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    NEWater: Best Multi Media Filters Manufacturer in China

    Since 2001, Newater was established to produce different types of systems for water filtration. Offering the best and high-quality multi-media filters at a very competitive price for you to save your budget. We can lower your cost and offer our complete multi-media filter samples. Our multi-media filters are easy to maintain and long life offered. It will help you choose the best diameters to choose, shapes, finishes, materials, and more choices. Through our samples, we can help your process faster.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Multi Media Filters

    Commercial RO Filter

    Our water filters with advanced reverse osmosis technology are ideal for versatile commercial applications. They can remove impurities, harmful chemicals, turbidity, and hardness from water.

    Pressure Sand Filter

    NEWater pressure sand filters are carefully designed with durable and non-toxic materials. In addition, they have a support layer with pebbles and gravel.

    Quartz Sand Filter

    No filter can work more effectively in a highly polluted area than our quartz sand filters. They can purify water by removing solid particles and harmful liquid components.

    Carbon Sand Filter

    Powered by an automated backwash system, carbon sand filters are easy to maintain. They are used for air filtration and industrial gas processing, along with water purification.

    Multi Media Sediment Filter

    Great for maintaining the Silt Density Index or SDI from water, these multi media sediment filters are more effective than single-media filters. These can also remove suspended solids from water.

    Multi Media Sand Filter

    Multi media sand filters use sand filtration technology in which the water is pushed through layers of sands for the removal of big particles and other dirt.

    Media Filtration System

    Our multi media filtration system uses three layers of media with various densities and sizes for effective water purification.

    Multi Media Filter Tank

    Our multimedia filter tanks are cost-effective and perfect for small and big projects alike. They are engineered with durable and food-grade materials.

    Multimedia Filters

    The industrial multimedia filters from us are powerful enough to remove large and fine impurities from water. Besides, these are cost-effective and energy-efficient.

    Your Multi Media Filters Supplier in China

    NEWater is famous for its powerful and environmentally friendly multi-media filters. Our factory is located in China and has ISO certification and various patents and certifications to maintain the highest standards of our water filters. In addition, our environmental protection projects are designed to reduce the pressure on freshwater bodies around the world and are therefore recognized.

    Based on years of proven technology manufacturing, you can choose high-quality multi-media filters of different specifications and materials. They have three powerful media layers to produce high-quality, pollution-free water. You can choose and customize our multimedia filters according to your requirements.

    video cover
    Multi Media Filters Works

    How NEWater Multi Media Filters Works

    With our System, the waste stream enters the filter vessels from the top. While the water passes through the filter media, the particles become trapped in the media bed as the wastewater moves downward. The clean effluent is discharged or treated further after passing through an outlet header. The pressure inside the filter rises as the solids pile up on the media.

    The medium has reached its loading capacity and must be back washed at a particular pressure. Backwashing the filters reverses the flow of water through each filter one at a time. Water enters the vessel’s bottom, expanding the filter medium and releasing the trapped solids. The filters restore to their previous filtration capability once all of the vessels have been back washed.

    NEWater Multi Media Filters Advantages

    • 90% or more of particles 20 microns or bigger are captured
    • The best flux rate for filtration and backwash operation is provided by the standard Triple Cell design.
    • The use of five layers of media improves filtration capacity and reduces backwashing.
    • There are no consumables, such as filter bags or cartridges, to pay for.
    • Valves that are manually, electrically, or pneumatically actuated are installed on a skid.
    • Vessels made of FRP, coated steel, or stainless steel are available.
    • The flow rate varies between 5 and 1000 GPM.
    Multi Media Filters Advantages
    Multi Media Filters Applications

    NEWater Multi Media Filters Applications

    It is commonly used in the filtering of zeolite, manganese sand, quartz sand, medical stone, KDF, activated carbon, and resin. They are essential components for water filtration and softening. Includes the irrigation in agricultural, drinking water pretreatment, industrial recycled water, and central air-conditioning systems are also included.

    How NEWater Ships Your Multi Media Filters

    shipping and packaging

    shipping & packaging (1)

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    How Long does the General Production Cycle Need to Wait?

    NEWater’s treatment types of equipment are divided into a large system and a small system according to the water volume. The equipment is divided into portable water-making equipment, small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container-type equipment. According to different water volumes and customer requirements, we provide customized services.

    Conventional small equipment takes 3-7 days, and large equipment takes 2-3 months. This is based on your requirements and water volume.

    If I Need to Customize Equipment, What Data Need to be Provided?

    1. As the voltage and frequency of different countries are different, we first need the local voltage and frequency of electricity.
    2. How many gallons the water requirement per hour is
    3. The water quality of the source water and what requirements need to be met
    4. If you need to provide on-site installation services

    Does the Equipment Need to be Installed On-site?

    1. Portable and small equipment — This is plug and play, it doesn’t need to be provided installation services. According to our instructions, you can install by yourself.
    2. Small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container equipment-we will reserve the interface for docking. If there are installation workers, we will provide installation instructions and installation instructions. If necessary, we can also send someone to install it.
    3. How to provide installation instructions —— We have installation instructions and installation videos. If necessary, we can provide free remote software to help you with remote video installation instructions.

    How to Charge for Installation Service

    1. We provide free installation instructions, with instruction manuals and installation videos
    2. Remote video installation guidance. If it is a large piece of equipment and the customer needs to install it by himself, then we will also provide free remote installation guidance service, but we need to plan a good time, within our working hours. Our working hours are from 9 o’clock to 18 o’clock Beijing time
    3. We send workers to install it. This needs to be based on the size of the project. If we have been designated to install it in the early stage, the installation service abroad will belong to our scope of work, and no additional charge is required.
    4. If we need to send someone to install it temporarily, we need to provide different charges according to different countries, installation technical requirements, and different types of technical work. Welcome to inquire.

    How to Transport the Equipment?

    There are several types of transportation, sea, air, and express

    1. If it is a small device and requires fast speed, we can provide door-to-door service by air and express, the normal transportation cycle is 5-10 days.
    2. If it is skid-mounted or container equipment, it is more appropriate to use the shipping method. The normal transportation cycle is 20-40 days.

    Whats Your Payment Method?

    Small equipment needs payment to delivery

    For skid-mounted equipment and container equipment, 50% is prepaid, 30% is charged after video inspection, and 20% is charged before shipment.

    Of course, we provide you with flexible ways of cooperation. Become our agents, and have more flexible support. Welcome to contact us.

    Do You Provide Maintenance Services?


    1. NEWater provides free installation guidance and a one-year product warranty service. During the warranty service period, if there is an equipment problem, we provide free equipment repair or replacement services. If it is a manual operation, a fee will be charged. We can provide the required equipment replacement.
    2. We provide life-long after-sales service. NEWater has a full set of equipment and accessories, which can be replaced. Don’t worry about the failure of after-sales and maintenance.
    3. During the warranty period, NEWater provides all kinds of professional technical support, and if necessary. We also provide remote video guidance services.
    4. After the warranty period, NEWater also provides life-long after-sales maintenance, which requires a certain amount of manual service. There are also many matching accessories that can be replaced, so there is no need to worry about the later operation of the equipment.

    Do You Provide Design Services?

    Yes, we do.

    For conventional small equipment, NEWater has standardized equipment. For large-scale skid-mounted and container equipment, we can design a process that meets the needs according to different water quality requirements.

    At the same time, we carry out three-dimensional drawing designs according to different requirements and then communicate with customers to confirm.

    After the design confirmation is completed, we then proceed to custom processing. So you don’t have to worry about our design and production capacity. We will provide you with the most professional technical support.

    Why NEWater Multi-Media Filters

    NEWater is one of the most popular and well-trusted producers of multi-media filters and more related products in China. We are certified that you can trust for your running business. Whatever your business handled, NEWater ensures your multi-media filter orders are provided.

    NEWater multi-media filters are known as pressure filters which decrease porosity accessible in different sizes and densities. It has a variety of vessels in the system. You can choose our plenty selections of multi-media filters that will suit your handled projects.

    NEWater multi-media filters have many colors, finishes, selections of different parts, materials and accessories, and more. You can trust us in protecting your own multi-media filter drawings.

    Our multi-media filters have different dimensions, shapes, and multiple graded at different weights. Each weight has its own capabilities in the process. It removes suspended solids such as algae, clay, silt, and so on.

    Multi-Media Filter

    When the SDI or silt density index is more than three, and more suspended solids, the multi-media filters are more useful. NEWater multi-media filters have three layers of media with different sizes and densities.

    Each multi-media filter layer is sized in layer depths stacked with the densest media and more. NEWater multi-media filters are able to remove large particles and other dirt to produce quality and clean fresh water.

    NEWater multi-media filters are accessible at our factory at your desired pieces and the amount you wanted. We ensure our multi-media filters are ready to ship to meet your urgent business needs. Ensure to select the best options of multi-media filters from the pressure, pumps, filters, multi-media filters frames, and more.

    Multi-Media Filter

    We, NEWater can offer small orders for your small business to start the bigger projects. Our offer can help you test our products and do the next purchase much easier. With NEWater, we can satisfy your business and your eyes because of our multi-media filter’s durability and cost-effectiveness.

    NEWater is a professional partner for many years which gain our customer’s trust from different places worldwide. We have a good reputation and capacity to build our greatest relationship with our big-time and even newbie customers.

    Send your inquiries to get your desired multi-media filters. We have friendly customer services that handle faster responses for you.

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