Double-stage RO Equipment Project for Food Factory

Background: Food factory mainly produces green nutritious food. The food factory uses reverse osmosis pure water equipment to produce water for production. The water quality reaches the standard so that it can produce healthy and safe food, and it can also improve the competitiveness of the company and produce good quality products so that it can occupy the position in the same industry. The double-stage reverse osmosis equipment for food plants has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, large water production, and simple maintenance, which has been promoted in the food and beverage industry. The equipment is equipped with automatic or manual backwashing functions to protect the reverse osmosis membrane and increase the service life of the equipment.

NEWater developed a dual-stage reverse osmosis purified water plant for the food industry after a field understanding of the food factory gave high recognition to the quality and performance of NEWater‘s reverse osmosis equipment, and the water quality met the needs of the food factory and established a long-term engineering cooperation relationship with us.

It is a food company invested by South Korea Toyo Fruit in Shanghai, China in September 2002. The company had already established a production base in Langfang, Hebei in 1995, and set up another company due to expanding business. The total investment of the company is 28.88 million US dollars, mainly producing cake-type food products, mainly chocolate pies.

Cooperation products: double-stage reverse osmosis equipment project
Cooperation time: September 2014
Design water volume: 50t/h

Double-stage RO Equipment Project for Food Factory Case

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