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    NEWater: Professional Industrial Sand Filters Manufacturer

    NEWater has more than 16 years of experience in manufacturing industrial water filters. Throughout the years, we dedicate ourselves to the research, design, development, and production of industrial sand filters to meet your water treatment requirements.

    We offer customized solutions to meet your needs. Each industrial sand filter is tested before delivery to ensure defect-free and stable quality. Aside from that, we also ensure that these filters are certified by CE and ISO9001. Our water filters are supplied to customers from more than 100 countries around the world.

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    We manufacture sand filter tanks that are able to remove successively smaller contaminants to ensure 90 to 99% filtration.

    Industrial Water Filter

    We manufacture industrial water filters that allow for the treated water to meet worldwide industrial standards and be reusable.

    Sea Water Filter System

    Our seawater filter systems use sand filter technology along with RO technology to remove larger and smaller impurities, and salt from saline water.

    UF Filter

    Our UF filter systems are manufactured with high-quality vessels, pumps, and membranes, ensuring high flow capacity.

    Pressure Sand Filter

    Our pressure sand filters are used to treat various forms of water including saline water, groundwater, and wastewater among others.

    Multi Media Filter

    We manufacture multimedia filters that are used to remove fine impurities by using multiple layers of filter media.

    Cooling Tower Sand Filter

    We manufacture cooling tower sand filters that use cool water from the ocean to cool appliances, while also purifying the water of impurities and debris.

    Carbon Sand Filter

    Our carbon sand filters are used to not only remove small and large impurities but also rid the water of pathogens.

    Commercial RO Filter

    We make commercial RO filters that have a high purification and flow capacity and are ideal for industrial use.

    Your Sand Water Filter System Supplier in China

    NEWater manufactures industrial water filters that are specialized in using filter media to remove large and fine impurities. With the removal of impurities, they are also effective in removing odors and taste without using chemicals, allowing them to be cost-effective, energy-efficient, and reduce fuel costs as well.

    We have been manufacturing water filtration and water treatment systems since 2001, and have thus accumulated 20 years of experience with different application areas and projects. And during this time we have accumulated a number of authoritative certifications, patents, and recognitions for our innovation and formulation, making us the ideal service provider for you!

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    Industrial Sand Filter Works

    How NEWater Industrial Sand Filter Works

    With our system, depending on filter vessel sizing and design, industrial sand filters can filter particles down to 10 to 25 microns and achieve at least 5-micron filtering. Water passed through many layers of filtration material as it flowed down the bed. Each layer eventually removes smaller particles, resulting in accurate depth filtering and, in most cases, increased filter capacity.

    A sand filter that can remove more components can leverage the various biological and physical processes. The particles will be collected in the sand filter’s upper layer. To avoid clogging, the water filtration professionals will backwash the filter, flushing out the recovered particles so that the filters can be reused.


    It is a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, automatic control, excellent filtering efficiency, low resistance, processing flow, and minimal recoil. It is also widely used in the pretreatment of water quality and industrial sewage 2 level process after filter in pure water, food beverage water, mineral water, and electronic, printing, dyeing, papermaking, and chemical industries.

    The removal of industrial waste material also works well. This type of equipment is a steel pressure type filter that can remove raw materials, mechanical impurities, residual chlorine, and chromaticity. Press filter material is classified into single, double, and three-layer filter material, as well as a fine sand filter.

    Industrial Sand Filter Features
    Industrial Sand Filter Applications


    1.  Commercial – Irrigation systems for golf courses and sports fields.
    2. Industrial – Wastewater recycling and UF/RO pretreatment.
    3. Irrigation – Preventing irrigation system clogs with primary filtration.
    4. HVAC- complete system filtration and cooling tower side filtration
    5. Filtration for water cooling and spray nozzles in metal processing plants.
    6. Mining – Process and wastewater cleaning

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    NEWater – Your Reliable Industrial Sand Filter Manufacturer

    NEWater is an expert manufacturer of industrial water filters in China. We have a professional engineering team that focuses on designing and producing custom water filters. We can support your project and business by providing a high-performance industrial sand filter.

    We will customize the plan according to your project and the process characteristics of the required water treatment. NEWater manufactures industrial sand filters in a wide range of designs and capacities.

    Factory Price Industrial Activated Carbon Water FilterQuartz Sand SS FilterMultimedia Filter Tank for Water Treatment

    An industrial sand filter from NEWater is widely used for removing suspended solids from the water. These filters can remove 50-100 microns of suspended solids.

    You can also choose an industrial sand filter size based on the concentration of solids, discharge limits, destination, sizes of particles to filter, and source of backwash water.

    By adjusting the size of the industrial sand filter, you can determine the filtration process’s coarseness. It can be used with a graded support media layer. You can also directly install an industrial sand filter on a distribution plate or lateral under-drain.

    The Ultimate FAQ for Industrial Sand Filter

    Water treatment is presently the most sought-after remedy to water scarcity across the globe. With a myriad of technologies being presently exploited to alienate the stress on freshwater reservoirs, it is safe to conclude that water treatment holds the key to unlimited fresh water supply in the near future.

    Sand filtration is a simple process exploited by industries to particularly eradicate suspended solids from water for improved quality. Underneath, we objectively discuss industrial sand filters and their involvement in water treatment.

    Figure 1 Industrial sand filter.

    What is a Sand Filter?

    A sand filter is essentially a filtration media deployed in water treatment to eliminate suspended matter through mechanical encapsulation or absorption processes. Industrial sand filters are chiefly designed to eliminate relatively large suspended matter (approximately 50-100 microns).

    Sand water filter systems typically operate via surface and depth filtration. Initially, surface filtration oversees the assemblage of elements on top of the filter bed resulting in a macro-porous lump that effectively traps other particles. In in-depth filtration, the finer particles attached to the sand particles are eliminated through adsorption.

    How do Industrial Sand Filters Function?

    Sand filtration is a broadly utilized technology in water treatment globally. As suggested by the name, industrial sand filters rely on the sand to filter water for distinct applications. For some industrial sand filters, pretreatment is enforced to guarantee the optimum removal of solid matter. Typically, flocculation, coagulation, and pH readjustment are the pretreatment technologies deployed in industrial sand filtration.

    A sand filter bed, typically made of sand or gravel is responsible for capturing the objectionable particles. The feedwater is injected atop the sand filter and subsequently trickles down the filter bed (Surface or depth filters). Several processes are deployed to capture the particulates including:

    • Diffusion.
    • Direct collision.
    • Surface charge attraction.

    The sand granules deployed, often measure 0.35mm-1.2mm thereby facilitating effective filtration. After a while, the sand becomes overly polluted thereby prompting automatic backwashing. Essentially, the sand perforations increase in size allowing the captured particles to wash down consequently restoring their original state.

    What are the Advantages of Industrial Sand Filters?

    Simplicity and versatility are the primary pros of industrial sand filters. Thanks to their humble designs and impeccable filtration rates, they are utilized differently by varying industries.

    Evidently, sand filters can be utilized as pretreatment mechanisms, side-stream filters, and post-treatment filters. Continuous industrial sand filters facilitate uninterrupted water treatment hence saving time and money. The following are additional benefits realized from the use of industrial sand filters.

    • Considerably high removal of bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing protozoans.
    • Sufficient filtration rates.
    • Relatively affordable maintenance costs.
    • Ease of operation and extended lifespans.

    Figure 2 Multi-grade industrial sand filter.

    What are the Standard Features of Industrial Sand Filters?

    Industrial sand filters are specialized units with distinct specifications that empower them to eradicate suspended solids and turbidity from wastewater. Primarily, the distinct types of industrial sand filters exhibit different attributes. Rapid sand filters, for instance, have filtration rates of approximately 5-15m/h, a bed depth of 0.6-1.9m, and a run length of 1 to 4 days.

    On the other hand, slow sand filters have filtration scores ranging from 0.08-0.25m/h, a bed depth ranging from 0.9-1.5m, and a run period of 1 to 6 months. The primary regeneration process utilized in slow sand filters is scraping while gravity sand filters deploy backwashing.

    What are the Various Applications of Industrial Sand Filters?

    Water pollution and the deterioration of freshwater supplies are the primary contributors to the deployment of water treatment systems. Industrial filters, in particular, are versatile treatment solutions with application scopes ranging from pretreatment, and side-stream treatment to post-treatment.

    • Wastewater treatment.
    • Generation of drinking water and irrigation water.
    • Cooling water systems.
    • Stormwater.
    • Food processing.
    • Swimming pools.

    Which Pollutants are Removed by Sand Filters for Industry?

    Industrial sand filters are chiefly deployed to eradicate or massively shrink the concentration of suspended solids in raw water or wastewater. The manner in which industrial sand filters are deployed determines the filtration scores recorded.

    Slow sand filters have for instance shown they can eradicate 90-99% of pathogens found in raw water. The employment of a pretreatment procedure such as flocculation further elevates the filtration rate of industrial sand filters. Let us take a look at the primary contaminants alienated from water by sand filtration.

    • Suspended matter and turbidity.
    • Pathogens, bad smells, and tastes.
    • COD and BOD.
    • Undissolved metals.
    • Organic phosphate and nitrogen.

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    What are Multimedia Sand Filters?

    A multi-media sand filter is a multi-layered filter media (often 3 layers) deployed in industrial water treatment systems to eradicate finely sized suspended matter. Typically, a multimedia sand filter comprises:


    Multi-media filters utilize numerous filter mediums with varying densities for higher efficiencies. Multimedia sand filters support the filtration of finer particles and often eradicate up to 10-25 micron particles.

    Characteristically, backwashing in multimedia sand filters sees the anthracite settle atop the filter while the garnet stratifies at the bottom. The sand settles in the mid-region hence allowing the capturing of large particles at the top and ultimately finer pollutants at the last layer.

    Figure 3 Multi-media filters.

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    What Factors Should I Consider When Buying Industrial Filters?

    Presently, there are distinct types of industrial filters equipped with varying capabilities to accommodate distinct filtration applications. Therein, sizable knowledge of the distinct sand filters is essential when purchasing one. Beneath, we concisely discuss the varying factors buyers of industrial sand filters should focus on.

    Nature of the imminent contaminants.

    First, you need to establish the estimated size of the contaminants you want to be alienated by your industrial sand filter. This permits you to choose the ideal micron size for the sand filter media. For instance, small-sized filters for tiny particles like sand and larger filter mediums for big suspended solids like algae.

    Operating flow rate.

    The optimum rate at which your imminent industrial sand filter treats water is equally vital. Typically, large filters have high flow rates and vice-versa. Other considerations include:

    • The desired grade of filtered water.
    • The operating pressure and pressure drop.
    • The expected operational costs.

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    How Much Does an Industrial Sand Filter Cost?

    Industrial filters command different prices reminiscent of their unique specifications. In addition to investment costs, industrial sand filters command numerous operational costs in order to treat raw water. Factoring in the variations in size and operational abilities, the cost of sand filters ranges from $300 to $1,200.

    Ideally, these prices will fluctuate depending on the manufacturer and customization detail. At NEWater, we provide exclusive quotations for industrial water filters in response to sent inquiries. The principal operational costs of an industrial sand filter encompass system installation and sand replacement.

    Ordinarily, a 50-pound sack of sand costs approximately $25, and different industrial sand filters will necessitate varying bags of sand. However, the overall cost of industrial sand filters is comparatively inexpensive.

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    What is the Composition of Industrial Sand Filters?

    Industrial sand filters are technically a combination of distinct components that function jointly to facilitate optimum filtration. Essentially, they are founded on a separation medium comprising a layer of sand. This bed of sand is housed in a filter tank made of fiberglass, metal, plastic, or concrete. The other components of industrial sand filters are:

    • Top distributor.
    • Under-drain system.
    • Pipework and valves.
    • Sandbed.

    Figure 4 Components of a sand filter.

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    What are the Distinct Types of Sand Filters for Industry?

    To adequately satisfy the dissimilar demands for industrial sand filters, NEWater manufactures a distinct range of sand filters. Ideally, we manufacture three distinct types of sand filters.

    Rapid sand filters.

    They are also known as gravity sand filters. Typically, they are chiefly deployed in municipal water treatment facilities to complement multistage processes. These filters rely on moderately coarse sand to trap undesired elements. Commonly, rapid sand filters necessitate flocculation and coagulation as pre-conditioning processes.

    Slow sand filters.

    Customarily, slow sand filters are utilized in surface water treatment at smaller scales. They are reliant on naturally-growing biological films for water treatment. They are mostly cylindrical or rectangular in shape and are 1-2 meters in depth. They are revered for their energy efficiency and impeccable productivity.

    Upward flow sand filters.

    These filters comprise three layers made of refined sand and crumpled charcoal. Unlike the other sand filtration processes, upward flow sand filtrations involve the injection of raw water at the filter rank’s bottom. Upward-flow sand filters are immune from interruptions caused by backwashing.

    Figure 5 Rapid industrial sand filter.

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    What are the Operational Requirements of Industrial Sand Filters?

    For optimal filtration, the feed water and the sand filter need to meet certain conditions. Typically, different sand filters perform optimally at distinct operational conditions.  Slow sand filters and rapid sand filters for instance often necessitate a pretreatment unit. Typical operational requirements for industrial sand filters include:

    • Operating pressure of 30-100psi.
    • Operating temperatures of 5-500C.
    • Distinct electrical supply i.e. 115V/1Ph/60Hz.

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    How Effective are Industrial Sand Filters?

    Sand filters for the industry are generally effective and highly reliable water filtration solutions accommodative of varying applications.  Industrial sand filters are most effective when filtering out suspended solids.

    The removal rates range from 90%-99% based on the attributes of imminent contaminants. Ideally, industrial sand filters are extremely effective in eradicating solids measuring 50-100 microns. The arrangement and filter vessel sizing are the primary determinants of the system’s productivity.

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    Do Industrial Sand Filters Remove Bad Smells and Tastes?

    Bad smells and tastes could possibly inhibit the use of water in distinct applications such as human consumption. Bad odor in raw water could arise from distinct sources like decaying organisms, hydrogen sulfide, and chemical reactions.

    Industrial sand filters eliminate bad smells without necessitating the addition of chemicals. Consequently, the taste of the water remains unaffected. For elevated removal of bad odors, activated carbon sand filters may be deployed.

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    What is the Flow Rate of Industrial Sand Filters?

    Customarily, industrial pressure sand filters support distinct flow rates with size vitally determining the filter’s flow rate. The flow rate of industrial sand filters is primarily measured by the number of gallons generated in a minute per square foot of the filter surface. Standard sand filters for the industry have flow rates ranging from 3-5gpm/ft2. This translates to a filtration flow rate ranging from 37.5-62.5gpm for a filter tank whose diameter measures 4ft.

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    What Are Activated Carbon Filters?

    Activated carbon filters are water filtration filters made of powdered block or granular carbon that traps objectionable pollutants. Activated carbon filters positively differ from conventional carbon filters thanks to their larger surface area, which permits them to adsorb huge chunks of allergens and undesired contaminants.

    Activated carbon filters are incorporated into water treatment systems distinctively based on the respective objectives. Typically, they eliminate organic chemicals, chlorine, PFAs, and bad smells. In reverse osmosis systems, activated carbon filters are deployed as post-treatment procedures to avert membrane fouling.

    Figure 6 Activated carbon filter.

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    What is the Difference Between Pressure Sand Filters and Quartz Sand Filters?

    Pressure sand filters principally comprise numerous layers of sand and gravel which form the filter medium. They utilize water pumps to generate and sustain a specific operating pressure. Pressure sand filters primarily reduce turbidity in raw water and significantly lessen the presence of suspended solids.

    Quartz sand filters are popularly named after the material they utilize to carry out water filtration (quartz sand).  Quartz sand filters eliminate suspended matter, turbidity, heavy metals, colloids, bad odor, and microorganisms from raw water. The filter tanks utilized in quartz sand filtrations bear distinct diameters.

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    Where Can I Buy Industrial Sand Filters?

    Your quest for a high-grade sand water filter system stops at NEWater. We are globally renowned as a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems with over 9000 local and global sales. Our industrial sand filters are custom-made to offer reliable and cost-efficient solutions to exclusive portable water applications.

    In addition, we offer distinct pre-sale and after-sale services to our customers for the ultimate shopping experience. Our engineers offer technical consultation on sand filters and related products to aid our customers to find their perfect systems. For a lasting solution to your water menace, get in touch with NEWater via email at

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    How Can I Clean My Industrial Sand Filter?

    The alienated pollutants accumulate on the sand filter bed thus frequent cleaning is necessitated for sustained productivity. Essentially, backwashing is the primary cleansing mechanism used on industrial sand filters. Pressure sand filters necessitate cleansing once the difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet pressure gauges hits 16 and 20 psi. For industrial sand filters with a single pressure gauge, cleansing is mandated once the pressure rises by 8-10psi.

    To clean your sand filter, just change the filter valve to backwashing. The perforations automatically enlarge resulting in a washdown of the accumulated contaminants.  Consequently, the wastewater harboring the pollutants is discharged.  Cleansing of sand filters should typically be done once a week or whenever the media filter gets overwhelmed.

    Figure 7 Backwashing sand filters.

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    Are Your Industrial Sand Filters Certified?

    As a licensed manufacturer of industrial water filters, NEWater manufactures and supplies certified water filtration systems. NEWater is ISO 9001-2015 certified and our industrial sand filters are accredited for having passed all the quality assessments.

    Additionally, they bear a mark of quality and are recognized by environmental organizations for their eco-friendliness. We also subject every sand filter to rigorous quality assessment prior to shipment.

    Figure 8 Pressure sand filter.

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    Do You Ship Products Overseas?

    Our reputation as a leading, global manufacturer and supplier of water treatment systems stems from our multi-national customer base. At present, NEWater ships industrial sand filters and related products to over 100 global destinations.

    We have blossoming relations with renowned courier service providers and we are continually working to increase our market reach. We are fully aware of your urgent needs hence we exploit the fastest modes and routes to make prompt deliveries.

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    Which Sources of Feed Water Can be Filtered by Industrial Sand Filters?

    With befitting customizations, sand filters for the industry are eligible for use in distinct water treatment projects. The sand filter bed is customizable hence appropriate alterations can be made to elicit projected outcomes under different conditions.

    In addition to being deployed as the primary filtration mechanism, industrial sand filters can be deployed as pretreatment or polishing mechanisms for other water treatment systems. This massively widens the application scopes of industrial sand filters. NEWater provides custom sand filters capable of effectively treating the following sources of feed water.

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    What is the Size of Industrial Sand Filters?

    Sizing in the manufacturing of industrial water filters hinges on the application scale and scope. Typically, sand filters are available in varying sizes and designs and are therefore accommodative of distinct application fields.

    Customarily, vertical industrial sand filters have standard diameters measuring 2-10ft while horizontal sand filters have standard diameters measuring 8ft. The length of horizontal industrial sand filters typically measures 10-25ft.

    As a custom manufacturer of industrial water filters, NEWater tailors the filter tank’s diameter and length to your demands. The sand granules deployed in industrial sand filters typically measure 0.35-1.2mm.

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    Do You Provide Customized Industrial Sand Filters?

    Yes. NEWater is founded on boundless innovation and customer gratification. The diversity of our market niche demands customization of water treatment systems to specific application fields.

    We tailor the size of sand granules and the industrial sand filter in general, to our customer’s requirements. Our engineers develop unique industrial sand filters with exclusive features to perfectly suit your specific application.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms?

    Paying for your water treatment system has never been this easier. NEWater provides you with the liberty to make your payments in a flexible, structured way using your preferred payment method. Ideally, we oblige full payments for conventionally small-sized sand filters.

    Our payment terms on large industrial sand filters permit partial payments. For instance, an initial payment totaling 50% of the total cost, a 30% installment post video inspection, and a full clearance before the sand filter is dispatched.

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    Do You Provide Commercial Sand Filters?

    NEWater’s products are principally designed to gratify the market demand. Therein, we manufacture highly specialized industrial and commercial sand filters accommodative of diverse application fields. Our commercial sand filters are particularly made of laminated polyester and fiberglass hence they guarantee sustained resourcefulness over overextended lifespans.

    They have distinct sizes and are chiefly effective in eliminating suspended solids, protozoans, and heavy metals. Get in touch with NEWater today for comprehensive access to commercial water treatment systems.

    Figure 10 Commercial sand filters.

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    What Maintenance Practices are Necessitated by Industrial Sand Filters?

    To uphold the high-performance levels of sand filters, frequent maintenance is mandatory. Commonly, sand filters necessitate two forms of maintenance; filter cleansing and filter replacement. Sand filter cleaning is achieved through backwashing. It is an easy process that restores the original state of the sand filter after continuous utilization.

    Over time, the sand and sand filters will demand replacements. The replacement process is pretty uncomplicated and our user manual clearly details all the necessary steps. Replacement of the sand filter is rare, which explains the low maintenance costs of industrial sand filters.

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    What is the Lifespan of Sand Filters?

    If properly and frequently maintained, your sand filter will serve you for 15-25 years. Over the years, you might substitute a few components such as valves and sand but the filter will generally stand the test of time. NEWater provides first-rate components for sand filter replacements. Procure your sand filter from NEWater and enjoy years of optimal filtration.

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    Do You Provide any After-sale Services to Buyers?

    NEWater’s support does not cease once you have purchased your industrial sand filter from us. We offer numerous post-sale services intentioned to foster customer relations and guarantee the ultimate user experience.  Our high-quality sand filters are accompanied by outstanding customer service. Below is a summary of our customer-driven post-sale services.

    • Doorstep delivery (over 100 countries).
    • One-year warranty.
    • Round-the-clock customer service.
    • Repair services and technical consultations.
    • Professional onsite installation.

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    What Other Filters do You Provide?

    For the past two decades, NEWater has developed a broad line of media filtration systems that have been extensively embraced by distinct markets. By constantly researching water contamination and applicable water treatment solutions, we manufacture highly effective and economical water filters for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. The following are our prominent water treatment filters.

    • Activated carbon filters.
    • Commercial sand filters.
    • Pressure sand and quartz sand filters.
    • Multimedia filters.
    • Carbon and sediment filters.


    Industrial Sand Filter for Agricultural Irrigation

    NEWater can provide customized water treatment solutions for different applications like water park features, industrial water treatments, municipal water treatments, wastewater filters, pool water, and industrial water filter. You can also use it for boiler feedwater, multi-media water filter, food and beverage processing, water fountain water, irrigation water, turnkey sand filter system, and more.

    For many years, NEWater is committed to giving first-class industrial water filter solutions to thousands of customers worldwide. You can choose a sand filter from our over 1000 water system. As a reputable manufacturer, NEWater ensures to provide you with quality industrial sand filters for your demands.

    Aside from quality products, NEWater also offers smooth transaction processes and excellent customer service. We are continually improving to have a good image in the industry. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and timely delivery makes us the world-leading industrial sand filter manufacturer!

    Siemens Control System Shallow Silica Sand Filter Equipment

    With our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced manufacturing technology, we can offer you an efficient, high-performance, and energy-saving industrial water filter. Whether for your business or project, choose NEWater to design and manufacture your industrial sand filter!

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