Industrial Water Purification Equipment for Glass Production

The treatment of water for glass production faces the following problems: the source water is well water with high hardness, which leads to the furnace jacket structure and spray structure in the capacitor furnace. NEWater provides circulating water purification equipment that solves the problem of high hardness and ultimately helps customers reduce losses.

1. Solution Introduction

The water purification equipment adopts a reverse osmosis process, the desalination rate reaches more than 90%-99%, completes the problem of water scaling when it meets high temperature, realizes full automation, and meets the standardization of circulating water.

Industrial reverse osmosis equipment is stable in operation, with no need for manual operation, long service life, low operating cost, high degree of automation, and little workload for operation and maintenance of equipment.

2. Functions and Characteristics of Circulating Water Purification Equipment Program


(1) High desalination rate: Reverse osmosis is a physical method of desalination and desalination of saline water without phase change under room temperature conditions. The desalination rate of ultra-thin composite membrane elements can reach more than 99.5%, and can simultaneously remove colloids, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. from water.

(2) Low operating cost: using imported reverse osmosis membrane, with long service life and low operating cost.

(3) No manual labor: a fully automatic pretreatment system is adopted to realize unmanned operation; the reverse osmosis unit is highly automated, with the little workload for operation and maintenance and equipment maintenance; fully automatic electronic control program and touch screen operation is optional, which is convenient to use.

(4) Small footprint: compact structure, the small footprint of equipment and small space required; personalized design to meet local water quality, meeting demand in all aspects.

(5) Stable operation: high efficiency and low noise, stable and reliable; online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes to ensure water quality safety.

3. Application Value

(1) Reduce personnel costs

No personnel operation

(2) Save business costs

Do not need to replace the value of expensive furnace set, do not need to replace the spray, reduce the number of times to clean the pool.

Industrial Water Purification Equipment

NEWater always takes “safety first, efficiency first” as the goal, the problem of scaling for the production of a certain risk, after the application of circulating water purification equipment need not worry, circulating water purification equipment projects, you can find us. Whether it is industrial production, life, circulating water, food drinking water, we have targeted solutions.

Send your inquiry to NEWater provides you with free solutions and quotations for circulating water purification equipment systems.

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