Mineral Water Purifier Machine

  • 1-year machine warranty
  • Remote control technical support, on-site installation
  • Pure water acquisition rate up to 75%.
  • Continuous water purification for 24 hours
  • Low running cost and long service life.

Raw water:    tap water, surface water, lake water, well water, etc.
Conductivity of produced water: <10-20μS/cm or lower
Power:   220v / 380v 50hz / 60hz()
Capacity:   250-2000 litres per hour
Flow rate:   500-20000L/H
Desalination rate:    99.8%
Recovery rate: 40-50%
Support customization.

Your Trusted Mineral Water Purifier Machine Manufacturer in China

Bottlers require water purification technology that is not only energy-efficient but also operates at a lower cost and works effectively. Our Mineral Water Purifier Machines, here at NEWater, are ideal for the bottled mineral water industry. They make use of high-tech reverse osmosis technology and deionization to treat the water, ensuring that it is ideal for consumption.

Our Mineral Water Purifier Machines ensure that the water meets standards set industry-wide, with regards to their mineral content being sufficient, the taste being consistent, and that the pH of the water is being balanced. The standards, that our machines allow you to meet, are set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration, which guarantee that the water is safe for consumption.

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NEWater Mineral Water Purifier Machine Parameters:

Power supply
AC220V / AC380V / 415V±5% 50HZ / 60HZ (customized)
RO stage
According to client’s demands
Desalt rate
Operation pressure
PH of raw water
Conductivity of raw water

The NEWater Mineral Water Purifier Machine:


NEWater Mineral Water Purifier Machine Applications:appilication



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Mineral Water Purifier Machine Operating Parameters

1. Operating Pressure. < 300 psig
2. Maximum recovery rate: 60%-75%.
3. Nominal reject rate: 95-99%.
4. Operating Temperature: 2-35 ºC
5. Minimum inlet pressure: 30 psig
6. Design temperature: 25 ºC

NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant details
NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant factory

Multi-stage Filtration

First stage pretreatment (sand filter)
The main purpose is to remove sediment, manganese, rust, colloidal substances, mechanical impurities, suspended substances and other health hazards contained in water with particles above 20UM.
Second stage pretreatment (carbon filter)
Activated carbon filters are used to remove pigments, odors, large amounts of chemical and biological organisms from the water and to reduce harmful contaminants.
Third Stage Pretreatment (Resin Softener)
Cationic resins are used for water softening, mainly to remove water hardness. This effectively prevents scaling of the reverse osmosis membrane. The system can be backwashed automatically.
Fourth stage pretreatment (micron filter)
Removes fine particles from the water to bring the turbidity to 1 degree.

Why Choose NEWater

1. Compact structure, small footprint, low investment cost and low energy consumption.
2. Reverse osmosis system is a physical process, no phase change, energy-saving effect is obvious.
3. Simple operation, easy to realize automatic control, saving manpower; high anti-pollution separation device, easy to clean
4. High recovery rate, good desalination effect, can produce fresh water from rivers, lakes, well water, sea water or brackish water
5. Using concentration method, valuable components can be recovered
6. Removing organic matter, bacteria, colloid and impurities from water to obtain high purity water.
7. Advanced membrane protection system, when operating the switch, the system can automatically operate the flushing function to reduce pollution and extend the life of the membrane.

NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant advantages
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    NEWater Mineral Water Purifier Machine   

    Nowadays, many people like to drink mineral water. NEWater Mineral Water Purifier Machine removes rust, sediment, residual chlorine, organic matter, harmful heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, etc. from water by means of physical or chemical filtration materials, which can directly obtain mineral water suitable for human health and drinking.

    Most Popular Highfine Pharmaceutical RO Membrane Purifier Water Treatment Machinery Pure Water RO Purification System

    The Mineral Water Purifier Machine begins that water purification process by pumping it from the water source. And depending on the source, such as groundwater, wells and springs, saline water, the process is customized accordingly. Once the source is determined filtration processes including reverse osmosis, ozonation, distillation, electrodeionization, and UV irradiation are employed to remove unwanted contaminants from the water.

    Once the water has been pumped from the source, larger impurities are removed using coagulation and flocculation, followed by sedimentation. Which involves contaminants being clumped together and being settled in slanted sedimentation tanks. After this filtration is carried out, that removes organic and inorganic contaminants from the raw water, to remove unwanted taste, pigment, and odor. RO Membrane filtration is highly effective for this process, thus our Mineral Water Purifier Machine makes use of reverse osmosis where the water is being pumped through a series of partially permeable membranes, that retain the impurities while allowing the water to pass through, as it overcomes its osmotic pressure.

    RO Water Purifier Machine

    After the above-mentioned process, electrodeionization is carried out. It makes use of electricity, ion exchange resins, and membranes to remove unwanted ions from the water being treated. It does not make use of chemical treatments and polishes the water further once the reverse osmosis has been carried out. This ensures low conductivity, low turbidity, and low silica levels in the mineral water.

    NEWater provides through online testing, to ensure that the water quality is optimum, and meets industrial standards of potable water. The Mineral Water Purifier Machines also guarantee that the water is devoid of any unwanted tastes and odors. Thus our devices are ideal for you as a business owner, looking for a device that stands out amongst its competition.



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