PH Meter

  • Measurement of hydrogen ion concentration
  • Twenty years in the industry
  • Design and manufacture devices
  • Wide range of applications
  • Water Treatment machinery

Raw water: Sewage treatment, food processing, agriculture, etc.
Produced water: Commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.
Scope of Measurement: 0 – 60℃
PH level range: -2.00 – 19.99 pH
Operating environment: Temperature: 0 – 60℃; Humidity: ≤85%RH
Storage environment: Temperature: 0 – 60℃; Humidity: ≤85%RH
Power supply: 2 pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery/2 pcs of 1.2V AAA rechargeable battery
Applications: Thermal Power, Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, etc.
Support customization.

Your Trusted PH Meter Manufacturer in China

A wide range of applications requires the measurement of pH of solutions, in a number of industries and laboratories. We design, manufacture, and supply high-tech PH Meters that are used in a number of processes, from experiments in laboratories to industries while ensuring the quality of products.

Our PH Meter is a scientific device, that is used to detect the acidity and alkalinity of water-based solutions. It makes use of two electrodes, and the pH is measured by calculating the difference between their electric potential. This difference between the reference electrode and the pH electrode is referred to as the measure of pH.

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Model NEWater PH Meter Pro NEWater PH Meter Pro+
Power 2×1.5 VAAA battery Lithium battery, rechargeable
Display Method LCD screen (black text and white background) LCD black film craft screen (white text on black background)
pH Range -2.00 – 16.00 pH -2.00 – 16.00 pH
pH Resolution 0.01 pH 0.01 pH
pH Accuracy ±0.01 pH ±0.01 pH
Temperature Measurement Range 0 – 100℃/32 – 212°F 0 – 100℃/32 – 212°F
Operating Temperature Range 0 – 60℃/32 – 140°F 0 – 60℃/32 – 140°F
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃/1°F 0.1℃/1°F
Temperature Compensation ATC Automatic ATC Automatic
Lock Function Manual Manual
Automatic Shut-down Custom Custom

PH Meter - Product Details2

PH Meter - Process Introduction

  • Chemical Industry
  • Neutralization of effluent
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry



Get Professional Water Deionizer System Solution

  • Provide raw water quality data.
  • Provide scenarios for the use of the Water Deionizer System.
  • Provide the final water quality and quantity requirements to be achieved.
  • Provide your local current and voltage.

NEWater PH Meter Features

  • Probe with high sensitivity.
  • Up to 0.01 pH resolution.
  • Calibration in three points.
  • A backlight in two colors.
  • Probe that is replaceable.
  • Temperature compensation is performed automatically.
  • Numerical security.
  • An automatic shutdown is an option.
PH Meter Features
PH Meter Advantages

NEWater PH Meter Highlighted Advantages

  • Low-priced and robust.
  • pH measurement is a quick and straightforward procedure.
  • Portable and user-friendly.
  • An accurate result was obtained.
  • Utilized in a variety of applications.
  • Encompasses both the acidic and alkaline pH ranges (pH 01 to 14).

NEWater Can Promise You

  • Source manufacturers.
  • One-to-one guidance.
  • The strict quality control process.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
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NEWater Transports your PH Meter Safely

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    NEWater PH Meter

    Our PH Meters measure the pH of solutions. The pH itself is measured on a logarithmic scale, with its value being inversely proportional to the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. And it is necessary for the solution to be aqueous for its acidity and basicity to be determined.

    Acidic aqueous solutions have a higher concentration of Hydrogen ions, and thus have a lower pH, whereas Basic aqueous solutions have a lower concentration of Hydrogen ions and thus have a higher pH, and finally neutral solutions are usually categorized with a pH value of 7.

    PH Meter5

    NEWater’s PH Meter measures the voltage of a solution that you are concerned with and compares that voltage to that of a known solution and from the potential difference between them it puts forward a value. It consists of two main components, one being the meter and the other being the probe.

    The meter of our PH Meters is available as both digital meters and coil meters, that have a pointer. The probe that has to be submerged in the solutions to create the voltage, may either be composed of two separate electrodes or as one single probe, with both electrodes built into it. This will depend on your requirements and budget.

    PH Meter6

    Our PH Meters are designed by highly trained professionals, ensuring that they make accurate and precise measurements. They are made with high-quality material and are composed of superior core technology. They are thus used worldwide in a number of countries and regions because of our promise of quality and sustainability.

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