MBR Membrane

  • Eliminates the solid components developed due to biological processes
  • Produces clarified and disinfected water
  • Combines microfiltration and ultrafiltration with activated sludge process
  • Internal/submerged or external/sidestream configurations

Raw water: Wastewater plants, manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, etc.
Produced water: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital, etc.
Temperature resistant: 10 – 45
Productivity: 2000L/Hour
Warranty: 1 Year
Applications: Hotels, Garment Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Home Use, Retail, Construction works, etc.
Support customization.

Most Trusted MBR Membrane Manufacturer in China

NEWater always believes in environment-friendly engineering practices. Besides, we work dedicatedly to reduce the strain on the limited resources of freshwater. Our MBR membranes resonate with our ethos as these can effectively guarantee environmental protection by regenerating disposed wastewater. Further, these separate harmful solid particles and salts from the wastewater and disinfect it for further use in fishery, irrigation, agriculture, and other purposes.

Our MBR membranes are great for industrial and municipal sectors, especially, where the rate of industrial wastewater disposal is high. Further, our MBR membranes are manufactured with a technology backed by research and development for increased functionality and reduced chances of membrane fouling through sludge formation. So, you can contact NEWater today if you need MBR membranes for wastewater treatment.

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Capacity (m³ day) Membrane module Membrane Qty.


10 N-100-30 1 set


20 N-100-50 1 set
3 30 N-100-80

1 set


40 N-100-100 1 set


50 N-100-60 2 sets
6 60 N-100-80

2 sets

7 70 N-100-60

3 sets


80 N-100-70 3 sets


90 N-100-80 3 sets
10 100 N-100-80

3 sets

11 110 N-100-70

4 sets


120 N-100-100 3 sets


130 N-100-80

4 sets

14 140 N-100-90

4 sets


150 N-100-100 4 sets
16 160 N-100-100

3 sets


170 N-100-100 5 sets
18 180 N-150-160

3 sets


190 N-150-160 5 sets
20 200 N-150-160

10 sets

NEWater MBR Membrane Details:


MBR Membrane details

MBR Membrane details

MBR Membrane details

MBR Membrane details

The wastewater goes through a fine screen for the removal of big objects that might cause damage to the downstream equipment. Then it enters an Anoxic Zone for the treatment of nitrogenous matter and phosphate following an Aerobic Zone where microorganisms with the help of the oxygen coming out of the FBD will digest the organic matter in the wastewater and clump together as they do so, producing a sludge. This sludge will enter the Immersed Membrane Bioreactor where the membrane will separate the solids and microorganisms from water.

MBR Membrane - process introduction

MBR Membrane - product details

  • Hotels & Resorts Industry
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Water Reuse
  • Machinery Repair Shops

MBR Membrane - applications


Get Professional MBR Membrane Solution

  • Provide raw water quality data.
  • Provide scenarios for the use of the MBR Membrane.
  • Provide the final water quality and quantity requirements to be achieved.
  • Provide your local current and voltage.

NEWater MBR Membrane Key Features

  • All frames are made of stainless steel and feature sturdy construction.
  • Each module can be easily removed or reinstalled due to the way they are installed in the UPVC Groove from top to bottom.
  • Each module is equipped with flexible tubes that connect to collecting pipes.
  • Each module has its own air-blowing tube. At the bottom of the frames, there is an additional air-blowing tube.
  • Each module includes a patented design air blowing tube that increases the efficiency of the air blowing onto the membrane surface.
  • Membrane with Innominate Hydrophobicity.
  • Sustaining strength, breaking strength greater than 50MPa.
  • Outstanding performance at a low cost.
NEWater MBR Membrane

NEWater MBR Membrane Highlighted Advantages

  • Compact design with a high effluent quality.
  • Possibility of a large volumetric load.
  • Rapid degradability.
  • It is possible to convert from existing active sludge purification processes.
  • Costs are minimized and expect longer shelf life.
  • It is possible to use it directly to process water in a variety of applications.

NEWater Can Promise You

  • Source manufacturers.
  • One-to-one guidance.
  • The strict quality control process.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
NEWater MBR Membrane
NEWater MBR Membrane shipping and packaging

NEWater Transports your MBR Membrane Safely

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    NEWater MBR Membrane

    NEWater ultrafiltration and microfiltration MBR membranes are perm-selective or semi-permeable. These membranes work with suspended growth bioreactors for wastewater treatment. Our MBR membranes eliminate tertiary filtration processes and secondary clarifiers so that plant footprints are reduced. Even, there is no need for additional UV or other disinfection units as the MBR membranes can perform disinfection. Also, our MBR membranes produce less sludge with a high effluent quality. Again, these have high loading rate capabilities.

    MBR Membrane5

    NEWater MBR membranes come in different configurations, like hollow fiber (HF), spiral-wound, flat sheet or plate-and-frame, pleated filter cartridge, and tubular. These membranes for microfiltration or ultrafiltration are made using two-dimensional materials. These can treat wastewater by separating harmful components from the feed based on the electrical charge or size.

    Our MBR membranes have internal configurations in an aerated biological reactor inside an MBR system. The membranes come with varying pore sites depending on the applications required. As these membranes perform a high-quality filtration process, the efficacy of the biological process in the system is enhanced. Further, our effective MBR membranes reduce the required process tankage for any wastewater treatment plant. Our MBR membranes can also have external or sidestream configurations. Here the membranes function in a separate unit and need an intermediate pumping step.

    MBR Membrane6

    Backed by powerful technology, our MBR membranes are cost-effective and resistant to fouling. As a result, with our MBR membranes, the chances of pore-clogging, pore narrowing, and cake formation are reduced. Further, factors like high water affinity, high-quality construction (material), right pore sizes, proper surface roughness, and right surface charge make our MBR membranes resistant to various fouling elements.

    MBR Membrane7

    Our MBR membranes are usually made of ceramic, polymeric, or composite materials. All these materials show great resistance against chemical and physical foulant. Besides, the high hydrophilicity of our membranes prevents friction between the membrane materials, solutes, and microbial cells. Further, NEWater MBR membranes come with homogenous surfaces to stop the accumulation of colloidal particles. At the same time, most of our MBR membranes are negatively charged and attract positively charged ions. Further, we design the pores of our MBR membranes according to the sizes of the solids to be separated in any application. This helps us to enhance the shelf-life of our MBR membranes.

    Along with being effective in wastewater treatment, our MBR membranes can be used for pretreatment in RO systems.

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