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    NEWater: Top-Rated Brackish Water RO System Supplier

    NEWater is your premier manufacturer of saltwater reverse osmosis systems in China. We manufacture brackish water reverse osmosis systems that are widely used for industrial and commercial purposes.  We are your one-stop solution for any high-grade water purification treatment with vast history and experience in this industry. Here, you can avail the most innovative and energy-efficient brackish water systems.

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    The fresh water RO systems allow you to use fresh water where ever you may be, improving your quality of life.

    Salt Water Reverse Osmosis System

    These salt water RO systems we produce allow for the removal of salt and impurities from saline water in areas where fresh water is limited.

    Soft Water Reverse Osmosis System

    The soft water RO systems remove ions, thus reducing the hardness of the water, and allowing for scale buildup to be prevented.

    Portable Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System

    Our portable RO system allows for the disinfection of the water and the removal of harmful organic impurities.

    Industrial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System

    We provide an industrial RO system that is easily programmable and has a high flow capacity.

    Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System

    We manufacture commercial RO systems here at NEWater, that allow you to meet global water treatment standards.

    Your Brackish Water RO System in China

    NEWater is your trusted supplier of brackish water purification systems. We not only consider your needs as a customer but also consider environmental protection and energy saving. We made a long-term commitment to customer service, water treatment, and reuse technology development.

    As a brackish water reverse osmosis(BWRO) plant manufacturer, NEWater is reliable, compact, and easily programmable. We also earned many relevant certificates for our devotion to innovative and intelligent design, as well as the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund from the Ministry of Science and Technology for our Environmental Protection Innovation.

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    How NEWater Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System Works ?

    Reverse Osmosis units feature NEWater System technology to transmit feed water through a multimedia prefilter to eliminate particles larger than 10-micron in size. The water is then injected with an antiscalant chemical to prevent hardness fouling, which could damage the the membranes of RO machine. Hardness, chlorine, smells, color, iron, and sulfur can all be removed with these pretreatment choices.

    The water next passes through a RO unit, where a high-pressure pump exerts severe pressure on the highly concentrated solution, separating the remaining salts, minerals, and pollutants that the pre-filter failed to capture.

    NEWater Brackish Water RO Plant Characteristics:

    1. Low energy usage: a high-efficiency high-pressure pump is used.
    2. Fast restoration: In the event of a malfunction, the entire system may be easily restored using standard parts.
    3. Better filtration: A three-step filtration process that includes a sand filter, a pre-filter, and a primary filter protects the high-pressure pump, the energy recovery device, and the RO membrane.
    4. RO membranes with reduced energy usage and E3 motors.
    5. Long service life: Wet portions are made of duplex, SS904L, UPVC, or other plastics, and the frame and container are painted with heavy-duty marine paint.
    Brackish Water RO System characteristics(1)
    Brackish Water RO System membrane

    NEWater Brackish Water RO System Advantages

    • Auto-operating with a single key, simple and convenient to use.
    • Reduces fouling of the seawater RO membrane with auto dosing.
    • Device fault warning and indication are useful for promptly diagnosing the causes and doing maintenance.
    • All of the high-pressure fittings are made of SS316 stainless steel, which is both safe and corrosion-resistant.
    • FRP membrane housing with custom end side port, simple connection, safe and reliable.
    • The machine’s universal wheel and adjusting legs make it more portable and suited for installation and use in a variety of circumstances.

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    NEWater – Brackish Water RO System Best Provider

    Looking for the best brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) systems manufacturer? We’ve got you covered. NEWater is the most trusted brackish water reverse osmosis systems manufacturer in China, dedicated to providing the highest performance system for your various water purification needs.

    As your professional reverse osmosis (RO) technology provider, NEWater, builds comprehensive brackish water RO systems, as well as offers all major parts for your brackish water RO systems maintenance needs.

    It includes replacement cartridge filters, controls, reverse osmosis membranes, and high-pressure pumps. All components are 100% guaranteed in quality. We guarantee to offer durable, reliable, and long service life parts for your brackish water RO systems.

    We assemble brackish water reverse osmosis systems to be plug-and-play, with all versatile controls, filters, operating, manuals, membranes, pumps, and piping installed and ready to run in a broad range of applications.

    You can ensure the effectiveness of our system. It is used worldwide in many locations where clean potable water is in short supply such as for food and beverage industries, water bottling & ice making, agriculture, potable drinking water, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

    The salinity concentrations in brackish water hinder its application in most industrial, domestic, and commercial processes. As years go by, the impact of deteriorating freshwater reservoirs hits harder hence driving the utilization of brackish water sources.

    Distinct treatment technologies and machinery have been developed to facilitate the cost-efficient conversion of brackish water into potable water. In this article, NEWater illustrates the distinct forms of brackish water RO systems and their role in curbing freshwater scarcity.

    Figure 1 Brackish water reverse osmosis system.

    What is Brackish Water?

    Brackish water is typically water with salinity concentrations exceeding ordinary freshwater but less saline than seawater. It is naturally occurring and is often a consequence of contamination from surrounding soils or the blending of fresh water and seawater. Estuaries are essentially the largest sources of global brackish water.

    Characteristically, brackish water exhibits salt levels of 0.5 to 30 parts per thousand. However, it is normal for brackish water reservoirs to exhibit distinct salinity concentrations at different times.  Treatment of brackish water is considerably cheaper hence the global popularity of brackish water treatment systems.

    What is a Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System?

    A brackish water rsystem is technical equipment used to desalinate slightly saline water ultimately generating high-quality potable water. Brackish water RO systems are very specific in their operation relying on reverse osmosis methodology. Generally, they are contingent upon pressure but they do not necessitate as much pressure as seawater RO systems.

    Customary brackish water reverse osmosis systems shrink the levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to acceptable freshwater standards. They are distinctively designed to suit different industrial, residential, and commercial applications. Moreover, their TDS ranges (often 1000ppm to 10,000ppm) are lower than those of typical seawater RO systems.

    How do Brackish Water RO Systems Function?

    Figure 2 Brackish water reverse osmosis process.

    Brackish water treatment by reverse osmosis occurs as an alienation process driven by pressure to force the brackish water through reverse osmosis membranes. Often, high-pressure pumps are deployed in BWRO systems to exert pressure higher than the typical osmotic pressure. The perforations in the membrane only permit passage to the solvent (product water) and retain the solute.

    Standard RO membranes utilized in brackish water RO systems have a polymer medium consisting of a condensed barrier, which initiates the separation. For dissolved solids to be alienated, a pressure of 40-250psi is applied on one side of the RO membrane (highly concentrated side).

    Consequently, the condensed barrier in the perforated membranes selectively denies passage to the dissolved salts while simultaneously letting through the pure solvent (freshwater).  Diverse pretreatment and post-treatment processes can be incorporated into the brackish water RO system for improved results.

    What are the Primary Qualities of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Brackish water systems are specialized water treatment equipment, most effective when treating brackish water. Their primary components and functional capabilities are exclusively designed to conveniently, effectively, and economically desalinate brackish water. Despite bearing distinct customizations, standard brackish water RO systems share the following attributes.

    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) range from 1000ppm to 15,000ppm.
    • Varied flow rates of up to 900,000 gallons per day.
    • Operating pressure range of 40-450psi.
    • Microprocessor or PLC user interfaces.

    What are the Distinct Types of Brackish Water RO Systems?

    Differences in product water applications demand distinct brackish water reverse osmosis systems. NEWater’s drive to gratify the local and global demand for BWRO systems has inspired the development of various BWRO equipment. Underneath are our most popular brackish water systems.

    • Industrial brackish water reverses osmosis systems.
    • Commercial brackish water reverses osmosis systems.
    • Solar brackish water RO systems.
    • Skid-mounted brackish water RO systems.
    • Containerized brackish water RO systems.
    • Portable brackish water systems.

    Figure 3 Skid-mounted brackish water reverse osmosis system.

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    What are the Main Application Fields for Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plants?

    Virtually all sectors have felt the shockwaves of the raving freshwater scarcity. Given the immeasurable value of high-quality potable water, industries hard hit by the water shortage are presently exploiting brackish water treatment.

    The application of brackish water reverse osmosis systems has proliferated in recent years and more industries are projected to venture into water treatment in the coming years. Brackish water RO systems are currently aiding the following sectors to fulfill their potable water demands.

    • Purification of drinking water.
    • Food and beverage processing.
    • Car washing.
    • Pharmaceuticals and laboratories.
    • Industrial processes like boiler feed water.

    Figure 4 Commercial brackish water reverse osmosis system.

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    What Should I Consider When Buying Brackish Water RO Equipment?

    The availability of numerous brackish water reverse osmosis systems can be puzzling to prospective buyers. Therein, a little background digging and technical aid are necessary when purchasing water treatment systems in general. Beneath, we have summarized key factors for your consideration in your quest to procure a perfect brackish water RO unit.

    What is the concentration of your brackish water?

    Brackish water from distinct sources exhibits different ranges of TDS levels. Therein, you need to first determine the TDS range of your raw water and consequently settle for a system within that range.

    What is your projected potable water quality?

    The quality of potable water necessitated by different applications differs and so does the ability of brackish water RO systems. When purchasing a BWRO system, you should assess its ability to generate high-quality product water in adherence to existing quality standards.

    Additional factors for your consideration include operational costs, design, flow rate, and daily capacity range.

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    How Much Does a Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plant Cost?

    Brackish water treatment is generally a costly affair but when comprehensively analyzed, the value of product water generated outweighs the investment and production costs. Overall, the cost of a brackish water reverse osmosis system is classed into the investment cost and the cost of production.

    The cost of investing in a brackish water reverse osmosis system is contingent upon the equipment’s dimensions, personalization detail, and other specifications. The production cost, on the other hand, reflects the cost of consumables, labor, power usage, membrane replacement, and depreciation of equipment.

    Presently, product water generation using brackish water RO systems costs approximately $0.29 to $0.66 per cubic meter. This is a reflection of the cost-efficiency of brackish water RO processes and equipment.

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    What are the Operating Requirements for Brackish Water RO Systems Feed Water?

    Quite often, brackish water reverse osmosis systems are integrated with pretreatment systems to condition the feed water. Conditioning of the brackish water is enforced to boost feasibility and facilitate optimum performance. Additionally, conditioned water eliminates the risk of equipment fouling and membrane clogging. Underneath are the general operating specifications for brackish water destined for treatment using BWRO systems.

    • A TDS range of 1000ppm to 10,000ppm.
    • Devoid of manganese and iron.
    • Free of turbidity and TSS.
    • The feed water pressure should be 20-80psi.

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    What is the Average Flow Rate of Brackish Water Systems?

    The flow rate of a brackish water RO system is an indication of your system’s productivity rate. It is ideally the rate at which brackish water is fed into the RO unit and product water is generated in return. The flow rate of brackish water reverse osmosis systems is principally relative to the system’s capacity.

    High-volume brackish water RO systems typically possess higher flow rates. The flow rate of typical commercial BWRO systems ranges from 2 to 120 m3/day while the typical flow rate of industrial BWRO systems ranges from 100 to 7500 m3/day.

    Figure 5 High-volume brackish water RO plant.

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    How Much Energy do Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems Consume?

    Brackish water reverse osmosis systems are generally perceived as energy-efficient solutions, especially when compared to seawater RO systems or thermal distillation systems. They rarely demand high pressure hence their power consumption rate is significantly lower.

    On average, a standard brackish water reverse osmosis system will consume 0.4 to 4 kWh/m3. The rate of power consumption is however subject to change based on numerous factors such as the flow rate, TDS concentration, and the power voltage. NEWater’s BWRO plants support distinct power frequency and voltage options e.g. 220V – 480V @ 50/60 Hz.

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    Can You Customize Brackish Water Systems?

    At NEWater, our creative limits are boundless hence we develop customized solutions for our customer’s unique applications. Generally, we have manufactured over 2000 customized solutions for distinct applications including brackish water RO systems. Customization of brackish water reverse osmosis systems is chiefly based on:

    • Flow rate.
    • Power supply options.
    • Quality of product water and intentioned application field.
    • Respective feed water concentration and composition.
    • Design and installation plans.

    We incorporate distinct technologies such as three-dimensional modeling in BWRO systems customization. To procure the customized BWRO plant of your dreams, kindly get in touch with our engineers.

    Figure 6 Customized brackish water RO unit.

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    What Pollutants are Eliminated by Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    The prevalence of brackish water purification systems in households, industries, and commercial enterprises is chiefly down to their impeccable desalination rates. The primary hindrance to brackish water utilization is salt concentration. BWRO systems significantly lessen the TDS and microbial levels in brackish water consequently supplying high-quality potable water.

    The integration of pretreatment systems like sediment and media filters elevates the removal rate of the system. The pretreatment filters eliminate suspended solids, debris, colloids, and dust while post-treatment filters like carbon filters eradicate bad tastes, chlorine, and bad odors.

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    Which Contaminants are Not Eradicated by Brackish Water RO Systems?

    Despite being characteristically all-around water treatment solutions, brackish water reverse osmosis systems lack the ability to remove certain pollutants. Evidently, typically reverse osmosis systems do not eliminate dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from feed water.

    The removal of these gases is only attainable with the deployment of additional mechanisms like electrodeionization. In addition, BWRO systems are moderately effective in eliminating bacteria, protozoa, and microorganisms. Therein, UV sterilization is often integrated to ensure the product water generated is devoid of illness-causing microbes.

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    What is the Maximum TDS Level of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plants?

    In most cases, the upper limit of salinity concentration in brackish water is 15,000 ppm. As such, available brackish water reverse osmosis systems destined for highly saline brackish water has a maximum TDS level of 15,000 ppm.

    Nonetheless, there are specialized BWRO systems accommodative of all brackish water ranges. At NEWater, our extensive list of brackish water RO systems accommodates TDS ranges of 1000ppm to 15,000ppm.

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    Do You Provide Brackish Water Systems for Household Applications?

    Over 785 million persons across the globe lack a consistent freshwater supply line. The majority of domestic applications such as drinking, cooking, laundry, and cleaning necessitate high-quality product water. To aid households to gratify these demands, NEWater offers high-quality and cost-efficient brackish water systems.

    Our personal brackish water RO systems are characteristically low-capacity, compact, and portable devices with exemplary desalination rates. Their power consumption is highly efficient and they are suited for application in resorts, hotels, lodgings, small businesses, and residential complexes.

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    How Effective are Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Brackish water reverse osmosis systems are undoubtedly the most effective and efficient water treatment solutions for brackish water. Their effectiveness is not only restricted to the removal of dissolved salts but rather entails the elimination of microorganisms, colloids, chemicals, and metals as well. Standard brackish RO systems have an impurity rejection score of 95-99.7%. They literally turn brackish water into fresh usable water by shrinking the TDS concentration.

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    What are the Limitations of Brackish Water Filtration Systems?

    Luckily, there are not many limitations to brackish water reverse osmosis systems. In fact, a comparative analysis of water treatment systems depicts BWRO systems as the efficient and dependable water treatment solution. However, several setbacks are inhibiting the evolution of brackish water RO systems to perfect water treatment solutions.

    • Brine production is an added threat to environmental degradation.
    • Certain impurities like dissolved gasses are not eradicated.
    • The investment and operational costs are somehow high.

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    Where Should I Buy my Brackish Water RO System From?

    If you are seeking a premium quality brackish water reverse osmosis system, NEWater is your answer. We manufacture multi-industry BWRO systems for distinct industries and provide local and global delivery services. Our systems cover diverse salinity concentrations (up to 15,000ppm) and their desalination score is unmatched.

    We manufacture household, industrial, and commercial brackish water RO systems in standard options and customized versions. Our prices are client-conscious and we provide custom repair components. You can place your orders from the comfort of your location via phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp.

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    Do Brackish Water Systems Produce Fresh Drinking Water?

    The generation of fresh and healthy drinking water is one of the major applications of brackish water reverse osmosis systems. Consumption of untreated brackish water could potentially lead to illness dues to the presence of excess salts and disease-causing microbes.

    However, brackish water systems nullify the threats of excessive salts, metals, and microbes in water thereby producing drinking water of standards approved by the WHO or respective regulatory institutions.

    The utilization of carbon filters in BWRO systems eliminates bad smells and odors. Remineralization is also possible and the recommended calcium and magnesium concentrations of drinking water are 30 mg/L and 10 mg/L respectively.

    Figure 8 Drinking water from brackish water RO systems.

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    Can Brackish Water RO Plants Treat Seawater?

    Seawater characteristically has higher salt concentrations compared to brackish water. Therein, reverse osmosis plants with higher maximum TDS ranges are necessitated to treat seawater. Whereas the maximum TDS level of brackish water is 15,000ppm, the maximum TDS level of seawater is often 35,000ppm.

    NEWater manufactures specialized seawater reverse osmosis systems with components suited to optimally perform under seawater conditions. Ideally, seawater reverse osmosis systems demand higher pressure than brackish water RO plants.

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    What are the Basic Features of Containerized Brackish Water RO Systems?

    Containerized water treatment systems are taking over water treatment plants across the world. These are centralized systems with varying capacities housed in typical ISO containers measuring 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft.

    At NEWater, we manufacture containerized brackish water RO systems with lighting, air conditioning, insulation, and AC units. Our systems comprise pretreatment, membrane cleaning, and post-treatment units. They support distinct TDS concentrations (1000-10,000ppm) and their flow rates are diverse as well (up to 2 million ppm).

    Figure 9 Containerized brackish water reverse osmosis system.

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    Do You Ship Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems Abroad?

    For the past 2 decades, NEWater has been manufacturing and distributing first-rate brackish water RO equipment locally and internationally.  To be precise, we have sold over 9000 water treatment units in over 200 countries.

    We exploit distinct shipment means to make certain all our customers get their orders safely and promptly. Typically, we deliver small-sized BWRO systems in 3-7 days and conventionally large BWRO systems in 2-3 months.

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    Do You Manufacture Industrial Brackish Water RO Systems?

    For industrial potable water applications, NEWater provides a series of high-quality brackish water RO systems. Our industrial brackish water systems incorporate a comprehensive water pretreatment system consisting of antiscalants, sediment and media filters, and chemical dosing.

    They are typically high-volume RO systems with capacities of up to 900,000 gallons per day. We manufacture skid-mounted, modular, and containerized industrial brackish water RO systems. You have the option of choosing our standard BWRO plants or ordering a customized system.

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    Are There Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plants?

    Yes. At NEWater, you are guaranteed to find a distinct range of brackish water reverse osmosis systems for varied commercial projects. We have commercial BWRO systems with daily capacity ranges of up to 35,000 ppm and through customization; we are able to accommodate higher capacity demands.

    NEWater’s commercial brackish water reverse osmosis systems suit distinct enterprises such as car washes, food processing entities, water bottling, and hotels. Furthermore, they support various unique designs such as skid-mounts, modular, and containerized.

    Figure 10 Industrial brackish water RO Plant.

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    What is the Warranty Period for Brackish Water Systems?

    Purchasing your brackish water system from NEWater automatically activates a 12 months warranty protection. With our warranty protection, you are assured of instantaneous aid in case of a mechanical breakdown. The warranty policy strictly caters to mechanical malfunctions only. Other forms of breakdowns such as hitches caused by mishandling do not warrant free repairs or replacements.

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    Do You Manufacture Brackish Water Systems’ Spare Components?

    NEWater is ideally your all-in-one shop for brackish water reverse osmosis equipment and related components. We manufacture and deliver essentially all key components of brackish water systems locally and internationally. Examples of our high-quality BWRO systems’ repair components include:

    We have a quality assessment team tasked with testing these components thereby guaranteeing quality. Detailed information on our first-rate repair components and accessories is available on our website.

    Figure 11 Reverse osmosis repair accessories.

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    What is the Life Expectancy of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    The lifespan of brackish water systems is one quality most users are keen to establish before purchase. Luckily, the answer to this is often satisfactory. Customary brackish water reverse osmosis systems have a life expectancy stretching between 15 and 20 years.

    Their life expectancy is essentially a subjective trait influenced by the frequency of application, level, and frequency of maintenance, pretreatment, and quality of water treated. Ideally, befitting pretreatment and maintenance guarantee longer lifespans while exposure to volatile contaminants could potentially reduce their lifespan.

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    How Do I Install my Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System?

    Our brackish water reverse osmosis systems and components are intelligently designed to facilitate swift and stress-free installation. Our modular small-sized, containerized, and skid-mounted BWRO systems are essentially plug-and-play.

    This means you can undertake the installation process by yourself if you refer to our installation manual. In addition, we provide professional on-site installation, especially for large brackish water RO plants. Our engineers also provide installation instructions via remote video tutorials and calls.

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    Do You Provide Other Water Treatment Systems?

    NEWater provides comprehensive brackish water treatment solutions customized in accordance with the specifications of your brackish water source. Technically, we prescribe the perfect brackish water treatment system for your application based on the demands of the project.

    Our wide-ranging brackish water treatment equipment accommodates varying applications including industrial, domestic, and commercial entities. They are synonymous with impeccable desalination rates, cost efficiency, and power conservation. Underneath are additional brackish water treatment solutions for your consideration.

    500LPH 1000LPH 2000LPH Brackish Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis System

    Our brackish water systems set the standards in the water treatment industry. Because our systems are accessible with a full line of capacities, TDS with up to five thousand parts per million total dissolved solids and up to one million gallons per day.

    Of course, this system delivers high performance at low life-cycle costs. You can save on energy and will increase your proficiency. NEWater is committed to providing you with high-class industrial and commercial brackish water reverse osmosis systems, machines, and products.

    We can provide industry standard or custom designed brackish water RO machines for your dependable brackish water reverse osmosis systems. All our pre-engineered systems are made and built with top-notch parts designed particularly for the best water purification.

     ISO CE Approved1 ISO CE Approved Brackish Water RO Machine Water Purification Reverse Osmosis System Commercial RO Plant with UV Sterilize Brackish Water RO Machine Water Purification Reverse Osmosis System Commercial RO Plant with UV Sterilize

    We are supported by friendly knowledgeable engineers and staff which always on hand to assist and answer any concerns you may have. No matter your water application needs, NEWater is your ultimate choice!

    We will work with you at every stage of the way to guarantee you get the assistance you need to make the best decisions about your water purification system. Our well-trained and skilled team of technicians and staff with over 15 years of combined experience is willing to work with you 24/7.

    Contact us immediately for more brackish water systems information.

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