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  • 20 years of consistently delivering superior equipment.
  • Resins of superior quality were used.
  • Efficient and ecologically friendly.
  • Ensure removal of mineral deposits and scale buildup.
  • Customizable treatment solutions.
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    NEWater: Most Reliable Provider of Your Metered Domestic Water Softeners

    NEWater delivers undeniably excellent water treatment solutions for a variety of businesses. For over 20 years, we are very flexible towards the client’s objectives, thus,  making us an industry leader in providing innovative metered water softeners to the market. Our professionals will guarantee to exert the best assistance in providing you with the most recent metered water softener designs that will suit your requirements. It is ensured to reduce hardness in the water while also dissolving mineral deposits and scale build-up. This promise to overhead your expenses because of the unnecessary maintenance you have usually gone by before! Our expert team is available to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The instant inquiry, instant response!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Metered Water Softeners

    Meter Water Softener

    NEWater’s Dual Tank Water Softener utilizes innovative regeneration technology that effectively eliminates dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.


    NEWater’s Water Softening Equipment effectively removes potentially hazardous minerals with the use of Resin Beds.

    Water Purification Systems for Home

    NEWater Water Softener System uses exquisite minerals like calcium and magnesium that manages to eradicate from the water system.

    Industrial Water Softener System

    Our Industrial Water Softener System effectively extracts minerals from the water rapidly and easily leveraging resin beds.

    Commercial Water Softener Systems  

    NEWater’s Commercial Water Softener Systems may be relied upon to efficiently filter harmful materials with a trouble-free function for years with little to no maintenance.

    Large Water Softener Systems

    NEWater’s Large Water Softener Systems utilizes premium ion-exchange resin that undeniably removes 99% of hazardous chemicals from the water source, including calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese.

    Trusted NEWater Metered Water Softeners Manufacturer in China

    Quality-wise, NEWater is a revolutionized industry-leading manufacturer of best metered water softeners that constantly innovates to offer you the utmost quality possible. Our effective metered domestic water softeners prevent residual build-up that efficiently extracts the hazardous substances present in the water supply and, therefore, prolongs the life of the equipment.

    As we are ISO9001:2015 compliant, we definitely provide our clients with products and types of equipment that are environmentally sustainable and of excellent quality. You are ensured that we are always in adherence to your criteria by thoroughly analyzing your data and aligning it to your business essentials. Our guarantee to you is a cost that’s undeniably reduced! Send us an inquiry now.

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    Products Advantages:

    • Eliminates harmful chemicals up to 1.0 ppm.
    • Intelligent monitoring shut-off system.
    • Cost savings with no maintenance required.
    • Ensure the long-term durability of the equipment.
    • Easy installation and energy-efficient.
    • Highly customizable and durable.

    Water Softeners Applications:

    • Residential buildings such as apartments and condominiums.
    • Groundwater purification.
    • Hospital Facilities.
    • Laundry Business.
    • Boiler Feedwater/ Well Water.
    • Car Wash Business.
    Metered Water Softener

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    How Long does the General Production Cycle Need to Wait?

    NEWater’s treatment types of equipment are divided into a large system and a small system according to the water volume. The equipment is divided into portable water-making equipment, small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container-type equipment. According to different water volumes and customer requirements, we provide customized services.

    Conventional small equipment takes 3-7 days, and large equipment takes 2-3 months. This is based on your requirements and water volume.

    If I Need to Customize Equipment, What Data Need to be Provided?

    1. As the voltage and frequency of different countries are different, we first need the local voltage and frequency of electricity.
    2. How many gallons the water requirement per hour is
    3. The water quality of the source water and what requirements need to be met
    4. If you need to provide on-site installation services

    Does the Equipment Need to be Installed On-site?

    1. Portable and small equipment — This is plug and play, it doesn’t need to be provided installation services. According to our instructions, you can install by yourself.
    2. Small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container equipment-we will reserve the interface for docking. If there are installation workers, we will provide installation instructions and installation instructions. If necessary, we can also send someone to install it.
    3. How to provide installation instructions —— We have installation instructions and installation videos. If necessary, we can provide free remote software to help you with remote video installation instructions.

    How to Charge for Installation Service

    1. We provide free installation instructions, with instruction manuals and installation videos
    2. Remote video installation guidance. If it is a large piece of equipment and the customer needs to install it by himself, then we will also provide free remote installation guidance service, but we need to plan a good time, within our working hours. Our working hours are from 9 o’clock to 18 o’clock Beijing time
    3. We send workers to install it. This needs to be based on the size of the project. If we have been designated to install it in the early stage, the installation service abroad will belong to our scope of work, and no additional charge is required.
    4. If we need to send someone to install it temporarily, we need to provide different charges according to different countries, installation technical requirements, and different types of technical work. Welcome to inquire.

    How to Transport the Equipment?

    There are several types of transportation, sea, air, and express

    1. If it is a small device and requires fast speed, we can provide door-to-door service by air and express, the normal transportation cycle is 5-10 days.
    2. If it is skid-mounted or container equipment, it is more appropriate to use the shipping method. The normal transportation cycle is 20-40 days.

    Whats Your Payment Method?

    Small equipment needs payment to delivery

    For skid-mounted equipment and container equipment, 50% is prepaid, 30% is charged after video inspection, and 20% is charged before shipment.

    Of course, we provide you with flexible ways of cooperation. Become our agents, and have more flexible support. Welcome to contact us.

    Do You Provide Maintenance Services?


    1. NEWater provides free installation guidance and a one-year product warranty service. During the warranty service period, if there is an equipment problem, we provide free equipment repair or replacement services. If it is a manual operation, a fee will be charged. We can provide the required equipment replacement.
    2. We provide life-long after-sales service. NEWater has a full set of equipment and accessories, which can be replaced. Don’t worry about the failure of after-sales and maintenance.
    3. During the warranty period, NEWater provides all kinds of professional technical support, and if necessary. We also provide remote video guidance services.
    4. After the warranty period, NEWater also provides life-long after-sales maintenance, which requires a certain amount of manual service. There are also many matching accessories that can be replaced, so there is no need to worry about the later operation of the equipment.

    Do You Provide Design Services?

    Yes, we do.

    For conventional small equipment, NEWater has standardized equipment. For large-scale skid-mounted and container equipment, we can design a process that meets the needs according to different water quality requirements.

    At the same time, we carry out three-dimensional drawing designs according to different requirements and then communicate with customers to confirm.

    After the design confirmation is completed, we then proceed to custom processing. So you don’t have to worry about our design and production capacity. We will provide you with the most professional technical support.

    NEWater Metered Water Softeners

    NEWater is relentlessly leading at its best in manufacturing the most modern metered domestic water softeners. Metered water softeners are developed and produced appropriately according to the most suitable requirements asked by our well-loved clients. A very versatile product that can be used in several industries, including, municipal, institutional, and industrial settings.

    NEWater’s metered water softeners thoroughly get rid of harmful chemicals and definitely reduce minerals to generate 100% clean and pure water. With our high-quality resin bed, the raw water is purified by substituting the hardness of the water with salt ions. This softened water removes the salt with no apparent residue through our latest RO technology resulting in a diminished maintenance cost for you while expanding the life of your equipment. Our highly qualified technical team guarantees to essentially remove water hardness and harmful chemicals by up to 1.0 ppm and lessen your operational expenses.

    For any product-related inquiries, you may contact us at

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Metered Water Softeners

    Freshwater reservoirs have been on a sustained decline in recent decades. This has been a major source of concern as households, businesses, and industries suffer the effects of insufficient clean water supplies. However, the advancement of water purification technology has greatly aided in the provision of alternate freshwater sources.

    For instance, you can now use water from a private well, river, lake, or faucet for a variety of purposes without worrying about its hardness. This is made possible by ultramodern water-softening equipment. The focus of today’s article will be on metered water softeners and their numerous advantages.

    Figure 1 Metered water softener.

    What is a Metered Water Softener?

    A metered water softener is high-tech water softening device with an automatic meter that starts the resin regeneration process when certain quantitative goals are met. Simply described, they’re standard water softener systems with control valves that include automatic meters. The control valve starts the regeneration process when the metered water softener has generated a certain amount of soft water.

    They are incredibly effective and may soften even the most difficult water. They can also be used in industries, residences, and even commercial enterprises with the correct customization. NEWater’s high-level metered water softeners come with comprehensive instructions to provide a pleasant and stress-free user experience.

    They are tremendously effective and can be used to soften extremely hard water. Additionally, with the right customization, they can be deployed in industries, households, or even commercial entities. High-end water softeners from NEWater include comprehensive guides to facilitate a convenient and stress-free user experience.

    How Does a Metered Water Softener Function?

    Metered water softeners work in the same way as traditional ion exchange water softeners. However, the regeneration process begins in a different way. Hard water, which is sent into the meter water softener as feed water, passes through the mineral tank’s resin beads. Sodium (Na+) ions are commonly used in resin beads; however, potassium (K+) ions can be used instead.

    Negatively charged active sites in ion exchange water softeners attract ions with the opposite charge (cations). Hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) are pulled to anionic active sites, causing sodium ions to be released, eventually replacing the hardness ions in the water. At the bottom of the resin tank, the filtered water, which is often soft, exits.

    The regeneration process begins when the water softener has produced a certain amount of soft water. The resin bed is back washed before a brine solution is circulated into the resin beds to supply overloaded resin beads during regeneration. Hardness ions that have been seized are ejected and replaced by Na+ ions. To comprehensively grasp the concept of ion exchange water softening, kindly watch the following video.

    What Differentiates a Metered Water Softener from a Timed Water Softener?

    We’ve already established that when a pre-programmed amount of soft water gallons is reached, metered water softeners begin the regeneration process automatically. On the other hand, timed water softeners start the regeneration process after a certain amount of time has passed. The time clock, for example, can be programmed to start regeneration after 5 or 7 days of use.

    Figure 2 Meter control valve for water softener.

    Water softeners that are metered are more efficient than those that are timed. This is because they consume the regeneration consumables efficiently regardless. It is possible to regenerate the resin bed under or over in scheduled water softeners because the timing may not precisely indicate when regeneration should begin. As a result, most businesses now use metered water softeners instead of timed water softeners.

    Except for the fact that they use different parameters to start resin regeneration, both timed and metered water softeners work in the same way. The procedures for removing hardness ions and rebuilding overworked resin beds are nearly identical. Both sets of equipment are manufactured by NEWater.

    Which Types of These Softeners Do You Provide?

    We manufacture many types of metered water softeners for our diversified clientele as an established and highly experienced provider of water treatment solutions. The compositions, application fields, and softening processes of our various water softeners can all be classified. We’ll take a closer look at the many sorts of metered water softeners we provide below.

    ● Single tank metered water softeners.

    Water softeners with only one mineral tank and one brine tank are known as single-tank water softeners. The water softening process takes place in a single mineral tank, and after the resin bed has lost its softening capacity, the operation must be paused to allow regeneration. When your pre-set number of gallons is supplied, regeneration begins for single-tank metered water softeners. We also make single-tank scheduled water softeners that start regeneration on a pre-determined schedule.

    ● Dual-tank metered water softeners.

    In contrast, dual-tank water softeners have two resin tanks and one brine vessel. During an in-service cycle, one of the two mineral tanks is used to exchange hardness-causing ions for sodium or potassium ions. The water softening process is handled by the dual resin tank once the metered control valve starts the regeneration process. This is especially advantageous because your soft water supply will not be stopped. Boiler feeds, cooling towers, families, business enterprises, and institutions all employ twin-tank water softeners.

    Figure 3 Dual tank metered water softener.

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    How Frequently Does a Metered Water Softener Regenerate?

    Regeneration is required to keep a water softener’s maximum softening capacity. The regeneration cycle for metered water softeners is usually started after specified quantitative criteria have been fulfilled. After the water softener has produced 75 liters of soft water, for example. When it comes to how often a metered water softener should regenerate, there is no set guideline.

    There are, however, several parameters or conditions that might assist you in determining whether your water softener needs regeneration. These factors include the degree of hardness in your feed water as well as the amount of water softened by the system. The resin beds in a metered water softener that softens extremely hard water are likely to lose their softening power sooner than those in a system that softens moderately hard water.

    Furthermore, a softener that produces hundreds of gallons of soft water per day will require shorter regeneration cycles than a system that produces fewer gallons. We supply a metered water softener manual that should help you figure out how often your system has to be regenerated. If you have any doubts, you can seek professional assistance from our esteemed technicians.

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    Where can I Purchase High-Quality Metered Water Softener Parts?

    The control valve, cation exchange resin filter, mineral, and brine tanks are the four main components of metered water softeners. Each of these elements has a distinct purpose, and some are more prone to fouling than others. For example, typical resin beds for metered or timed water softeners have a 10- to 15-year lifespan. This means that after 10-15 years of use, you may require a new resin bed.

    Other components, such as the control valve and the resin tank, can also fail and require repair. We create a wide range of water treatment systems and their associated spare parts thanks to our cutting-edge production capabilities. Our engineers produce most of our meter water softener parts in our facilities, which allows us to maintain quality control.

    We respect client happiness in addition to quality, which is why we provide a variety of care packages to improve your user experience. All our bespoke parts come with a one-year warranty, as well as installation instructions. By ordering from NEWater, you may get high-quality spare parts sent right to your door. You will also benefit from low rates, reduced shipping fees, and quick deliveries.

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    How do I Set My Metered Water Softener?

    Metered water softeners are programmable water softening devices that can be programmed to give certain results. Users have the option of setting the metered control valve themselves or consulting an expert technician. However, programming the water softener’s control unit is simple and may be completed with the help of our user manual. We’ll go through the most important procedures to take while setting up your metered water softener below.

    Figure 4 Meter-controlled water softener systems.

    ● Test the hardness level of your water.

    Only when you’ve determined the exact degree of hardness in your feed water can you decide the optimum settings for your metered water softener. You can use a quality test kit or submit samples of your water to technicians for analysis to quickly ascertain the hardness levels. Note that hardness is usually expressed as grains per gallon (GPG).

    ● Fine-tune the hardness setting.

    Feed the exact figure to the water softener’s control unit after determining the hardness degree of your water. Adjust the hardness setting on the control board to 50 GPG if your supply water has a hardness level of 50 GPG. Divide the number of parts per million (PPM) by 17.1 to get grains per gallon.

    ● Adjust the softening capacity.

    The softening capacity of a metered water softener refers to the amount of hardness it can remove before requiring regeneration. The capacity to soften is usually measured in kilo grains. Softening capabilities for metered water softeners typically range from 1-99 kilo grains. The metered water softener manual will tell you what your system’s ideal softening capacity is.

    ● Establish the size of your resin tank.

    The volume of a resin tank is largely determined by the resin tank’s size. Standard resin tanks have sizes ranging from 0.75 to 2 cubic feet and are often measured in cubic feet. In the user manual, the size will be specified.

    ● Determine the proposed salt dose.

    The recommended salt dose is determined by several factors, including softening capacity and resin tank volume. For a metered water softener with a softening capability of 30-kilo grains and a resin tank volume of 1 cubic foot, the suggested salt dose is roughly 15 pounds.

    ● Adjust the salt dose.

    Finally, program the salt dose according to the metered water softener manual’s instructions. The dosage might be measured in pounds, kilograms, or other units. If you’re not sure what settings your softener requires, talk to the manufacturer first.

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    What Are the Primary Rewards of Metered Water Softeners?

    Metered water softeners have gained popularity in recent years due to their cost-effective regeneration procedures. Unlike scheduled or unmetered water softeners, it is impossible to over-or under-regenerate with a metered water softener. Because regeneration salts and water are used efficiently, this equates to decreased operational costs. Some of the most significant advantages of using metered water softeners are listed below:

    • Regeneration water and salts are efficiently used.
    • They are highly effective in removing hardness minerals and traces of iron (up to 5 mg/L).
    • They help elevate the productivity of washing detergents.
    • With a metered water softener, the lifespan of your valuable appliances is prolonged.
    • They facilitate spotless cleaning and softer skin.
    • Automatic regeneration makes them easy and convenient to use.

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