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    NEWater: Marine Reverse Osmosis System Manufacturing Leaders

    NEWater guarantees the manufacture of high-quality marine reverse osmosis systems that can be employed both off and on-shore. They can also be used in marine vessels of varying sizes. We design, build, test, and deliver these systems, the entire process being looked over with extreme vigilance by our expert team of engineers.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Portable Marine Reverse Osmosis System

    We produce portable marine reverse osmosis systems that can be used off-site and in areas where freshwater is not readily available.

    Small Marine Reverse Osmosis System

    NEWater’s marine reverse osmosis systems are ideal for use in both large and small boats out at sea.

    Marine Reverse Osmosis System for Boats

    We manufacture marine reverse osmosis systems for boats that help reduce cost and improve the lifestyle of those on board, making fresh water available.

    Marine Reverse Osmosis System Filter

    Our marine reverse osmosis system filter uses a series of high-quality membranes to filter out contaminants and salt.

    Marine Reverse Osmosis System Heater

    NEWater’s marine reverse osmosis system heater not only provides you with usable water but have an increased function of heating treated water.

    Marine RO Unit

    Our marine RO units are designed with your demands and necessities in mind and may employ for commercial or domestic use.

    Your Marine Reverse Osmosis System in China

    Here at NEWater, we pride ourselves in prioritizing our customers, the quality equipment we provide them, and our goal to protect our environment. Our marine reverse osmosis system makes use of the virtually unlimited supply of saline seawater, rather than the restricted and increasingly strained freshwater bodies. Our marine reverse osmosis systems are used worldwide and stand out from the competition due to their excellent design.

    NEWater is a company that prides itself on its accomplishments thus far, and we can’t help but highlight them. We have received multiple authoritative certificates and original patents, which accentuate our commitment to intelligent design.

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    NEWater Marine Reserve Osmosis System Composition

    The NEWater Marine Reverse Osmosis System is designed to treat seawater with a TDS of less than 40000 mg/l, as well as any other underground water, river water, or borehole water. The unit’s characteristics include being tiny, compact, easy to use, and simple to maintain, as well as being portable, sturdy, and quiet.

    The NEWater marine reverse osmosis system is composed by:

    • Source water pump.
    • Multi-media filter.
    • Main desalinator unit.
    • Cleaning PE tank.

    NEWater RO Technology

    RO Tech

    Reverse Osmosis technology
    portable desalination system application

    NEWater Marine Reverse Osmosis Applications

    1. Offshore operation platform and floating buildings.
    2. Salty alkali lake drinking water use.
    3. Resorts, island family/restaurants, seaside villas drinking water use.
    4. Desert underground water.
    5. Fishing boats, marine, ships, yachts, navy drinking water use.

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    Marine Reverse Osmosis System Supplier

    NEWater is your professional marine reverse osmosis system manufacturer in China that provides advanced, systematic, high-grade water treatment solutions for clients globally. Since 2005, we are specializing in high performance water treatment technology with skilled engineers, technicians, sales, and support staff. Being a leader in this industry, we are capable of providing custom design, hardware configuration, and programming for your specific requirements. We aim to supply top-quality products at the best price!

    Marine Reverse Osmosis System Manufacturer in China

    Newater is one of the leading marine reverse osmosis system manufacturers in China. For over 15 years, we aspire to provide the best quality water purification and filtration water treatment solutions. We have a complete marine reverse osmosis system range, pre-engineered and customize water treatment and reverse osmosis systems to exceed the specific needs of any sized marine application.

    Our marine reverse osmosis system features high-quality fabrication and parts. Using the latest and improved manufacturing technologies increases marine reverse osmosis system output and efficiency.

    China Exports 6000LPH RO Pure WaterTreatment Equipment Reverse Osmosis System

    Newater marine reverse osmosis system highly effective water treatment process for the making of fresh drinking water through the use of reverse osmosis. These systems are manufactured with the latest technology in water treatment. It has the best outcome in transforming seawater into fresh drinking water with ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance required.

    The parts within all major marine reverse osmosis system systems are structured by a durable tubular stainless steel frame. It features ease of accessibility to all elements and long-lasting durability. The modular design of the NEWater marine reverse osmosis system enables the provision of desalination solutions up to 10,000 m³/day.

    25 Tons Per Hour Professional Manufacturer Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

    Being a leader in this industry, NEWater guarantees to have stable quality and cost-effective rate of our marine reverse osmosis system. Together with our state-of-the-art technologies professional engineers, technicians, chemists, and CAD designers, we are capable of providing reliable and complete service to every customer.

    NEWater is a globally operating marine reverse osmosis system manufacturer and specialist in high-grade water treatment solutions. For more than 14 years, Newater has been a reputable company trusted by more than 100 countries globally that enjoy a sufficient supply of distilled and safe water.

    Aside from the marine reverse osmosis system, we also provide a wide range of Ro/ membrane systems including purified water generation systems, pharmaceutical water systems, industrial reverse osmosis systems, commercial reverse osmosis systems, and many more.

    Reverse Osmosis RO Water Treatment Water Purification System Reversed Osmosis

    All our marine reverse osmosis system is 100% tested and checked for quality before the moving process. We use the right components, test efficiency, and design for every marine reverse osmosis system. NEWater, a marine reverse osmosis system excellent manufacturer has always prided itself on using top-quality parts from Dow, Grundfos, Hydranautics, Toray, and many more.

    So, what are waiting for? If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable water purification and filtration partner in China, Newater got you covered. We offer you solutions to boom your company and enhance your brand. We rest assured you will experience the best regardless of how complicated your needs are, and surely achieve the high productivity of your project.

    For more information, don’t hesitate to message us immediately. Our sales and service team are customer-friendly and dedicated to serving our valued customers. We are looking forward to working with you!


    Marine Reverse Osmosis System from NEWater

    Our marine reverse osmosis system works on the scientific principle of osmosis. A naturally occurring that has been upscaled and mechanized. We use pumps to pressurize the saline water to push it through membranes to purify it. Resins are also employed to remove all unnecessary ions, both negative and positive, from the water. These ions may be replaced with H and OH ions, which when combined form H2O, which is the chemical formula for water. The water then passes through these processes and loses all harmful components that may be harmful for consumption or general use both domestically and commercially.

    NEWater’s marine reverse osmosis system is cost-effective and especially for off-shore vessels due to the process of reverse osmosis they have fresh water available readily and do not have to carry heavy loads!

    Our Customer is available 24/7 to guide you through the entire ordering process!

    The Ultimate FAQ for Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems.

    The undersupply of freshwater in coastal, arid, and semi-arid regions has driven the conversion of seawater into product water. Essentially, seawater is infinitely available given it accounts for 97.5% of our planet’s waterways. Efforts to remedy water deprivation were boosted by the invention of marine RO systems in the 1970s.

    By manufacturing first-rate marine RO systems, NEWater is massively aiding efforts to tackle water shortage. Beneath, we answer the web’s frequently asked questions on marine RO technologies and equipment.

    Figure 1 Marine reverse osmosis system.

    What is a Marine Reverse Osmosis System?

    A marine reverse osmosis system is a contemporary water treatment machine deployed to generate product water from seawater for distinct offshore and onshore applications. Marine RO plants have a high operating pressure and extremely high TDS levels (often 35,000ppm with upgrades of up to 50,000ppm).

    The available marine reverse osmosis systems serve distinct purposes owing to their customizable flow rates, capacities, and size. At present, there are standard marine RO plants for households, boats, industries, and commercial entities.

    What are the Benefits of Using Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Marine reverse osmosis systems are presently, highly sought-after solutions. With the gravity of water scarcity expected to rise in the coming years, proliferation in marine RO systems is inevitable. Primarily, marine RO systems provide an alternative source of fresh water to millions of people and industries across the globe. Users of the distinct marine reverse osmosis systems have benefited in the following ways.

    • High desalination rates (up to 99.7%).
    • Efficient consumption of energy thanks to energy recovery devices.
    • Comparatively low maintenance costs.
    • The exploitation of an infinite water source.
    • Easy installation and operation.

    How do Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems Work?

    Marine reverse osmosis systems employ the same working principle utilized by other reverse osmosis plants. The process of generating potable water from seawater using a marine RO system commences at the pretreatment unit.

    Here, a physical separation system or a chemical dosing system is utilized to nullify contaminants that might foul the RO system or block the semi-permeable membrane pores. Sediment and carbon filters are frequently deployed in marine RO pretreatment to eliminate dust, debris, seaweed, and bad smells from the feed water.

    Chemical dosing is also a popular pretreatment mechanism utilized in marine RO systems to regulate the feed water’s pH to avert corrosion. Consequently, the water is injected into the RO membranes at high pressure. This prompts the flow of freshwater from the highly concentrated feed water stream to a less concentrated stream.

    In the process, dissolved salts, viruses, protozoans, metals, minerals, and volatile chemicals are blocked by the 0.0001 micron-sized membrane perforations. A solution with a low TDS rating (approximately 300-600ppm) is collected as potable water. With further conditioning, the quality of the permeate can be improved by deploying an appropriate post-treatment process.

    Figure 3 Reverse osmosis desalination.

    Where is Marine Reverse Osmosis Applied Mostly?

    Fresh product water is a universal necessity in households, commercial enterprises, and industries. As it becomes clear that existing freshwater reservoirs cannot gratify the global demand for fresh product water, more industries, households, and businesses embrace marine water treatment.

    In the recent past, marine RO systems have been popularly utilized in the middle east and northern Africa but current trends depict an upsurge in other parts of the world. The following list shows some of the prominent industries currently relying on marine RO plants.

    • Water vessels.
    • Waterfronts, beach resorts, and hotels.
    • Commercial enterprises like car washes.
    • Food processing industries.
    • Freshwater generation for homes.
    • Irrigation.
    • Military and emergency response.

    What are the Basic Features of Marine RO Systems?

    Marine reverse osmosis systems are uniquely endowed to proficiently desalinate seawater and ultimately provide high-quality potable water for diverse marine applications. Thanks to these specializations, marine RO systems are extremely effective in treating seawater and perfectly suit distinct marine applications. Underneath are basic features synonymous with NEWater’s premium marine RO plants.

    • High TDS levels of up to 45,000 ppm.
    • High operating pressure (40-70 bar).
    • Distinct daily capacity ranges.
    • Integration of a pretreatment system.
    • Varied power supply options (220-380-415V/50Hz/60Hz).

    boat water maker applications


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    What are the Requirements for Marine RO Systems Feed Water?

    Seawater is known for harboring distinct metals, minerals, and salts, which could potentially harm marine RO equipment. This calls for conditioning/pretreatment of the seawater before it is pumped into the marine reverse osmosis system.

    Numerous technologies can be utilized to condition the seawater and generate feed water suitable for the marine RO plant. Underneath are feed water specifications that facilitate optimum and cost-efficient desalination using marine RO equipment.

    • A TDS level of up to 45,000ppm.
    • A feedwater pressure of 40-80psi.
    • Low water hardness.
    • Low turbidity and TSS levels.

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    What are the Various Types of Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Figure 4 Two-stage marine reverse osmosis system.

    Specialization has given birth to numerous marine reverse osmosis systems suited to accommodate distinct product water applications. NEWater manufactures distinct reverse osmosis systems to satisfy the diverse needs of a heterogeneous customer base. Common classifications of marine RO plants include:

    • RO process e.g. one-stage and double-pass RO systems.
    • Design e.g. Modular, skid-mounted, and containerized RO systems.
    • Application e.g. marine boat RO watermakers and offshore RO systems.

    One stage is reverse osmosis systems.

    One stage marine RO systems generate two streams of water, a permeate stream, and a concentrated stream.

    Two-stage reverse osmosis system.

    In two-stage marine RO systems, an extra step that involves the treatment of the concentrate generated by the maiden stage is deployed. This results in the production of permeate from the first and second stages.

    Double-pass reverse osmosis system.

    Double-pass marine RO systems generate high-grade purified water by subjecting the permeate from the first reverse osmosis process through a subsequent RO process.

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    How Much Does a Marine Reverse Osmosis System Cost?

    In the absence of a reliable supply of fresh product water, human life, and industries face existential threats. This explains why private organizations, governments, and NGOs are investing in water treatment technology and equipment. Alternative solutions to natural freshwater reservoirs are comparatively costly.

    Presently, the generation of freshwater via marine reverse osmosis systems is considered cost-efficient thanks to its power efficiency and low maintenance. When compared to other processes, the ilk of MED and MSF distillation, marine RO is an economical solution to water scarcity in offshore and onshore applications.

    At the moment, freshwater generation via a marine RO system costs 3 to 9 dollars per 1000 gallons. This is inclusive of the equipment cost, installation, labor, maintenance, power consumption, and depreciation.

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    Which Pretreatment Mechanisms are Used in Marine RO Systems?

    Seawater is naturally highly saline with TDS levels ranging from 28,000 ppm to 45,000 ppm (especially in the red sea). This coupled with the presence of seaweed, debris, volatile metals, and high pH levels necessitates the deployment of a pretreatment system.

    Primarily, the deployment of a pretreatment system is designed to thwart membrane fouling, scaling, and corrosion of the marine RO components. The following are high-effective pretreatment mechanisms NEWater incorporates into marine RO plants.

    ● Chlorination.
    ● Sediment, carbon, and media filters.
    ● Antiscalant dosing system.
    Water softener systems.

    Figure 5 Pretreatment chamber for a marine RO plant.

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    Which Post-Treatment Technologies are Used in Marine RO Plants?

    Certain marine applications demand high-grade product water which is not achievable using ordinary marine RO systems. Hybrid marine water treatment plants integrate complementary technologies like electro deionization for improved permeate quality.

    EDI water systems are particularly utilized to regulate acidity by eradicating CO2 while ultraviolet light might be utilized to eradicate bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microorganisms. Moreover, remineralization can be deployed to restore controlled amounts of essential minerals like magnesium and calcium.

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    What is the Quality of Water Generated by a Marine RO System?

    NEWater manufactures customized marine reverse osmosis systems to specialize the system and processes to generate product water of a specified quality. Typically, marine RO systems produce water with a TDS score of 1000ppm or less. This is generally regarded as high-quality freshwater. For high-quality purified water, tertiary treatment systems like ultraviolet light and electro deionization are employed.

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    What is the Capacity of Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Typical marine reverse osmosis systems have capacities ranging from 1,000GPD to 100,000GPD. Additionally, the capacities of marine reverse osmosis systems are customizable meaning virtually all scales of application are accommodated.

    Marine watermakers for boats have standard capacities of 380-10,000GPD which adequately supports small, medium, and large water vessels. The capacity of a marine reverse osmosis system is measured in the number of gallons generated per hour, day, or minute.

    Figure 6 Portable marine reverse osmosis system.

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    Which Contaminants are Eliminated by Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Owing to the high concentration of dissolved salts, minerals, chemicals, metals, and microorganisms, seawater is largely unusable in its natural state. Typically, the permeate stream from marine reverse osmosis systems is high-quality product water devoid of objectionable contaminants. This is a consequence of the 90-99.7% impurity removal rate of marine RO plants. Here is a list of pollutants ejected from seawater using reverse osmosis.

    • Dissolved salts.
    • Viruses and bacteria.
    • Chemicals like arsenic.
    • Seaweed, debris, and microplastics.
    • Colloids and metals.

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    What Considerations Should I Bear In Mind When Buying a Marine RO System?

    We all have specific objectives set for the imminent marine reverse osmosis system. To ensure your objectives are adequately met, you need to procure a marine RO plant perfectly suited to your application. Underneath is a summary of essential considerations you need to ponder prior to acquiring a marine RO system.

    TDS level of the feed water.

    Seawater from distinct seas or oceans exhibits different TDS levels. Seawater from the Red sea for instance characteristically has a TDS level ranging from 40,000- 45,000ppm. Your imminent marine RO system should comfortably tolerate the specific TDS concentration of your feed water.

    Desired product water quality.

    Marine RO systems are distinctively designed to generate varying qualities of potable water. Your choice should therefore be informed by the system’s ability to produce the desired level of product water your application demands.

    Projected flow rate.

    What volume of product water do you wish to generate in an hour or day? Your imminent marine RO unit should bear a capacity range that accommodates your daily targets. Standard flow rates vary from 380 to 100,000 GPD but systems can be customized to support your desired flow rate.

    Figure 7 200LPH marine reverse osmosis machine.

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    Where Can I Buy a Marine Reverse Osmosis System?

    For over 20 years, NEWater has been manufacturing high-quality marine reverse osmosis equipment and related products for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. We utilize components of exceptional quality and incorporate cutting-edge technology in manufacturing marine RO water systems.

    We provide a plethora of distinct standard marine RO systems and customized solutions are available. Our marine RO systems are availed in distinct designs including modular, skid-mounts, and containerized. Place your order today from NEWater and enjoy a myriad of after-sale services.

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    Do You Provide Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems for Boats?

    NEWater manufactures a specialized range of boat desalinators viable for small, medium, and large water vessels. Our boat reverse osmosis water makers are primarily compact, portable, and occupy a small footprint. They are preferred supplies of fresh water in water vessels because they generate fresh water on a need basis, occupy less space unlike water tanks, and consume relatively low amounts of energy.

    Figure 8 Modular marine RO system for boats.

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    Can Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems Produce Drinking Water?

    For millions of people living in coastal regions or arid areas bordering the sea, marine reverse osmosis systems offer a reliable and cost-efficient alternative source of fresh water. By utilizing reverse osmosis technologies, marine RO systems produce high-quality drinking water for coastal communities and passengers aboard water vessels.

    The excessive concentration of dissolved salts and the presence of microorganisms such as bacteria that inhibit the consumption of seawater in its natural form is nullified by marine RO plants. The resulting product is often freshwater characterized by a low TDS level (300-600ppm), no bad odors, and tastes.

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    Do You Manufacture Customized Marine RO Systems?

    NEWater is a global manufacturer of marine reverse osmosis systems with an enormous customer base. To make certain we gratify the unique demands of our diverse clientele, we manufacture customized marine RO solutions. Customizable features of marine RO systems include:

    • Power Voltage and frequency (220-380-415V/50Hz/60Hz).
    • Flow rate.
    • Pretreatment systems.
    • Quality of potable water produced.
    • TDS tolerance levels.

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    Do You Provide Household Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Seawater in its raw form is worthless but thanks to marine reverse osmosis systems, millions of households in coastal regions have access to tenable fresh water. NEWater provides distinct marine watermakers with intelligent designs that facilitate the cost-efficient treatment of seawater at a small scale.

    Our household marine RO units can be powered by solar or electrical energy and produce high-quality product water free from microorganisms and other harmful contaminants. They support varying flow rates and are portable.

    Figure 10 Household marine RO system.

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    What is the Energy Consumption of Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Although the power consumption rate of marine RO systems is relatively higher compared to brackish water RO systems, it is generally efficient and affordable. Energy consumption of marine RO plants differs significantly because of parameters such as flow rate, feed water concentration, and the high-pressure pumps deployed.

    Taking into account the above-mentioned parameters, the power consumption of a typical marine RO system ranges from 3kWh/m3 to 6.6KWh/m3. The deployment of energy recovery apparatuses has facilitated the decline in marine RO systems’ power consumption.

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    Can Marine RO Systems Use Solar Power?

    Coastal regions and arid areas close to oceans or seas are characteristically high-temperature zones. Such conditions are conducive to the deployment of solar-powered marine reverse osmosis systems. We manufacture solar-powered marine RO plants for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

    The integration of solar energy into marine RO systems is principally indirect. A typical solar reverse osmosis system comprises solar panels, batteries (optional), and photovoltaics. They are equally effective in desalinating seawater and are more economical to operate since they utilize a natural resource.

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    Do You Manufacture Industrial Marine RO Systems?

    Despite being a comprehensive manufacturer of marine reverse osmosis systems, NEWater’s primary niche is industrial water treatment systems. We manufacture and supply a diverse range of industrial marine RO systems including skid-mounted, containerized, modular, and portable plants.

    NEWater’s industrial marine RO plants are available in standard capacities ranging from 600-600,000 GPD and have high TDS levels (up to 45,000 ppm). We also design personalized RO systems for industrial applications such as boiler feedwater, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

    Figure 11 Industrial marine reverse osmosis plant.

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    Do You Provide Commercial Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    We have an extensive array of commercial marine RO systems exclusively designed to gratify commercial demands for potable water. Our customary commercial RO plants have capacities ranging from 380GPD to 35,000GPD.

    They are widely utilized in beach resorts, car washes, food processing, and health centers. They are revered for their easy installation, operation, and high effectiveness. NEWater’s commercial marine RO systems are of superior quality, long-lasting, and fairly priced.

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    Do You Deliver Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems Abroad?

    NEWater has put in place elaborate measures to ensure that all our local and international clients have equal access to our products. Generally, we have manufactured and delivered over 9000 water treatment products locally and globally. Currently, we have elaborate delivery routes in over 200 global destinations. Our commitment is to deliver your premium marine RO plant right to your doorstep promptly and safely.

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    What is the Maximum TDS Level of Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Our distinct marine reverse osmosis machines bear varying maximum TDS levels. Our engineers equip varying marine RO units with TDS levels based on the test results of your respective seawater.

    Customary marine RO systems have a maximum TDS level of 45,000ppm but for less saline seawater, systems with lesser TDS levels like 35,000ppm are available. Furthermore, we provide upgrades of up to 50,000ppm on our marine reverse osmosis plants.

    Figure 12 Containerized solar marine RO Unit.

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    Is Feed Water Testing Necessary in Marine RO Systems?

    Without adequately understanding the composition and configuration of your feed water, you risk purchasing an impracticable marine RO system. Therein, feed water testing is paramount and this can be done by sending test samples to a proficient laboratory.

    NEWater utilizes state-of-the-art laboratories and the proficiency of our technicians to provide free feed water testing. Additionally, we provide free technical consultations and analyses to aid our customers to make the right choice. Our marine RO solutions are chiefly founded on the results of your feed water.

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    Are Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems Warranty Protected?

    To many buyers, the provision of warranty protection signals the quality of the product and the credibility of the manufacturer. At NEWater, all water treatment products including marine RO plants have 12 months of warranty protection. Our warranty policy provides for the immediate resolution of technical malfunctions experienced within the first year of purchase. NEWater’s warranty protection does not hold the company liable for malfunctions resulting from mishandling.

    Figure 13 Commercial marine reverse osmosis skid.

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    Do You Help Install Marine Reverse Osmosis Plants?

    NEWater provides installation aid in distinct manners. First, we provide installation manuals with graphical and text descriptions outlining the installation process. Secondly, we provide plug-and-play marine RO systems that do not necessitate expert installation. We also make available remote installation videos and our engineers are easily reachable for consultations.

    Most importantly, we have a unit of esteemed technicians who offer onsite installation services locally and globally. To request installation assistance, kindly contact our customer support unit at

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    How Durable are Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    Once you have procured your marine reverse osmosis system from NEWater, you can rest assured you will reap maximum benefits for years to come. We utilize the market’s leading components and materials to manufacture durable marine RO equipment. Our marine RO systems exhibit 15-20 years of unrivaled water treatment services.

    The RO membranes deployed in our marine reverse osmosis plants guarantee a minimum of 3 years of life service. However, the key to optimum services and an extended lifespan lies in the quality and frequency of maintenance services you accord your marine RO equipment.

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    Do You Manufacture Repair Components for Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems?

    NEWater is your ideal one-stop shop for all your water treatment systems, parts, and accessories. We have state-of-the-art production machinery and renowned engineers who manufacture top-notch repair components for marine RO systems and other water treatment equipment.

    We also supplement our spare components catalog with high-quality components from reputable manufacturers. For your marine RO system, you can be sure to find RO membranes and housings, cartridge filters, booster pumps, and control valves among others.

    Our prices are consumer-conscious and we offer doorstep delivery services.

    Figure 14 Marine RO system spare parts.

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