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    NEWater: Commercial Water Filtration System Manufacturing Leaders

    NEWater is your ideal commercial water filtration system, having done so for more than 20 years. We have manufactured commercial water filtering systems for a variety of applications around the globe, saving our customers 50% of their investment. Water quality is critical for commercial use and we ensure that it is made adequately potable, by removing potentially all harmful impurities. We provide 24/7 customer service!

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    Commercial Water Filter

    We provide the world’s best commercial water filter, which is sufficient for the use of water purification systems in various commercial fields.

    Commercial Alkaline Water Filtration System

    We manufacture a Commercial Alkaline Water Filtration System, that is composed of high-quality components.

    Commercial Car Wash Water Filtration System

    NEWater manufactures Commercial Car Wash Water Filtration Systems that are both cost-effective and energy-efficient.

    Commercial Deionized Water Filtration System

    We manufacture Commercial Deionized Water Filtration Systems that remove both cations and anions and replace them with H and OH ions.

    Commercial Kitchen Water Filtration System (1)

    Our Commercial Kitchen Water Filtration System prevents damage to and limescale buildup on appliances.

    Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

    We provide Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems that employ RO membranes to remove harmful impurities.

    Well Water Filtration System

    Our Commercial Well Water Filtration System lowers hardness, turbidity, and odor from well water.

    Portable Commercial Water Filtration Systems

    We manufacture Portable Commercial Water Filtration Systems that are travel-friendly and customizable.

    Commercial UV Water Filtration Systems

    Our Residential Commercial Water Filtration Systems remove any microbial or viral pathogens from water.

    Your Commercial Water Filter System in China

    NEWater is highly flexible and reliable when it comes to manufacturing commercial water filter systems. We can easily customize our commercial water filters according to the standard requirements and your source water data. We can proudly guarantee that our experienced staff will provide you with equipment that meets your requirements perfectly.

    At NEWater we have received various certifications highlighting our proficiency in manufacturing, delivery, and in our goal of environmental protection. We have also made sure to use high-quality raw materials and parts for our manufacturing operations to ensure the best quality products for our customers

    Commercial Water Filtration System
    commercial water filtration system2

    NEWater Commercial Water Filtration System

    1. Remove sediments & turbidity, unpleasant tastes, odors, suspended particles, unwanted color, chlorine, etc.
    2. Continually improves assuring you long-term use for commercial applications.
    3. Large capacity, especially manufactured for a commercial setting.
    4. Cost-effective and easy to operate manually, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.
    5. High rejection rate with concentrate recycle system to bring you nothing but pure drinking water.

    NEWater Commercial Water Filtration Applications

    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Retail and Office buildings
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Laboratories
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Schools

    commercial water filtration system1

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    Commercial Water Filtration System Expert Manufacturer

    NEWater offers world-class and practical commercial water filtration system solutions. For more than 16 years, NEWater has been trusted by thousands of clients from different parts of the world. We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art and high technology equipment to provide you a quality commercial water filter systems. NEWater is committed to designing, fabrication, production, and services. We manufacture a commercial water filtration system while adhering to ethical international standards. Discover our wide range of commercial water filter systems that will meet your requirements.

    NEWater – Your No.1 Source of Commercial Water Filter System

    Water quality is very important for home or commercial use. Both residential and commercial purposes need contaminant-free water. Thus, NEWater has come up with a solution. We can provide you with a one-stop service for your current water demands.

    NEWater commercial water filtration systems are proven effective for removing contaminants in the water for large-scale places. These are widely used to solve water demands in businesses, large private residences, retail establishments, manufacturing facilities, and so on.

    Factory Price of Water Purifying Machines and Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System for Commercial Drinking

    NEWater commercial water filter system is consists of common treatment methods like softening, dealkalization, deionization, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, multimedia filtration, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration.

    We manufacture a commercial water filtration system that effectively removes dissolved solids, sulfates, iron, sediments, manganese, microbes, minerals, nitrates, organics, rusts, and more from the water.

    In China, NEWater is a leading manufacturer of outstanding quality commercial water filtering systems for improving water quality. As a professional manufacturer, we produce a wide range of commercial water purification system that meets the requirements of water demands used in spot-free rinses, boiler feed water, cooling towers, chemical production, laboratory testing, and more.

    250L 500L 1000L Industrial Osmosis Inversa Mineral Water Treatment System

    NEWater commercial water filtration system is equipped with UV light and reverses osmosis technology that can remove any contaminants. These are also integrated with sodium to add an extra amount of sodium particles to the water.

    Aside from that, NEWater commercial water purification system is integrated with custom design stages of purification. For example, carbon water filter technology is used to absorb contaminants like chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

    NEWater commercial water purification systems are manufactured with a long life cycle and outstanding performance. It has a heavy-duty structural tank, motor-driven brass control valve, self-adjusting backwash control, and more optimized features for the best quality.

    NEWater is there to help you with your commercial water purification system requirements. We will evaluate your water usage so we can understand your needs and give you specific treatment methods. At NEWater, we can give you an efficient and the most economical commercial water purification system for your business.

    Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier with 150L Pressure Tank for Hotel or School Water Treatment Machine

    Here at NEWater, we manufacture commercial water purification systems that will fit your budget. If you need a customer-friendly and reliable commercial water purification system manufacturer, NEWater is your perfect choice.

    We have excellent customer services that will guide and assist you 24/7. NEWater guarantees you the best purchasing experience along with unparalleled services.

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    Commercial Water Filtration System from NEWater

    At NEWater we manufacture water filtration systems that are available for any size of industrial application. Water contains impurities that have to be removed for it to meet industrial standards worldwide. Our commercial water filter systems reduce the amount of total dissolved solids, lowers hardness, and maintain an optimum PH. Resins may be used to remove ions and to reduce ions, and membranes may be used in varying pore sizes to remove impurities with varying molecular weights as well.

    Our commercial water filtration systems remove substances such as lead and heavy metals that are extremely harmful to your health and may cause a number of diseases if the water is not treated properly. And the number of stages of water purification will depend entirely on your requirements!

    Don’t hesitate to send over any questions you may have regarding our Commercial Water Filtration Systems!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Commercial Water Filtration Systems.

    Commercial enterprises necessitate a sufficient supply of freshwater as the primary commodity or for personal use. The vastly decreasing supply of fresh water has forced commercial entities reliant on freshwater to seek alternative solutions like water treatment. A massive step towards reinforcing the current freshwater supply has been enabled by the development of effective water filtration systems. Underneath, we provide answers to the internet’s frequently asked questions on commercial water filtration systems.

    Figure 1 Commercial water filtration system.

    What is a Commercial Water Filtration System?

    A commercial water filtering system is essentially a water treatment device specialized to provide fresh product water for commercial enterprises and activities. Commercial water filtration systems are tailored to conveniently support continuous and heavy water treatment. Various filtration processes are utilized in infiltration systems to generate different levels of high-quality potable water.

    Predominantly, reverse osmosis is utilized to lessen salinity concentrations and eradicate large and smaller contaminants harbored by feed water. They are built with varying capacities to accommodate both small and big business applications. Filtration systems are also deployed to pre-treat feed water for RO systems.

    What Are The Various Types of Commercial Water Filtration Systems?

    To serve a broader market, manufacturers have developed distinct commercial water filtration systems. The variations infiltration systems are broadly based on:

    • Size: Small filtration systems and large filtration systems.
    • Filtration Process: Reverse osmosis systems, deionization systems, and UV filtration systems.
    • Design: Containerized and skid-mounted filtration systems.

    Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems.

    Reverse osmosis systems use membrane-based filtration to generate high-quality water for commercial applications such as food and beverages. Standard RO filtration systems are available in varying capacities ranging from 150 to 15,000 gallons per day. Higher capacities are ordinarily processed on order.

    Figure 2 Reverse osmosis filtration system.

    Ultraviolet Filtration Systems.

    These systems are particularly ideal for filtering out viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms present in feed water. The strategic deployment of UV light kills disease-causing pathogens by destroying their DNA. With a filtration rate of up to 99.9%, UV filtration systems are highly effective and cost-efficient.

    Deionization Filtration Systems.

    Commercial deionization systems typically generate high-grade water by using hydrogen and hydroxyl to respectively replace the positive and negative ions in feed water. Filtration via ion exchange is achieved by either using two-bed deionization or mixed-bed deionization. These systems are easily installed and mitigate scaling. They are commonly utilized in food processing businesses and generate water for the final rinse in car washes.

    Figure 3 Deionization filtration system.

    What Filtration Methods are Used in Water Filter Systems?

    Water filtration systems utilize varying filtration processes to generate desired water qualities. Existing filtration methods vary in effectiveness, contaminants removed, and operational costs hence the need to be careful during selection.


    It is one of the oldest water filtration mechanisms dating back to ancient times. Distillation typically involves heating feed water to the point of evaporation. Only freshwater turns into vapor given that dissolved solids have a higher boiling point. It is then condensed and collected in different containers as fresh product water.

    Reverse osmosis.

    The production of fresh potable water through reverse osmosis relies on the use of high pressure to force feed water through semi-permeable membranes. The use of filters in the pretreatment chamber eradicates large contaminants while the membranes eliminate smaller pollutants.

    Ion Exchange.

    Ion exchange filtration systems operate by substituting dangerous ions with less dangerous ions using resins. It allows the substitution of calcium and magnesium with sodium thereby making it ideal for water softening.

    Figure 4 Ion exchange process.

    What are the Benefits of Using Commercial Water Filtration Systems?

    Water filtration systems are effective remedies to water shortage and contaminated water. They ensure commercial entities have an adequate supply of fresh, clean water without adding to the strain on freshwater reservoirs. Underneath are benefits emanating from the use of commercial water filter systems.

    • They prevent scaling and corrosion of equipment.
    • They provide a continuous supply of high-quality product water.
    • They are durable and guarantee quick returns on investments.
    • They are effective and have high productivity rates.

    Where are Commercial Water Filtration Systems Applied?

    Freshwater is a must-have for most commercial activities and enterprises. With growing aridification and dwindling freshwater reservoirs, more businesses are embracing water filtration systems. Commercial entities demand different qualities of fresh water and filtration systems accommodate customizations that permit the generation of distinct water qualities. Here are prominent industries solely or partly reliant on commercial water filtering systems for a continuous freshwater supply.

    • Food processing industry.
    • Hotels and restaurants.
    • Carwashes.
    • Pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and cosmetics.

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    What are the Benefits of Using Commercial Water Filter Systems?

    Water filtration systems are effective remedies to water shortage and contaminated water. They ensure commercial entities have an adequate supply of fresh, clean water without adding to the strain on freshwater reservoirs. Underneath are benefits emanating from the use of commercial water filtration systems.

    • They prevent scaling and corrosion of equipment.
    • They provide a continuous supply of high-quality product water.
    • They are durable and guarantee quick returns on investments.
    • They are effective and have high productivity rates.

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    Where are Commercial Water Filtration Systems Applied?

    Freshwater is a must-have for most commercial activities and enterprises. With growing aridification and dwindling freshwater reservoirs, more businesses are embracing water filtration systems. Commercial entities demand different qualities of fresh water and filtration systems accommodate customizations that permit the generation of distinct water qualities. Here are prominent industries solely or partly reliant on commercial water filter systems for a continuous freshwater supply.

    • Food processing industry.
    • Hotels and restaurants.
    • Carwashes.
    • Pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and cosmetics.

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    Where Can I Buy a Commercial Water Filtration System?

    For undisputable high-quality filtration systems and the ultimate shopping experience, NEWater is your go-to manufacturer and supplier. Access a myriad of standard water filtration systems and other related products for diverse commercial applications by getting in touch with NEWater.

    Additionally, you can conveniently order a customized filtration system from the comfort of your office. We deliver our intelligently designed systems to over 200 global destinations and have 24/7 active customer service.

    We are a listening, caring manufacturer hence our prices are reasonably fair, and our payment terms are conveniently flexible.

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    Do You Manufacture Customized Commercial Water Filter Systems?

    Figure 6 Customized water filtration system.

    Commercial entities intend to utilize water filtration systems differently and for different objectives. To adequately meet the unique demands of respective enterprises, NEWater uses instructions from the client to custom-built filtration systems specialized for specific applications.

    To aid our engineers deliver your desired customized filtration system, you will be prompted to provide the following information.

    • Desired power frequency and voltage.
    • The type, concentration, and composition of feed water.
    • The desired water quality.
    • The desired maximum productivity rate.

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    Are There Turnkey Commercial Filtration Systems?

    Yes. NEWater manufactures plug-and-play filtration systems with uncomplicated user manuals for easy usage. Considering the value of time in commercial entities, turnkey filtration systems are pretty advantageous given they minimize time wastage. They are delivered fully assembled in containers or skid mounts and rarely necessitate professional installation. To order your turnkey filtration system, kindly contact our engineers.

    Figure 7 Turnkey commercial water filtration system.

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    What is the Maximum TDS Level of Commercial Filtration Systems?

    The amount of total dissolved solids in feed water varies from 1000 ppm to approximately 45,000 ppm. For optimum filtration results, distinct filtration systems are tailored to optimally filter specific TDS levels. Brackish water filtration systems will ideally handle a maximum TDS level of 15,000ppm while a seawater system will handle a maximum TDS level of 45,000ppm. For clarity, you are advised to test the TDS concentrations of your feed water before acquiring a filtration system.

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    Do You Provide Portable Commercial Filter Systems?

    Yes. Some commercial applications are temporary in nature. To adequately quench their thirst for high-quality freshwater, we manufacture mobile filtration units that are easily transportable. These systems are typically mounted on containers, skid mounts, or metal rails for portability.

    Containerized filtration systems are available in standard 20 and 40 ft containers and production is mainly on an order basis. Common applications of portable filtration systems include office buildings, beach resorts, and water vending businesses. To order, kindly get in touch with our engineers.

    Figure 8 Skid mounted commercial filtration system.

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    Can Commercial Water Filtration Systems be Powered by Solar Energy?

    Solar filtration systems continue to grow in prominence as fossil fuel depletes and prices steadily hike. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is freely and infinitely available thereby lowering operational costs.

    Solar stills are commonly used in coastal regions to generate fresh potable water for small commercial enterprises. Commercial RO systems on the other hand can be powered indirectly by solar energy using photovoltaics.

    The absorbed thermal energy is absorbed by solar collectors and converted into electrical power for use in RO filtration systems. Solar energy has prevalently been used to power thermal distillation plants but there is an emerging trend of solar RO filtration systems.

    Figure 9 Solar water filtration system.

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    What Pollutants do Water Filtration Systems Get Rid of?

    Filtration is deployed to eliminate or significantly moderate the presence of harmful contaminants in water. Contaminated water can have adverse health effects on people if consumed, it can corrode valuable equipment and it can impede the quality of business products.

    To mitigate the effects of untreated water on businesses, products, and business people, filtration systems are used to eradicate harmful pollutants. The undesired impurities include:

    • Dissolved ions.
    • Chemicals such as arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride.
    • Unwanted gasses.
    • Viruses, bacteria, and other protozoa.

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    Do You Deliver Commercial Water Filter Systems?

    One of the added bonuses of purchasing commercial water filtration systems from NEWater is you get doorstep delivery of your order.  Over the past 2 decades, we have made astronomical sales and delivered water treatment systems to over 200 countries. Our global delivery services save you the hassle of making logistic arrangements and unnecessary transport expenses. To inquire about our delivery routes, timelines, or charges, contact our customer support via

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    What are the Limitations of Commercial Water Filtering Systems?

    Water filtration systems could potentially be better and consequently more prominent if their known limitations were overcome. Key stakeholders, especially the manufacturers have steadily addressed associated setbacks resulting in improved versions of previous filtration processes and equipment.  To create better versions of contemporary water filtration systems, it is paramount that we address current limitations.

    • Generation of harmful brine or distillate.
    • High power consumption.
    • High purchasing and maintenance costs.

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    How Do You Transport Commercial Water Filtration Systems?

    Clients entrust us with the responsibility of overseeing the transportation of their orders thus we have instituted high-grade transport protocols. To begin with, we only utilize renowned transport modes and the services of reputable courier firms.

    The mode of transportation is often informed by the size of the system, delivery location, and the due date. Arrangements to transport small equipment in dire need using air transport for time preservation are possible. Such deliveries take approximately 3 to 5 days.

    Skid-mounted, containerized, and typically large equipment take longer to transport averaging approximately 2 to 3 months. For special transportation arrangements, kindly contact our customer service.

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    Do You Offer Installation Services for Commercial Water Filter Systems?

    Yes. NEWater is committed to ensuring our customers have great experiences using our products. To facilitate this, we offer a helping hand to our clients during installation in various ways. For huge projects that require the presence of our specialists at the setup location, we provide physical installation aid.

    For small filtration systems, we provide installation manuals that utilize graphical representation to guide your installation process. Turnkey systems are assembled at the production facility and delivered ready for use.

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    Do You Offer Feed Water Testing and Analysis Services?

    NEWater provides top-notch testing and analysis services as a prerequisite to the development of customized filtration solutions. Through testing, we establish the feed water configuration and concentration thereby gaining a clear understanding of the filtration technology and equipment necessitated. Using the PH, TDS, and prevalent TDS levels of your feed water, we intelligently create customized filtration systems for your commercial project.

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    What Types of Feed Water Can Be Treated Using Water Filtration Systems?

    Various feed waters necessitate varying water treatment solutions. Thankfully, the diversity and versatility of commercial water filtration systems accommodate all forms of feed water. Majorly, water with salinity levels of over 1000ppm is considered saline water and is mostly unfit for various commercial applications.

    To make it usable in delicate projects such as human consumption and food processing, filtration is obliged.  Below are the different forms of feed water viable for filtration.

    ●Tap water.
    ●Brackish water.
    ●Well water.

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    What is the Energy Consumption Rate of Commercial Water Filtration Systems?

    Figure 11 Containerized commercial filtration system.

    The rate of energy consumption in commercial water filtration systems differs depending on the filtration technique used and the salinity concentration of the feed water. Although filtration systems are generally regarded as power-intensive plants, recent advancements in technology have vastly decreased their power consumption rate.

    Presently, RO filtration systems treating brackish water approximately consume 0.4 to 4 kWh/m3. On the contrary, seawater RO filtration systems consume approximately 3 to 10 kWh/m3.

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    What is the Life Expectancy of Commercial Water Filtering Systems?

    From a business point of view, a water filtration system should at least last long enough to make substantial returns on the investment. This makes commercial water filtration systems a worthy investment gave they offer at least 15 years of optimum services.

    Certain components such as the semi-permeable membranes in RO filtration systems require substitutions after every 3 years. Appropriate pretreatment and chemical dosing are paramount in preventing the premature destruction of water filtration equipment. Sufficient upkeep further elongates the lifespan of filtration systems and their components.

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    Does the Commercial Water Filtration System Have Warranty Protection?

    All our commercial water filtration systems have a one-year warranty period irrespective of their size or the price tag. NEWater’s warranty policy is a contingency plan instituted to protect consumers from technical defects and low-quality products.

    Any form of technical defect experienced within the warranted period necessitates comprehensive repairs from the manufacturer. Mishandling of the equipment, however, does not necessitate free repairs or replacements. For clarity, you can consult the attached warranty card.

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    Do You Manufacture Spare Accessories for Commercial Water Filtration Systems?

    NEWater is an independent manufacturer of water treatment systems and related accessories. Our resources permit us to undertake the full production of most filtration systems’ components. We only outsource from recognized manufacturers when extremely needed.

    Buying your spare accessories from NEWater guarantees 100% quality and feasibility. Our prices are pocket-friendly and we deliver the components locally and internationally at fair rates.

    Available accessories include media filters, sand filters, RO membranes, filter cartridges, and pressure valves.

    Figure 12 Custom accessories.

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    Do You Repair Broken Down Filtration Systems?

    NEWater has a lifetime repair policy that provides our customers with proficient expertise in times of need. First, we have a warranty policy that ensures NEWater resolves technical hitches within the first year of purchase freely.

    Malfunctions beyond the warranty period are also catered for by our proactive lifetime repair package. Our rates are extremely affordable and the use of our internal repair accessories guarantees quality and compatibility. To request technical aid or consultation, kindly reach out to our engineers.

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    How Can I Consult Specialists on Commercial Water Filter Systems?

    As a customer-centered manufacturer, NEWater provides exemplary customer support 24/7. You can readily access free technical consultations by getting in touch with our specialists. To facilitate smooth interactions, we have instituted several communication channels applicable to both our local and international customers.

    Email communication and phone conversations are the prevalent communication avenues utilized by customers. You can send written inquiries via our email address at or make a phone call at +86 188-5927-5056. Other contact details are clearly displayed on our website.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms for Commercial Water Filtration Systems?

    Shopping from NEWater comes with a plethora of benefits including flexible payment terms. Small water filtration systems obligate 100% payment prior to shipping while specialized and large systems have more flexible payment terms.

    Containerized and skid-mounted equipment obligate a 50% upfront payment prior to the commencement of the production and a 30% payment after a video inspection of the system. Payment of the final 20% is mandated to initiate shipment of the system.

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    Do You Provide Other Water Treatment Systems?

    Our commitment is to ensure our clients have a convenient shopping experience by providing comprehensive water treatment solutions under one roof.  Thanks to our broad area of expertise and exemplary production machinery, we manufacture a broad range of standard and customized water treatment systems.

    Figure 13 Ion exchange system.

    Our products are unmatched in their quality, versatility, and durability. NEWater has made over 1000 sales in industrial, commercial, and personal water treatment systems over the past 2 decades. The following list highlights some of our prominent water treatment systems.

    • Reverse osmosis systems.
    • Nanofiltration systems.
    • Ion exchange systems.
    • Water media filters.
    • Containerized systems.

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    What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying a Commercial Water Filtering System?

    Generally, no purchases are 100% guaranteed to be perfect but with adequate background information, you increase your odds of acquiring the ideal commercial water filtration plant. For satisfactory results and utmost feasibility, you need to consider the following factors before you pull the plug on purchasing a water filtration system.

    • The optimum flow rate of the filtration system.
    • The concentration and configuration of the feed water.
    • The desired potable water quality.
    • The capacity of the system.
    • Your budget and expected operational costs.

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