Industrial Water Deionizer

  • 20 years experiences
  • 1-year machine warranty
  • Desalination rate up to 98%~99%.
  • Optional UV disinfector and ozone generator
  • Video technical support, on-site installation

Feedwater:   TDS<35000ppm
Product water:   TDS<500ppm, Meet WHO
Power consumption:   Low
Control:   PLC+HMI
Air conditioner:   optional
Operating temperature:   1℃-49℃
Liner material:    PE / ABS
Opening:    TOP or BOTTOM
Customized support.

Your Trusted Industrial Water Deionizer Manufacturer in China

NEWater is committed to bringing new life to water. 20 years of experience in water treatment has given us a proven, professional and reliable technical team that understands our customers’ needs. NEWater independently manufactures and designs water deionization systems that meet international quality standards and has been awarded multiple patents for guaranteed quality.

Our deionization systems can be custom sized to meet the needs of different applications, are simple to operate, stable in operation, and save energy and maintenance costs. Contact us today for a free custom water deionizer system solution.

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NEWater produces and designs the Water Deionizer System in different sizes, please refer to the following parameters to choose the right one according to your needs.

Voltage (volt)
220v 380V 50HZ 60HZ(Or customized according to customer requirements)
Service System
Warranty Service
1 Year
Appropriate Types
Hotel, Restaurant, Farm, Restaurant, Household, Retail, Construction Engineering, Energy Mine, Others
Out-of-warranty Service
Video Technology Support, Online Support
Core Components
Pressure Vessel, Pump, Plc
Grey / White / Silver
Packaging Materials
Plastic Film / Wooden Case
According to the actual situation
Stainless Steel / Pvc
Purification Rate

NEWater mixed-bed cation and anion exchange resins are available in three different grades.

MB-1, for the production of pure water with an output water resistivity of up to 10 MΩ.cm. It can be used in the water desalination, EDM wire cutting industry or glass cleaning industry.

MB-2, for the manufacture of high purity water with an output water resistivity of 15-17 MΩ.cm.

MB-3, for the manufacture of extra pure water, the resistivity of the effluent water can be greater than 18MΩ.cm.

Physical and Chemical Properties:





Model name

MB -1


Cation / Anion volumetric ratio



Moisture content (%)



Total exchange capacity (eq/L)



Particle size range (%)



Specific density (g/ml)



Uniformity Coefficient



Shipping Weight (g/ml)



Whole beads after attrition (%)



Storage temperature (℃)



Suggested Operating Condition:





Max operating temperature

60℃ / 140℉


Minimum bed depth



Service flow rate

20- 40 BV/h


Applicable PH


Package style:

1. 25Liter PE bag, 48bags/Pallet

2. 5Liter Aluminum foil vacuum bag, 5bags/carton

Gel polystyrene mixed bed resin with Competitive price



water deionizer system process

water source

NEWater high-precision water deionizer system suitable for various occasions:appilication


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How NEWater Industrial Water Deionizer Work

1. Raw water pump – supply pressure to the quartz sand filter/activated carbon filter.
2. Quartz sand filter – reduce turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, etc.
3. Activated carbon filter – to get rid of color, free chlorine, organic matter, harmful substances, etc.
4. Softener – exchange calcium and magnesium “ions” in the most common and easiest way.
5. Cartridge filter – prevents large particles from entering the RO membrane with a precision of 5um.
6. High-pressure pump – provides high pressure to the RO membrane.
7. Ultra-filtration system – the main part of the plant.
8. Electric control system – automatic control of electrical components.

Industrial Water Deionizer design
water treatment factory1

NEWater Can Promise You

NEWater water treatment solution provider

Why Choose NEWater Industrial Water Deionizer

  • FRP tank, 150 psi rated/corrosion resistant
  • Automatic regeneration at preset water quality limits
  • High-quality IX resin
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality
  • Solid-state reliability for trouble-free service
  • No untreated bypass water
  • Automatic shut-off in the event of a power outage
  • Compact, non-corrosive components
Industrial Water Deionizer application
shipping & packaging (1)

How We Transport Your Industrial Water Deionizer

shipping and packaging

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    NEWater Industrial Water Deionizer

    Industrial deionized water is a vessel filled with a mixture of cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin. During operation, water flows through this resin mixture. The cations dissolved in the water are exchanged for hydrogen ions (H+), while the anions dissolved in the water are exchanged for hydroxide ions (OH-), which combine with the hydroxide ions to produce water.

    Anion and cation resins

    As the use time increases, the ion exchange resin is depleted. The depleted mixed bed resin is regenerated, usually with hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Each regeneration produces a potentially acidic or alkaline effluent that may require neutralization treatment. In the case of smaller mixed bed exchangers, ion exchange resins are sometimes discarded and exchanged once depleted, rather than regenerated.

    Often, the mixed bed ion exchanger is used as a final polishing step downstream of another desalination process or as a working mixed bed for water that has been partially desalinated or for low TDS (e.g., condensate).

    mixed bed ion exchanger

    NEWater industrial water deionizer plants mainly use pretreatment systems, reverse osmosis technology, EDI, mixed bed, polishing bed, and other processes, which can take out almost all the conductive media in the water, and remove the non-dissociated colloidal substances, gases, and organic matter from the water. So they are suitable for electronic photoelectricity, chemical metallurgy, power plant boiler, electroplating, and coating industry; precision machinery, automobile industry, and pharmaceutical purified water industry.

     industrial deionized water plants

    Our industrial deionization equipment is made of imported materials, strict quality control, and a one-year quality guarantee is our trust in our own products. You can also get customization and consulting services, and we will make the best industrial deionization system solution based on raw water data and actual needs.

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