Industrial Water Purifier Machine

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Raw water:    tap water, surface water, lake water, well water, etc.
Conductivity of produced water:   <10-20μS/cm or lower
Power:         220v / 380v 50hz / 60hz
Capacity:       250-2000 litres per hour
Flow rate:           500-20000L/H
Desalination rate:         99%
Support customization

Industrial Water Purifier Machine

NEWater supplies high-tech Industrial Water Purifier Machines that are ideal for both large-scale and small-scale industries, that make use of varying water sources, and can be customized to treat them accordingly.

Our Industrial Water Purifier Machines are used to remove undesirable impurities from the raw water, ranging from organic matter to chemicals. It is composed of a complex series of machinery that can vary depending on the contaminants you need to be removed. They provide water for manufacturing, processing, cooling, heating, washing, and other applications of the industry on the question.

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NEWater produces and designs the Industrial Water Purifier Machine in different sizes, please refer to the following parameters to choose the right one according to your needs.

Power supply
AC220V / AC380V / 415V±5% 50HZ / 60HZ (customized)
RO stage
According to the client’s demands
Desalt rate
Operation pressure
PH of raw water
The conductivity of raw water

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NEWater is Your Industrial Water Purifier Machine Designer

The process flow of the Industrial Water Purifier Machine of NEWater is mainly composed of: raw water pump – sand filter – carbon filter – Water softener – cylinder filter – high-pressure pump – RO membrane host.

We provide one-to-one system customization service for customers, according to water quality analysis, treatment volume, and water quality requirements to provide the best suitable for the industrial purified water systems, provide 2D / 3D design drawings.

Industrial Water Purifier Machine design
Industrial Water Purifier Machine factory

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Application case of NEWater Industrial Water Purifier Machine

NEWater designs manufacture installs and supports custom-engineered water purification systems used throughout the industry. Our product applications cover raw water supply, boiler feed water, cooling water, process water, CIP and SIP, reclaimed water and wastewater treatment, etc., suitable for low-volume and high-volume applications, with water quality up to 18.2

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    NEWater Industrial Water Purifier Machine  

    Industrialization has swept the globe, and with it has come the need to attain raw materials sustainably. Water is essential for efficient working for nearly every industry, and the need has arisen to make use of alternative water sources. Water Purification as mentioned earlier is a process that consists of removing different contaminants from the raw water, such as chemicals in the form of pollutants and toxic metals, biological contaminants in the form of parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi, suspended solids, and gases. It is ideal for the industry as a cost-saving treatment.

    Industrial Water Purifier Machine

    The Industrial Water Purifier Machine, begins the purification process with pretreatment, where the water is pumped from the source, stored, pre-chlorination occurs and the pH of the water is adjusted to ensure that the process that follows are carried out efficiently. After this larger contaminants are treated so that coagulate together, and using paddles the machine gather these depositions together, increasing their weight and allowing them to be separated from the water in the sedimentation tanks.

    Once larger impurities are removed, filtration is carried out where porous mediums are used to separate solids from the raw water, by pressurizing it allowing it to overcome its osmotic pressure and thus passing through the partial membrane. After the filtration process, ion exchange resin columns are used to remove cations and anions from the water being treated, replacing them with H and OH ions.

    NEWater’s Industrial Water Purifier Machine also makes use of additional purification methods, customized according to the organization in question. Ozone treatment is employed, where ozone acts as an oxidizing agent, thus as a biocide, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and cysts. And ultraviolet irradiation is also employed which also acts against pathogenic microbial agents and cysts.

    NEWater Industrial Water Purifier Machine is made of stainless steel, fully automatic operation, no need for manual conduct can monitor the water quality at any time, the standard program automatic control system to ensure the stability of the system water quality, extend the service life of the equipment. High efficiency and high quality imported high-pressure pumps are used to reduce energy consumption, high desalination rate and low pressure rolled composite reverse osmosis membrane to ensure excellent water quality.

    Water Purifier Machine Industrial Cosmetic Industry Water Filtration Water Filter Machine

    Meanwhile, NEWater adopts imported online product water and concentrated water flow meter to monitor the product water quantity and system recovery rate at any time. Imported reverse osmosis membrane and advanced membrane protection system can automatically flush the membrane surface contaminants with fresh water when the equipment is shut down to extend the membrane life.

    The NEWater Industrial Water Purifier is ideal for your facility if the organization’s piping and process equipment have problems with corrosion, scaling, deposits, or bacterial growth. Another benefit is that it can be customized to fit the size of your project.

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