The Common Faults of Ultrafiltration Membranes in Water Treatment

Figure 1 Ultrafiltration membrane

Ultrafiltration membranes are a common type of filter membrane product in the field of water treatment, and many users with relevant needs purchase ultrafiltration membranes for use. Issues with the ultrafiltration membrane used to treat the water may arise for these consumers while in use.

We’ll go over the most common problems with ultrafiltration membranes and how to fix them.

Common faults of ultrafiltration membranes in water treatment include:

  • Broken membrane fibers
  • Seal ring leakage
  • Decrease in water production
  • Low water quality

The specific reasons and solutions for these faults are as follows:

1. The fault of broken membrane fibers. 

Broken fibers are a fault that may exist in some hollow fiber UF membranes. The reasons that may cause broken fibers to include water hammering inside the ultrafiltration membrane, too much system pressure, or damage to the membrane fibers during handling or installation.

For this type of fault, users can solve the problem by repairing or replacing the membrane fibers. They should also develop good usage habits to prevent possible damage to the membrane fibers.

2. The fault of seal ring leakage. 

The seal ring is an important device inside the ultrafiltration membrane to prevent water pollution from entering the produced water.

If the seal ring becomes loose, deformed, or detached, it will cause the seal ring to leak. The reasons for its leakage include too high system pressure or incorrect installation.

If the seal ring of the ultrafiltration membrane leaks, users can solve the problem by reinstalling or replacing the seal ring. However, it should be noted that the seal ring must be installed accurately and securely fixed.

3. The fault of decreased water production.

The decrease in water production of the ultrafiltration membrane is mostly caused by clogging and scaling, which slows down the flow rate and reduces water production. It may also be caused by changes in operating conditions.

This fault, users can solve this by cleaning the ultrafiltration membrane components to restore their flux and adjusting the relevant parameters of the operating conditions.

4. The fault of decreased water quality. 

The main reason for the decrease in water quality produced by the ultrafiltration membrane is clogging seal ring leakage and poor quality of the inlet water. Users can solve this by cleaning the UF membrane components, replacing the seal ring, and strengthening the pretreatment.

These are some common faults of ultrafiltration membranes in water treatment and their corresponding solutions:

  • Repairing damaged membrane fibers is a good solution.
  • If the seal ring is leaking, simply replace it.
  • To restore normal water production and quality, it is necessary to clean the ultrafiltration membrane components.
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