Application of Wastewater Treatment

1. Background. Reverse osmosis technology has made great progress in the development field in recent decades. It has great value in the treatment of industrial sewage and domestic sewage and plays an important role. The application of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment needs to select different permeable membranes according to the treatment requirements of pollutants …

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Boiler Water Treatment

1. Background. To achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality at home and abroad, how to achieve green development through energy conservation and emission reduction is an important issue facing the development of enterprises. The boiler is one of the main equipment for energy conversion in the production process of enterprises, but there is generally about …

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Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

1. Background. The annual output of the world pharmaceutical industry reaches one million tons, and the trade volume is quite high. With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the problem of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment has become increasingly serious. According to relevant data, the annual discharge of pharmaceutical wastewater at home and abroad reached 1.25 …

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