Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project

The pharmaceutical industry, which is closely related to people’s life and health, is an industry that cannot be ignored in the national economy. The pharmaceutical industry has a complex process, and there are a large number of pollutants in pharmaceutical wastewater, with deep color and high salt content, and wastewater treatment has become a major problem.

It is characterized by complex composition, many types and high concentrations of organic pollutants, high and fluctuating CODCr and BOD5 values, and large differences in BOD5/CODCr values of wastewater. values, high NH3-N concentration, deep color, high toxicity, and high concentration of solid suspended matter SS. And pharmaceutical plants usually use intermittent production, and the types of products vary greatly, resulting in a large change in wastewater quality, quantity, and types of pollutants.

Buried pharmaceutical wastewater treatment equipment using a biological treatment process, set to remove BOD5, COD, and NH3-N in one, with the advantages of stable technical performance, good treatment effectiveness, investment, occupying less land, and easy maintenance. Generally, a regulating tank should be set up to adjust the water quality, water quantity, and pH, and some kind of physical or chemical method should be adopted as a pretreatment process according to the actual situation to reduce SS, salinity, and part of COD in the water, reduce the biological compressive substances in the wastewater and increase the degradability of the wastewater to facilitate the subsequent biochemical treatment of the wastewater.

Client Profile:
Established in August 2002, Simedi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales of chemical pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals.
The plant covers an area of 33000 m2, of which the solid preparation building has a construction area of 3712 m2. The company’s production scope includes 34 varieties of tablets, capsules, granules, suppositories, and APIs in five categories, based on the research, development, and production of biopharmaceuticals, modernization, and other high-tech products, located in the sunrise pharmaceutical industry market, and strives to use pharmaceutical talents, biopharmaceutical projects, and pharmaceutical equipment to build the company into a training base for high-tech pharmaceutical talents, a research and development base for biotechnology products and a production base for high-tech biopharmaceuticals and modernization products. modern products production base.

Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment projects
Cooperation products: pharmaceutical wastewater treatment equipment project
Cooperation time: March 2015
Design water volume: 20t/h

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