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    NEWater: Your Ideal Desalination Machine Manufacturing Leaders

    Have your water desalination efficiently with NEWater! We bring to you, premium quality, ISO9001:2015 Machine certification passed, Desalination Machine. With market competitive prices, elevate your desalination efficiency. Take a quote now!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Desalination Machines

    Solar Seawater Desalination Machine

    Utilization of our solar energy for the desalination of seawater has elevated our efficiency within the Solar Seawater Desalination Machines producers as a leading brand.

    Desalination Machine for Boat

    Our Desalination machines that we manufacture for boat; provide you with easy installation and easy water purification from saline factors in no time.

    Desalination Machine for Home

    For home based water desalination, we have designed a compact sized Desalination Machine that is smaller to store and carry but way too efficient in desalination techniques.

    Portable Desalination Machine

    We have infused the portability into Desalination machines so that you can carry with you your ultimate saline water filtration machine that could turn saline water into drinkable water.

    Evaporative Desalination Machine

    The equipment is based on the principle of boiling or evaporation, so that the treated seawater is heated until it reaches the evaporation state, and pure water is obtained.

    Personal Desalination Machine

    The Personal Seawater Desalination Machines we manufacture are small in size and come at price sets that are easily affordable.

    Industrial Desalination Machine

    Our Industrial Desalination Machines are capable to tolerate quite heavy loads and also filter out salt from water at paces way higher.

    Small Desalination Machine

    The Small Desalination Equipment by us is small in size, compact, and are available at a super affordable price, and best to use at faraway places.

    Salt Water Desalination Machine

    We make our desalination Machines so efficient that they ease down your saltwater desalination procedures promptly and safely.

    Your Desalination Machine in China

    NEWater is a water treatment equipment company with 20 years of expert creation experience in manufacturing Desalination Machines. the team of experts we have working can successfully diminish the bulk orders mapping time and can direct clients on location-related working abilities to guarantee that the organization fulfills global creation guidelines put up by the ISO and CE.

    We have our production houses located in China. We cover an area of ​​2,000 square meters and have a reported revenue of 15 million. Ever since our foundations laid, we are committed to the development and utilization of water treatment products and processes for the attainment of useable water.

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    Desalination Machines Product Details

    NEWater Desalination Machines Product Details

    • Water tank: to solve the problem of insufficient tap water pressure and the back booster pump owing to the impact of insufficient water, lower the failure rate of the back booster pump.
    • Booster pump: This pump is made of stainless steel and is used to produce enough pressure for further filtration.
    • Filter made of quartz sand: removes muck, suspended solids, and big particles from tap water.
    • Carbon filters in tap water are used to remove organic contaminants, residual chlorine, and odor.
    • Water softener filters primarily remove calcium and magnesium from tap water, lowering water hardness.

    NEWater Desalination Machines Advantages

    1. Desalinate seawater using reverse osmosis membrane separation technology.
    2. The rack pipes are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials. The power supply is wide. This product fully considers the special design of the ship’s particularity. Small size, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to install, it can be installed in the narrow and crowded cabin, deck, crew cabin, corridor, and so on.
    3. The start can give freshwater instantly as long as there is energy and seawater. The reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate is high, stable performance, safe and reliable. The water quality is in compliance with the norm of drinking water.
    Desalination Machines Advantages
    Desalination Machines Applications

    NEWater Desalination Machines Applications

    • Pre-filter for ultra-pure water, chemical compounds, and pure water in the electronics sector
    • Filter for mineral water, wines, and fruit juices in the food and beverage industry
    • Filter for medicinal liquids and gases in the pharmaceutical sector
    • Filter for organic solvents in the chemical sector
    • Filter for oil-field floods in the petroleum industry

    How NEWater Ships Your Desalination Machines

    shipping and packaging

    NEWater R&D2

    Configure Your Desalination Machines

    Datas for system

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    Desalination Machines Expert Manufacturer

    NEWater is a trusted manufacturer in China, engaged in producing high-quality and reliable desalination machines for over 20 years. We continue to provide high-standard desalination machine that is certified to many international quality standards. As a leading manufacturer in China, we utilized modern and latest techniques to precisely design desalination machines. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide turnkey solutions for your different water demands.

    NEWater – Excellent Desalination Machines Supplier

    Are you looking for trusted desalination machines for heavy-duty or continuous service in marine applications? No worries! NEWater has a full line of brand-new desalination machines to be offered globally. NEWater is the best desalination machine manufacturer and supplier in China.

    NEWater has supplied and manufactured both industrial and commercial desalination machines with feed water ranges 45,000 ppm. This machine can vary from small-sized seawater to larger desalination plants, as well as a drinking water machine.

    desalination machine china

    NEWater desalination machines consist of pre-treatment, intake, high-pressure pump, membrane assembly, pH adjustment, and disinfection. It’s all manufactured from our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and facilities backed by our top engineers.

    Our company provides pre-engineered, decentralized, and custom-designed desalination machines. With NEWater desalination machines, we are capable of supplying safe drinking water to government entities, private companies, and municipalities. Aside from that, our desalination machines allow delivering high-end process water to many industrial operations.

    NEWater Desalination Machines Advantages and Features:

    • Decentralized desalination
    • Desalination for drinking water
    • Industrial process water desalination
    • Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO)
    • Brine management

    NEWater is a leading desalination machine manufacturer for industrial use. We manufacture, build, design, and operate desalination machines, which can treat water of any quality and from a huge range of water sources like seawater and brackish.

    Moreover, our desalination machines are equipped with energy-recovery devices, modern work exchangers, variable-frequency drives, and high-efficient positive displacements pump on all motors. As a result, NEWater desalination machines provide the lowest energy consumption to most industries.

    NEWater, an established desalination machine manufacturer in China, offers both standard and custom-design desalination machines. We make sure that our custom desalination machines can meet all your water application needs.

    NEWater desalination machines come in different sizes. If you have your own design and desired sizes of desalination machines, just let us know. And send us your detailed requirements and specifications. Let our expert engineers and designers handle the manufacturing process.

    NEWater is a trusted manufacturer of desalination machines in China for over 20 years. We ensure that all of our customers worldwide are receiving the highest quality and satisfying desalination machines that they need.

    Whether you’re a distributor, supplier, or a custom factory that needs to import high-quality desalination machines for affordable prices, NEWater got you covered! We have a wide range of desalination machines to fulfill your business necessities.

    Choose desalination machines from NEWater now! Contact us today!


    Your Ideal Desalination Machine from NEWater

    NEWater’s seawater desalination machine is an extraordinary device, most suitable for seawater desalination system. Use time-tested techniques to ensure that the water quality after desalination is safe. To provide drinking water for the people and water sources for agriculture, seawater desalination devices are very useful for use in situations where the provision of clean water may be of strategic significance.

    The NEWater Desalination Machine is best from the dependability aspect as well as cost aspect. They make desalination much more practical than line water or irrigation water, where accessible. They are more practical than many other bigger desalination Machines and lessen the electricity load by 35%.

    In need of a quote for a customized desalination Machine for your home? Contact us to book a survey!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Desalination Machines.

    The demographics regarding desalination usage keeps soaring high as the demand for potable water heightens. Advancements in desalination processes and machinery have boosted efficiency and made desalination a cheap water treatment alternative.

    The history of desalination depicts predominance in arid and coastal regions. However, recent trends show that the adoption of desalination machines across other parts of the world is spreading like wildfire. Below, we take an in-depth look into the desalination machines and the processes they utilize.

    What is a Desalination Machine?

    A desalination machine is a water treatment device deployed to generate potable water by lowering the number of dissolved ions from feed water. Desalination machines provide clean product water for industrial use and supplement the domestic supply of clean water.

    Desalination machines are also available in distinct capacity ranges, which permits their application at large and smaller scopes. For effective desalination, they utilize membrane-based filtration and thermal distillation. Enormous desalination machines are fitted with power recovery devices, which fundamentally lowers the cost of operation.

    Desalination machine

    What are the Various Applications of Desalination Machines?

    The need for high-quality water cuts across various domestic, industrial and commercial applications. With 97% of all earth water being saline water, there is an existential threat to freshwater supplies. Desalination machines enable humans to supplement existing freshwater supplies by converting salty water into fresh, clean water.

    Underneath are ways in which industries, individuals, and governments exploit desalination machines to achieve different objectives.

    • Generating fresh potable water for human consumption.
    • Reducing the concentration levels of wastewater from industries.
    • Removing corrosive elements from feed water to prevent damaging valuable equipment.
    • Providing fresh water for emergencies.
    • Supplying potable water for various power plants and refineries.

    What are the Benefits of Using Desalination Machines?

    The principal reason behind the recent proliferation of desalination machines is their efficiency. With desalination rates of up to 99.4%, desalination machines are revered by many as a reliable water treatment solution. The following are tangible rewards, industries and individuals are reaping by utilizing desalination machines.

    • Adequate desalination rates, which results in high-quality water.
    • Utilization of energy- recovering units, which significantly lowers the cost of operation.
    • Easy installation and operation.
    • Ability to process huge amounts of feed water continuously.
    • A prolonged lifespan well beyond 20 years.

    What Types of Desalination Machines are Available?

    Desalination machines are manufactured with different specifications to optimally meet distinct objectives. To classify desalination machines, manufacturers group the equipment according to the feed water desalinated and the desalination technology employed. Below are the most common types of desalination machines for industrial applications.

    Brackish Water Desalination Machine.

    Brackish water desalination machines eradicate microorganisms and other harmful impurities weighing between 150 and 250 Daltons from brackish water. These desalination machines are available in various capacity ranges and can be customized in size. They often use reverse osmosis to eliminate dissolved salts and other unwanted chemicals from seawater. Reverse osmosis brackish water desalination machines are equipped with a pre-treatment chamber endowed with pre-filters and antiscalants.

    Figure 2 Brackish water desalination machine.

    Seawater Desalination Machine.

    Seawater desalination machines convert seawater into usable product water for industries or even domestic applications. Advanced seawater desalination machines using membrane filters for desalination are known to have a high desalination rate often hitting 99%. For industrial applications, these machines have a capacity range of 8,000GPD to 660,000GPD.

     Figure 3 Seawater desalination machine.

    What Is The Price of a Standard Desalination Machine?

    Long gone are the days when desalination machines were too expensive to purchase and operate. Advancement in membrane technology and power-saving devices has considerably depressed the investment cost of desalination machines. The purchasing price is however a culmination of various factors such as size, flow rate, and operation module.

    The overall cost of a desalination machine encompasses the initial price, the installation price, power consumption, labor, and depreciation. All these variables are subject to change hence it is so difficult to estimate the overriding cost of a desalination machine.

    As an example, the cost of desalinating seawater or brackish water using a desalination machine is projected to range from $0.29 to $0.66 per cubic meter. These figures are however inconsistent given the salt concentration levels of feed water alter the cost of production.

    NEWater will provide you with a free price quotation on your selected desalination machine. All you need to do is visit our website or contact our customer support team.

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    Which Desalination Mechanisms are Used by Desalination Machines?

    There are various ways to desalinate seawater, brackish water, or groundwater. The selection of the ideal desalination process is determined by the quality of potable water you want to be produced. The following are the two most common desalination technologies utilized by desalination machines.

    Reverse Osmosis.

    Further breakthroughs in Reverse osmosis continue to improve the efficiency of the process, lower the energy consumption and prolong the lifespans of desalination machines. Technically, reverse osmosis is dependent upon high-pressure pumps, which force feedwater through a perforated membrane thus eradicating dissolved salts.

    Chemical dosing and pre-filters are deployed in a pre-treatment chamber to remove debris, colloids, and corrosive elements from seawater. This mitigates blocking of the semi-permeable membrane as well as prevents the desalination machine from damage. RO desalination machines have a desalination rate of over 99%.

    Figure 4 Reverse osmosis Desalination machine.

    Thermal Distillation.

    Thermal distillation separates dissolved ions from water by converting the water into vapor and subsequently converting the vapor into liquid. This is often achieved through mechanical or thermal vapor compression, multi-stage flash distillation, and multi-effect evaporation. About 40 to 50% of the overall operation cost of thermal distillation machines is accumulated through energy consumption.

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    Why are Desalination Machines Becoming Popular?

    Freshwater sources form around 3% of the water sources found across the globe. Over-reliance on such sources coupled with contamination from human and industrial waste has tremendously limited the amount of water available for use. Additionally, climatic changes have significantly reduced the amount of rainfall resulting in depleted freshwater reservoirs.

    The invention of desalination machines augments freshwater supplies by providing an alternative source of fresh potable water. Arid, semi-arid and coastal communities are the biggest consumers of desalination machines given the limited number of freshwater sources. Future projections point towards the further popularity of desalination machines as the demand for freshwater heightens.

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    How Effective are Desalination Machines?

    Recent modifications of desalination machines and the desalination processes they employ have seen their desalination rates soar to greater rates.  Reverse osmosis desalination has proven to eradicate over 99% of dissolved salts and other contaminants from seawater.

    Thermal desalination on the other hand is equally effective in eradicating unwanted impurities from feed water. Additionally, thermal desalination is very efficient in utilizing thermal heat thereby lowering your expenditure on power bills.

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    Do Desalination Machines Eradicate all Impurities?

    The pore size of reverse osmosis membranes used in desalination machines is often 0.0001 microns. This coupled with the pre-treatment filters makes certain that your desalination machine eliminates over 99% of impurities found in feed water. As effective as desalination machines are, they are incapable of removing all the bacteria, viruses, and protozoa found in seawater. Removal of all impurities requires a hybrid water treatment system, which incorporates ultrafiltration or ultraviolet light.

    Figure 5 Desalination machine.

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    What are the Basic Components of Desalination Machines?

    Desalination machines are made up of different components, which are assembled appropriately to permit desalination. For high productivity, durability, and cost-effectiveness, NEWater utilizes the best material and technologies to manufacture desalination machines of unsurpassed quality.

    • Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion from chemicals found in feed water.
    • Great temperature and pressure ranges.
    • Pre-treatment chambers, chemical dosing chambers, and semi-permeable membranes for RO desalination machines.
    • Energy-saving units for large desalination machines.

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    What is the Capacity of a Desalination Machine?

    NEWater manufactures desalination machines in various capacity ranges to support various scopes of industrial and commercial applications. Our standard RO desalination machines for seawater desalination have capacities ranging from 8000 GPD to 660,000 GPD. Additionally, they can desalinate feed water with TDS levels of up to 42,000 ppm. For enormous capacities, our engineers work with the client in manufacturing their ideal capacities.

    Figure 6 Capacity of a desalination machine.

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    Can I get a Customized Desalination Machine?

    Yes. We are a company dedicated to customer satisfaction hence we tailor our desalination machines to the description of our customers. We have a lengthy list of standard turnkey desalination machines for various industrial applications, which broadens the pool of selections for our customers. Failure to get a feasible standard desalination machine, our engineers engage with our customers and create a customized solution.

    Using data provided and 3D modeling, NEWater designs a blueprint of your desalination machine and seeks your approval before proceeding to the actual production. NEWater will definitely materialize your wish for an industrial desalination machine promptly and at an affordable rate.

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    What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Desalination Machine?

    Purchasing a desalination machine is usually a delicate process given the stakes involved. A bad choice can result in catastrophic losses. NEWater offers free technical consultation on desalination machines, which can be of immense help to first-time buyers. Underneath we explore some of the factors you should look out for when purchasing a desalination machine.

    Source of feed water.

    Desalination machines function optimally when treating certain forms of feed water. A seawater desalination machine for instance would not be ideal for groundwater since the contaminants present in the feed water are different.

    The scale of Application.

    It is extremely vital that you determine the number of gallons of water you want your desalination machine to process in a day. Large-scale applications will demand higher capacities and flow rates for optimal results.

    Quality of Product Water.

    Different applications require different water qualities. Potable water for laboratory applications needs to be ultra-pure while some industrial applications can function on water of moderate quality.

    Other considerations include your budget, Power source and consumption, design, portability, and the expected lifespan.

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    What Trends are prevalent in Desalination Machines?

    Water treatment specialists relentlessly seek to improvise existing desalination machines and processes for higher productivity rates. The progress made in lowering the operational costs of desalination machines over the years has been terrific.

    Currently, there are energy-saving membranes, which have enormously lowered the power consumption of reverse osmosis desalination machines. Coincidentally, manufacturers including NEWater have invented various energy-conserving devices, which are fitted onto desalination machines, especially large equipment.

    Such technological advancements have earned desalination machines a reputation for being cost-effective and highly reliable. The implications of such trends have been evidenced by the widespread use of desalination machines by industries and governments across the globe.

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    Do You Manufacture Portable Desalination Machines?

    NEWater provides a wide array of desalination machines bearing different designs and functional capabilities. We have various standard portable desalination machines and to serve a greater customer base, we manufacture customized devices.

    Our portable desalination machines require no installation since they arrive ready for use. They can be used in various capacities to meet various objectives. Common applications of portable desalination machines include construction venues, emergencies, and water vessels.

    Figure 7 Portable desalination machine.

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    Can I get a Desalination Machine for Industrial Application?

    Yes. NEWater specializes in the production of high-quality desalination machines and the development of other water treatment solutions for industrial applications. Our desalination machines for industrial use are expertly designed to generate product water suitable for use in various industrial processes.

    Our industrial desalination machines have a PH tolerance ranging from 3-11 and can produce over 600,000 gallons of water per day. For large applications, NEWater can customize the capacity and flow rate. We also manufacture containerized desalination machines for industrial use with our standard options fitted on 20ft or 40ft containers.

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    Do You Have Desalination Machines for Boats?

    Water vessel operators are some of our biggest consumers of boat desalination machines. Water vessels of different sizes nowadays rely on desalination machines to convert seawater into potable water for various uses. The water generated is clean and safe enough for consumption by passengers on board.

    They also save the boat space and significantly reduce the weight harbored by the water vessel. NEWater manufactures portable and permanent desalination machines with high TDS levels of up to 45,000ppm, for optimal productivity when treating seawater.

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    Can I Get a Desalination Machine for Domestic Use?

    Yes. There are small desalination machines with high desalination rates and low power consumption rates. Such machines can be installed in homes close to the sea and subsequently supply the homeowner with high-quality freshwater.

    There are small desalination machines that generate approximately 1.3 gallons of potable water daily while consuming less than 1Kw of power. Overall operational costs of such a machine are approximately 5 to 6 dollars per one water gallon.

    Figure 8 Small desalination machine.

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    Do You Produce Repair Components for Desalination Machines?

    One advantage of procuring your desalination machine from NEWater is that you will get custom spare components in the event of a malfunction or upgrade. We manufacture high-quality repair parts for desalination machines that are compatible and extremely durable.

    NEWater is stocked with repair components for all types of desalination machines including membranes, filters, and cartridges. We provide door-to-door delivery services on our spare parts. For detailed descriptions and advice on the best repair component, kindly get in touch with our engineers.

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    What Commercial Applications are Feasible for Desalination Machines?

    Desalination machines can be deployed in commercial entities to provide fresh water for use or sale. NEWater manufactures desalination machines with varying dimensions and capabilities to support small-scale and large commercial applications.

    For commercial applications, you have the luxury of selecting a desalination machine with capacities ranging from 350 to 15,000 gallons of potable water per day. We are also open to customizing an ideal desalination machine for your exclusive use. Below are some commercial applications of desalination machines:

    • Water bottling.
    • Food and beverages processing.
    • Carwashes.
    • Businesses.

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    How Much Water is Wasted by a Desalination Machine?

    The production of fresh potable water comes at a cost. Desalination of highly salty water especially seawater results in the production of high amounts of brine. It is estimated that the production of one liter of desalinated water results in one and a half liters of wastewater.

    Production of a gallon of potable water could be a product of 20 gallons of feed water treated via reverse osmosis. Recent modifications have however found a way of minimizing wastage of water by reintroducing the wastewater into a desalination machine.

    Figure 9 Brine from desalination.

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    What are the Disadvantages of Using Desalination Machines?

    The application of desalination machines in water treatment comes with a few repercussions. Resolution of these shortcomings would further elevate the resourcefulness and reliability of desalination machines. Discussing the disadvantages rather than shying away from them would therefore be a vital step towards improving desalination machines. Underneath are the various disadvantages resulting from the application of desalination machines:

    • They can be costly to acquire and operate.
    • They consume relatively high amounts of power.
    • The brine produced can be a threat to environmental safety.

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    Can I Get My Desalination Machine Delivered to My Desired Location?

    NEWater takes care of the logistics and transportation process of your desalination machine. Once you have procured a desalination machine, expect it to be delivered to your selected location within the stipulated timeline.

    We deliver high-quality desalination machines to over 200 countries. The delivery of small-sized desalination machines can take 3 to 7 days if done via air shipment.  Enormous machines on the other hand can take between 2 to 4 months depending on the location and shipment method used. Local deliveries take less time to deliver compared to international deliveries.

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    Are There Solar-powered Desalination Machines?

    Yes, there are solar-powered desalination machines capable of generating one and a half gallons of potable water every 60 minutes. Bear in mind that is per square meter of the solar collecting field. Solar-powered machines are ideal for use in coastal and arid regions, which are subjected to high temperatures from direct sunlight.

    Thermal desalination can be powered by solar panels resulting in efficiency and power conservation. The machine taps into the energy emitted when water is condensed meaning the energy generated is efficiently used.

    Figure 10 Solar-powered desalination.

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    How Much Power do Desalination Machines Consume?

    Desalination is often labeled as a power-intensive process due to the amount of energy consumed to produce potable water. RO desalination machines desalinating seawater typically consume between 3kW to 10kW of electricity to generate one cubic meter of potable water.

    Power consumption is however subject to change depending on the capacity of the machine, flow rate, salt concentration, and power dynamics of a country. We equip our large desalination machines with power-saving devices to arrest energy wastage.

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    What is the Warranty Policy on Desalination Machines?

    To guarantee the superior quality of our desalination machines we offer our customers a one-year warranty period. Our warranty policy gives you the power to ask for repairs or replacements if your desalination machine experiences technical hiccups.

    According to our terms of service, NEWater is obligated to deal with any technical defaults exhibited by the desalination machine within the warranty period. Human-caused defects, however, are not entitled to free repairs as per our warranty policy.

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    What is the Lifespan of a Desalination Machine?

    Most desalination machines can last for up to 15 years depending on the quality of maintenance they are subjected to. For a reverse osmosis desalination machine, certain components such as the membranes and filters have a shorter life span. For instance, filters might necessitate replacement yearly depending on the scale of use and subsequent burnout.

    Similarly, RO membranes require changing after three years. Overall, desalination machines have a long lifespan and they consistently provide first-rate services.

     Figure 11 Containerized desalination machine.

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    Do Desalination Machines Harm the Environment?

    Essentially, desalination machines help preserve the environment by reducing the volume of contaminants present in wastewater. Highly contaminated wastewater from industries and residential complexes is first desalinated and reused before it is disposed of. This helps get rid of disease-causing organisms, which are a threat to plants, human and animal health.

    Additionally, they help reduce the level of contamination in waterways and consequently prevent overreliance on freshwater sources. Where the brine is disposed of, however, could potentially harm marine life and the environment.

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    Where Can I Purchase a Credible Desalination Machine?

    To purchase a valuable and sophisticated item, the ilk of a desalination machine requires one to have unwavering trust in the dealer. As a purchaser, you need to establish the credibility and experience of the prospective seller. NEWater is a seasoned manufacturer of water treatment and desalination machines with a customer base cutting across the globe.

    We offer a diverse range of desalination machines including turnkey equipment, skid-mounted, and containerized devices. Our products are available in various capacity ranges and designs, which makes them appropriate for numerous industrial and commercial applications.

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    Do You Help Repair Damaged Desalination Machines?

    NEWater provides lifetime repair services to all our products since we like to hold the hands of our customers in their water treatment journeys. For the 12 months succeeding your date of purchase, NEWater provides free repairs and replacements to any technical malfunction exhibited by your desalination machine.

    Thereafter, we provide free technical consultation and our repair services are discounted. We also manufacture our own spare components, which assure our customers that they are getting the best quality. Our engineers will also educate our clients on the best care practices to minimize cases of breakdowns.

    Figure 12 repairing a desalination machine.

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