Leaf Disc Filter

  • Operates by creating a difference in pressure
  • Efficient dirt-holding capacity
  • High filtration accuracy
  • Long service period
  • Polymer discs resistant to corrosion and abrasion

Raw water: Wastewater plants, manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, etc.
Produced water: Commercial, industrial, manufacturing, etc.
Function: Filtration and separation
Outer diameters: 111mm, 178mm, 222mm, 305mm, etc. (customizable)
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: Metal
Applications: Hotels, Garment Shops, petrochemical Industry, mining & mineral processing, etc.
Support customization.

Most Efficient Leaf Disc Filter Manufactured in China

Disc filters are predominantly used in irrigation systems. It consists of a filter cartridge composed of a set number of plastic discs stacked over one another. The discs display small grooves and bumps on the surface to facilitate the filtration of surface water. In addition, each disc has a central hole, forming a continuous cylinder for water to pass.

This technology is the most effective for treating surface water, consisting of a lot of organic impurities. The disc grooves and the central hollow backbone effectively removes contaminants such as floating leaves, dirt, and even small twigs.

The working principle of a disc filter relies on the placement of the grooves on the discs. The angles of grooves in adjacent discs are usually slightly different, which in turn forms several intersections in the passage of water. Furthermore, the cavities and passages within these intersections create a collision between suspended particles and turbulence. The collision eventually filters out the particles as they pass through subsequent grooves. The grooves will accumulate impurities, which can be cleaned by reversing the flow of water.

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Outer dia.(mm) Inner dia.(mm) Thickness(mm) Filtration area(cm²)


111 38.1  






5.6 – 12



149 38.1



177.8 47.6



177.8 63.5 370
N-8A 222.2 47.6



222.2 63.5 630


304.8 63.5 129
N-12B 304.8 85.2


N-13 335 72.5


All parameters can be customized according to your requirements.

NEWater Leaf Disc Filter Details:
Leaf Disc Filter - product details

NEWater leaf disc filters support high viscosity and high flow rates, providing a large filter area, high mechanical strength and good rheological properties even with limited capacity. Excellent cleaning characteristics.


Hub Designs

TP soft hub Semi-hard hub TP semi-hard hub Hard hub

A filter cycle begins with the vessel’s shaft and filter leaves being sealed in. Then comes the precoat phase. For approximately ten minutes, an agitator is used to mix filtrate and filter assistance (diatomaceous earth, perlite, etc.). The mixture then fills the vessel, vents all air, and pressurizes it. The precoat is applied for 15 minutes at a rate of around 30-60 gallons per square foot per hour.

Leaf Disc Filter - process introduction2


Leaf Disc Filter - process introduction1

  • Plastic Industry
  • Film production
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Mining & Mineral Processing
  • Oil & gas Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Automotive & Design

Leaf Disc Filter - Applications


Get Professional Leaf Disc Filter Solution

  • Provide raw water quality data.
  • Provide scenarios for the use of the Leaf Disc Filter.
  • Provide the final water quality and quantity requirements to be achieved.
  • Provide your local current and voltage.

NEWater Leaf Disc Filter Key Features

  • Excellent mechanical strength and minimal pressure drop.
  • Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Resistance to chemicals and heat.
  • A high degree of customization in terms of materials and dimensions.
  • Exact filtering, simple to maintain and replace.
  • Ultrasonically cleaned and reusable.
  • Numerous applications and high demand.
NEWater Leaf Disc Filter Key Features
NEWater Leaf Disc Filter Highlighted Advantages

NEWater Leaf Disc Filter Highlighted Advantages

  • Strong filtration capabilities, and long service life.
  • High and accurate flow rate features.
  • Good resistance to pressure and stress.
  • Possible reusable which lowers your expenditures.
  • Minimal footprint and saving costs.

NEWater Can Promise You

  • Source manufacturers.
  • One-to-one guidance.
  • The strict quality control process.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
NEWater can promise you
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    NEWater Leaf Disc Filter

    The filtration process of a leaf disc filter has two stages. First, the disc is pressurized by force formed due to the pressure difference between the upper and lower chambers of the diaphragm. This forms a compact filtration unit. Next, the raw water passes through the filtration unit from the outside to the inside. The suspended impurities are stopped outside the disc, and also in between the discs.

    Leaf Disc Filter5

    NEWater specializes in employing best practices for developing efficient disc filters. We design laminated filters working at an optimum pressure of 1.0 Mpa. Control valves are installed at the inlet and outlet points. This setup facilitates easy disassembly of the filter so that it can be maintained over a prolonged duration.

    A typical filter consists of one inlet and two outlets. Moreover, the inlet is fitted with a pressure gauge to monitor the performance of the filter. If the pressure of the water supply is unstable, a regulating valve is installed at the inlet to maintain consistency in pressure. Before using the filter, the drain valve needs to be operated for discharging the air trapped in the filtration setup due to the pressure difference. Filtration should commence after closing the drain valve.

    Leaf Disc Filter6

    NEWater designs custom leaf disc filters according to your unique requirements. We encourage that you contact us with your water assessment reports so that we may finalize the disc filter that works best for you. Once we have access to the water content report, we can suggest the best disc filter setup for you.

    Leaf Disc Filter7

    The grooves can be cleaned by a process called backwashing. It ensures that the discs maintain a prolonged service life. The backwashing process begins with closing the inlet and opening the drain. The upper chamber of the diaphragm also releases air pressure at the same time. Clean water that has been filtered by another filtration unit enters through the water outlet from the opposite direction. The water flow enters the backwash pipes, compressing the check valve by water pressure.

    This pressure water is sprayed from the nozzle of the backwash pipe. The pressurized water also moves through the central cavity, pushing it upwards and loosening the discs. The tangential water jet causes the loosened discs to rotate and remove the impurities trapped in between. This backwash water takes out the impurities from the sewage outlet.

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