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Raw water: Sewage treatment, food processing, agriculture, etc.
Produced water: Commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.
Working Temperature: 0 – 80℃
PH Measurement range: 0 – 14 PH
Pressure range: ≤0.6Mpa
Power Supply: 100 – 240VAC, 5W Max, 50/60Hz
Applications: Thermal Power, Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, etc.
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With an increase in the standards that industries must meet, various measurements have to be kept in mind when producing any product. These measurements include but are not limited to acidity, basicity, oxidation potential, and reduction potential. Our ORP Meters are manufactured to make accurate measurements of the oxidation-reduction potential of solutions.

Our ORP Meter, similar to our PH Meters, makes use of electrodes to measure whether the solution will oxidize or reduce another substance. A positive value of the meter indicates that the solution is an oxidizing agent, and thus is readily reduced, and if the value is negative then the solution is a reducing agent and is readily oxidized.

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ORP Meter - Product Parameters

ORP Meter - Product Details

Schematic diagram of the experimental system
1. influent tank; 2. feeding pump; 3. temperature controller; 4. mixer; 5. pH meter; 6. ORP meter; 7. sampling valves; 8. air pump; 9. airflow meter; 10. air diffuser 11. excess sludge discharge port

ORP Meter - Process Introduction

  • Swimming pools
  • Oxidized water storages
  • Drinking water distribution
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Cooling tower disinfection
  • Metal etching
  • Fruit and vegetable disinfection


Water Softener System application


Get Professional Water Deionizer System Solution

  • Provide raw water quality data.
  • Provide scenarios for the use of the Water Deionizer System.
  • Provide the final water quality and quantity requirements to be achieved.
  • Provide your local current and voltage.

NEWater ORP Meter Features

  • ORP online controller
  • Remote software management
  • Different installation methods
  • Data recording function
  • Multifunctional relays
  • High precision current output
  • Temperature compensation
ORP Meter - Features
ORP Meter - Determine Your ORP Meter's Application Requirements

Determine Your ORP Meter's Application Requirements

  • Range of measurements
  • Specifications for installation
  • Size and material of the pipes
  • All wetted components are chemically compatible with process chemicals
  • Requirements for dangerous locations
  • Specifications of the system (such as temperature and pressure)
  • Sensor/electrode performance specifications
  • Particulates in fluids
  • The viscosity of liquids

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  • Source manufacturers.
  • One-to-one guidance.
  • The strict quality control process.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
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    NEWater ORP Meter

    Our ORP Meters are concerned with the ability of solutions to oxidize or reduce. Oxidation is when a substance loses its electrons to another substance, whereas reduction is when a solution gains electrons from another substance. The ORP reading is higher the more oxidizing a substance is.

    ORP Meter - Article2

    Our ORP Meters measure the transfer of electrons in the solution. They make use of an electrode to measure the movement of electrons in the water, and depending on the solution, if the electrode must act as an acceptor of electrons, then the solution is a reducing agent and if it is losing electrons then the solution is an oxidizing agent.

    NEWater’s ORP Meters are used in a variety of areas, most commonly in swimming pools. The ORP of the water is affected by all the impurities within it, and thus to test its quality ORP Meters can help identify the impurity content and the amount of chlorine in the water and is much more informative than just measuring the acidity or basicity of the water.

    ORP Meter - Article2

    Our ORP Meters along with being used in swimming pool water quality measurement, are also used in water treatment and food processing. Due to their ability to pick up on the presence of reactive impurities in the water, they ensure that water post-treatment or the water being used for production is free of impurities and contaminants.

    Our ORP Meters are manufactured by our highly trained team of both researchers and engineers. We have our own independent research and development departments that ensure that all our devices are designed with international standards and efficiency in mind.

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