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    NEWater: Professional Home Desalination Systems Provider

    The NEWater Home Desalination System enables you to quickly turn seawater, well water, lake water, salt water, and more into potable water! The equipment adopts a portable design and takes up little space. With one click, raw water can be converted into fresh water suitable for human consumption. We ensure that the products pass the quality system certification and enjoy a one-year warranty.

    No matter whether you are a buyer, distributor, or wholesaler of this equipment, please feel free to contact us! We are here to provide you with the best quotation.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Home Desalination Kits

    Desalination Machine for Home

    Well known for their compact size, the portable desalination system produced by us are economical, have desalination modules, and are easy to transport.

    Desalination Device for Home

    Our small desalination system is small and lightweight. Provides a fairly high filter brine efficiency to help you get drinking water anytime, anywhere.

    Desalination Unit for Home

    Easy installation and elimination of civil work in installation, our desalination unit is best suitable to be installed at boats for the attainment of unsalted water.

    Desalination Equipment for Home

    The water desalination wquipment that we design for home are of high energy efficiency, ultimate reliability, and require less maintenance cost.

    Desalination Plant for Home

    Integrated within our desalination plant is the high-precision filter, the aperture of nano-level for the best quality of water for use at home.

    Desalination Kits for Home

    Our desalination kits for home make it way too feasible for you to achieve pure water, free from all impurities and filtered saline.

    Residential Desalination | Desalination System for Home Expert

    NEWater is a water treatment equipment company with 20 years of expert creation in manufacturing home desalination systems. We can design, produce and supply large and small desalination equipment. We have our own factory to ensure competitive prices and ensure short production lead time and sufficient stock.

    We develop activity measures and strictly enforce them throughout the entire work interaction. All of our products, including seawater desalination systems, are widely used in metallurgy, electromechanical, food, medicine, printing and dyeing, household, laboratory, and other wastewater treatment.

    Benefits of Having a Home Water Filtration System
    NEWater Desalination System for Home

    NEWater Desalination Systems for Home

    NEWater products advantages

    We are a Professional Manufacturer of Home Desalination Systems

    NEWater products application

    Professional Manufacturer of Home Desalination Systems
    NEWater Desalination System for Home

    Why You Should Choose NEWater Desalination System for Home?

    NEWater uses the world’s leading “Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology” to improve the design of seawater and saltwater desalination equipment for every home, effectively converting seawater into odorless and bacteria-free, clean, and healthy drinking water.

    1) Adopt the most advanced reverse osmosis system and membrane components.
    2) High-quality safety pressure relief device and observation system are used.
    3) Stable operation and high quality of produced water.

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    Desalination System for Home from NEWater

    Our desalination system for home is an extraordinary arrangement that can be best used for the desalination of saltwater. The powerful productivity, extreme dependability, and low upkeep cost of these desalination Systems for homes make desalination much more practical than line water or irrigation water, where accessible.

    They are more practical than many other bigger desalination systems and lessen the electricity load by 35%. The desalination systems for homes created by us are, compact, lightweight, and adaptable. NEWater uses the most evolved RO advancements to treat water through the most ideal ways that are available. It diminishes working costs through power-saving features and along these lines has the most insignificant costs.

    NEWater desalination systems for homes are not difficult to move. They are simple to introduce and perform very well at filtering out unnecessary minerals.

    In need of a quote for a customized desalination system for your home? Contact us to book a survey!

    The Ultimate FAQ for Desalination Systems for Home?

    Virtually all domestic activities necessitate fresh water. Sadly, the number of homes with no access to fresh water, especially in arid and semi-arid regions is alarming. Home desalination systems are an effective remedy to this given they generate high-quality potable water from seawater. Manufacturers are relentless in their efforts to make home desalination more effective and cost-efficient meaning the systems will gradually cost less to procure and operate.

    Figure 1 Home desalination system.


    What are Home Desalination Systems?

    Desalination systems for homes are compact water treatment devices that generate fresh and clean water for human consumption and other domestic applications. Homes with scarce or no freshwater supply can invest in home desalination systems as supplementary or main water supply systems. For convenience and cost-effectiveness, these systems are small-sized and often portable.

    The systems utilize reverse osmosis to remove over 99% of contaminants and dissolved salts found in sea or brackish water. Certain customized home desalination systems derive the energy needed to initiate the desalination process from the sun’s energy.

    What are the Various Types of Desalination Systems for Home?

    Despite having the same objectives, home desalination systems are manufactured in different dimensions to exclusively use specific desalination processes to desalinate certain feed water. Essentially, home desalination equipment can be classed according to the:

    Let us briefly look at some of the various types of home desalination systems.

    Portable Home Desalination System.

    These are desalination systems for homes installed on metal rails or mobile frames to ease transportation and use in different locations. Due to their compact size, most home desalination systems are portable. Additionally, these systems have various capacities and can handle TDS levels of up to 35,000ppm.

    Figure 2 Portable home desalination system.

    Solar-Powered Home Desalination Systems.

    These systems mainly utilize energy from the sun to initiate the desalination process. Using solar connectors, heat from the sun is absorbed and subsequently used to evaporate feed water. NEWater offers a wide range of solar desalination units for home applications with varying capacity ranges.

    Figure 3 solar home desalination machine.

    What are the Benefits of Using Desalination Systems for Home?

    Specialized home desalination units bear customizations that make desalinating relatively low amounts of feed water effective and cost-efficient. Millions of families in water-deprived regions such as North Africa and the Middle East have access to fresh potable water courtesy of home desalination units.

    Underneath, we look at the most glaring benefits of home desalination systems:

    • They supply fresh potable water suitable for various domestic uses.
    • They help protect humans from hygiene-related illnesses like cholera, typhoid, and chronic diarrhea.
    • They are efficient in their energy consumption.
    • They make use of natural resources such as seawater and brackish water.

    What Desalination Mechanisms are used in Home Desalination Systems?

    The desalination industry incorporates various water treatment processes to produce high-quality potable water. Principally, home desalination units utilize either reverse osmosis desalination or thermal distillation processes.

    Reverse Osmosis Desalination.

    Compared to other desalination mechanisms, reverse osmosis is by far the most reliable and effective desalination solution. The process commences once feed water is directed into a pretreatment chamber for chemical dosing and removal of colloids, seaweed, and debris. This is often a critical step when desalinating seawater since the large particles can clog the semi-permeable membranes and the untreated water can corrode the equipment.

    Using high-pressure pumps, the water is then forced through the perforated membranes where the dissolved ions and other constituents are alienated. Finally, the resulting water is post-treated to adjust the PH levels.

    Figure 4 Reverse osmosis Mechanism.

    Thermal Distillation.

    Thermal distillation follows the same principles as the process of natural rain formation. The feedwater is heated, prompting the formation of vapor. Since dissolved solids such as salt and other pollutants cannot evaporate, they are separated and the vaporized water is condensed. Ultimately, it is collected as clean portable water in a separate unit. The following are the various types of thermal desalination.

    • Mechanical vapor compression, which is ideal for home desalination systems.
    • Multi-effect distillation.
    • Multi-stage flash distillation.

    What is the Capacity of Desalination Systems for Home?

    Desalination systems for homes are often conventional small-sized units that do not necessitate high capacities. We manufacture home desalination units with capacities ranging from 10 to 1000 m3 per day. The indifference in the capacity range is designed to broaden the scope of application.

    For instance, the 1000 m3 per day RO desalination system can be used to supply clean potable water to residential estates or small restaurants. NEWater also customizes the capacity of home desalination systems based on your requirements.

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    Can Desalination Systems for Home Generate Water Suitable for Human Consumption?

    The World Health Organization stipulates that a gallon of drinking water should not exceed 2 grams of dissolved ions. Typical seawater or brackish water could potentially have up to 130 grams of dissolved salts, which makes it unfit for human consumption. Desalination, however, fundamentally reduces the salinity concentration to 2 grams or lower per gallon of water. Despite the stigmatization, desalination has over time proven it can be a reliable source of freshwater for human consumption.

    Figure 5 Drinking water from desalination systems.

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    How Much Does a Home Desalination System Cost?

    Over time, technological advancements in desalination processes and equipment have gradually lowered the cost of buying and running home desalination systems. Different manufacturers will price their devices differently based on key variables like capacity and flow rate.

    Considering the installation, power consumption, and labor costs, desalinating brackish water for home usage costs between $0.29 to $0.66/ m3 while seawater costs $0.79 to $2.38/ m3 of capacity.

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    What Factors Should I Consider When Purchasing a Home Desalination System?

    We all have objectives that our desired home desalination system should meet. To ensure that your plans come to fruition, you need to understand some basic components of your feed water and the various types of desalination systems available.

    For satisfactory results, you first need to determine the concentration levels of your sea or brackish water. This will aid you in procuring a device with the ideal TDS level and pre-treatment units.  Secondly, you should evaluate the capacity of a system in comparison with your potable water projections.

    In addition, inquiring about the quality of water produced by the desalination system is paramount. This will ensure you purchase a device that will bear satisfactory results. Other considerations include the credibility of the manufacturer, power source and consumption rate, your budget, and the desalination mechanism.

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    Do You Provide Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems for Home?

    Yes.NEWater is a comprehensive manufacturer of water treatment solutions for domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. We have a broad variety of specialized home desalination systems available in distinct ranges. In addition, NEWater uses the information provided by our clients to manufacture custom-built home desalination systems at fair prices.

    Our desalination systems for homes include turnkey solutions, solar-powered devices, and skid-mounted systems.

    Figure 6 Reverse osmosis system for home desalination.

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    Where Should I Install a Desalination System for Home?

    Prior to installing your home desalination system, you need to first establish an ideal and safe location for your system. Desalination systems for homes are items of high value hence your setup location should be secure to mitigate theft.

    It is also advisable to install your home desalination system close to the point of water collection to minimize expenses on water pipes. For this reason, users install their systems in the space below sinks or nearby garages.

    Figure 7 Installing a home desalination system.

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    Do You Manufacture Customized Desalination Systems for Home?

    Customization allows our systems to accommodate the diverse domestic needs of our heterogeneous customer base. Our engineers process custom orders based on data given by our clients and ultimately deliver high-quality, customized desalination equipment.

    For us to manufacture your customized home desalination system, we need you to provide us with the following data.

    • The voltage and frequency specifications of your region.
    • The number of water gallons you need to be processed in an hour.
    • The concentration and composition of your feed water.

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    Do You Provide Turnkey Desalination Systems for Home?

    Yes. NEWater manufactures, assembles, and delivers turnkey equipment, which only takes the user a few minutes to set up and commence desalination. Our turnkey systems have uncomplicated user interfaces and require no installation. This makes them a much more affordable option given they do not necessitate professional installation or operation.

    They are manufactured in various capacities and have the ability to desalinate both seawater and brackish water.

    Figure 8 Turnkey desalination system for the home.

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    How Long Does it Take to Desalinate Water Using a Home Desalination System?

    The efficiency of a home desalination system can be graded based on the number of freshwater gallons produced in an hour. The amount of potable water produced in an hour depends on various factors such as the feed water pressure, membrane efficiency, and salinity concentration of the feed water.

    A 400 BHL system can for instance produce 17 gallons of potable water in one hour.  For the ultimate desalination experience, NEWater customizes the flow rate of your home desalination system to match your specifications.

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    Do You Manufacture Solar Powered Desalination Systems for Home?

    Solar-powered home desalination systems make use of free energy from the sun thereby significantly reducing electricity bills. NEWater manufactures off-grid desalination systems utilizing reverse osmosis and thermal distillation to generate clean potable water. A 64 m² solar panel can for instance generate over 2000 gallons of water in a day. For cost-effective and highly productive solar desalination systems, reach out to NEWater.

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    How Much Power do Home Desalination Systems Consume?

    In the past, the biggest downside for home desalination systems has been energy consumption. By exploiting modern technology, NEWater has developed power-conserving membranes and energy-recovery devices that have greatly lessened energy consumed during desalination. Mechanical vapor compression, which is prominently used in home desalination systems consumes approximately 7-12 kWh/m3.

    Reverse osmosis on the other hand consumes 3-5.5 7-12 kWh/m3. This is a massive achievement given decades ago, desalination would consume over 16 kWh/m3.

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    What Are The Disadvantages of Desalination Systems for homes?

    In spite of the vast benefits experienced, the use of desalination systems for homes comes with a few repercussions. Comparatively, the pros outweigh the cons hence explaining the continuing adoption of home desalination systems. Efforts to better the system are focused on limiting the shortcomings of the process and its machinery.

    Here are some cons emanating from the use of home desalination systems.

    • Comparatively high energy consumption.
    • Generation of brine as a waste product.
    • A huge amount of feed water is not turned into potable water.

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    Do You Deliver Home Desalination Systems Overseas?

    We have invested in various partnerships and logistical infrastructure that allow us to offer global delivery services. From the comfort of your home, you can receive your home desalination system irrespective of your country. The majority of home desalination devices are relatively small in nature meaning they are easily and hastily shipped. Using air shipment, we can deliver your system in 3 to 7 days.

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    What Contaminants are Eradicated by Desalination Systems for Home?

    To generate clean drinking water, you need a highly effective home desalination system. Reverse osmosis systems have a reputation for eliminating up to 99% of dissolved salts found in seawater. To top it off, they are equally as effective in eradicating other contaminants that may harm humans if ingested. The pollutants ejected include:

    • Viruses and bacteria.
    • Protozoa.
    • Chemicals such as chloride, fluoride, and arsenic.
    • Colloids, debris, and microplastics.

    The desalination rate of certain contaminants differs depending on the desalination process in use.

    Figure 9 Pollutants eradicated by desalination.

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    What Types of Feedwater Can be Treated Using Home Desalination Systems?

    NEWater manufactures home desalination systems capable of desalinating virtually all forms of salty water. The number of total dissolved solids contained in the water determines its salt concentration levels with seawater being the most saline.  Our devices support TDS levels ranging from 1000 ppm to 35,000 ppm. Underneath are forms of feed water viable for treatment using home desalination systems:

    • Seawater.
    • Brackish water.
    • Salty groundwater.

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    Are There Portable Desalination Systems for Home?

    Yes. We have compact and conventionally small-sized desalination systems for home applications. NEWater’s Portable units are readily assembled and have unsophisticated operating modules. You can lend the system to a neighbor or carry it for temporary use in a different household.

    Skid-mounted desalination units are available in discrete capacities and designs but their output is extremely impressive. To order your portable desalination system for your home, visit NEWater’s website.

    Figure 10 Mobile home desalination system.

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    What are the Applications of Home Desalination Systems?

    Human survival is literally dependent on the availability of quality freshwater. Most vital domestic applications revolve around clean fresh water. With dwindling freshwater supply, households are now reliant upon home desalination systems. Owing to their ability to desalinate feed water of varying TDS levels, desalination systems are viable for limitless applications. They provide fresh potable water to:

    • Private households.
    • Residential apartments.
    • Small hotels and lodgings.
    • Irrigating kitchen gardens.

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    Do You Help Install Desalination Systems for Home?

    Most of our home desalination systems are small-sized equipment easily and conveniently installed. By reading our manual, you can familiarize yourself with the machine, set it up immediately and commence desalination. Turnkey home desalination systems on the flip side, do not necessitate installation since they are fully assembled at the factory. Additionally, we have well-explained videos that take you through the installation process bit by bit.

    Figure 11 Installing a home desalination system.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms for Home Desalination Systems?

    As a customer-driven manufacturer, we have devised flexible payment terms for our desalination products. For standard small-sized home desalination units, NEWater permits payment upon delivery. For customized equipment including skid-mounted and containerized units, we ask for a 50% upfront payment. After you have virtually inspected the system, we ask for a 30% payment and finally demand the remaining 20% prior to shipment of the unit.

    The flexibility of our payment terms allows us to listen to our customers’ proposals and consequently design customized payment structures. NEWater has further approved various internationally accepted payment methods to offer you convenience and security.

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    How Durable are Desalination Systems for Home?

    Durability is a key attribute that most of us cannot afford to overlook when purchasing desalination equipment. Thankfully, desalination systems for homes are adequately long-lasting and rarely break down or exhibit deteriorating productivity levels. For over 15 years, you will be the recipient of exemplary services from your home desalination systems and quality maintenance could potentially prolong the lifespan.

    Well-maintained home desalination systems under ideal conditions can last you up to 20 years. Occasionally, reverse osmosis systems will demand certain component replacements. For optimum desalination, filters may necessitate replacements annually while RO membranes need replacing once every three years.

    Figure 12 Durable home desalination unit.

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    Do You Warrant Home Desalination Systems?

    Purchasing your home desalination systems from NEWater guarantees you a 12 months warranty period. Our warranty policy acts as an insurance policy guaranteeing the buyer of our products’ unquestionable quality.

    During the 12 months, your home desalination unit will be entitled to free repairs or replacements in case they experience a technical hiccup.  Our warranty policy does not cater to malfunctions induced by human error or equipment operated on by unlicensed third parties.

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    What Should I do Whenever My Home Desalination System Breaks Down?

    To get prompt and ample aid, immediately contact NEWater via email at once your system exhibits signs of malfunction. Warranty-protected systems will be diagnosed and repaired by NEWater technicians free of charge.

    For unwarranted units, we have a lifetime repair policy that sees our engineers provide repair services at very affordable rates. We also offer free technical consultation mostly virtual to our overseas clients.  NEWater has further instigated measures to ensure the quality of your system is top-notch, tested, and error-free.

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    Do You Manufacture Custom Repair Parts for Home Desalination Systems?

    To minimize the adverse implications caused by system breakdowns, NEWater manufactures custom repair parts for home desalination systems. For compatibility, procuring spare components for your desalination unit from NEWater is advisable. Certain components such as RO membranes and filters need replacements once in a while. NEWater ensures you have immediate access to such components irrespective of your location.

    Other components such as pressure gauges are also subject to burn out hence NEWater keeps you prepared for such scenarios. All our custom and conventional spare components are reasonably priced and can be delivered to your doorstep.

    Figure 13 Custom repair accessories.

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    Where Can I Buy High-Quality Desalination Systems for Home?

    Before setting your eyes on a certain home desalination system, it is advisable that you first find a trustworthy manufacturer or dealer. A credible and competent manufacturer like NEWater makes your shopping experience easier and convenient. NEWater is not your ordinary desalination equipment manufacturer, we back up our quality systems with exemplary customer service.

    We have a comprehensive catalog of standard home desalination units and we customize the systems in accordance with our client’s demands. We offer market competitive prices and have a global delivery service.

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    Is it Compulsory to Test Feed Water Before Buying a Home Desalination System?

    It is extremely crucial that you test the salinity and composition levels of your feed water prior to procuring a desalination system. Home desalination units are different and have different functional capabilities customized to provide optimum results under different feed waters.

    For instance, seawater averages alkalinity levels of 35,000 ppm. Without proper testing and analysis, you can acquire a brackish water system incapable of handling high TDS levels, therefore, generating low-quality water. You can have your feedwater sample tested at a nearby lab and engage our engineers on the best way forward after you have the sample results.

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    What Other Desalination Systems Do You Manufacture?

    Our attempts to provide water treatment solutions know no bounds. Our products are exclusively designed to optimally support domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. All NEWater desalination units come in standard and custom-made specifications. Through proactive research, NEWater is often trailblazing water treatment innovations in desalination processes and equipment.

    Underneath is a register of desalination systems manufactured by NEWater.

    Figure 14 Seawater desalination system.

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