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NEWater: Best EDI Water System Manufacturer

Since being established in 2001, NEWater engaged in developing more inventive ways to create advanced water treatment systems. We make sure that our electrodeionization water system has the qualities you expect to delight your own customers. NEWater is your one-stop provider of EDI water systems you need for project and business needs. Send your inquiry today!

NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Electrodeionization Water System

EDI Membrane  

We manufacture EDI membranes here at NEWater, which are of varying pore sizes and are ideal for the ultrafiltration of water, and recycling it.

RO EDI System

Our RO EDI systems use both reverse osmosis and electrodeionization technology to remove practically all impurities from water.

Electrodeionization Unit

We manufacture electrodeionization units that can be customized for large and small-scale use and are manufactured with high-quality material.

Your Electrodeionization Water System Supplier in China

NEWater prides itself in its provision of water filtration solutions to remove solids, organic matter, pathogens, and ionic impurities,  thus recycling and providing potable and consumable water for our customers. They are ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

Our electrodeionization systems are one of the many water treatment appliances that we manufacture here at NEWater, which also include ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems. All of this equipment helps reduce the strain on the already limited freshwater bodies by the ever-growing population and to this effect our efforts have received not only patents and certifications but also recognition and an innovation fund from the ministry of science and technology.

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EDI Water System cmponents

System Components

  1. Raw water pump: Water volume and pressure are supplied to the pretreatment unit.
  2. Quartz sand filter: Utilization of quartz sand interception, precipitation, inertial action, and adsorption to lower the concentration of suspended solids in water, as well as the removal of some bacteria and viruses.
  3. Ion softener: Reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium ions in the water to avoid membrane fouling.
  4. Precision filter: Protect the membrane system from contamination, filter activated carbon powder and particle contaminants.
  5. Multi-stage pump: Water and pressure are provided for the operation of the back-end membrane system.

How NEWater EDI Water System Works

Our system’s processes are set in action when flow enters the resin-filled diluting chamber. The resins in the mixed bed scavenge strong ions from the feed stream. Charged ions are dragged off the resin and attracted towards the corresponding, oppositely-charged electrodes These charged strong-ion species are continually removed and transported into the adjacent concentrating compartments.

The high electrical potential divides water at the resin beads’ surface, resulting in hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. These serve as ion-exchange resin regeneration agents. These regenerated resins enable the ionization of aqueous species that are neutral or weakly ionized. After ionization, the ions are removed using direct current and ion exchange membranes.

EDI Water System works
EDI Water System 1

NEWater EDI Water System Advantages

  1. Quality freshwater, transparent processing, cleanliness, health, and compliance with GB regulations.
  2. Desalination rate of up to 98-99%.
  3. The pure water obtaining rate is up to 75%.
  4. 24 hours of continuous water purification.
  5. Automatic flushing is controlled by a PLC.
  6. UV sterilizer and ozone generator are available as options.
  7. Low operating costs and long service life.

NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

Production workshop

NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

Operation example

The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

Production and transportation 

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seawater desalination data sheet

Seawater Desalination System data sheet


No.1 EDI Water System Manufacturer in China

NEWater is your professional solution provider of EDI water systems in China. We are providing the best-class water system solutions that will surely improve your business production.

Our EDI water system features flexibility, is easy to install, and has good performance. NEWater has a team of experts in making sure our systems are reliable and durable before the shipment period. We can guarantee a 100% quality system for your needs.

If you want choices for the EDI system, NEWater offers different types of this system for lower prices. We also stock a huge range of this system, so you can select the best one for your applications.

3000 GPD RO EDI Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis Water System Portable Industrial RO System

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Electrodeionization (EDI) Water Systems

The growth of industries reliant on ultrapure water has recently surged consequently hiking the demand for water purification systems. Electrodeionization water systems are one of the most effective water treatment systems hence the widespread adoption in first-rate industries recently.

EDI is a high-end water treatment solution often deployed in collaboration with other treatment technologies. Owing to its resourcefulness, Electrodeionization is steadily replacing mixed-bed ion exchange as the chief solution to ionic pollutants.

Figure 1 Electrodeionization water system.

What are the Basic Features of EDI Water Systems?

Electrodeionization water systems are uniquely built and function uniquely thanks to their outstanding components and functional capabilities. NEWater employs cutting-edge innovation to manufacture outstanding EDI water systems that guarantee high purification scores and cost-efficiency. Below, we summarize the basic features that make our Electrodeionization water plants stand out from the rest.

  • Conventionally lightweight and compact designs.
  • High-quality product water (up to 18 MΩ-cm).
  • Deionization is powered by DC power and not caustic chemicals.
  • Continuous regeneration.
  • The average flow rate ranges from 1 GPM to 600 GPM.

What are the Advantages of Using Electrodeionization (EDI)Water Systems?

The innovation of electrodeionization water systems is largely perceived as a game-changer in water treatment. EDI water systems guarantee continuous production of ultrapure water at seemingly cheaper rates compared to other water treatment technologies.

Electrodeionization is commonly referred to as the green water treatment solution because it does not rely on chemicals and thereby does not generate perilous waste. Additional benefits arising from the use of electrodeionization water systems include:

  • Continuous generation of ultrapure water.
  • Power-efficiency.
  • They use low voltages, which are largely safer.
  • EDI modules are compact thereby occupying a lesser footprint.
  • They are easy to set up and simple to operate.

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What Options are Ideal for Electrodeionization Water Systems?

Electrodeionization(EDI) water systems function optimally when utilized in tandem with other water treatment systems. The choice of supplementary water treatment options to utilize with electrodeionization depends on the desired quality of product water.

For instance, the use of a single-pass reverse osmosis system tailed by electrodeionization generates product water with a resistivity of 17 megaohms. Underneath are various options that will definitely improve the quality of potable water generated by your EDI water system.

  • A combination of water softener, reverse osmosis, and finally Electrodeionization modules.
  • A combination of water softener, RO unit, membrane degasser, and finally EDI module.
  • Reverse osmosis with chemical dosing then reverse osmosis and finally Electrodeionization.

Figure 4 Reverse osmosis-Electrodeionization water system.

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What are the Advantages of Using Two-Pass RO in Collaboration With EDI Systems?

To generate ultrapure water using electrodeionization, it is recommended that you first deploy a water softener and reverse osmosis processes. Many industries opt for one-pass reverse osmosis as the primary water treatment process because of its effectiveness and cost-efficiency. However, the demand for higher-quality purified water may necessitate the use of two-pass reverse osmosis prior to electrodeionization. This process has the following benefits.

  • Reduced CO2 Levels.
  • Elevated flow rates in Electrodeionization water systems.
  • Minimizes the frequency of cleaning EDI water plants.

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What is the Average Cost of Electrodeionization Water Systems?

Comparatively, electrodeionization water systems are relatively inexpensive to set up and operate. Although the general capital costs of EDI water systems are comparable to those of mixed-bed IX systems, EDI units tend to be relatively inexpensive given they consume 95% fewer chemicals. However, electrical bills substitute expenditure on chemicals.

Other contributing factors that influence the operational costs of EDI systems include equipment installation, labor charges, repairs, and maintenance. Labor charges vary depending on your respective country’s labor regulations while maintenance charges are relatively low given there is no frequent need for resin replacements.

The other primary aspect of EDI systems’ cost is the purchasing price of the necessary equipment. The prices show discrepancies based on size, flow rate, and system design.

Figure 6 Industrial Electrodeionization water systems.

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What Factors Should I Consider When Procuring an EDI Water System?

Buying EDI water systems demands a certain level of knowledge of EDI equipment and processes. In your quest to acquire a reliable electrodeionization water plant, factoring in the following variables will aid you to make the perfect purchase.

Desired Flow Rate

Different applications have distinct processing targets. Therein, you first need to determine your projected flow rate and compare it to the available EDI water systems. Available options vary from 1 GPM to 2000 GPM, with basic categorizations being minimum, moderate, and maximum.

Feed Water Quality

Prior knowledge of your feed water’s composition and concentration is a key determinant of the ideal Electrodeionization system. Different EDI units are differently suited for distinct qualities of feed water. Key considerations include water hardness, silica concentration, C02 levels, and dissolved constituents.

Targeted Potable Water Quality

You probably need an EDI water unit because your enterprise needs high-grade purified water that meets certain thresholds. Your imminent system should have the capacity to produce your desired product water over a long period.

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Where Can I Procure a Premium Electrodeionization Water System?

Manufacturer/supplier evaluation is necessary when looking for credible providers of electrodeionization units. Any person with substantial knowledge of water treatment systems manufacturing will attest to the quality of NEWater’s products. We are a proactive manufacturer and supplier of top-notch water treatment solutions established 2 decades ago.

We utilize contemporary technology, state-of-the-art production equipment, and unmatched expertise to create premium EDI systems for diverse industries. NEWater’s EDI water units are precisely designed to facilitate high recovery rates (90-95%) and generate ultrapure water at affordable rates.

We provide standard, customized, and skid-mounted Electrodeionization systems at affordable rates.

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Does Electrodeionization Eradicate CO2 From Raw Water?

Yes. CO2 elimination is one of the key advantages of using electrodeionization water systems. Most water treatment systems including reverse osmosis are limited when it comes to CO2 removal hence the use of EDI as a polishing process. Determining the level of CO2 present in water is quite difficult given its existence in water is ionized. Measuring the water’s conductivity does not necessarily establish the concentration of carbon dioxide in the water.

Figure 7 Electrodeionization.

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What Types of Feed Water Can be Treated Using Electrodeionization?

The primary feed water for electrodeionization water systems is reverse osmosis permeate. For optimal water treatment, the feed water meant for EDI must be adequately pretreated using water softener systems, reverse osmosis, chemical dosing, or membrane degasser.

Certain applications utilize various combinations like water softening, reverse osmosis, and membrane degasser to pretreat EDI feed water. Essentially, electrodeionization water systems can treat virtually all forms of feed water as long as adequate pretreatment is deployed.

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Do You Customize Electrodeionization Water Systems?

For unique, specialized electrodeionization water units, NEWater has you covered. As a comprehensive manufacturer of water treatment solutions, we have supplied over 2000 customized units. For precision, NEWater exploits contemporary 3D modeling technology to design unique EDI water systems.

Principally, customization of Electrodeionization water systems is grounded on your intended flow rate, power voltage, frequency, design, and desired potable water quality.

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Can My EDI Water System be Skid-Mounted?

Figure 9 Skid-mounted reverse osmosis Electrodeionization water system.

NEWater provides a wide array of electrodeionization water systems including skid-mounted designs. Our electrodeionization water treatment skids provide reduced footprints and enhanced portability. Our skid-mounted EDI water systems are essentially manufactured upon order placement to facilitate customization.

They have varying capacities and flow rates tailored to support the demands of varying industries. Irrespective of the size of your system, NEWater can mount it on durable, metallic skids.

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Do You Provide Electrodeionization Water Systems for Industrial Applications?

NEWater’s primary consumers of electrodeionization water systems are small, medium, and large industries. Industries and commercial enterprises are the chief consumers of ultrapure water. To sufficiently fulfill the industrial demand for EDI water systems, NEWater manufactures varying systems equipped with distinct specifications.

Industries currently benefiting from NEWater’s electrodeionization systems include power generation plants, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Our industrial EDI water systems have flow rates of up to 2000GPM and are available in skid-mounts and modular designs.

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Do You Provide EDI Water Systems for Commercial Applications?

As a comprehensive manufacturer, we provide a diverse line of EDI water systems including specialized systems for commercial applications. We have a myriad of standard commercial EDI units for you to choose from and we manufacture customized commercial EDI units.

To mention a few, our commercial electrodeionization water systems are currently being utilized in food processing enterprises, laboratories, and water bottling enterprises. They are intelligently designed to last for years and continually generate ultrapure water. This makes certain you recoup your investment swiftly.

Figure 10 Commercial Electrodeionization water system.

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Are Electrodeionization Water Systems Warranty Protected?

Our electrodeionization water systems command one-year warranty protection. For the first successive 12 months, you have the power to demand accountability from NEWater for a defective system or component. However, the cause and nature of the defect must be technical and not fabricated. When ordering an EDI water system, you will be provided with our warranty policy. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at

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Do You Deliver EDI Water Systems Overseas?

NEWater is a leading manufacturer of electrodeionization water systems with a massive customer base spread out across the globe. Therein, we have invested in diverse delivery routes and infrastructure to make certain all our customers can access our products irrespective of their geographical location.

Using air, sea, rail, and road transport, we are able to deliver EDI water systems to over 200 global destinations. Delivery of small EDI systems habitually takes 2-3 days while the delivery of conventionally enormous systems takes 2-3 months.

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Do You Offer Technical Consultations on EDI Water Systems?

Yes. We offer free technical consultations on water treatment solutions in general. Our engineers are vastly experienced in electrodeionization water systems and will readily provide adequate answers to your queries.

To facilitate constructive engagement with our clients, we have instituted several communication avenues. You can contact us for aid via phone, email, or WhatsApp. The contact details are provided on our website. Moreover, our customer support team is reachable 24/7.

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3000LPH Industrial Double RO EDI Deionized Ultra Pure Water Treatment System Plant For Laboratory

Our EDI water system can be customized. Regarding your detailed specifications, we will start customizing your EDI water system. In order to fit your customers’ demands, NEWater has full capabilities to change any parts of this water system. You can rest assured that our EDI water system has the quality you’re asking for.

Furthermore, you can apply our electro-deionization EDI water system to many applications that demand ultra-pure water. You can have this system for semiconductor and microelectronic production, chemical production, biomedical industries, and pharmaceutical industries.

Not just EDI water systems, for details on other water treatment systems please contact us today!

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