Booster Pumps

  • Improves water pressure
  • Consists of an impeller
  • Used in residential and industrial settings
  • May or may not have an expansion tank
  • Uses a spinning propeller or an oscillating diaphragm

Pressure:     High pressure, low pressure
Construction:     Multi-stage pump
Outlet size:     ≤ 150 mm
Voltage:    24V/220V / 380V or higher
Usage:     Water
Power supply:     Electricity
Theory:     Centrifugal pump
Standard or non-standard:     Standard
Material:     cast iron, stainless steel
Certificates:     CE, ISO9000
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Most Reliable Booster Pumps Manufacturer in China

NEWater is a highly equipped water systems manufacturing unit from China. We have state-of-the-art technologies to develop anything related to water treatment, purification, and supply. Our production unit is capable of developing booster pumps for both residential and industrial use.

We offer you the most reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality high-pressure pumps. Contact NEWater with your requirements about booster pumps.

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NEWater Booster Pumps Parameters:

Diameter: 25~125mm
Capacity: 0.4~180 m3/h
Pressure: 1.15~30 Bar
Motor Power: 0.37~75 kW
Temperature: Max 120 degree
Material: Cast Iron SS304, SS316
Package Standard export plywood case or styrofoam with a carton
Lead time 7~30days
Warranty One year, except spare parts
After-sales service

Provide permanent technical support

booster pump data sheet

booster pump data sheet

Examples of Booster Pumps use:

RO system process

NEWater Booster Pumps composition:

booster pump1components1

booster pump1components2


NEWater’s high-quality booster pumps can be used in the following areas:booster pump application


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Datas for system

Booster Pump Details

NEWater is strict about every detail of our products, so we have full confidence in our products.

Booster Pump Details
booster pump factory

NEWater Can Promise You

  • Source manufacturers
  • One-to-one guidance
  • The strict quality control process
  • One year warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance

Customer Feedback on NEWater Booster Pumps

Thanks to 20 years of experience in manufacturing booster pumps, we have a group of customers who trust and support us, and we always strive to provide our customers with the best quality and cost-effective booster pumps.

booster pump application
booster pump shipping1

How We Transport Your Booster Pumps

In order to ensure the shipping time and safety of the goods, we recommend air freight, but also sea freight can be used.

Your choice of courier methods includes FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc.

For more information, please contact us.

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    NEWater Booster Pumps

    The lack of pressure in water supply lines can be quite frustrating. However, it is a common issue seen in a lot of situations. The problem of low water pressure can affect you if your location is relatively far from the water source. Apart from vertical water supply lines such as in highrises, the horizontal distance from the water source can lead to low-pressure situations without booster pumps to the rescue. Sometimes, the issue is caused due to narrow water pipes. If your home or facility uses additional water systems, the pressure from the water supply gets divided and hence reduced.

    The components of a NEWater booster pump include an impeller, an electric motor, an inlet, and an outlet. In addition, advanced models have pressure and flow sensors. Some pumps may also have an attached tank to ensure a smooth supply of water. The inlet is connected to the water supply. As water enters the pump’s system, the impeller forcefully drives it through the outlet.

    booster pump1

    The technology may vary depending on the use of the pump. A single pump booster uses a spinning propeller system to generate more pressure. Whereas bigger systems use an oscillating diaphragm mechanism. It essentially consists of a system of dual oscillating plates. One of the plates has cups, and the other has indentations. By rolling together, a compressive force has created that forces out the water. Also, a stage of the oscillation cycle creates a suction pressure to suck in more water that keeps the water running.

    booster pump2

    Some units are equipped with a storage tank as well. This tank allows sufficient space for water to expand. It also prevents the pump from cycling on and off every time you start it. The water stored in the tank is known as the drawdown. This water is discharged out of the tank at the start ensuring the smooth functioning of the system.

    NEWater can also give you expert suggestions on installing booster pumps. We advise you not to connect it directly to copper lines because the vibration will cause it to resonate. Let us know of your water system, and we will suggest the best booster pump. We can also customize Booster Pumps, Metering Pumps, Self-priming pumps, Stainless steel pumps, High-Pressure Pumps, and many more to suit your needs.

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