Domestic Drinking Water Treatment Project

1. Project Overview.

Project name: Living drinking water treatment project

Project Location: Jincheng, Shanxi, China

Project Status: Delivered

2. Project Description

The project is located in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, China, mainly to solve the water needs of 13 natural villages, including Hexi Village, Weiyuan Village, and Quantum Village, for human and animal consumption, enterprises, and agriculture. Daji Town is 15 kilometers away from Jincheng City in the north, borders Henan Province in the east, is connected with Nancun Town in the west, and is bordered by Lichuan Town and Jinmiao Shop Town in the south. The total area is 131.8 square kilometers, with 44 administrative villages, 82 natural villages, and 23,000 people. In order to ensure the safety of production and domestic water, the town government renovates the existing drinking water supply system. To ensure that the drinking water meets the national drinking water standards to meet the needs of the villagers.

Domestic Drinking Water Treatment Project

3. Program Customization

Through a number of water treatment manufacturers for qualification and comprehensive strength comparison, the project finally chose to cooperate with NEWater in July 2021 and invited the Junhao project team to the site survey. According to the water source of the South Hexi water station, we developed the drinking water process and adjusted and refined the plan according to the water quality test report provided by the village committee and water station manager and the number of the population supplied. Including the process flow diagram and layout of the rural drinking water treatment system, the village committee and the leadership of the water station were very appreciative of our final design.

4. Process Flow

Domestic Drinking Water Treatment Project process

5. NEWater Project Results

After determining the partnership, Manager Zhang immediately carried out the deployment of personnel, including the village committee on the construction of equipment room construction progress, on October 5 smooth delivery. The professional organization issued an authoritative water quality test report, the water output met the standard and passed once.

The delivery of the drinking water treatment project to improve the quality of drinking water for local residents, to maintain the health of the people, to reduce the diseases brought about by drinking water, so that the villagers are drinking safe and healthy drinking water.

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