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    NEWater: Mobile Water Filtration System No.1 Manufacturer

    Since 2001, NEWater engaged in developing and designing high standard mobile water filtration system. We can provide NEWater water filtration system with high-performance, high-quality, and cost-efficient. NEWater is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile water filtration system in China, offering not just quality products but also excellent services. We stock thousands of available mobile water filtration system ready to ship worldwide. Get in touch with us for budget-friendly mobile water filtration system.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Mobile Water Filtration System

    Mobile Water Purification System  

    We manufacture Mobile Water Purification Systems here at NEWater that are travel-friendly and are of an energy-efficient design.

    Mobile Water Treatment System

    Our Mobile Water Treatment Systems are customizable according to your requirements, application areas, and the water quality of the source of our water.

    Mobile Water Filter

    These Mobile Water Filters are easily programmable and are installed by our professional technical team on site.

    Your Mobile Water Filtration System in China

    Your go-to Mobile Water Filtration System manufacturer and Mobile Water Filtration System supplier NEWater is a titan among its competition globally because of our commitment to quality. We have our own research and innovation labs that help us formulate intelligent and efficient designs that are used worldwide in various industries. They are guaranteed to remove organic matter, inorganic content, and microbial pathogens among other ions and impurities.

    NEWater has employed a number of environmental protection engineers that each has around 15 years of experience and supervise our manufacturing processes. This has allowed us to receive patents and recognitions, including recognition from the national ministry of science and technology and various certifications that are recognized around the world.

    video cover
    mobile water filtration introduction

    NEWater Mobile Water Filtration System Product Introduction

    NEWater provides fully packaged reverse osmosis systems that are tailored to the end-user application. These systems include feed pumps, pre-treatment as needed based on end-user water quality analysis reports, RO Process, and all post-treatment including post-filtration and Ultra Violet to ensure the best water quality at the point of use. The series includes models with capacities ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 GPD.

    NEWater Mobile Water Filtration System Advantages

    1. Sediment Filter and Housing, 5 Micron, 20″.
    2. Spiral Wound Elements in Thin Film.
    3. Pressure Vessels Made of Stainless Steel.
    4. Switch for Low Pressure.
    5. Automatic Water Shut-Off for Feed.
    6. Pump with High Pressure.
    7. Filter In/Out and System Pressure Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges (3).
    8. Flowmeters for permeate and concentrate.
    mobile water filtration advantages
    mobile water filtration application

    NEWater Mobile Water Filtration System Applications

    • Water Storage Facilities.
    • Water Jet Cutting Machines.
    • Prescription drugs.
    • Manufacturing industry.
    • Another commercial and industrial application for the Commercial Water Packaged Reverse Osmosis Purification RO Machine.

    How NEWater Ships Your Mobile Water Filtration System

    shipping and packaging

    NEWater R&D2

    Customize Your Mobile Water Filtration System in Four Steps

    Datas for system

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    NEWater Mobile Water Filtration System

    NEWater is over 20 years in providing a complete line of mobile water filtration systems in China. Our team designed a mobile water filtration system that provides reliable and quick wastewater and water treatment solutions.

    NEWater offers you reliable mobile water filtration to support your business. Depending on your water application needs, we provide a comprehensive range of mobile water filtration that incorporates simple-to-operate ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis technology.

    mobile water filtration system manufacturer (1)

    The NEWater mobile water filtration system is equipped with all quality features such as high rejection membranes, 5-micron cartridge filters, and a high-pressure duplex stainless steel pump. In addition, it adopts the specific needs with a set of chemical conditioning systems, UF pre-treatment, energy recovery with pressure exchangers, configuration for hazardous areas, and solar power system.

    NEWater is equipped with skilled and experienced designers. We make sure to deliver you an easily transportable mobile water filtration system. These systems continue to produce high-quality water that surely meets and exceeds the world’s most demanding requirements.

    Furthermore, our company adopts track records for supplying the mobile water filtration system you need. NEWater is over 2 decades in helping a huge range of industrial, municipal, and military clients for providing high-quality water through mobile water filtration system from NEWater.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Mobile Water Filtration Systems.

    Persons, commercial enterprises, and industries susceptible to the ravaging freshwater shortage have a reliable remedy in water filtration systems. Efforts to increase freshwater supply are largely centered on filtration of contaminated or low-quality water sources such as seawater and brackish water.

    Recent upgrades to water filtration processes and equipment have elevated the quality of product water generated as well as lowered production costs. In this article, we explore water filtration technologies, machinery, and their suitability to distinct sectors.

    Figure 1 Mobile water filtration system.

    What is a Mobile Water Filtration System?

    A water filtration system is simply a device reliant on chemical, biological, or physical processes to lessen or eradicate the presence of pollutants in water. Mobile water filtration systems are characteristically portable equipment deployed to improve the quality of water for distinct applications.

    These systems exploit distinct filtration processes and have divergent results. They are applicable in a series of sectors ranging from households to industrial wastewater treatment. Generally, water filtration systems are satisfactorily effective, often eradicating up to 99.4% of impurities from water.

    What are the Advantages of Mobile Water Filtration Systems?

    Mobile water filtration systems offer diversity by permitting users to utilize them in distinct locations. They are compact and lightweight hence transportation is relatively easy and their operation is unsophisticated.

    Portable water filtration systems typically generate high-quality water viable for numerous applications including human consumption. They eliminate an extensive range of suspended solids, dissolved salts, microbial pathogens, and other objectionable pollutants.

    Additionally, they mitigate the accumulation of minerals and limescale on valuable apparatuses thereby saving you repair/replacement expenses. Water filtration systems are comparatively inexpensive and they generate better-tasting drinking water.

    Where are Mobile Water Filtration Systems Used?

    Any project that demands high-quality product water can virtually use a water filtration system. A recent upsurge in the use of mobile water filtration systems has been witnessed as homesteads, businesses, and industries fight to reinforce freshwater supply or improve existing water quality. Beneath are renowned sectors making use of water filtration technologies and equipment.

    • Drinking water and food processing.
    • Wastewater treatment.
    • Power plants and mining stations.
    • Industrial manufacturing.
    • Laboratories.

    What are the Basic Features of Mobile Water Filtration Systems?

    The distinct forms of portable water filtration systems are differently constituted given they have varying objectives. Typically, water filtration systems constitute a physical barrier, which alienates the undesired impurities from the water. Alternatively, water filtration machines utilize chemical or biological processes to separate the impurities from water.

    Water filtration systems comprise carbon filters that eradicate chlorine and chloramine from the water. The majority of water regulatory bodies dictate that the resulting water should exhibit chlorine levels of 1.0 mg/L. A pressure source such as a pressure pump or gravity is also a necessity in water filtration systems.

    Figure 2 Mobile seawater filtration machine.

    How Do Mobile Water Filtration Systems Work?

    Mobile water filtration systems exploit chemical, biological, or physical hurdles to cleanse contaminated water. The filtration processes differ with respect to the separation barrier employed. Chemical water filtration systems eradicate pollutants like volatile organic chemicals (VOC) and chlorine by utilizing activated carbon.

    Biological water filtration systems are primarily utilized in wastewater treatment to capture and destroy contaminants organically. Biofiltration constitutes a bioreactor full of microorganisms, which degrade the organic constituents in water.

    Membrane filtration systems constitute perforated membranes, which act as a physical barrier to impurities. Reverse osmosis membrane filters are pressure-oriented and exploit semi-permeable membranes to retain dissolved solids, microbes, minerals, and other undesired elements.

    The following video explicitly explains how water filtration systems are utilized to provide high-grade product water.

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    What Do I Need To Consider When Buying a Mobile Water Filtration System?

    The presence of numerous yet distinct water filtration systems makes the purchasing process a little complex. For clarity, most prospective buyers will carry out research and seek technical consultation from renowned experts.

    NEWater makes the selection process easier for you by providing vital information and free technical consultations. In addition, we have summarized vital dynamics you should look out for prior to investing in a mobile water filtration system.

    • The source and configuration of your feed water.
    • The intended application of the generated potable water.
    • The filtration technology is utilized by the system.
    • The number of gallons generated per hour/day.
    • The supported power voltage and frequency.

    Figure 3 Multi-media water filters.

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    Which Pollutants do Filtration Systems Eliminate?

    The exploitation of water filtration technologies results in the supply of high-quality product water. Untenable water is essentially turned into usable water feasible for a series of applications. Carbon filters eliminate VOCs, organic chemicals, chlorine, and other chloroform.

    Sediment filters are chiefly deployed to capture and eradicate dirt, silt, debris, colloids, and sand. Biological sand filters are also utilized to degrade turbidity, bacteria, protozoans, viruses, and heavy metals found in water.

    Membrane filtration systems like reverse osmosis plants have an impurity rejection score of up to 99.7%. The miniature membrane perforations enable them to reject huge chunks of dissolved solids and other unwanted contaminants.

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    How Much is a Mobile Water Filtration System?

    To determine the true cost of a mobile water filtration system, you need to look at the equipment costs and the operational expenditures. Typically, the valuation of water filtration equipment depends on the physical attributes as well as the functional capabilities of the machinery.

    The operational costs are more extensive encompassing installation, energy usage, repairs, labor, and asset depreciation costs. The filtration process exploited and the operational scale of the mobile water filtration system fluctuate the operational costs.

    Filtration of a gallon of water using reverse osmosis membrane filters is approximately $0.048. The quality of feed water also influences the cost of water treatment. Nonetheless, the comprehensive cost of water filtration presently is inarguably affordable.

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    What is a Point of Entry Water Filtration System?

    A point of entry water filtration plant is situated close to the point of use. These systems treat heavy amounts of water at a centralized location before distributing the filtered water to the respective points of application.

    For instance, a point of entry filtration unit for domestic use supplies product water for bathrooms, sink water, washing, etc. They can be utilized as the primary filtration solution or serve as a pretreatment measure for advanced systems.

    Figure 4 Point of entry water filtration system.

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    What is a Point of Use Water Filtration Systems?

    In point of use water filtration systems, the water is supplied at the point of use. Prevalent point of use systems includes under-sink filtration units, which filter water exclusively for use in that particular sink tap.

    These systems employ varying filtration processes including reverse osmosis, water softeners, and ultraviolet sterilization. The quality of product water generated is impeccable and often ready for immediate use.

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    Which Sources of Feed Water are Treated by Mobile Water Filtration Systems?

    The diversity in water filtration technologies and equipment ensures that distinct sources of feed water are adequately filtered. Seawater filtration systems are specifically endowed with maximum TDS levels of 45,000ppm to facilitate flawless treatment of ocean and seawater.

    Distinct filtration processes including reverse osmosis and multimedia filters are deployed in commercial and private well water treatment systems. Mobile water filtration units can also be utilized to treat brackish water, wastewater, and ordinary tap water.

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    What is the Impurity Removal Score of Water Filtration Systems?

    Contemporary water filtration processes and machinery are highly effective and economical. Reverse osmosis filtration systems eradicate up to 99.7% of microorganisms, dissolved salts, minerals, and objectionable metals.

    For optimum filtration, a series of filtration processes can be deployed. The effectiveness of RO systems is often elevated by the deployment of multimedia filters and post-carbon filters. Moreover, the distinct water filtration systems exhibit optimum results when operating under conducive conditions.

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    What are the Distinct Types of Water Filtration Systems?

    Water filtration systems are utilized differently in distinct application fields. To make certain the unique demands of users are adequately gratified, NEWater provides different types of water filtration units.

    • Membrane-based filtration systems.

    Membrane filtration systems use distinct membranes to capture and eject suspended solids and dissolved matter from water. The renowned membrane filtration units currently in use include:

    Figure 5 Portable reverse osmosis filtration system.

    • Chemical water filtration systems.

    Essentially, chemical water filtration units make use of activated carbon filters to shrink or completely remove chlorine, VOCs, pesticides, and other chloroform. They are deployed in reverse osmosis systems, wastewater treatment, and the treatment of drinking water.

    • Biological water filtration systems.

    The bioreactor in biological water filtration units harbors microorganisms, which are deployed to capture and terminate the microbial contaminants found in water, specifically wastewater. They are primarily used in wastewater treatment.

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    How Much Water Can Mobile Water Filtration Systems Generate in a Day?

    Mobile water filtration systems are characteristically low-capacity systems but with customization, any capacity range is achievable. The popular membrane filtration systems are available in small, medium, and large capacities. Reverse osmosis systems in particular can generate up to 660,000GPD.

    However, mobile filtration systems for home applications will typically generate 150 to 1600 gallons of potable water. Capacity is a customizable feature of water filtration systems and NEWater will tailor your mobile filtration unit to perfectly suit the scale of your application.

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    How is Ultraviolet Sterilization Used in Water Filtration?

    Ultraviolet disinfection is the most productive technology for eliminating illness-causing viruses and bacteria. UV sterilization is often deployed as a polishing technology for water filtration systems. It functions by penetrating microorganisms with the objective of deconstructing their DNA.

    A wavelength of approximately 235.7 nanometers is needed to inactivate the viruses, algae, bacteria, and other waterborne protozoans. Ultraviolet sterilization is often utilized in wastewater treatment and drinking water purification. When deployed in drinking water treatment, UV sterilization protects users from waterborne illnesses.

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    What Types of Filters are Used in Mobile Water Filtration Systems?

    Water filters are endowed differently to target and filter out specific contaminants. Quite often, water filtration systems will feature a couple of water filters given that they all perform distinct tasks. Underneath are the most prevalently used water filters.

    • Multi-media water filters.

    These filters are characteristically made of three layers, which permit them to capture more suspended solids in comparison to traditional filters. They produce high-grade water at faster flow rates and take relatively longer before necessitating backwashing.

    • Activated carbon filters.

    Activated carbon filters are made of granular carbon, which retains undesired chemicals through the process of adsorption. Principally, they eradicate chlorine, gases, and volatile organic chemicals.

    Figure 6 Activated carbon water filters.

    • Sediment filters.

    Sediment filters on the other hand are primarily utilized as pretreatment in reverse osmosis filtration systems. They chiefly remove sand, debris, dust, and other particulates present in feed water. Other water filters include quartz sand filters, pressure sand filters, and iron filters.

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    How is Reverse Osmosis Used in Mobile Water Filtration Systems?

    Reverse osmosis is a technology greatly revered in water treatment applications. It is primarily used as a solo water treatment solution and occasionally supplemented with other technologies. Unlike other membrane filtration technologies, reverse osmosis membranes have characteristically miniature pores (0.0001 microns).

    Reverse osmosis depends on pressure to reverse customary osmotic flow resulting in water flowing from high concentrations to lower concentrations. The pretreatment system in reverse osmosis plants often harbors sediment filters, which remove suspended solids capable of harming the RO membrane.

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    Is Pretreatment Mandatory in Mobile Water Filtration Systems?

    Certain water sources have alarmingly high concentrations of volatile contaminants. To protect the primary water filtration system, a pretreatment chamber is often integrated. In reverse osmosis filtration systems, chemical dosing and media filters are employed to condition the feed water.

    Groundwater treatment systems utilize water softener systems to nullify the scaling threat of calcium, iron, and magnesium, which are pretty common in well water. Pretreatment processes also avert corrosion and regulate the pH of feed water.

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    What are the Limitations of Mobile Water Filtration Systems?

    Mobile water filtration systems have immensely aided freshwater reinforcement efforts. However, their prosperity in diversifying sources of product water has come at an environmental price. Reverse osmosis systems generate brine while distillation processes emit concentrate, which contributes to environmental degradation.

    In addition, water filtration systems are yet to be the complete water treatment solution. They rarely eradicate all contaminants present in raw water. Most mobile water filtration systems are particularly inefficient in removing lead and dissolved gasses.

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    Where Should I Purchase a Mobile Water Filtration System?

    There aren’t many manufacturers who can match the quality, expertise, and innovation level of NEWater. For over 20 years, NEWater has spearheaded efforts to combat water scarcity by manufacturing highly proficient and comprehensive water treatment systems. Over that course of time, we have delivered thousands of standard and customized water filtration systems to industries, homesteads, and businesses.

    Our mobile water filtration systems are particularly lightweight, compact, and easy to operate.  They suit distinct water filtration applications and guarantee high filtration scores. NEWater provides exclusive discounts and delivers the system right to your doorstep. Do not hesitate to give us a call or email us for more information on mobile water filtration systems.

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    Do You Customize Water Filtration Systems?

    What happens if I do not find a satisfactory water filtration system? Well, NEWater has mastered the art of making clients happy by offering exactly what they ordered. For filtration applications not accommodated by our standard filtration equipment, we manufacture personalized systems.

    Our experienced developers will utilize the following information to manufacture an exclusive water filtration system perfect for your unique project.

    • Power Voltage and frequency options.
    • Befitting flow rate.
    • Type of feed water and its configuration.
    • The demands and nature of your application.

    Figure 7 Customized mobile water filtration system.

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    Can Mobile Water Filtration Systems Produce Fresh Drinking Water?

    Specialized drinking water systems generate high-quality drinking water in alignment with the existing regulations. These filtration systems eradicate all potentially harmful contaminants thereby delivering healthy drinking water. The utilization of carbon filters results in the elimination of bad smells and tastes hence improving the water’s quality.

    Mobile water filtration systems with the right specifications can convert seawater, brackish water, and well water into high-grade drinking water. NEWater also manufactures water purification plants integrated with water filling machines for water bottling applications.

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    Do You Ship Mobile Water Filtration Systems Abroad?

    Both our local and overseas customers have equal access to our water treatment systems. We achieve this by offering doorstep delivery services irrespective of one’s whereabouts. NEWater cooperates with reputable courier services providers to make certain our multinational client base easily accesses our products.

    This has also enabled us to record the industry’s best turnaround time given that within 3-7 days, you could have your filtration system delivered. The logistics of shipping enormous water filtration systems are quite complicated but within 2-3 months, you will have your system on site ready for use.

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    Do Mobile Water Filtration Systems Need Electricity?

    The pressure necessitated in water filtration systems is the principal use of electricity. However, the user interface also runs on electricity but the cumulative power consumption of mobile water filtration units is considerably efficient.

    A household water filtration system customarily consumes 25-60 watts an hour. Given that typical households use the filtration systems for a cumulative 5 hours or less in a day, monthly electricity bills of a water filtration unit add up to $0.48.

    Reverse osmosis filtration systems are however big consumers of power with most systems averaging between 3-6.6 kWh/m3.  Seawater filtration is, however, more energy-intensive compared to well water and brackish water treatment.

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    Which Contaminants are Not Eradicated by Water Filtration Processes?

    For many potable water applications, lead contamination is a cause for concern. The inability of regular water filtration systems to treat lead contamination calls for the incorporation of chemical precipitation and adsorption technologies.

    Water filtration systems have also exhibited a poor removal rate of dissolved gasses such as carbon dioxide. To remedy this, a polishing process comprising electrodeionization is incorporated.

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    Can Mobile Water Filtration Systems Be Used In Boats?

    As boats, yachts, and ships move from relying on water tanks for fresh water to efficient boat watermakers, water travel has revolutionized. Seawater filtration systems for boats have reduced the space occupied by water tanks and facilitated unlimited expeditions. Typical boat desalinators employ the principle of reverse osmosis, which ejects up to 99.7% of the dissolved sea salts.

    The product water derived suits a number of applications including human consumption, boat maintenance, and cleaning. They are characteristically portable and accommodative of diverse capacity ranges.

    Figure 8 Boat water filtration skid.

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    Does Installation of Water Filtration Systems Necessitate an Expert?

    You can install a household water filtration system all by yourself. Modular filtration equipment is mostly plug-and-play and the guidance of our installation guidebook makes the process easier.

    Compact systems such as water filtration skids are often assembled at the point of manufacturing hence they rarely demand installation. The installation of huge water filtration systems may necessitate experts input and NEWater provides specialists where necessary.

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    Why Should I Test Feed Water Before Acquiring a Water Filtration System?

    The contaminants in distinct feed water sources are often different and their concentrations differ massively. Similarly, manufacturers provide distinct water filtration systems with specializations that suit different sources and concentrations of feed water.

    To ascertain you are acquiring the perfect water filtration system for your project, you need to first determine the composition of the raw water you intend to treat. This is attained through sample testing at accredited laboratories. At NEWater, our engineers develop tailor-made filtration systems based on the sample results.

    Figure 9 Importance of testing feed water.

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    Which Maintenance Practices are Necessitated by a Mobile Water Filtration System?

    If you intend to exploit your water filtration system’s full potential, befitting maintenance is paramount. Maintenance practices range from cleaning to membrane and filter replacements over time. For membrane-based filtration systems, there are membrane cleaning skids, which can be integrated with the plant for efficient and convenient membrane cleansing.

    Our engineers recommend proactive maintenance of mobile water filtration systems rather than reactive maintenance. Planned and timely maintenance allows you to arrest a decline in performance before it occurs consequently extending your system’s lifespan.

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    Do You Offer After-Sale Services to Water Filtration Systems’ Buyers?

    NEWater’s glamorous reputation is not only constrained to high-quality products given our customers are left amazed by our excellent after-sale services. Our operations are chiefly designed to elevate your shopping experience and user experience post-purchase. Beneath is a series of services you will benefit from after procuring your water filtration system from NEWater.

    • Delivery to your preferred destination.
    • Warranty protection for 12 months.
    • Flexible payment terms.
    • Round-the-clock customer service.
    • Lifetime repairs.

    mobile water filtration system manufacturer (2)

    As a leading mobile water filtration system manufacturer in China, we continue to innovate mobile water filtration systems for use as interim full-scale production plants and large-scale demonstration units. Our team manufactures a highly automated mobile water filtration system. We make sure you can operate this system with ease.

    If you’re looking for the best solution to purify the water, then NEWater mobile water filtration is the best choice. NEWater mobile water filtration rates up to 520 GPM, which will be suited for industrial use with ease, temporary military camps, and construction sites.

    NEWater mobile filtration system ensures to give all benefits on your water application needs. We make them portable so you can move them to any location if become a permanent installation or when necessary. All of our mobile water filtration system is designed and manufactured according to your specifications and needs so you can get a high-quality and unique treatment system.

    Here are some of the important benefits of NEWater mobile water filtration systems:

    • Plug and play.
    • Plenty of designs options.
    • Fresh containers with several options.
    • Building design customized.

    mobile water filtration system

    With years of experience and expertise in manufacturing mobile water filtration, NEWater understands how to design, install, construct, and run with an emphasis on performance, quality, and minimal maintenance.

    NEWater’s expertise is built on over 2 decades and developed thousands of mobile water filtration systems and other water purification systems designed by us. Overall, NEWater mobile water filtration system is much more than a simply jamming system.

    Accessing drinkable water from the sea in a sustainable and easy way, NEWater mobile water filtration system by us can give you a cost-effective price.

    Contact us for more information!

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