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    NEWater: Deionized Water Machine Manufacturing Leaders

    Together with our professional team, NEWater always aims to provide your deionised water machines with good and latest conditions. Fully assured, our services and equipment are profit-making and cost-effective. This deionised water machine is developed intended to produce safe to drink, pure, and clean water. When you are with NEWater, you can rest assured you`re in the most reliable place.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Deionized Water Machines

    Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water

    We manufacture Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water Machines that can be used both domestically and industrially for high-quality demineralized water.

    Deionized Water Filter

    Our Deionized Water Filter stands out amongst its competition due to its energy efficiency and easy programmability.

    Deionized Water System

    We manufacture Deionized Water Systems that remove unnecessary and harmful ions from treated water using resins.

    Deionized Water Tank

    We manufacture Deionized Water Tanks that have a variety of application areas and are used in both domestic and industrial processes.

    Portable Water Deionizer

    Our Portable Water Deionizers are travel friendly, of a compact design, and can be used off-site, rather than just being limited to a specific area.

    Industrial Deionized Water System

    We make Industrial Deionized Water Systems that have a high demineralization capacity, have a low fuel consumption comparatively.

    Commercial RO Filter

    Our commercial DI water systems are widely used all over the world with guaranteed quality.

    Home Deionized Water System

    NEWater home deionized water systems are designed for the home and can be customized on a one-to-one basis.

    Deionized Water Cleaning System

    NEWater deionized water cleaning systems are widely used in the cosmetics industry, electronics industry, etc., with strong deionization capacity and high purity of produced water.

    Your Deionized Water Machine in China

    NEWater is the Deionized Water Machine Manufacturer and Supplier you’ve been looking for. Our equipment generates deionized water, which has had its hardness removed, turbidity decreased, and conductivity reduced. All of these aspects are facilitated by the substitution of H and OH negative ions for positive and negative ions, resulting in the formation of water and ions that create healthy salts.

    Our Deionized Water Machines are in use all over the world, and our energy-efficient and sophisticated designs, selected by our seasoned team of highly skilled engineers and researchers, have stumped the competition. Aside from that, we ensure design customizability based on your application area, whether household or commercial.


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    Deionized Water Filter advantages

    Why Choose the NEWater's Deionized Water Machine

    1. Standards Produced water is of high and stable quality.
    2. Stable water output without interruptions.
    3. No need for chemical regeneration.
    4. Small footprint, cleverly stacked design
    5. Easy and safe to operate.
    6. Low-cost operation and maintenance with a long average life.
    7. Different specifications (current, voltage, material, color, size) can be designed according to customer requirements.

    How NEWater Deionized Water Machine Works

    High-purity water that is basically free of ionic contaminants is required for many laboratory and industrial applications. A di water system can produce water of this grade. Two-bed deionization and mixed-bed deionization are the two most frequent methods of deionization.

    Pretreatment system can greatly treat raw water with a variety of properties, with the end result being comparable to tap water. The pre-filter is capable of generating domestic water. The very last RO precision filtration can produce clean and safe water to drink. Both standard and standby water supply functions are available on the machine.

    Deionized Machine

    Thousands of Successful NEWater Deionized Water Machine Cases

    For more than 20 years, NEWater’s Deionized Water Machine has solved different types of water treatment problems for thousands of customers and saved them nearly half of their input costs. At the same time we are putting more water to good use and achieving sustainable development goals.
    You can see our Deionized Water Machine is widely used in food and beverage, electroplating/electronics, optical, chemical, semiconductor, cosmetic, thermal power plant, metallurgy, light industry, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical, industrial water, etc.

    How NEWater Ships Your Deionized Water Machine

    shipping and packaging

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    NEWater R&D2

    Just Send Us the Following Data

    Datas for system

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    Trusted Deionised Water Machine Supplier in China

    Whether you demand a premier, advanced, or standard deionised water machine, NEWater is your leading provider. We are China-based, fully capable of supplying water system solutions that will improve your business capabilities.

    We offer complete options of deionised water machines available at budget-friendly prices. When you decide to choose NEWater as your partner, you will surely experience more benefits and a profitable business for sure!

    Water Treatment Plant 300g Water Ozonator Oxygen Feeding High Concentration Ozone Generator

    We engineered deionised water machines to be used for many industry purposes. This machine works efficiently for laboratories, aquarium water, manufacturing facilities, or any industries that require high purity water.

    NEWater deionised water machines are the best option to separate all ions from the water. This also separates minerals such as sulfate, iron, copper, and sodium. After removing these impurities, you`ll surely get high purity water affordably and hassle-free.

    We can create a completely customized deionised water machine that is perfectly suitable for your needs. If you have a business relating to water systems, NEWater can help you supply your customers` demands. We will pour our broad knowledge into giving you outfitted and properly sized systems.

    Water Demineralizer/ Deionisation Unit For Deionised/ Demineralized Water RO System To Reduce Conductivity/ Ions

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Deionised Water Machine. 

    A deionized water system is preferred due to its wide applicability across all kinds of industries. It is easy to install and operate, highly portable making it cost-effective to carry around to places it’s needed. Also, it’s made up to the international CE, and international standard organization requirement, under ISO 9001:2015.

    What Is a Deionized Water Machine?

    A deionized water system is a framework that dispenses all ions from your water, including minerals like iron, sodium, sulfate, and copper. Since these ions make up most non-particulate

    water debasements, you’ll get high decontaminated water quickly and sensibly. It is a framework that utilizes ion exchange resins to supplant minerals and pollutants with hydroxyl particles and hydrogen.

    1.Deionized Water System

    Why Choose a Deionized Water Machine?

    For one, deionized water is the preferred decision in many manufacturing and production line industries because these industries need to keep away from the buildup of salt on the apparatus.

    Our Deionized water systems are suitable for all kinds of industries and applications. We promote intelligent industrial design and constantly upgrade our Deionized water systems according to customer’s needs.

    They require an intelligent operation, simple maintenance, regular cleaning, and are committed to corporate environmental protection standards, which is favorable to most people.

    What are the Benefits of Using a Deionized Water Machine?

    Some of the impacts of Deionized water systems are; they are easy to install and carry around locations that need them. This makes them easily portable. They have the capacity of providing purified water at whatever vital point.

    Most people depend on them since they are cost-effective. Additionally, they consume low power while functioning which makes it cost-efficient. Due to the good manufacturing standards, they are easy to operate.

    Deionized water products can be relied on due to their good quality since they are manufactured under quality standard operations.  Their starting capital is also less.

    Where are Deionized Water Machines Applied?

    At NEWater, we produce Deionized Water Systems that can be utilized in different areas. These include:

    In cooling machines, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and processed foods companies use Deionized water systems during their manufacturing processes. They are utilized in vehicle washes for the last rinse, in clinical research center testing, in power plants, and in the cosmetics industry. Also, they are utilized in assembling hardware, in heater feed, in plating just as in marines.

    2.Deionized Water Systems

    Which Companies Need Deionized Water Systems?

    A large number of companies rely on water from deionized water systems for them to produce their products. Some of them are:

    pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies, electronics manufacturing companies, food processing companies, agricultural companies, in the military, mining companies, power and energy companies, refinery companies, and disaster relief companies.

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    Do you offer a Customized Deionized Water Machine?

    Yes, we do.

    Customers who need a customized deionization water systems are welcome. We only need them to provide us with specific information which is collected by our technicians. This includes information such as local voltage and the frequency of electricity in the respective country, required gallons of water per hour, the water quality of the water source and the requirement to be met, and whether you need an on-site installation service.

    Once all this is gathered, a customized deionization water system is made, once completed, it’s delivered within 3 to 7 days for small equipment and about 2 to 3 months for large equipment.

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    What Are the Components of a Deionized Water Machine?

    Our deionized water system consists of various parts and apparatus that ensure it functions well. They include:

    A water softener, a carbon filter, reverse osmosis unit, storage vessel a bacteria control equipment, a high purity piping system, and an oxidizer.

    It also contains, cartridge filters and housing, scale inhibitor, product waste storage, control valves and membranes.

    3.Components of a Deionized Water System

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    How Do You Install a Deionized Water Machine?

    NEWater provides you with professional on-site installation technicians. In the case of installation, you don’t have to worry. For small equipment installations, we provide video guidance and remote online guidance installation which you can easily follow and install yourself.

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    Are there Different Types of Deionized Water Machine?

    Yes, there are.

    Our company produces several water systems; hence the customer gets to choose according to the liking. There are four main types:

    Disposable cartridges. They have two sections the pen (warming gadget) and a pre-documented cannabis cartridge. They accompany a tank pre-stacked with cannabis removal. A pre-charged battery warms the oil to create an inhalant that goes on until the tank empties.

    Portable exchange tanks. Our soft water service technicians come to your home and exchange your tanks. And you do not even need to be there! Most tanks are maintained and exchanged outside the home, making the exchanges hassle-free and effortless for you!

    Automatic units. It contains strong acid cation and strong base anion exchange resins.

    Continuous unit. This innovation mixes electrodialysis and ion exchange, bringing about an interaction that successfully deionizes water. In contrast, the ion exchange resins are consistently recovered by the electric ebb and flow in the unit.

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    Which are the Methods of Deionized Water Machine Applied?

    At NEWater, we use the following methods to deionize water:

    The two-bed deionizer

    It involves two vessels – one containing a cation-exchange pitch the hydrogen (H+) structure and the other containing an anion sap in the hydroxyl (OH-) structure. Water travels through the cation portion, after which all of the cations are exchanged for hydrogen particles.

    Mixed bed deionization.

    The cation-exchange and anion-trade gums are actually mixed and contained in a singular squeezing factor vessel. The cautious mix of cation-exchangers and anion-exchangers in a lone area makes a mixed-bed deionizer similar to a long series of two-bed plants. Accordingly, the water quality from a mixed-bed deionizer is extensively higher than that made by a two-bed plant.


    It kills particles from liquid streams, customarily identified with invert assimilation (RO) and other filtration devices. Our extraordinary deionization modules constantly produce ultrapure water up to 18.2MW/cm. EDI may be run industriously or irregularly. It eliminates particles from fluid streams, ordinarily.

    4.Methods of Water Deionization Applied

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    What Is the Cost of a Deionized Water Machine?

    Our deionized water machines are of an affordable cost. However, the cost of the deionized water system depends on the size of the system, the quality type, the quality of the membrane it uses, water quality requirement, and the design of the customized system among other customer-driven factors.

    The affordability of our deionized water system is due to the use of core technology, stable and reliable equipment and materials, effectively control investment and operating costs. It depends on which type of deionized water system you are purchasing as well as the customization.

    Our deionized water systems can run effectively for a long time hence significantly saving the maintenance costs for customers. greatly saves maintenance costs for customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation on your deionizing water machine need.

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    Is There Is a Difference Between a Deionized Water Machine and Reserve Osmosis?

    Yes, there is.

    The most significant contrast between the two is that reverse osmosis utilizes a semipermeable film to channel water. In contrast, deionization utilizes exchange resins to replace minerals and foreign substances with hydrogen and hydroxyl particles.

    Reverse osmosis removes protozoa, viruses, and bacteria from the water, while deionization acts as a purifier and a water softener.

    Deionization is a water treatment measure that deals with mineral salt foreign substances, while reverse osmosis utilizes pressure to turn around the water stream.

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    How Do you Ensure the Quality of the Deionized Water Machine?

    Since its establishment, we have committed to providing our customers with high-quality deionization water systems and other products. To this end, we ensure that our products are carefully designed in accordance with the customer’s needs. The components used adopt industry-set standards achieved through international CE and ISO 9001:2015.

    In addition, we allow our domestic customers to carry out tests of the deionization water system for free to ascertain its quality before installation on site. We also avail free technical consultation and water quality analysis. Further, all our products come with a 1-year warranty, a lifetime service, and free repair or part replacement in case of failure.

    5.1-year warranty

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    Do Deionized Water Systems Remove All Impurities from Water?

    No. Although it removes minerals and salt extremely, deionization does not remove dissolved organic chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and particulates.

    Due to that reason, deionization systems are configured typically with carbon filtration, ultraviolet (UV) purification, and reverse osmosis (RO) to remove these additional contaminants.

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    What Industry Standards and Certifications Apply to Deionised Water Machine?

    Technical standards on deionized water system quality have been set up by various expert associations, including the American Chemical Society (ACS).

    The company has passed the quality, occupational health, and safety, environmental management system certification, and obtained the “National Science and Technology Innovation Fund” of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and presided over the formulation of the “National Industry Standard” for three types of environmental protection equipment.

    The deionized water system has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification making it of good quality, Additionally, Deionized water systems have patent certificates and we have passed ISO9001:2015 system certification and its products.

    Also, our company has passed European CE certification. It is a manufacturer with 20 years of professional production of deionized water systems.

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    Which Piping Systems are Suitable for Deionized Water Machine?

    Generally, plastics are used mainly because of their relative cost and resistance to corrosion. However, there are other options that we use:

    • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride_ does not show any wearing signs or corrosion whiles conveying any type of water.
    • Polyvinyl chloride_ which is cost-effective.
    • Polypropylene _ offers installation methods that promote ultra-pure applications.
    • Polyvinylidene fluoride _ contains additives to ensure non-leaching properties.

    6.Piping System

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    Do Deionized Water Systems Cause Corrosion of Pipes?

    Yes, it does.

    The piping system breaks down when used in high purity water systems. Deionized water can be destructive to carbon steel because of its low hardness content. Deionized water systems are usually dealt with and put away using austenitic tempered steels, as the carbon will taint the generally pure water.

    Another reason for corrosion might be; High oxygen levels due to internal oxidation.

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    What Is the Difference Between Deionized Water and Distilled Water?

    There has always been confusion between distilled and deionized water. Some people believe them to be the same. But deionized water is more than distilled water. Though both of them apply the same process of removing ionic impurities, they are not the same.

    Both are types of pure water, but they are produced in different ways. The distillation cycle can consume the most time, particularly when a lot of water should be bubbled, cooled, and collected.

    • Deionization can be performed somewhat rapidly – mainly if a mixed bed resin is utilized, so the water is just necessities to pass one time.
    • Deionization gets rid of ions present in the water, whereas distillation removes impurities from water.
    • Distilled water is used in all laboratory applications because it is pure whereas, deionized water is used vastly since it is easier and cheap to make.

    7.deionized Water and Distilled Water

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    How Does the Process of Deionization Occur?

    Deionization (DI) is the removal of every ionized mineral and salt (both natural and inorganic) from an answer through the process of ion exchange. Since most non-particulate water pollutants are broken down salts, deionization delivers pure water similar to distilled water.

    Deionization work by exchange positive hydrogen and negative hydroxyl ions for the water’s positive and negative impurity atoms. Positive synthetic compounds like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper change places with the hydrogen particles, and harmful synthetic substances like iodine, chloride, and sulfate change places with the hydroxyl atoms. This cycle is ordinarily done by two ionized resin beds inverse in charges: cationic (negative) pitch and anionic (positive) resin.

    Emphatically charged particles are taken out from the arrangement by the cation pitch in return for an artificially identical measure of hydrogen particles. The anion sap eliminates adversely charged particles in return for a synthetically identical measure of hydroxide particles. The hydrogen and hydroxide particles acquainted in this cycle join with water atoms to form water molecules.

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    What Aftersales Services Do You Offer for Deionized Water Machine?

    • We provide you with free technical consultation and promptly solve your doubts about wastewater treatment technology and engineering.
    • We provide free testing services to gain an in-depth understanding of the composition and concentration of wastewater.
    • 1-year warranty, lifetime service, free repair or replacement of deionized water system in case of failure.
    • We provide global door-to-door delivery service, 24-hour response, and fast turnaround. You don’t need to worry about delivery or transportation logistics.
    • We provide you with free technical consultation and promptly solve your doubts about wastewater treatment technology and engineering.


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    What Is Deionized Water Used for?

    • In the laboratory to prepare chemical mixtures and solutions.
    • To dilute concentrated anti-freeze chemicals.
    • Refueling the car’s glass washers.
    • Used in perfumes.
    • To prepare electrolytes for alkaline and acid-based batteries.

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    What Are the Risks Associated with Deionized Water Systems?

    As much as deionized water systems have benefits, especially in the industries, it is advisable to avoid consuming deionized water because deionized water is inadequate in particles, it can retain the particles in your body after drinking it. Since magnesium and calcium are both simple for deionized water to ingest, it can likewise take these issues.

    Numerous individuals believe that deionized water doesn’t taste so fantastic. This is because it is free from particles and minerals. In contrast to different sorts of water, deionized water isn’t the best kind of water to take.

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    Which is the Required Temperature for Deionized Water Machine to Work?

    A high temperature is the best for deionization to take place.

    A low temperature or freezing temperature will cause the tank or distribution tool to crack, allowing the resin to escape from the deionizer. It is therefore advisable to drain the water from the deionize.

    Temperature for Deionized Water Systems t.jpg.

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    How Does Soft Water Extend the Life of a Deionized Water Machine?

    Soft water is ideally the best water for any appliance to last since it contains no minerals such as iron and magnesium that reduce the lifespan of the deionized water system. There is no mineral buildup on the insides, hence increasing its longevity. There are also no stains on the appliances.

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    Does a Deionized Water Machine Remove or Reduce Dissolved Oxygen in the Water it Processes?

    No, not intentionally.

    Oxygen O2 is not an ionic molecule, so it is unaffected by deionization. However, the level of dissolved oxygen will change due to all the pressure changes while the water is pumped through the deionization system. The system you use should do reduce the dissolved oxygen.

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    Can One Use a Pressure Washer with a Deionized Water Machine?

    Absolutely yes. As a matter of fact, it is the easiest way to cut resins.

    The essential supporter of resins utilization is the measure of water you course through the framework in a given measure of time. The spout we supply with the framework utilizes around 2 GPM of water with standard private water pressing factor, and presently there are numerous electric pressure washers that lone utilize 1.2 GPM.

    The subsequent request impact of a pressing factor washer is that it is effectively twice as viable as a spray nozzle: a pressure washer blasts pollutants away while a nozzle sprays it off. So rather than spraying the nozzle four or multiple times, across the hood, simply blast it twice.

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    What are the Factors that Might Decrease the Lifespan of a Deionized Water System?

    Our deionized water system should last for a great deal of time. Some of the factors that might contribute to the decreased lifespan of a deionization water system are the quality of local water, frequency of use, and subsequent maintenance.

    Those factors should constantly be monitored to ensure optimum operation of the deionization water system and to guarantee its lifespan. However, that should not worry you since our deionization water systems are made of industry-standard components as required by international CE and ISO bodies of quality guarantee.

    10.Lifespan of a Deionized Water System

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    What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Material for a Deionized Water System?

    Picking some wrong piping material can have negative impacts in various applications. Give solid thought to channeling a good material selection or channeling it to chemical explosions or encountering expensive erosion.

    Our key considerations for piping material selection include reactivity of the material to the water it is passing on and the limit of the structure to be used in a return air plenum. Our products components are of high quality all of which have passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

    In addition, customization is possible and it’s done depending on the customer’s need. Subsequently, they come with a 1- year warranty, a lifetime maintenance service, and free repair.

    On the off chance that a material can be affirmed incredible by those three things about cost, establishment, and other non-application explicit attributes.

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    What Method is Used to Transport Deionized Water Systems?

    We provide global door-to-door delivery service, 24-hour response, and fast turnaround. You don’t need to worry about delivery or transportation logistics. Our company uses the shipment method to deliver Deionized water systems.

    You just need to make your order via our website, and our technical team will process your order and ensure it is delivered. In the case of large equipment transportation, we usually use the shipping method to get them to the customer’s destination.

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    How Do You Maintain a Deionized Water Machine at Home?

    Due to its numerous benefits, it is advisable to know how to maintain the system as well.

    Some of the tips we advocate for include:

    Being the best water to use for cleaning cars, use it in a bucket, not a pipe. The more water you use, the shorter the lifespan of the system. It has been also advised that one should use the deionized water filter along with the pressure washer.

    Avoid using the deionized water system along with the domestic water softening system. It is also advisable to connect the deionized water filter, in the same way, to pass in the same direction from the resin every time.

    When you are done with the rinsing, disconnect the deionized water filter and let the water drain out of it. If you let the water remain in the filter, it will impact its longevity. Many resins get affected by solar radiation, so never commit the mistake of leaving your ultra-pure deionized water system under direct sunlight.

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