How to Choose a Portable Desalination System

1.0 Significance of Desalination

Societies are developing faster and faster, and the contradiction between the increasing human demand for water and the imbalance and inadequacy of depleted freshwater resources is becoming more and more apparent. The phenomenon of water shortage has seriously affected the human living environment. Although there are many beneficial elements in seawater, most of them are above the concentration, with many harmful substances. It will bring a variety of harm to the human body after drinking it.

Therefore, in order for seawater to be well used by humans, it needs to be converted into usable freshwater. It is necessary to use external forces, such as desalination equipment, which desalinates brackish water through a series of processes, providing a strong guarantee for the development of human society.

Although existing reverse osmosis technology is becoming more and more sophisticated in desalination, the equipment currently available is generally large, which has many drawbacks such as high energy consumption, high costs, the need for large supporting equipment, and inconvenience of movement. Choosing a smaller and portable reverse osmosis desalination equipment can just offset these shortcomings, so how to choose good portable desalination equipment?

2.0 How To Choose A Good Portable Desalination System

A good portable desalination device can provide you with fresh water for a long time to replenish water and maintain hygiene, no matter outdoors, on camping or fishing boats, on yachts, or even in remote areas. So how do you choose the best portable desalination system? Here are some of our suggestions:

1) Requirements for equipment production capacity
The flow unit of seawater desalination equipment is generally GPD, LPD, GPH, and LPH. Before purchasing a portable desalination system, you need to make an estimate of your daily fresh water needs, taking into account cooking, drinking, bathing, cleaning, number of users, etc.
Seawater desalination equipment with different production capacities usually has different designs and costs, which means that your cost input is also different. In the case of similar water treatment technologies, the greater the demand for flow, the higher the price.

2) Water quality requirements for produced water
The water quality of the produced water is different, and the process requirements for water treatment are generally different. When the water quality requirements for the produced water are not high enough, you can choose nanofiltration technology at a lower price. In the case that you want to obtain drinking water, the seawater desalination RO system is your best choice. If you still want to carry out further purification after membrane filtration, it is best to confirm with your supplier that the equipment has a UV disinfection function.

3) Energy supply method
Common energy supply methods for seawater desalination machines on the market include manual, diesel, power supply, battery, solar energy, and so on.

Especially with the rise of solar technology in the field of seawater desalination, more and more solar desalination equipment has been applied to seawater desalination in different fields.

Mobile Solar-Powered Distillation System Workflow
4) Product Quality
Choosing a quality-certified portable desalination system supplier is something you should consider.
The technical level of production equipment, technical team, and quality certification certificates all mean quality assurance. In addition, you also need to consider the material of the equipment. Seawater is corrosive, portable desalination equipment with carbon fiber, 304/316 stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, longer life, and less maintenance. This means less investment costs for you.

5) After-sales service
You won’t want to be completely clueless about equipment installation, commissioning, and maintenance after purchasing seawater desalination equipment at a considerable cost, do you?

Therefore, before buying, you need to confirm that the manufacturer can provide you with complete installation, commissioning, and related training, and ensure that the equipment can be used normally and subsequent maintenance is guaranteed. Such as warranty service and warranty period service.

5.1-year warranty
6) Budget
Your budget may limit your choice of portable desalination unit. In fact, the cost of equipment for many suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers has gradually increased through the accumulation of layers of supply chains. If you can find a manufacturer or a company with no brand premium, it can also help you get cost-effective portable seawater desalination equipment while saving a lot of money.

3. The Characteristics of Good Portable Desalination Kits

As a high-quality portable desalination plant not only does it need to be available to the user at all times, but it should also have the following characteristics: high rate of desalination, lightweight, small area need, low operating cost, save energy consumption, stable water output, direct drinking, no pollution to the environment, easy maintenance, long service life, flexible energy use, etc.

NEWater is committed to providing a complete, long-lasting solution for desalination. The main body of the NEWater process is the strict purification and depth treatment of the water, combined with the membrane treatment process (including microfiltration or ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis) and the ultraviolet disinfection process.

Portable Desalination Equipment

4.0 Introduction to NEWater Portable Desalination Unit.

NEWater portable desalination kit is our latest solar desalination product based on the principle of reverse osmosis, using seawater desalination to produce fresh water. It realizes the incremental technology of water resources development and increases the total amount of freshwater used. Moreover, it is not affected by weather and climate and has good water quality, which can ensure a stable water supply for residents.

Portable Desalination Equipment

NEWater reverse osmosis is the most precise membrane liquid separation technique; it refers to applying pressure on the solution to separate the solvent (water generally) through the semipermeable membrane to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification, and concentration. Salt is the main component of seawater.

The reverse osmosis technology will separate the solvent (freshwater) from the solute (salt) in the seawater, so that the solvent permeates outside the semi-permeable membrane, while the salt is blocked by the membrane in the seawater, thus achieving desalination of seawater.

Portable Desalination Equipment components

NEWater portable desalination system mainly adopts the concept of reverse osmosis membrane permeation, which removes impurities and salt from the seawater to obtain fresh water. The primary role is to provide reliable, safe water outside or in an emergency where fresh water can’t be quoted directly.

Our company has dramatically reduced the size and weight of the portable desalination kit and improved its mobility through the comprehensive design. Considering the different environments, the system is designed to use the AC100-240V (50/ 60Hz) AC power supply/ DC24V DC power supply to ensure the better use of the equipment.

5.0 Process Description of NEWater Portable Desalination System

The whole process of the portable desalination unit adopts a suction head + self-primer pump +pp filter + high-pressure pump +RO membrane.

(1) The water purification self-priming bottom head is a type of bottom valve that is the first filtration barrier of the system. The NEWater self-priming head is made of food-grade material, it has an ergonomic design and better tactility. Wheat rice flour is an ideal water purifier and modifier with high adsorption and removal capacity for heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and hexavalent chromium. Due to the ion exchange effect, wheat rice flour particles can adsorb harmful components and various bacterial groups in the water, transforming the water into active mineral water while dissolving multiple minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body.

(2) The self-priming pump uses a 24 V DC power supply with a rated current of 2A and a self-priming pump height of 1.5 m (vertical height). The self-priming pump has a self-priming function and does not need to provide inlet pressure, which can better meet emergency and outdoor requirements.

Figure 1: the composition of the reverse osmosis seawater desalination system

(3) The PP cotton box is common in water treatment. Made from non-toxic and odorless polypropylene, it is heated and melted, sprayed, drawn, and received into shape. Polypropylene cotton cartridge has a uniform pore size, sparse outside, dense deep filtration structure, high filtration efficiency, acid and alkali resistance, and excellent performance of organic solutions. Can effectively remove suspensions, particles, rust, and other impurities in water. NEWater uses a food-grade PP shell and melt-blown PP cotton filler, which can effectively reduce the turbidity of raw water to ensure the effects of purified water.

(4) 80 Stainless steel filters with mesh accuracy can prevent damage to the pump or desalination membrane from large amounts of impurities (such as debris)

6.0 Applications of NEWater Portable Desalination System

(1) For navigation. Freshwater is an indispensable and valuable resource when ship sailing. It will seriously threaten the life safety of ships and crew once water is short, in order to solve this problem, treating water with desalination equipment is a useful way. Although desalination equipment can now solve this problem, most desalination equipment on the market is relatively large and bulky, Plus the ship itself has a weight, and it may cause serious problems with the ship’s draught if large desalination equipment during navigation.

Based on this, a portable desalination unit on board is undoubtedly the best solution. Our portable desalination kit uses a luggage-style design, it is not only lightweight and portable but also has no additional burden on the boat. A win-win solution to obtain fresh water and space if you choose it.

Figure 2: The portable desalination equipment for navigation

(2)For marine operations: It is inevitable to conduct marine operations when carrying out marine-related work. Fishers sometimes go to sea for weeks or even months to catch aquatic products, but the supply of freshwater resources is very inconvenient at sea. There is no extra space for drinking water because fishing boats need to load seafood and some fishing utensils.

Moreover, most of the large desalination equipment relies on conventional power and stable energy, which is not helpful to marine operations. This is why it is important to choose small, portable desalination equipment with low energy consumption and flexible applications such as the NEWater portable reverse osmosis desalination equipment, Its small size saves floor space on board and does not require a supervised operation. Seawater can be directed to obtain drinking water anytime and anywhere to solve the draft problem of fishers.

Figure 3: The portable desalination equipment for marine operations

(3)Used in island areas: Although there are many islands on Earth, seawater can not be used directly, so islands generally lack water or have a serious water shortage. In addition, the ordinary desalination equipment can not supply stable service in time because of the electricity shortage of the islands, this limits the living and production of residents and seriously affects the development of the economic and social of the islands.

NEWater portable solar desalination equipment can make full use of solar energy and save electricity. It is an effective measure to change the embarrassing situation of the islanders who are “dependent on the sky for water”, as it can save expenses and provide clean drinking water for the islanders’ daily family life.

Figure 4: The portable desalination equipment is applied to the island areas

(4) Rescue and disaster relief. Water is often polluted in some natural disasters such as typhoons in coastal areas or some backward coastal areas. It poses big challenges and a survival crisis for both rescuers and victims because of the lack of material resources and indispensable water sources for the human body. Our portable desalination kit can be used as the initial emergency equipment to provide clean drinking water to ensure the regular water demand and obtain high-quality, healthy, safe, direct drinking water.

NEWater portable seawater desalination equipment conducts detailed analysis and unique design according to different requirements. Strive to meet the drinking water quality standard and completely solve the drinking water problem in other saline water shortage areas such as saline lakes and desert groundwater.

These portable desalination units are sold in more than 20 countries are widely used in various industries to solve water problems for customers and enterprises, and have won unanimous praise.

7.0 The Advantages of NEWater Portable Desalination Equipment

  • Adopt a luggage box design, with good protection and waterproof performance, small size, and lightweight, easy to carry and transport.
  • The wide applicability of power supply, the low energy consumption of the whole machine, power only 300W, the power supply can be AC100-240V (50/60Hz) or DC24V DC power supply, also can choose solar power supply.
  • Stable performance, using a high-quality high-pressure pump, low noise, low vibration, long life, and stable operation.
  • The characteristic of a complete accessory product, with accessories including inlet and outlet pipes, spare PP filters, AC/DC power cables, various quick connectors, etc., which are easy to use and do not require the preparation of additional accessories.
  • The operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the accessories are also easy to replace and maintain.
  • Convenient for direct drinking water sources anytime, anywhere.
  • Configurable with energy recovery devices, saving energy consumption, low input costs, and no pollution to the environment.
  • Safe and reliable, with a range of alarm shutdown protections to ensure equipment safety.

Figure 5: NEWater portable reverse osmosis water equipment

NEWater reverse osmosis technology has spawned a new revolution in human drinking water. It has been applied worldwide and has penetrated all walks of life to provide guaranteed water resources and product services for human beings. NEWater is a professional water treatment system solution provider in China, and our products are used in many fields.

If you have technical inquiries about portable desalination for camping, desalination kits for boats, portable seawater desalination systems for generating drinkable water in remote locations, desalination system for home, etc., please feel free to contact our engineers. We can provide you with professional alternatives to desalination.


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