/50hz,220V/50hz(can be customized)
Capacity:      6000-20000LPH
Support customization

Most Reliable Big Water Purifier Machine Manufacturer in China

NEWater’s big water purifier machine features a reverse osmosis system and an additional UV filter to ensure that chemicals and microorganisms in the water are reduced to an appropriate level. NEWater offers big water purifier machines that are preassembled, prewired, and thoroughly tested, with a minimum setup time. NEWater’s big water purifier machines are long-lasting and built for durability. With their robust construction and highly efficient RO membrane, they provide reliable results. In addition, they are capable of treating water from different sources, including municipal, surface, well, and seawater.

NEWater’s big water purifier machine is designed for providing high-quality water with less TDS, and it is equipped with pressure gauges, digital flow meters, flushing modes, a safety switch, and other features to make it work the best.

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NEWater Big Water Purifier Machine Parameters:


Big Water Purifier Machine

Material: SS304/316

Source of water


Water pump

Filter media

RO membrane

River/well/spring/lake/sea/tap water/underground water / mountain water





Quartz sand/active carbon/sodium ion/hollow fiber filter

Filmtec dow/USA hydraulics/USA(Optional)

Naturally oxygen-rich water

Pure water

RO water

Mineral water



Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis



Automatic control system

Float ball/solenoid valve/pneumatic butterfly valve

Filling water

We can make a water purification system as per different water quality

Types of water

Mineral water pure water spring water RO water oxygen-enriched water alkaline water, etc

The NEWater Big Water Purifier Machine Flow Chart:

big Water Purifiation Machine process

Water Purifiation Machine flow chart



water source

NEWater Big Water Purifier Machine Applications:Demineralized Water Plant Application


Get Professional Water Treatment System Solution

Datas for system

Provide Professional Big Water Purifiation Machine Design Solutions

With over 15 years of water treatment experience, NEWater’s engineers are experienced enough to understand any of your needs. Based on the raw water data and production requirements provided by you, we will provide the best plant design plan, including 2d/3d drawings of the design.
We can also adjust to your wishes to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective design solution.

big Water Purifiation Machine design
big Water Purifiation Machine apllication

NEWater Water Purifier Machine Customer Feedback

We provide design solutions based on the customer’s local water quality test report.
1. The raw water tank is made of SUS304 or PP material.
2. Raw water pump supplies pressure to the silica sand filter/activated carbon filter.
3. Silica sand filter removes turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, etc.
4. Activated carbon filter removes color, free chlorine, organic matter, harmful substances, etc.
5. RO membrane desalination rate can be up to 99%.
6. Ozone disinfectors or UV disinfectors can kill organisms harmful to health.

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    NEWater Big Water Purifier Machine

    NEWater has designed and developed big water purifiers for different applications based on the amount of water treatment in the market based on the previous ones. It comes with a reverse osmosis system and an additional UV RO filter system to ensure that chemicals and microorganisms in the water are reduced to an appropriate level. These big water purifier machines are available in different capacities of LPH (Liter per Hour). These capacities are 35 LPH, 50 LPH, 100 LPH, and 250 LPH. As a result, all commercial establishments can choose the best RO water system for various uses based on their needs and requirements.

    Figure 2 The process of reverse osmosis.

    During the reverse osmosis process, this big water purifier machine uses a semi-permeable membrane with small pores to keep contaminants from getting through while allowing water molecules to pass through. In reverse osmosis, contaminants do not enter the less concentrated portion of the membrane, although water is more concentrated as it passes through the membrane to achieve equilibrium on both sides. In the case of salt water, for example, the pressure causes only clean water to pass through, and the salt will be left behind. Using UV rays, this commercial big water purifier machine is also capable of making water-borne pathogens inactive. By mounting the UV light source within a closed chamber, it penetrates the cells of bacteria and damages their ability to reproduce when water flows through the chamber.

    Figure 6 Home ultraviolet water sterilizer.

    NEWater big water purifier machines feature pre-and post-filters, as well as a storage tank, making them the perfect solution for commercial water treatment. Users can easily manage and operate these machines with user-friendly controls. It is possible to mount the big water purifier machines either on a wall or a floor stand, depending on their size. NEWater offers dependable support and maintenance services, so you have the peace of mind that you are receiving a product that is of the highest quality.

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