Nanofiltration Water Purifier

  • Multiple stages of water purification
  • Customizable water purifiers
  • High-quality membranes and pumps
  • Great variety of devices
  • Reverse Osmosis technology

Raw water: Municipal tap water
Produced water: Residential
Applicable environment temperature: 5 – 40℃
Applicable water temperature: 5-38℃
Flow of purified water: 0.26/min
Applicable pressure: 0 -0.4MPa
Power rating: 32W
Applications: Water softening, metal recovery, reduce hardness in water purification, etc.
Support customization.

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With the introduction of increasingly stringent water quality standards, set by international agencies, water treatment is a necessary measure. For both water and wastewater treatment and purification, nanofiltration is widely used and has begun to replace reverse osmosis membranes due to being cost-effective. And our Nanofiltration Water Purifiers are your ideal choice.

Our Nanofiltration Water Purifier, make use of membranes that reject dissolved solids that are in the nanometer range, around one nanometer. They operate as a device between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration devices. Organic molecules that have a greater weight than 200 to 400 are rejected.

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NEWater Nanofiltration Water Purifier
Applicable water source Municipal tap water
Applicable environment temperature 5 – 40℃
Flow of purified water 0.26/min
Power rating 32W
Applicable water temperature 5 – 38℃
Applicable pressure 0 – 0.4MPa
Effluent quality Meet the requirements of the hygienic safety and function evaluation standard for drinking water quality processor – reverse osmosis equipment (2001)

Nanofiltration Water Purifier Product Details

Nanofiltration Water Purifier - Process Flow

nanofiltration works


  • Softening of water.
  • Recovery of precious metals.
  • Separation of heavy metals from wastewater.
  • Natural organic matter removal from water and wastewater treatment.
  • Hardness reduction in water purification.

Nanofiltration Water Purifier - Applications


Get Professional Water Deionizer System Solution

  • Provide raw water quality data.
  • Provide scenarios for the use of the Water Deionizer System.
  • Provide the final water quality and quantity requirements to be achieved.
  • Provide your local current and voltage.

NEWater Nanofiltration Water Purifier Features

  • Easily replace cartridge filters with an easy-open lid.
  • The twist and quick-change cartridge design enable quick, clean, and simple filter changes.
  • Electronically actuated shut-off valve
  • Stainless Steel Check Valve with Flow Restrictor.
  • Quick-connect fittings for simple installation.
  • Completely assembled and tested for water leakage.
  • Fully tested and sterilized in the factory before installation.
Nanofiltration Water Purifier - Features
Nanofiltration Water Purifier - Advantages

NEWater Nanofiltration Water Purifier Highlighted Advantages

  • Low energy and operation costs.
  • Lower discharge and less wastewater.
  • Reduces heavy metals by 95%.
  • Decreases water hardness.
  • Removal of viruses, bacteria. VOCs and pesticides.

NEWater Can Promise You

  • Source manufacturers.
  • One-to-one guidance.
  • The strict quality control process.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
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    NEWater Nanofiltration Water Purifier

    As mentioned earlier, our Nanofiltration Water Purifiers reject the flow of a variety of particulates within the raw water. These include, but are not limited to, metal ions, antibiotics, herbicides, nitrates, endotoxins, dissolved organic matter, and nitrates.

    Nanofiltration Membrane10

    With your raw water source in mind, a few stages of water treatment have to be conducted to ensure that the Nanofiltration Water Purifier membranes are not damaged or clogged. The water is screened for larger debris, and comparatively smaller debris is removed through coagulation and later sedimentation. Once the initial processes are conducted, then the nanofiltration process is carried out.

    The membranes for our Nanofiltration Water Purifiers are made up of organic materials, such as polycarbonate, polyamide, and cellulose acetate amongst other, based on your requirements. Their pore size determines the size of rejected matter and their pore density determines the retention of particles.

    The Nanofiltration process is pressure-driven. The pressure forces the water to push past the membranes of the Nanofiltration Water Purifier, overcoming its natural osmotic pressure, and separation occurs.

    Nanofiltration Water Purifier5

    There are separate streams of water involved in the process. The feed pump triggers the pressure on a feed stream. This stream is then separated into a permeate stream and a retentate stream. The permeate is then filtered and purified liquid, whereas the retentate is the concentrated feed water, that contains all the rejected particles, that were retained by the membrane.

    Our Nanofiltration Water Purifiers have lower energy consumption and have a higher purification rate, compared to other devices on the market. This is ensured by our team of environmental protection engineers with multiple years of experience in the field.

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