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    NEWater: Personal Desalination Manufacturing Leaders

    Personal Desalination made easy and reliable with NEWater. Our Personal Desalination Units are of the utmost quality and are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We as a company have pledged to incorporate environmental protection standards and intelligent design into our Personal Desalination Units to meet the requirements of our loyal customers. We offer personal water desalination that allows for both land and sea-based desalination on an individual level. NEWater enhances your access to fresh water, where it lacks. Contact us now and have your queries addressed!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Personal Desalination Units

    Personal Desalination unit

    The Personal Desalination Unit that we manufacture are smaller in size and quite compatible to fit with you and for you to carry.

    Personal Desalination Machine

    Our Personal Desalination Machine is compact in size and at a very cutthroat cost and best to heft around.

    Personal Desalination Device

    Personal Desalination Device is little in size and low in cost and provides filtration of saltwater for personal use at various application domains.

    Personal Desalination for Home

    Our Personal Desalination for home is of high energy productivity, extreme dependability, and low support cost carrying solid and top notch freshwater to the family.

    Personal Desalination for Home

    Personal Water Desalination Machines is small in size and at a super competitive price and best to carry around to far areas that do not have filtered water.

    Portable Personal Desalination

    Have the benefit of portability to take your personal desalination anytime, anywhere – where filtered water is hard to find.

    Your Personal Desalination in China

    With more than 20 years of experience under our belt, we at NEWater, have never shied away from ensuring that we are your one-stop solution service provider for water treatment. Having our own labs and a highly trained, experienced, and innovative staff of engineers and researchers, we guarantee the intelligent design and capability of our Personal Desalination units.

    With the most authoritative certification, we use high-tech reverse osmosis (RO) technology, alongside others, in the manufacture of our Personal Desalination Units. All equipment has a 1-year warranty and is customizable according to the demands of the customer. We use products whose quality we can ensure, such as the DuPont Dow reverse osmosis membrane, which is recognized for its high productivity.

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    NEWater Good Personal Desalination Producing

    NEWater creates personal desalination equipment as a portable water treatment solution. We remove salts from seawater through a reverse osmosis membrane. The in-built ultrafiltration and microfiltration system removes suspended solids, bacteria, parasites, and salts. The output water can be drinkable. It can convert seawater into clean fresh water instantly at any time, whether at sea or on the coast. The source water produces freshwater, such as lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans.
    Our equipment takes up little space and is easy to carry. Also, the equipment is easy to operate, can be installed in minutes, and has low-cost investment and maintenance.

    NEWater Portable Personal Desalination

    • Easy to use and lightweight
    • Can carry it everywhere
    • Can use it anytime and anywhere
    • Get fresh water in minutes
    • Easily offload and operate
    • Low cost and maintenance
    • Good for your own home
    • Feedwater convert to Fresh Pure Water
    Personal Desalination
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    Modify Your NEWater Personal Desalination

    Customize your high pressure RO system

    We Transport Your NEWater Personal Desalination Cautiously

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    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    Personal Desalination from NEWater

    Our equipment uses RO technology to desalinate seawater. The pressure generated by man-made or hydraulic systems is used to push water to a series of membranes, filtering larger and smaller impurities to provide fresh water for personal use.

    NEWater’s Personal Desalination Units have superior performance, implement environmental protection, and are energy saving. Excess impurities and salt is rejected out of the device, to prevent cross-contamination and the membranes are built to be long lasting, and thus our Personal Desalination devices are loyal companions to the travelers among you.

    Worldwide delivery services are provided, along with a year-round response turnaround. There is no need to worry about delivery or production operations!

    Send over a message or email and our customer service representatives will happily answer all your queries!

    The Ultimate FAQ for Personal Desalination.

    The number of households lacking freshwater epitomizes the effects of deteriorating freshwater sources. Demographics indicate that three out of ten people have no access to adequate potable water. A dependable solution to cover that deficit and potentially solve the global water scarcity problem is personal desalination. Contemporary desalination processes and equipment are comparatively cost-efficient and more resourceful. In this article, we dissect personal desalination processes and machinery.

    Figure 1 personal desalination system.

    What is Personal Desalination?

    Personal desalination is the act of converting saline water into fresh potable water for personal use. To accommodate personal desalination, manufacturers have developed small-sized desalination systems with low power consumption rates for homes and small businesses. Generating fresh, clean water for personal use is contingent upon several desalination processes.

    Evaporative desalination and reverse osmosis have been persistently utilized at a smaller scale to provide fresh water to households in water-deprived regions. To ease the hassle of accessing fresh water in coastal, arid and semi-arid regions, NEWater manufactures conventional small desalination devices that are easily set up and operated.

    What are the Advantages of Personal Desalination?

    It is inconceivable to dispute the benefits personal desalination has imposed on communities suffering adverse freshwater shortages. North African and the Middle East communities are the biggest beneficiaries of desalination technology accounting for over 70% of the global desalination systems. The biggest gain of personal desalination is that it utilizes infinite water sources such as seas and oceans thereby mitigating over-exploitation of freshwater reservoirs. Underneath are some of the gains users of personal desalination boost off.

    • An adequate supply of fresh sanitary water.
    • Removal of disease-causing microorganisms from feed water.
    • Help preserve freshwater sources.
    • Provide quality water suitable for small-scale irrigation.

    What are the Applications of Personal Desalination?

    The versatility and productivity of desalination make it a viable source of freshwater for almost all domestic activities. Virtually all domestic applications are water-centered and existing freshwater supplies are incapable of adequately meeting the demand for freshwater. Personal desalination has been paramount in combating freshwater shortage since ancient times and is expected to proliferate as freshwater supplies dry up. The following are sectors currently reliant on personal desalination for fresh water supply.

    • Drinking water for households.
    • Hotels and resorts.
    • Small businesses.
    • Small-scale irrigation.

    What Desalination Methods are Used in Personal Desalination?

    Thanks to innovation, you have the liberty to choose your preferred desalination process from a pool of highly effective processes. Technically, your choice is determined by the concentration and composition of your feed water given distinct desalination processes have differing desalination rates.  The two most commonly used desalination processes in small-scale projects are evaporative and reverse osmosis desalination.

    Reverse Osmosis.

    Reverse osmosis is undoubtedly the most prominent desalination technique. Depending on the concentration of the feed water, appropriate pre-treatment involving pre-filters and chemical dosing is undertaken. The resulting water, free of colloids, debris, and other large constituents is then forcefully pumped through semi-permeable membranes. The primary objective of this step is to eliminate the dissolved salts as well as other unwelcome impurities. Some essential minerals might be ejected from the water, therefore, necessitating post-treatment to adjust the mineral and PH levels.

    Figure 2 Reverse osmosis process.

    Evaporative Desalination.

    An equally effective and efficient personal desalination alternative to reverse osmosis is evaporative desalination. Often carried out using thermal distillation processes, evaporative desalination mimics the natural process of rain formation. Heat is applied to feed water until fresh water converts to vapor. Subsequently, the pressure and temperature are lowered until the water condenses. In a different container, the freshwater is collected ready for human use.

    Can Personal Desalination Produce Drinking Water?

    Desalination processes used to generate potable water for personal or domestic use are consistently very effective in eradicating dissolved salts from feed water. Desalination is currently an approved source of fresh drinking water as long as it generates potable water with salt concentration levels ranging between 300 and 600 milligrams per liter.

    To communities in dry and coastal regions, personal desalination is the primary source of fresh water. Reverse osmosis allows the readjustment of mineral concentration in desalinated water thereby generating high-quality, odorless, and tasty freshwater.

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    Do You Manufacture Personal Desalination Machines?

    NEWater manufactures cost-efficient and uniquely designed personal desalination equipment for both land-based and sea-based small applications. Our high-quality desalination machines are available in various standard capacities and we also manufacture personalized systems.

    For optimum productivity in desalinating highly saline water such as seawater, our personal desalination machines are equipped with high TDS tolerance rates. Additionally, our RO personal desalination units have a pre-treatment chamber, which utilizes chemical dosing and pre-filters to mitigate corrosion of the device and clogging of the semi-permeable membranes.

    Figure 4 Personal desalination unit.

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    What is the Price of a Personal Desalination Device?

    The price of personal desalination devices is often a culmination of different variables meaning they rarely have fixed prices. The pricing strategy at NEWater is informed by the capacity, design, power options, and desalination process harbored by the device. Our prices are consistently customer-friendly and we offer flexible payment terms.

    Nonetheless, the price of personal desalination devices goes well and beyond the purchasing price. Key aspects like power consumption and maintenance expenditures come into play when seeking conclusive costs of desalination equipment. Conclusively, generating a cubic meter of fresh portable water using desalination costs approximately $0.79 to $2.38.  The deficit in overall costs is mostly accounted for by differences in power dynamics across different countries.

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    Which is the Cheapest Personal Desalination Method?

    In the recent past, desalination has had a reputation that portrays it as an energy-intensive and generally expensive water treatment solution. However, modern technology in reverse osmosis membranes has brought about significant drops in energy consumption consequently lowering the operational costs of personal desalination plants.

    Additionally, a breakthrough in energy-recovery devices has been revolutionary in personal desalination processes. Compared to the early 2000s the energy consumed in desalination processes has fundamentally decreased by approximately 60%.

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    Can Personal Desalination be Powered by Solar Energy?

    Solar-powered desalination is the oldest water treatment technique utilized by man. Comparatively, modern solar desalination is twice as effective and energy-efficient thanks to energy recovery technologies. Solar desalination can be achieved directly using solar stills or indirectly using solar collectors in the form of photovoltaics and separate desalination processes.

    Direct solar desalination produces potable water contingent upon the solar collector’s surface area and incidence angle. Approximately, this is 0.074 to 0.098 gallons per square ft. Indirect solar desalination permits the use of desalination processes such as reverse osmosis.

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    How Much Water Can Be Produced Using Personal Desalination?

    Due to the distinct demand for fresh potable water from different clients, NEWater manufactures personal desalination systems with varying capacities.  Using our personal RO desalination systems, you can generate from 10 m3 to 1,000 m3/ of potable water per day. This range of productivity accommodates virtually all personal needs for freshwater. In addition, we customize the capacities of our systems to suit your exclusive objectives.

    Figure 6 Small capacity desalination unit.

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    What are the Disadvantages of Personal Desalination?

    Despite personal desalination exhibiting far-reaching and impactful benefits to the households and environments in water-scarce regions, it is miles off being the perfect solution. Desalination is still relatively heavy on power consumption in spite of the recent power-saving technologies. Moreover, intensive energy consumption coupled with relatively high-priced equipment makes personal desalination an expensive investment for many. Inappropriate disposal of brine from reverse osmosis and concentrate from the thermal distillation process is also a threat to the environment and its inhabitants.

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    Can You Desalinate Seawater for Personal Use?

    Seawater accounts for over 97% of water found on earth. As such, efforts to combat freshwater shortages are centered on converting seawater into fresh potable water. Coastal communities, beach houses, and resorts are gradually embracing seawater desalination.

    Particularly, reverse osmosis desalination is extremely effective in reducing salinity from seawater with salt rejection rates of up to 99.4%. Due to the composition and high alkalinity of seawater, RO desalination pretreats the seawater before forcing it through the perforated membranes.

    Figure 7 Seawater desalination system.

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    Is Feed Water Pretreatment Necessary?

    Yes. Appropriate and adequate pretreatment of seawater prevents corrosion of your desalination equipment and mitigates the clogging of your RO membranes. Consequently, chemical dosing and pre-filtration carried out in the pre-treatment phase increases the lifespan of your membranes and the entire system.

    The pre-filters in reverse osmosis processes remove huge constituents such as seaweed and debris from the feed water. Our technicians will provide technical advice on the ideal pretreatment solution for your system depending on your feed water’s composition.

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    How Effective is Personal Desalination?

    Personal desalination processes are steadily gaining prominence courtesy of their satisfactory salt rejection rates. Reverse osmosis is particularly popular owing to its desalination rate of over 99%. RO personal desalination machines have the capacity to handle highly saline feed waters with a maximum TDS rate of over 45,000ppm. Similarly, thermal desalination processes have salt rejection rates ranging from 95% to over 99%.  As such, personal desalination is a dependable source of high-quality freshwater.

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    How Much Power Is Consumed by Personal Desalination Systems?

    In most cases, power consumption accounts for over 50% of the operational costs of personal desalination systems. Over the years, energy consumption in desalination processes has gradually reduced and continuous innovation offers hope for even lower rates in the near future.

    NEWater manufactures conventional small-scale desalination systems with unrivaled power efficiency and energy-saving measures. Typically, Reverse osmosis personal desalination systems consume approximately 3.5 kWh/m3 of power. However, power options are different in distinct regions, therefore, resulting in distinct power consumption rates.

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    Can You Desalinate Brackish Water for Personal Use?

    Yes. It is in fact, more power-efficient and cheaper to desalinate brackish water compared to seawater using reverse osmosis. This is chiefly because brackish water is not as saline as seawater meaning less energy is needed to reduce the quantity of total dissolved solids.

    Typical brackish water has alkalinity levels ranging from 1,500ppm to 10,000ppm. Desalination often reduces the number of dissolved solids in brackish water to approximately 500ppm. This is high-quality water suitable for a diverse range of personal applications.

    Figure 8 750 LPH brackish water desalination unit.

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    Do You Help Install Personal Desalination Systems?

    Personal desalination systems are conventionally small-sized units that are easy to set up and have unsophisticated operational interfaces. NEWater provides free user installation manuals that precisely elaborate the installation process. In addition to the attached installation manual, we offer free remote installation guidance using video tutorials. To request remote installation guidance, contact our customer care team via email.

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    Are There Portable Desalination Systems for Personal Applications?

    The small, lightweight, and compact nature of personal desalination systems greatly favor mobility and temporary small-scale applications. Portable desalination systems are particularly handy in emergency situations that require fresh, clean water. They are easily transported therefore permitting sharing with neighbors or use in different households.

    Our portable desalination systems are easy to install and operate thereby minimizing time wastage. Furthermore, they are power-efficient, have satisfactory salt rejection rates and their production rate is unmatched. NEWater’s portable desalinators are available in varying standard ranges and customization is done upon a client’s request.

    Figure 9 Portable personal desalination unit.

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    Are There Turnkey Solutions for Personal Desalination?

    For the ultimate user experience, NEWater provides plug-and-play personal desalination units that necessitate no installation or specialized operational skills. Our engineers intelligently assemble all the components of desalination systems and ship them to the users ready for instantaneous use.

    Turnkey personal desalination units are mobile, which greatly eases transportation. They are also available with distinct standard capacities and can be personalized for unique personal applications. To order a turnkey personal desalination plant, kindly contact our esteemed team of engineers.

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    Where Can I Purchase a Personal Desalination System?

    In a market filled with unproven manufacturers and products of questionable quality, NEWater stands out as a credible provider of premium personal desalination devices. We boast of vast experience in the development of desalination systems have been in operation for the past two decades. As a manufacturer, NEWater is ISO 9001 2015 certified and our products have European CE certifications.

    Our sales record is well above 1000 units spread out over 200 global destinations. NEWater manufactures exceptionally designed personal desalinators with varying capacities to accommodate more applications. We also manufacture personalized solutions and our prices are unmatched.

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    Do You Customize Personal Desalination Solutions?

    Using three-dimensional computer technology, we design personalized desalination units based on our customers’ descriptions. Prior to commencing the actual production of customized equipment, we first seek the approval of our respective customers. Customization is often based on the following elements.

    • Power voltage and frequency.
    • Capacity and expected number of freshwater gallons to be produced per day.
    • Feedwater salinity levels and composition.

    Get your dream desalination equipment for personal use by contacting our specialists to place your custom order.

    Figure 10 Customized personal desalination unit.

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    Do You Ship Personal Desalination Machines Abroad?

    To meet the global demand for NEWater’s desalination systems, we have instituted international logistic protocols that allow us to make doorstep deliveries in over 200 destinations.  As the demand for personal desalination units increases, we are increasing our production capacity and routes of operation.

    Using globally recognized courier services, we deliver your desalination systems in perfect condition and on time. The compact nature of personal desalination plants allows quicker delivery using air shipment. After we dispatch your order, you can expect to have it at your selected location within 3 to 7 days.

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    How Do You Transport Personal Desalination Plants?

    NEWater exploits various modes of transportation to ensure you get your desalination equipment delivered promptly and safely. Transportation modes include air, road, sea, and rail transport. The ideal mode of transport is majorly informed by the size of the system, how fast you need the equipment, and the distance to the delivery location. The delivery of small-sized personal desalination units often takes between 5 to 10 days. For faster deliveries, we utilize air-shipment.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms for Personal Desalination Systems?

    NEWater’s dedication to customer satisfaction is the principal reason behind our flexible payment terms. This is another reason why you should opt for NEWater when it comes to desalination equipment.

    For small-sized desalination systems, our payment policy demands upfront payment prior to shipping. Containerized and skid-mounted equipment, on the other hand, dictate a 50% upfront payment, 30% after inspection and clearance prior to shipment. For favorable payment terms, do not hesitate to contact our customer support unit.

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    Where Can I Purchase Spare Parts for Personal Desalination Devices?

    Inaccessibility to high-quality spare accessories for your personal desalination unit should not be the reason you miss your daily freshwater target. NEWater manufactures and delivers spare components of unmatched quality to our local and international customer base. Our standard spare accessories include pressure sand filters, UF filters, filter cartridges, and RO membrane housings.

    In addition to premium spare accessories, NEWater provides free technical consultation to aid you to procure the best spare part. We also offer installation instructions for the spare components.

    Figure 12 Spare accessories for personal desalination equipment.

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    Do You Have a Minimum Order for Personal Desalination Systems?

    NEWater does not cap the number of personal desalination units a single buyer can order. We treat bulk buyers and small-scale buyers equally and both are entitled to similar after-sale services. We have first-rate machinery and technology that permits us to sufficiently meet both retail and wholesale demands for our desalination systems. Do not falter to place your single or bulk order for personal desalination systems from NEWater.

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    What is the Duration of Warranty protections for Personal Desalination Machines?

    As a show of our products’ resilience and superior quality, all our personal desalination devices have a one-year warranty period. As long as the warranty holds, you have the power to demand free repairs and component replacements in case of a technical malfunction.

    Deliberate human-caused malfunctions are however not entitled to free repairs or replacements under our warranty policy. We also prohibit the handling of defective desalination units by unauthorized third parties. Such actions often terminate your warranty protection.

    In the event that your personal desalination device experiences technical hiccups, your first contact should be our specialists. For inquiries on warranty-related issues, kindly contact us via

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    Do You Offer Testing Services for Feedwater?

    Yes. NEWater employs the industry’s best specialists to test and analyze feed water samples for our customers. Often, geographical limitations limit our operation scope making our testing services only viable for our domestic clientele. We however offer free technical analysis and consultation to our international customer base.

    Laboratory results provide our engineers with vital information regarding the salt concentration and composition levels in feed water. We in turn use this data to customize desalination solutions and equipment for our customers.

    Customers unable to access our testing services are advised to seek the services of reputable laboratories within their localities. For inquiries on feed water testing and quality, you can reach out to our specialists.

    Figure 13 Feed water testing.

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    What is the Life Expectancy of Personal Desalination Systems?

    Our lengthy and first-hand engagement with personal desalination units has taught us that quality care is the key to extending your device’s lifespan. Nonetheless, desalination systems are typically long-lasting equipment with life expectancies of approximately 15 years. Appropriate maintenance of reverse osmosis systems has however shown that the lifespan can be extended significantly by a further 5 years.

    The lifespan of desalination components is however shorter than that of the entire system. A semipermeable membrane subjected to the ideal conditions has a lifespan of three years. Thanks to lengthy lifespans, users of desalination systems manage to quickly recoup their investment capital.

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    Do You Provide Other Water Treatment Solutions?

    At NEWater, all your water treatment needs are well catered for. For over 2 decades, NEWater has invested lots of resources, time, and expertise in developing water treatment solutions for personal, industrial, and commercial applications. Our dedication has greatly paid off given that we are currently recognized as a global, comprehensive manufacturer of water treatment systems.

    Our products are intelligently designed, unique, and customized to accommodate various scopes and scales of application. For an in-depth look at NEWater’s water treatment systems, visit our website. Below is a sneak peek at some of our water treatment solutions:

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