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    NEWater is here to build your own high-volume commercial reverse osmosis system for you. The capacity can be customized according to your needs, and the equipment is suitable for producing pure water in households and on various commercial occasions. Welcome to wholesale high volume reverse osmosis systems or become our distributors of reverse osmosis systems, and look forward to the possibility of creating huge profits with you. Contact us now!

    NEWater Brings for YouHigh Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems with Different Specifications

    Portable Reverse Osmosis System

    These portable reverse osmosis systems are portable, compact, travel-friendly, and can be used outdoors.

    Reverse Osmosis System for Home

    Multiple filtration processes can effectively remove up to 99% of pollutants in raw water, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, etc.

    Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

    We manufacture Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems that produce potable and consumable fresh water.

     Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

    Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems have a high flow and filtration rate that allow them to be used commercially worldwide.

    Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

    We provide Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems that allow treated water to meet global industrial Standards.

    Reverse Osmosis System for Well Water (1)

    We manufacture Reverse Osmosis systems for Well Water that are ideal to filter untreated groundwater, to provide fresh and healthy water.

    Your High Volume Reverse Osmosis System in China

    Here at NEWater, we are your go-to high volume reverse osmosis system manufacturer, which takes into account not only your demands as our customers but also the protection of the environment. We have a team of highly trained and experienced engineers, researchers, and on-site technicians, who take care that you receive superior quality products. We made a long-term commitment to customer service, water treatment, and reuse technology development.

    Your High Volume Reverse Osmosis System manufacturer NEWater, has received multiple patents and a number of authoritative certifications, including but not limited to our ISO9001:2015 system certification, accentuating our commitment to producing superior quality and exceptional products for water treatment.

    high volume reverse osmosis system

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    Trusted High Volume Reverse Osmosis System Supplier

    NEWater is your leading manufacturer and supplier of high-volume reverse osmosis systems. This water system is available in different styles, dimensions, and sizes. Our water system comes in custom and standard designs.

    Our high volume reverse osmosis system is designed to eliminate the contaminants in the water such as dyes, metals, salt, bacteria, etc. This high-volume reverse osmosis system is created using our advanced manufacturing process.

    NEWater can create a high-volume reverse osmosis system with the precise specifications you require.

    High Volume Reverse Osmosis System-1

    At NEWater, we manufacture water treatment solutions for wide applications. It is designed perfectly for facilities of great proportions including healthcare facilities. We can assure you that facilities of great proportions produce clean water for your customers’ consumption.

    NEWater’s high-volume reverse osmosis system is perfect for commercial and industrial applications. It can produce water for spot-free washing, hydroponics, craft beer brewing, humidifiers, reef keeping, and many more. We make sure that our high-volume reverse osmosis system is eco-friendly and safe to use.

    This high-volume reverse osmosis plant is made from equipment from top brands around the world. Leaks are not a problem. NEWater’s high-volume reverse osmosis system is made from leak-proof materials to ensure long-lasting services.

    Whole House Sediment Filter Cartridge-features

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems.

    The quantity of product water necessitated in specific applications is relative to the scale of the application. For municipalities, enormous industries, and commercial enterprises, high-volume reverse osmosis plants are a cost-efficient, reliable, and sustainable source of high-grade potable water.

    NEWater provides high-capacity RO systems specialized for large-scale product water applications that utilize energy recovery technologies to economize on power. This article expounds on the distinct types of high-volume RO systems and their specific applications.

    Figure 1 High volume reverse osmosis system.

    What is a High Volume Reverse Osmosis System?

    Simply put, a high volume reverse osmosis system is a high-capacity water treatment unit equipped with enormous RO tanks, numerous RO membranes, and high flow rates. These systems are specifically designed to gratify high demands for product water and they eradicate all impurities whose molecular weight surpasses 150-250 Daltons.

    High efficiency reverse osmosis systems are viable solutions for distinct sources of feed water and they integrate multi-filtration technologies for improved permeate quality. Typical high-volume reverse osmosis plants produce 200,000 to 900,000 GPD and upgrades are available upon request.

    What are the Primary Features of a High Volume Reverse Osmosis System?

    High-volume reverse osmosis systems have numerous outstanding features that differentiate them from other RO systems. Their unique features enable them to comfortably provide product water solutions to distinct enterprises at logical costs.

    NEWater’s high-capacity RO plants are uniquely modeled to treat high volumes of feed water relentlessly without incurring exorbitant operational costs. The following are unique attributes of NEWater’s high-volume RO systems responsible for the flawless functioning of our equipment.

    • High capacity range (200,000 -900,000 plus upgrades).
    • Sufficient impurity removal rates (90-99%).
    • Integrated energy recovery devices.
    • Supports distinct TDS levels (5000ppm to 45,000ppm).
    • Supports different designs such as skid-mounted, modular, and containerized.

    What Technology is Used in High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Reverse osmosis is essentially a water treatment technology that massively shrinks the TDS concentration of raw water and eradicates viruses, proteins, bacteria, chemicals, and metals. High volume RO systems contain high-pressure pumps such as axial piston pumps, which elevate the inlet pressure.

    At a feed water pressure of 40-80psi, the raw water is pumped into the reverse osmosis unit. An appropriate pretreatment technology is deployed based on the feed water’s concentration. Customary high volume RO units integrate filters and chemical dosing systems in the pretreatment unit.

    With constituents such as debris, colloids, water hardness, and particulates ejected, the water is successively forced through the RO membranes. Owing to the small-sized membrane perforations, dissolved solids, and other constituents with a molecular weight surpassing 150-250 Daltons are eliminated. Ultimately, high-quality product water is collected from the permeate outlet.

    Figure 2 Reverse osmosis technology.

    What is the Importance of High Volume Reverse Osmosis Plants?

    High volume reverse osmosis systems are principally exploited to generate high-quality water or improve the quality of raw water. In industries, they are utilized to provide high-purity water for industrial applications such as cleaning, manufacturing, and boiler feedwater. By eradicating hardness minerals, they help prolong the lifespan of industrial equipment.

    In commercial applications, high-volume reverse osmosis units are deployed to provide high-grade water for human consumption bottled water, water for the final rinse in car washing, and an ingredient for product manufacturing.

    Whole house reverse osmosis systems are utilized to supply clean drinking water for households. Additionally, they eliminate calcium and magnesium, which are the ions primarily responsible for water hardness.

    Are There Distinct Types of High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    NEWater manufactures a diverse range of high-volume reverse osmosis systems tailored to gratify distinct potable water applications. Generally, our high-capacity RO units are categorized according to:

    • Type of feed water: Seawater, brackish water, and wastewater high volume RO systems.
    • Area of application: Industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, and laboratory high capacity RO systems.
    • RO process: Single-stage, two-stage, single-pass, and double-pass high-volume RO systems.

    Our specialists will help you decide on the ideal high-volume reverse osmosis system for your unique application.

    Figure 3 Skid-mounted high volume reverse osmosis system.

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    What are the Main Components of High Volume RO Systems?

    For a better understanding of your high-volume reverse osmosis system, you need to familiarize yourself with its primary components. Underneath, we dissect the main components of a high-capacity RO system and briefly expound on their roles.

    • High-pressure pumps.

    High-volume RO systems contain at least one high-pressure pump. These pumps are typically efficient centrifugal pumps that elevate the feed water pressure to initiate the process of reverse osmosis.

    Figure 4 High pressure pumps for RO plants.

    • Pretreatment filters.

    The pretreatment system in high-volume RO systems often contains media, sediment, and carbon filters, which eliminate particulates capable of clogging the RO membranes. The pre-filter integrated into the system depends on the concentration of the respective feed water.

    • Semi-permeable membranes.

    High-quality membranes from trusted manufacturers like Dupont are utilized in high-volume RO plants. Your system might support numerous membranes distinctively designed to optimally treat your feed water.

    • Post-treatment unit.

    The post-treatment system deployed in your high-volume RO unit depends on the quality of product water your application demands. Commonly applied post-treatment systems include EDI water systems and UV light systems.

    Other components of a high-volume RO system include a user interface, membrane cleaning system, and storage tanks.

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    How Much Does a High Volume Reverse Osmosis System Cost?

    The cost of producing product water using high volume reverse osmosis systems is chiefly broken down into the cost of equipment and operational expenditures. The cost of acquiring high-volume RO equipment is influenced by size, design, and customization. For NEWater’s high-volume RO systems, you can access accurate quotations by sending your inquiry via our website.

    On the flip side, the cost of running a high-volume RO system encompasses the installation, power consumption, labor, upkeep, and depreciation expenses. For instance, a 10, 000 ton per day seawater RO system uses power totaling 2.25 yuan/ton and manpower totaling 0.2 yuan/ton of water. Expenses on membrane replacements total 0.05 yuan per ton while the depreciation value translates to 0.12 yuan per ton of water.

    Adding up the cost of equipment and the operational costs estimate the comprehensive cost of seawater RO unit at 4.54 yuan per ton of potable water.  Differences in water quality, power consumption, and flow rates may fluctuate the cumulative costs of a high-volume RO system.

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    What Factors Should I Consider When Purchasing a High Volume Reverse Osmosis System?

    Purchasing a befitting high-volume RO system demands a rigorous assessment of the available options and their suitability to your exclusive application. Understanding the quality of the product water you want and the source of feed water you intend to utilize are the basic considerations. Other factors include:

    • RO processes integrated.
    • The system’s design.
    • Regulations on the quality of product water in your industry.
    • Power supply options supported.
    • Projected investment and operational costs.

    You can reach out to NEWater’s engineers for assistance when purchasing a high-volume reverse osmosis system. We have numerous informational resources detailing the diverse types of RO systems and their ideal application fields.

    Figure 5 High volume RO system for brackish water.

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    Which Sources of Feed Water are Treated by High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    The existing array of high-volume reverse osmosis systems supports diverse sources of feed water. The integration of supplementary treatment processes like water softening and UV sterilization further widens the application scope of reverse osmosis systems. Beneath are types of feed water feasible with high-capacity reverse osmosis plants.

    ● Seawater.
    ● Brackish water.
    ● Groundwater.
    ● Wastewater.
    ● Tap water.

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    What is the Power Consumption of High Capacity RO Systems?

    Electrical energy is necessitated in high-volume reverse osmosis systems to power the user interface and the high-pressure pumps. Although power consumption accounts for over 50% of RO systems’ operational costs, contemporary systems are considerably energy-efficient.

    The amount of power consumed by a high-capacity RO system varies depending on the source, concentration, and composition of feed water being treated. Nonetheless, the typical power consumption rate of high-capacity RO systems revolves around 0.4 to 6.7 kWh/m3.

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    What are the Basic Attributes of High Volume Reverse Osmosis Membranes?

    Reverse osmosis membranes are the primary components utilized to eradicate dissolved solids and other constituents from water in high-volume RO systems. RO membranes differ gravely from ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and nanofiltration membranes in appearance and functional prowess.

    Customary reverse osmosis membranes have perforations measuring 0.0001 microns and their configuration is typically spiral wound. They are made of polyamide layers and their salt rejection rate is approximately 90-99%.

    Figure 6 Reverse osmosis membrane.

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    Is it Possible to Customize High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Yes, it is possible to customize high-volume RO systems. In fact, most high-capacity reverse osmosis systems are customized to offer unique water treatment solutions. At NEWater, we incorporate the latest technology such as 3D computer modeling to customize high-volume RO plants. To have your high-volume RO unit customized, contact our engineers and specify the following attributes.

    • Your preferred power voltage and frequency options.
    • Expected flow rate and capacity.
    • The imminent type of feed water.
    • The imminent application and the quality of product water necessitated.

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    What is the Capacity of High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    High volume RO systems are water treatment units specialized to accommodate large-scale product water applications. Their primary feature is their high capacity ranges and exceptional flow rates. Standard high volume RO systems have capacities ranging from 200,000GPD to 900,000GPD.

    Additionally, there are larger capacities of up to 2 million GPD manufactured upon order placement. Such high capacities exclusively favor large-scale applications such as municipal water treatment and industrial applications.

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    Where Can I Purchase High Volume RO Systems?

    NEWater’s high-volume reverse osmosis systems have been tried and tested across the world. With cumulative sales surpassing 9000, NEWater is a globally renowned and trustworthy manufacturer of comprehensive water treatment systems. Our high-volume RO systems are intelligently manufactured using efficient RO membranes and fitted with energy recovery devices to foster energy conservation.

    Our prices are competitive and we have instituted convenient processes to help you order your ideal high-volume RO system. We provide technical information to guide you in your selection and you can procure other water treatment products from us.

    Figure 7 Customized high volume reverse osmosis system.

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    Do You Manufacture Skid-Mounted High Volume RO Equipment?

    NEWater’s high-volume reverse osmosis systems are manufactured in distinct designs including skid mounts. Typically, we use stainless steel metal frames to house the interconnected RO equipment.

    High-volume reverse osmosis skids provide protection against the ambiances emanating from high-pressure pumps. They have a conveniently small footprint and system operation and installation are made easy.

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    Do You Provide Industrial High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    The demand for product water in industries is often in high volumes. Therein, reverse osmosis systems destined for use in big industries are characteristically high capacity. For the past 2 decades, we have manufactured standard and customized high-volume RO systems for distinct industries.

    Our large industrial reverse osmosis systems support distinct forms of feed water including brackish water, seawater, and wastewater.  For more information on NEWater’s industrial reverse osmosis systems, kindly contact our engineers.

    Whole House Sediment Filter Cartridge6

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    Is Pretreatment Necessary in High Volume RO Systems?

    Fitting pretreatment of feed water in high efficiency reverse osmosis systems results in higher quality permeate and prolonged equipment lifespans. The suspended solids harbored by feed water if not promptly ejected can possibly clog the RO membranes thereby lowering the productivity of your system.

    Similarly, failure to nullify hardness minerals, corrosive chemicals, and metals can cause scaling and corrosion of RO equipment. Therein, pretreatment processes such as pre-chlorination and multi-filtration are deployed to condition the inlet feed water.

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    Which Pollutants are Eradicated by High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    The chief advantage of using high-volume reverse osmosis systems is their ability to eradicate multiple contaminants simultaneously. The employment of complementary pretreatment and post-treatment processes such as media filtration and UV sterilization massively elevates the impurity removal rate of high volume reverse osmosis systems. Underneath are objectionable contaminants eliminated by comprehensive large reverse osmosis systems.

    • Bacteria, viruses, and other protozoans.
    • Dissolved solids.
    • Salts, minerals, and chemicals.
    • Metals, nitrate, and microplastics.

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    What is the Impurity Removal Rate of High Volume RO Plants?

    In water treatment systems, the impurity rejection score grades the effectiveness of the system. For high-volume RO plants, their ability to eradicate contaminants from raw water, specifically dissolved solids is impeccable.

    Typical high-volume RO plants are known for eradicating up to 99.7% of pollutants such as TDS, microorganisms, metals, minerals, and chemicals from water. To make certain, the high-volume RO system sustains its impeccable impurity removal rate, frequent membrane cleaning, and timely replacement is mandatory.

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    Which Post-Treatment Technologies are Used in High Volume RO Systems?

    Luckily, numerous water treatment technologies can be utilized as post-treatment mechanisms to polish the permeate generated by high efficiency RO systems. RO systems are not highly proficient at eliminating microbes from water hence ultraviolet sterilization is commonly utilized to eradicate up to 100% of the disease-causing microorganisms.

    Additionally, the permeate might be slightly acidic owing to the high CO2 concentration hence electro deionization is deployed to shrink the CO2 levels. In cases where mineralized water is required, the permeate is remineralized by adding calcium and magnesium.

    Figure 9 UV sterilizer for RO systems post-treatment.

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    How Do You Transport High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    NEWater saves buyers of our high volume RO equipment the trouble of making transport arrangements by offering global delivery services. To deliver your system and related products to your doorstep, we utilize several transportation modes. Typically, we use sea shipment, road, rail, and air transport.

    In instances where we use sea shipment, the delivery duration is often 2-3 months. However, air transport guarantees faster delivery dates (3-7 days). Air transport is however economical when shipping small-sized equipment.

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    Do You Help Install High Volume Reverse Osmosis Plants?

    NEWater is adequately equipped and ever willing to provide any form of assistance to our clients. When needed, we provide quality on-site installation services at customer-friendly rates. In scenarios where we have undertaken the comprehensive construction of the high-volume RO system on-site, our installation services are free.

    Additionally, we offer well-explained video tutorials that steadily guide you through the installation process. NEWater’s containerized and skid-mounted high-volume RO systems are chiefly plug-and-play hence their installation is quite easy.

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    Are There Containerized High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Containerized water treatment systems have proliferated in recent years because of their convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency. Containerized high-volume RO plants provide centralized solutions and help save on space.

    They are constituted by fitting high-volume RO systems on standard containers. Although there are numerous container dimensions, 40ft containers are the primary structure for high efficiency reverse osmosis systems.

    NEWater’s containerized RO systems are adequately ventilated and intelligently designed to ease operation. They are viable solutions for seawater, groundwater, wastewater, and brackish water.

    Figure 10 Containerized high volume reverse osmosis plant.

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    Do You Provide Turnkey High Volume RO Plants?

    Our state-of-the-art production equipment, vast expertise, and cutting technology enable us to manufacture advanced RO systems. We manufacture economical yet highly productive turnkey solutions for large-scale product water projects. Our turnkey systems are manufactured, assembled, and pre-programmed at the factory to optimally treat water for your exclusive project.

    It takes a few minutes to set up turnkey reverse osmosis systems and their operation is pretty unsophisticated. They have automatic user interfaces and rarely oblige human intervention. For detailed information on turnkey high efficiency reverse osmosis systems, get in touch with NEWater’s engineers.

    Figure 11 Turnkey high volume RO unit.

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    Do You Offer Feed Water Testing Services?

    NEWater supplements its first-rate water treatment systems with unmatched pre-sale and after-sale services. Feedwater testing is paramount when procuring water treatment equipment. At NEWater, we customize our water treatment solutions based on the attributes of the imminent feed water.

    We have first-rate laboratories and well-versed technicians who provide feedwater testing and analysis. If you are unable to access our feedwater testing services due to geographical barriers or other reasons, we provide free technical consultations.

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    What Should I Do Once My High Volume Reverse Osmosis System Breaks Down?

    Cases of defective high volume reverse osmosis systems and components from NEWater are extremely uncommon. Thorough testing is undertaken to ensure we do not deliver defective systems and sufficient safety measures are deployed during shipment.

    Nonetheless, the unexpected may occur and NEWater has instituted proactive measures to ensure such scenarios are professionally handled. First, you need to contact our customer support team and explain in detail the nature of the breakdown. Consequently, we will repair malfunction under warranty protection or lifetime repair service.

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    How Durable are High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Plants?

    Similar to standard reverse osmosis systems, high-volume RO plants are durable systems with lifespans of up to 20 years. Despite having a seemingly high investment cost, they guarantee swift earnings on the investment because of their long service lives. Vital components such as the RO membranes are similarly long-lasting.

    The average lifespan of an RO membrane is 3 years meaning the costs of upkeep are generally low. Extended lifespans are achievable only if you practice regular and quality maintenance. The utilization of pretreatment techniques such as water softening reduces the risks of scaling and corrosion.

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    Do You Supply Reverse Osmosis Repair Parts and Components?

    Yes.NEWater is a certified manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems, components, and related products. Our vastly experienced engineers utilize cutting-edge technologies and high-quality resources to manufacture repair accessories compatible with our reverse osmosis plants.

    At present, we manufacture RO tanks, centrifugal pumps, membrane housings, and UV sterilizers among others. To convenience your shopping experience, we deliver the repair accessories to your selected location.

    Figure 12 Reverse osmosis membrane housing and pressure vessels.

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    Are High Volume Reverse Osmosis Systems Warranty Protected?

    Yes. NEWater’s high-volume reverse osmosis systems have one-year warranty protection. Warranty protection empowers users to demand repairs, compensations, or replacements in case of a significant breakdown. Malfunctions covered by our warranty policy are technical hitches only. Other forms of breakdowns such as employee mishandling or lightning strikes do not qualify for warranty protection. Additional information on our warranty protection policy will be provided once you place your order.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms on High Volume RO Systems?

    Shopping from NEWater gives you the liberty of paying for your high-volume reverse osmosis system in installments or settling the whole amount upfront. Our installment payment terms stipulate that 50% should be paid upfront while 30% should be settled after inspection.

    The final 20% payment should be made prior to the shipment of the high volume RO equipment. We understand the value and convenience of flexible payment terms hence we are open to your suggestions. If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback, kindly get in touch with our customer service team at

    High Volume Reverse Osmosis System-2

    In addition, the NEWater high-volume reverse osmosis system can enhance the smell, appearance, and flavor of the water.

    It has high quality purifying procedure, mitigates alkalinity, and brings down rigidity in water. Rest assured, all these features of our high-volume reverse osmosis system come at competitive prices.

    NEWater makes sure to have a constant balance in the quality and cost of our high volume reverse osmosis system. The designs and quality of our high-volume reverse osmosis system are handled by our professionals.

    High Volume Reverse Osmosis System-3

    For 20 years, NEWater has been a reputable company. Our water system and outstanding services have reached different countries around the world.

    NEWater has gained the qualities needed to develop and produce a high-volume reverse osmosis system specifically for your region.

    NEWater guarantees a 100& tested in quality water refinery and management system. For the water system cost, we got you covered. This high-volume reverse osmosis system and our after-sale services are affordable for your budget.

    We offer you solutions to skyrocket your company in this field. Let’s build a profitable business partnership. Using our high-volume reverse osmosis system, you will experience high productivity and fast-increasing sales.

    Send us your inquiries now!

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