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    NEWater: Membrane Cleaning System Expert Manufacturer

    NEWater is a well-experienced water treatment equipment & RO membrane manufacturer and supplier in China. If you need a trusted membrane cleaning system, then NEWater is the best one! We are one of the certified and popular suppliers in China to be delivered around the world. We can provide cost-efficient membrane cleaning systems to support your business. We carefully choose the best and most durable materials for system production. Both standard and custom membrane cleaning is accessible. Contact NEWater now!

    NEWater Brings for YouRelated Products

    Reverse Osmosis Cleaning

    We manufacture millipore membrane cleaning systems that have minute pore sizes that allow for the removal of smaller impurities, along with bacteria and viruses.

    CIP Membrane Cleaning

    Ultrafiltration membrane of NEWater allows for the reduction in turbidity and bacteria for the water to be consumable and drinkable.

    CIP RO Membrane Cleaning

    We produce an ultrafiltration membrane filter that uses a series of high-quality membranes for water to be treated and reusable.

    This Ultra Filtration System uses high-tech reverse osmosis technology to remove contaminants and pathogens.

    This ultra filtration system uses high-tech reverse osmosis technology to remove contaminants and pathogens.

    Commercial Membrane Cleaning System

    Our commercial membrane cleaning system allows for water to be recycled and reused, thus being cost-effective and energy-efficient.

    Automatic Membrane Cleaning System

    The industrial membrane cleaning systems we offer are easily operating able and are also easily maintained, thus ideal for our customers.

    Choose NEWater to Custome Your System

    Here at NEWater, we have a great degree of experience, gained through multiple years and by successfully contributing to and seeing to the fulfillment of multiple water purification projects. And while we provide high-quality membranes for filtration we also manufacture proficient membrane cleaning systems. Which efficiently cleans accumulated deposits, both organic and inorganic, while also maintaining an ideal pH, so that our chemical cleaners work in optimal conditions. During the cleaning process, we use both alkaline and acidic cleaners.

    NEWater has always prided itself on striving for quality in all steps we take. We have received multiple authoritative certifications, have received recognition for our safe work environment for our talented team of engineers, and have even received both patents and grants for our innovation and developments in the water treatment and recycling industry. Along with the products we have manufactured to maintain this equipment.

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    Membrane Cleaning System Function

    NEWater Membrane Cleaning System Function

    1. CIP system washes membranes both manually and automatically.
    2. Using a machine, manually wash the membrane using chemicals.
    3. When the tank is full, the system automatically shuts off.
    4. Stainless steel high-pressure components and a stainless-steel pump prevent leaks.
    5. When there is a scarcity of water, multi-stage pumps protect the equipment.
    6. No power, lower pressure, higher pressure, shot circuit, creepage, and other situations require protection.


    • Small footprint, low investment costs, and low energy consumption; compact structure, small footprint, low investment costs, and low energy consumption;
    • Simple to use, simple to implement automatic control, labor-saving, highly pollution-resistant separating device, and easy to clean
    • A process of recovering important substances by concentrating them;
    • Obtain high purity water by removing organic matter, bacteria, colloidal particles, and other contaminants from the water.
    • When the on/off switch is turned on, the advanced membrane protection system may automatically flush the membrane, reducing pollution and extending the membrane’s life.
    Membrane Cleaning System Advantages
    Membrane Cleaning System Applications


    1. Medicine: Ultrafiltration technology excels in the separation and purification of heat-sensitive compounds in pharmaceutical and biochemical manufacturing.
    2. Pure water and ultra-pure water: basic industrial water purification, RO pretreatment for pure water and ultra-pure water preparation, and pure water and ultra-pure water terminal treatment.
    3. Environmental protection: sophisticated industrial wastewater treatment and a reclaimed water recycling system in the city. Biochemical fermentation liquid separation and purification, enzyme concentration and purification, sugar and xylitol clarity, and filtration are all included in the fermentation process.

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    NEWater – Your No.1 Source of Membrane Cleaning System

    Cleaning the interior surface of membranes, pipes, and other inner workings of most industrial equipment involved manually cleaning the equipment and disassembling it. However, it consumes a lot of time and at the same time, it’s arduous.

    Fortunately, NEWater has the solution! We manufacture a membrane cleaning system designed to clean the equipment with an automated process, which includes no disassembly. These systems are a type of mobile skid that connects to the industrial and commercial reverse osmosis membrane system.

    membrae cleaning system china

    Our membrane cleaning system adopts a solution tank and centrifugal pump and other features to precisely clean the entire internal functions of the equipment. NEWater, a leading Chinese membrane cleaning system manufacturer in China, makes sure that you can save your money and time!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Membrane Cleaning Systems.

    Continuous feed water treatment using perforated membranes can potentially result in clogging or fouling of the respective membranes. To thwart the consequential deterioration in performance, membrane-based treatment systems necessitate membrane cleaning systems.

    Frequent cleaning prolongs your membrane’s lifespan and membrane cleaning skids make the process easier. In this article, we provide expert answers to frequently asked questions on our systems.

    Figure 1 Membrane cleaning system.

    What is a Membrane Cleaning System?

    A membrane cleaning system is simply a device used to clean reverse osmosis, Nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration membranes within their system housing. With a system, you do not have to pull apart your membrane from its housing structure for cleaning or unclogging.

    RO CIP skids utilize varying membrane cleaning mechanisms to effectively clean the membranes. Common methods deployed include backward, forward, and air-flush membrane cleaning mechanisms. For optimal results, chemical cleansing (using HCL, HNO3, and H2O2) is deployed.

    Membrane cleaning skids have varying tank capacities and can clean different amounts of pressure vessels simultaneously.

    What is the Proper Membrane Cleaning Process?

    To clean your membranes, you have the liberty of choosing your ideal membrane-cleaning methodology from the following processes.

    Backward flush.

    Cleaning via backward flush is simply reversing the filtration process. Pressure (almost 2 times the ordinary filtration flux) is applied to force the permeate backward thereby flushing out the accumulated constituents.

    Forward flush.

    Forward flush makes use of rapid flow to generate turbulence that forces constituents stuck on the membrane out. Forward flush is however incapable of flushing out elements trapped in the membrane perforations calling for the backward flush.

    Figure 2 Membrane cleaning process.

    Air flush.

    Air flush is often deployed in tandem with the forward flush. To increase the turbulence, the air is injected during the forward flush thereby forming bubbles, which elevate the turbulence. Consequently, the pollutants trapped around the membrane’s surface are flushed out.

    Chemical cleaning (acids or alkaline).

    Chemical cleaning involves the addition of disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide or cleaning agents like nitric acid and hydrogen chloride. The solution containing the permeate and the cleaning chemicals is circulated through each stage, adhering to the recommended flow rate.

    What is the Significance of Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    Over time, contaminants ejected by the semi-permeable membrane accumulate on its surface resulting in a clogged membrane. Consequently, the system’s flow rate begins to depreciate resulting in lower productivity. Predictive membrane cleaning seeks to mitigate the repercussions of a clogged membrane by undertaking cleaning before the system exhibits a lower production rate.

    Reactive membrane cleaning on the other hand seeks to arrest the decrease in performance by cleaning the membranes after there has been a noticeable change in performance levels. However, both approaches ensure that your membrane-based treatment system continually treats water at a high flow rate.

    What are the Various Applications of Membrane Cleaning Skids?

    Membrane cleaning skids are applicable in virtually all membrane-based filtration systems. Irrespective of your system’s size or the number of membranes, you can deploy a membrane cleaning system to unclog, clean, or descale your membranes.

    They make certain your system’s high production standards are continually met. In addition, membrane cleaning units save you money on the untimely replacement of membranes. They are ideal for use in seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems, Nanofiltration units as well as ultrafiltration plants.

    What is the Flow Rate of Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    NEWater’s standard membrane cleaning systems have a flow rate ranging from 8-210 gallons per minute. This is approximately 1.8 to 48 meters cubed per hour. The flow rate of a system depends on the operating pressure and consequently determines the productivity of the membrane cleaning system. You can contact our specialists for further information on the ideal flow rate for your membrane cleaning skid.

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    What Factors Should I Consider When Purchasing a Membrane Cleaning Skid?

    Existing membrane cleaning systems are specifically made for use in certain membrane-based systems. Therein it is crucial that you do some background checks on the prospective skids and their suitability for your respective application. Underneath, is a summary of key aspects for your consideration before you purchase a membrane-cleaning skid.

    • The number and size of pressure vessels were necessitated.
    • The type of system you intend to clean (Nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, or ultrafiltration).
    • The cleaning process and cleaning agent.
    • How the membrane cleaning system is joined to the water treatment plant.

    Figure 4 Membrane cleaning unit.

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    Which Membranes are Viable for Treatment by a Membrane Cleaning System?

    Membrane fouling occurs in all membrane-based water treatment systems. For sustained, top-notch performances, regular cleaning, descaling, and unblocking of the semi-permeable membranes are necessitated.

    During filtration, some of the alienated contaminants remain trapped on the membranes’ pores and surfaces.  To prevent membrane fouling from occurring or progressing, NEWater manufactures membrane cleaning skids suitable to clean the following types of water treatment membranes.

    Figure 5 Reverse osmosis Membranes.

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    What Causes Membrane Fouling?

    Membrane fouling is often a consequence of three causes:


    Soiling is an aftermath of colloids like clay, silt, and silica being entrapped on the membrane’s surface. It is highly common in seawater RO membranes and is often resolved using chelating agents.


    Adsorption (also referred to as absorption) is a result of biological elements such as proteins, microorganisms, fats, and greases forming biopolymers on the membranes. To flush out the biopolymers, an appropriate chemical agent is deployed.


    Precipitation on the other hand is a consequence of the over-saturation of the solution. The contaminants are forced to alienate from the solution, consequently sticking to the membrane’s surface.

    Figure 6 Fouled membrane.

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    What is the Lifespan of Reverse Osmosis Membranes?

    Typical reverse osmosis membranes have a life expectancy ranging from 3 to 7 years contingent upon the application. Other influences that determine the lifespan of an RO membrane include; the quality of pretreatment, frequency, and effectiveness of membrane cleaning, design, and the membrane’s quality.

    The quality of feed water also significantly affects the lifespan of an RO membrane. Seawater is likely to evoke the buildup of a biofilm around the membrane’s surface due to the high concentration of dissolved salts and microorganisms.

    Groundwater, on the other hand, is likely to foul the membrane by prompting scaling as a result of high calcium, magnesium, and iron concentrations. Failure to enforce predictive or reactive membrane cleaning considerably lowers the life expectancy of the RO membrane.

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    When is it Necessary to Clean Membranes?

    There are two approaches to membrane cleaning, predictive and reactive cleaning. Our specialists advocate for predictive membrane cleaning because it prevents the repercussions of a fouled membrane. Our engineers recommend you clean your membrane whenever the following indicators are exhibited.

    • When the system exhibits a 10% decrease in permeate flow rate.
    • When the operating pressure drops hikes by 10 or 15%.
    • When the impurity passage rate surges by 5 to 10%.

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    What are the Basic Components of Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    RO CIP skids are so effective because of the high-quality components they are made of and the effective consumables they utilize. Below we briefly summarize the basic components that make up a superior and cost-efficient membrane-cleaning skid.

    Mixing tank.

    Containers with varying capacities are key components of membrane cleaning skids given they provide an avenue for preparing and storing the cleaning agent. Most mixing tanks possess a mechanical mixer, which facilitates sufficient dilution. When cleaning an 8-inch vessel with 6 elements, a mixing tank with a capacity of 60 gallons is recommended.

    Cartridge filter.

    In between the pressure vessels and the pump, there is often a filter responsible for keeping large constituents off the membrane-cleaning skid.  The filter pores are often 10-20 micron-sized and replacement should be enforced once the pressure drop hits 10-15psi.

    Figure 7 Cartridge filters for membrane cleaning skids.


    Additionally, membrane cleaning systems have connectors that link them to the membrane-based system. It is recommended that each stage of vessels should be cleaned separately at a relatively high flow rate.

    Other components include a means of heating, thermometer, PH reader, and a pump.

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    Do You Provide Different Types of Membrane Cleaning Skids?

    Membrane fouling in different membrane systems is caused by varying contaminants hence NEWater manufactures varying types of membrane cleaning skids. Your membrane cleaning system selection should principally be informed by the contaminants limiting your system’s optimum functionality. Underneath are NEWater’s membrane cleaning skids options.

    Low pH membrane cleaners.

    Low pH membrane cleaning systems are primarily used to clean sealants such as calcium phosphate, metallic oxides, calcium carbonate, and iron sulfide.  In reverse osmosis systems, scaling occurs at the latter stages and is likely to escalate the differential pressure in the second reverse osmosis stage.

    High pH membrane cleaning systems.

    These are membrane cleaners designed to particularly clean colloids and other particulates capable of fouling your RO, UF, NF, or MF membranes. High pH membrane cleaning skids also remedy biological fouling.

    Figure 8 Membrane cleaning.

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    How Much is a Membrane Cleaning System?

    Many users perceive RO CIP skids as a cost-efficient means of preserving and maintaining their membrane-based water treatment plants. Our experts have established that the cost incurred when replacing fouled membranes is approximately $4 per 1000 gallons while system upkeep utilizing membrane cleaning skids totals $0.5 to $1. Below is a rough estimate of costs resulting from the purchase and application of membrane cleaning skids per 1000 gallons.

    • Filter cartridge: 0.05 to 0.15 dollars.
    • Cleaning agents: 0.05 to 0.15 dollars.
    • Total cost: 0.5 to 1 dollar.

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    Are There Skid-Mounted Membrane Cleaning Skids?

    NEWater manufactures quality membrane cleaning skids by assembling the key components in durable skid mounts. Membrane cleaning skids are quite portable and easy to set up, operate and maintain.

    Our skid-mounted membrane cleaning units are applicable in permanent projects and temporary applications. Standard options have a flow rate ranging from 8 GPM to 210 GPM and can clean RO, UF, NF, and MF membranes. For order placement or further inquiry, kindly contact NEWater’s specialists.

    Figure 9 Skid mounted membrane cleaning unit.

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    What are the Advantages of Using Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    The pros of using membrane cleaning systems are justifiably summarized by the enormous savings they facilitate. Inadequate or unsuitable membrane cleaning costs the user approximately $4 per 1000 gallons of treated water. On the contrary, the rightful deployment of befitting membrane cleaning skids costs under $1. The following are benefits accrued from the use of membrane cleaners.

    • Prolonged membrane lifespan.
    • Elevated impurity rejection rates.
    • Enhanced water recovery rates.

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    What Are The Limitations of Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    Membrane cleaning skids are very effective in remedying or averting membrane fouling. Their benefits to your membrane filtration system are immeasurable but this comes at a cost. The primary limitation of membrane cleaning skids is that they are prone to fouling from the contaminants cleaned.

    Membrane cleaners are equipped with cartridge filters responsible for eradicating large particles. These constituents may stick to the filters thereby lowering the flow rate and ultimately slowing the cleaning system’s performance.

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    Can Membrane Cleaning Systems be Customized?

    In addition to having distinct applications, most of our client’s value uniqueness. As a customer-centered manufacturer, we design our systems to match the specifications of our clients.

    To order your customized membrane cleaning unit, simply get in touch with our engineers and provide your anticipated flow rate, mixing tank capacity, design, and level of membrane fouling. You can also seek their technical advice on the ideal membrane cleaning system for your system.

    Figure 10 Customized Membrane cleaning system.

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    How Many Membranes can a Membrane Cleaning System Clean?

    Available membrane cleaning skids have the capacity to clean 4 or 8 membranes. Our cleaning units are also capable of cleaning a maximum of 6 vessels simultaneously. Often, membrane cleaning is enforced periodically and the recommended flow rate for vessel cleaning is 40GPM to 45 GPM. Our technicians will provide detailed instructions on the membrane cleaning process and the ideal operating conditions.

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    Are There Automatic Membrane Cleaning Skids?

    The operation modules of membrane cleaning systems differ with some possessing the ability to automatically initiate membrane backwashing. However, most of the membrane cleaning processes are initiated manually.

    Membrane cleaning skids permit users to clean their reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and Nanofiltration membranes without necessarily having to remove them from their respective plants.

    Figure 11 Semi-automatic membrane cleaning system.

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    Where Can I Purchase a Premium Membrane Cleaning System?

    NEWater is a water treatment solutions manufacturer situated in China and with an enormous customer base locally and internationally. We manufacture a diverse pool of membrane cleaning units suitable for various membrane filtration systems including RO, NF, UF, and MF systems.

    To accommodate the varying sizes of water filtration systems, our membrane cleaning skids are endowed with varying flow rates ranging from 1.8 to 48 m3/hr. Available systems can clean 4 or 8 membranes and a maximum of 6 vessels simultaneously.

    Enjoy the best prices on high-quality membrane cleaning units by contacting NEWater to place your order.

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    Do You Ship Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    As a well-established manufacturer of membrane cleaning systems, we have the capacity and infrastructure necessitated to facilitate local and global door-to-door deliveries. Our dedication to adequately meeting the international and local demand for our water treatment systems has seen us deliver over 1000 systems to over 200 countries.

    Place your order from the comfort of your office and have NEWater deliver it to your doorstep promptly, safely, and at an affordable rate.

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    What Should I Do if My Membrane Cleaning System Arrives With Defects?

    Thanks to our highly reliable shipment providers, the delivery of defective membrane cleaning systems is very rare. To mitigate dispatching erroneous membrane cleaning systems, our quality assurance team rigorously tests them.

    However, transportation is prone to accidents thus your system might arrive with defects. In such unprecedented scenarios, we ask our clients to contact our customer support team for amicable resolutions. In your communication, indicate the system’s order number, the delivery date, and the nature of the defect. After diagnosing the malfunction, our engineers will initiate the appropriate resolution.

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    What After-sale Services do You Offer?

    NEWater’s commitment to customer gratification is the building block behind our elaborate presale and post-sale services. To begin with, NEWater provides free technical consultation, feed water testing, and analysis to interested clients.

    After you have purchased a membrane cleaning unit from NEWater, you are entitled to the following services:

    • Doorstep delivery.
    • One-year warranty protection.
    • Lifetime repair services.
    • 24/7 customer support.

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    How Do You Transport Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    To facilitate smooth, timely, and safe delivery of your membrane cleaning system, NEWater exploits globally renowned courier service providers. To arrive at an ideal transportation mode, we factor in the distance, urgency of need, and accessibility. Frequently, we utilize the following modes of transport; rail, road, sea, and air transport.

    Air transport is by far the fastest transportation mode hence systems shipped via air are delivered in 3 to 7 days. Updates on the dispatching, utilized transport mode, and expected delivery date will be promptly communicated to you.

    Figure 12 Transportation modes.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms?

    At the heart of our payment policy is customer fulfillment. Therein, we provide our customers with fair and flexible payment terms as they seek to procure premium membrane cleaning skids from NEWater.

    Full payment for any conventional small-sized system is necessitated prior to shipment while larger, skid-mounted, and containerized systems have a more flexible payment structure. NEWater obliges a 50% initial payment, a 30% payment during video inspection, and clearance of the 20% before shipping.

    To propose a more flexible payment structure, kindly contact us via

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    How Durable are Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    With a credible membrane cleaning skid from NEWater, you are assured of continued services over several years. Membrane cleaning systems are not only adequately durable but also help prolong the lifespan of your membrane filtration system.

    The presence of cartridge filters helps avert damage from colloids and particles ejected from the membrane surface. Membrane cleaning units are inexpensive to maintain and this makes them a worthy investment with guaranteed returns over a period of time.

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    Do You Provide Accessories for Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    Yes. We provide high-quality membrane cleanings components such as cartridge filters and mixer tanks at competitive price points. Our engineers independently manufacture membrane cleaning accessories thereby upholding quality standards.

    An added incentive to buying spare components for your membrane cleaning unit from NEWater is the timely doorstep delivery of the system. As the parent manufacturer of your membrane filtration plant, we manufacture accessories compatible with the respective system.

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    How Can I Access Technical Advice on Membrane Cleaning Systems?

    Our commitment to fostering constructive customer engagement is facilitated by the diverse communication channels available to our consumers. Irrespective of your geographical location, you can make an inquiry, provide feedback or even critique our products using the following communication avenues.

    • Phone number: +86 188-5927-5056.
    • Email:
    • WhatsApp: +86 188-5927-5056.

    Our engineers provide free technical consulting services on membrane cleaning systems and other related products. Our customer support team is reachable 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact NEWater for technical aid.

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    Are Membrane Cleaning Skids Protected by Warranties?

    All our water treatment systems inclusive of membrane cleaning skids command one-year warranty protection. Thanks to our warranty policy, you do not have to incur any cost repairing or replacing defective components of your membrane cleaning system within the first year of purchase.

    You have the liberty to demand immediate resolution of malfunctions resulting from technical mishaps from NEWater. Our warranty policy however does not cover malfunctions resulting from human errors or mishandling. Further explanation of our warranty policy is available on our warranty cards.

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    What are the Different Types of Membranes You Offer?

    NEWater’s resolution is to provide industries, individuals, and commercial enterprises with unlimited access to quality membrane-based water treatment systems. We are a globally renowned manufacturer of water treatment solutions with over 20 years of experience.

    Our membrane filtration systems, bearing varying capacities, flow rates, and impurity rejection rates are suitable for seawater, groundwater, brackish water, and tap water treatment. They are intelligently designed to offer convenience, cost-efficiency, and lengthy service lives. Underneath are our most prominent membrane-based water treatment plants.

    Figure 14 Ultrafiltration water treatment plant.

    By using a NEWater membrane cleaning system to clean RO water filtration membranes, you can achieve cost savings and a similar time for industrial equipment. This system allows for thorough cleaning of your RO system membrane even if they are still contained within the housings.

    In addition to its features, a NEWater membrane cleaning system can extend the lifespan of the membrane by double or triple the normal lifespan. Our team makes sure that our membrane cleaning system has the quality that you’ve been looking for. It improves the performance, durability, and reliability of membrane technology.

    membrae cleaning system manufacturer

    NEWater is over 2 decades in RO membrane and membrane cleaning system production. We can manufacture a membrane cleaning system for any membrane option. We have top engineers that progressively improve the performance and design of our membranes that resulting in greater efficiency, quicker recovery rates, and increasing membrane lifespan.

    With a NEWater membrane cleaning system, you can clean the membranes of any ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis, and nanofiltration without disassembling them from the membrane system. Below is the membrane cleaning system equipment and its uses:

    • Cartridge filter: eliminates organic matter discharge
    • Heater: quickens the performance by increasing the cleaning solution temperature
    • Cleaning pump: spreads the cleansing mixture within the RO membranes
    • Tank: the blending of cleaning solution
    • Level switch: protects cleaning pump from drying
    • Control panel: controls the operating system in manual or auto mode

    membrae cleaning system

    NEWater has experience and background in producing high-quality membrane cleaning systems. We can support your business by providing all types of membrane cleaning skids with reliability, durability, and a long life span.

    With many years of experience in membrane cleaning system production, we built excellent partnerships with the top companies and industries around the world. Whether you’re looking for a membrane cleaning skid for your business or to support your project, NEWater is the best answer!

    We are looking forward to working with your business soon and let us grow our business together!

    Contact us today!

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