EDI Ultrapure Water Equipment for Semiconductor Chip Production

1. Project Overview

Project name: Semiconductor Chip Production with EDI ultra-pure water equipment

Project nature: Ultra-pure Water System Engineering

Project period: 20 days

Project Status: Completed

2. Project Introduction

XiuZheng Semiconductor Factory is mainly engaged in liquid crystal display materials, OLED electroluminescent materials, the products are ultimately used in TFT-LCD, PDLC, OLED, and other new display and innovative raw materials production fields. In chip manufacturing workpiece and water will have direct contact, the chips in the process of trace stains need to be washed, so the quality of ultrapure water needs to be guaranteed, otherwise once the cleaning water contains impurities, it will produce scale, affecting the chip yield. High-purity water needs to be used to clean the chips.

Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer

3. Demand Analysis

The raw material for the manufacture of chips is provided high-purity silicon many times before it is cut into 6-inch, 12-inch, 18-inch, and other different wafers, requiring hundreds of steps to become a chip, in which no matter how many times the cutting is needed to meet the requirements of the chip manufacturing cleaning water.

Generally speaking, China’s Ministry of Electronics Industry electronic grade water quality technical standards (18MΩ-cm, 15MΩ-cm, 10MΩ-cm, 2MΩ-cm, 0.5MΩ-cm five levels of standards).

Ultrapure water for chip rinsing

4. Solution Customization.

According to the original water quality, through the site survey, the process flow is as follows:

EDI Ultrapure Water Equipment for Semiconductor Chip Production process

5. Commercial Value

With the government’s gradual attention to the development of the chip industry in recent years, as well as the influence of internal and external factors, the domestic chip industry is spurted growth, due to the chip production process on the water quality requirements being extremely high, EDI ultrapure water system is high and high.

6. Project Case Photo

EDI Ultrapure Water Equipment for Semiconductor Chip Production

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