Water Purifier Machine for Home

  • 1-year machine warranty
  • Remote control technical support, on-site installation
  • Pure water acquisition rate up to 75%.
  • Continuous water purification for 24 hours
  • Low running cost and long service life.

Raw water:    tap water, surface water, lake water, well water, etc.
Conductivity of produced water: <10-20μS/cm or lower
Power:   220v / 380v 50hz / 60hz
Capacity:   250-2000 liters per hour
Flow rate:   500-20000L/H
Desalination rate:    99.8%
Recovery rate: 40-50%
Support customization.

Water Purifier Machine for Home Manufacturer

NEWater water purifier machine for home is not only energy efficient but also has low running costs and is effective. Our mineral water purifier is ideal for household water purification and bottled mineral water industries. They utilize high-tech reverse osmosis and deionization technology to treat the water to ensure it is suitable for drinking.

Our water purifier machine for home ensures that water meets the standards set by the industry for adequate mineral content, consistent taste, and balanced pH of water. Our machines allow you to meet the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration to ensure the water is safe to drink.

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The NEWater Mineral Water Purifier Machine:




Mineral Water Purifier Machine Operating Parameters

1. Operating Pressure. < 300 psig
2. Maximum recovery rate: 60%-75%.
3. Nominal reject rate: 95-99%.
4. Operating Temperature: 2-35 ºC
5. Minimum inlet pressure: 30 psig
6. Design temperature: 25 ºC

NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant details
NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant factory

Multi-stage Filtration

First stage pretreatment (sand filter)
The main purpose is to remove sediment, manganese, rust, colloidal substances, mechanical impurities, suspended substances, and other health hazards contained in water with particles above 20UM.
Second stage pretreatment (carbon filter)
Activated carbon filters are used to remove pigments, odors, and large amounts of chemical and biological organisms from the water and to reduce harmful contaminants.
Third Stage Pretreatment (Resin Softener)
Cationic resins are used for water softening, mainly to remove water hardness. This effectively prevents scaling of the reverse osmosis membrane. The system can be backwashed automatically.
Fourth stage pretreatment (micron filter)
Removes fine particles from the water to bring the turbidity to 1 degree.

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