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    NEWater: Portable Desalination System Manufacturing Leaders

    Water resources can be reused through the desalination of seawater. NEWater makes it easier. We bring you high-quality portable desalination equipment, all of which have passed the ISO9001:2015 framework affirmation. With competitive market rates, hoist your desalination proficiency. Take a statement now!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Portable Desalination Water Systems

    Portable Desalination Kit

    We manufacture a Portable Desalination Kit so that you can carry the desalination kit and perform desalination anywhere where required.

    Portable Desalination Device

    Have the benefit of a desalination device with us and ensure that the water that you use is free from raw minerals that are not at all good for you.

    Portable Desalination Plant

    Our Portable Desalination Plant is capable of filtrating seawater to human usable water, that is free from salt and grounded metal components.

    Portable Desalination Unit

    We manufacture a Portable Desalination Unit that not only filters seawater but also is customizable according to your needs

    Portable Desalination Machine

    The portable desalination machine has low cost, strong independence, and easy to carry, which is very suitable for small and low-budget desalination projects.

    Portable Desalination Water Filter

    We also manufacture a Portable Desalination Water Filter that filters any type of water in order to remove any type of impurities that might be in the water.

    Your Portable Desalination Units in China

    NEWater specializes in providing the best water treatment solutions in the field of seawater desalination systems for 20 years. Every component in our portable desalination water system has passed ISO and CE certifications. They are widely used to treat seawater purification in different parts of the world.

    We guarantee that NEWater’s desalination systems are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a high desalination rate and simple operation. We provide a one-year after-sales guarantee, video support, and remote software operation to guide the installation.

    video cover
    portable desalination system details

    Our Portable Desalination System Features

    • Small size and lightweight.
    • Flow rate can be customized from small to large.
    • Automatic control, very easy to operate.
    • Can be used for the desalination of tap water, well water, and brackish water.

    Reasons for Choosing NEWater

    Seawater contains high levels of salt and hardness and is highly corrosive to equipment, and also inconveniences the water supply for those who often operate at sea. In addition, different water temperatures during seasonal changes can make reverse osmosis desalination systems much more complex than traditional brackish water desalination systems.

    Therefore, the stable operation of portable desalination machines through careful process design and reasonable equipment configuration is particularly important, while reducing equipment investment and energy consumption.


    portable desalination system dispaly
    portable desalination system application

    Thousands of Successful Cases Display

    NEWater has been specializing in water treatment for 20 years, giving thousands of targeted design solutions for surface water, well water, tap water, seawater, domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, and other applications in various fields. Our engineers have both professional knowledge and practical skills.
    Our portable desalination equipment are customizable according to your needs. The suitcase type portable package is also our latest product, which is more portable and convenient for travel.

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    Portable Desalination System from NEWater

    The NEWater desalination system is an independent and fully functional water treatment system, installed in a durable steel housing. Almost any natural water supply can produce up to 7,000 GPD (including freshwater, brackish water, or seawater). It is widely used in holiday resorts, coastal regions, and sites in immediate need of fresh water.

    NEWater portable containerized seawater desalination system is a cost-effective water treatment option that uses the most advanced RO membrane technology to treat water with the highest quality. It reduces operating costs through power-saving features, so it is the lowest-cost option for seawater desalination systems.

    NEWater designed a container packaging system for simplicity and durability, easy to transport, install, operate, and maintain. Want to have a chat with our customer representative? Contact us now!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Portable Desalination Systems

    The development of desalination systems has given birth to mobile desalination systems. These systems not only offer high desalination rates but also provide flexibility, convenience, and cost-efficiency. This has made access to clean potable water for temporary use easier and less costly. NEWater has been at the forefront of developing and advancing portable desalination equipment for industrial applications. In this article, we explore portable desalination systems and their role in the generation of fresh potable water.

    Figure 1 Portable Desalination System.

    What is Portable Desalination Equipment?

    A portable water desalination system is simply a mobile water treatment plant that requires no permanent installation. Once you receive a system, you can immediately commence desalinating water. These systems are available in different capacity ranges, which makes them ideal for various temporary desalination needs.

    They often utilize reverse osmosis to eradicate dissolved salts from seawater. They are also endowed with micro-filters and ultrafilters, which eject microplastics, microorganisms, and protozoa thus generating high-grade potable water.

    What are the Advantages of Using Portable Desalination Systems?

    Portable desalination units offer optimum flexibility through mobility. Industries and individuals setting up temporary camps benefit greatly from desalination systems. They are further extremely handy tools for emergency response teams based in coastal and arid areas. The following are the main advantages of utilizing portable desalination systems:

    • They do not require installation and can be put into use immediately after you receive them.
    • They are easy to move around and can be used on different sites.
    • They are easy to operate and affordable to maintain.
    • They have high desalination rates.
    • They do not consume a lot of power.
    • Reduced footprint.

    Where are Portable Water Desalination Systems Used?

    The mobile nature of mobile desalination systems makes their scope of operation almost limitless. In your quest to generate potable water, a desalination system is the perfect equipment. Emergency responders in regions short of freshwater supply, rely on portable desalination equipment to produce fresh and clean water.

    Similarly, building and construction sites in coastal, arid, and semi-arid regions depend on portable desalination systems to generate usable product water. Water vessels such as boats and yachts also exploit desalination systems for boats to generate drinking water and vessel maintenance water.

    Figure 2 Application of portable desalination systems.

    What Types of Portable Desalination Machines Do You Manufacture?

    To expand the scope and scale of portable desalination water systems applications, we manufacture various types of systems. Our systems can be classified according to capacity, desalination mechanism, and source of power. Let us briefly look at some kinds of NEWater desalination systems.

    Small-scale Portable Desalination System.

    For small-scale applications, we have desalination systems that produce between 30 and 50 liters of potable water in an hour. This translates into roughly 7.9 and 13.2 gallons per hour respectively. Due to their compact and small-sized nature, these systems are ideal for emergency response and deployment in small boats.

    Large-scale Portable Desalination System.

    Temporary industries that require huge volumes of potable water such as construction sites demand bigger portable desalination machines.  Such systems can be customized to meet the client’s demands. For instance, there is a reverse osmosis portable water desalination system with a capacity of 100,000 gallons per day and a TDS rate of 38,000 ppm. For such systems, contact NEWater and our engineers will create and help you set up the system.

    Figure 3 Large-scale portable desalination system.

    Can I Get an Industrial Portable Desalination Unit?

    Yes. NEWater manufactures standard-sized and custom-built portable desalination equipment for various industrial applications. Our containerized desalination systems for industrial applications use standard 20 or 40-foot containers, which are fully assembled, easy to operate, and ready to use. They are effective seawater desalination systems that provide product water for various industrial processes and help treat highly contaminated wastewater. They can generate up to 100,000 GPD of freshwater.

    Our skid-mounted industrial desalination systems have elaborate pre-treatment components, semi-permeable membranes, and unsophisticated operation interfaces. Such designs reduce the footprint and mitigate time wastage thus lowering the overall operation cost. Get your supreme mobile desalination system for industrial use from NEWater and you will not have to worry about constant breakdowns.

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    What Desalination Mechanisms are Used in Portable Desalination Systems?

    The prevalent desalination mechanism used in portable desalination units is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis relies on filters and perforated membranes to eject large and smaller contaminants found in seawater and brackish water. First, the seawater of brackish water is passed through a pre-treatment chamber, which eradicates debris, seaweed, and other large elements. This is a vital phase since it prevents clogging of the perforated membranes.

    Subsequently, the water is forced into the semi-permeable membrane using high-pressure pumps thus removing the dissolved salts. In the end, you are left with brine and potable water ready for use. The brine is then diluted prior to being redirected into the seawater. This ensures marine life is not exposed to highly concentrated water, which might have catastrophic implications.

    Alternatively, thermal distillation utilizing vapor compression, multi-stage flash distillation, or multi-effect evaporation can be utilized. The overlying principle behind thermal desalination is the use of heat to evaporate seawater, provoke condensation, and consequently collection of fresh potable water.

    Figure 4 Reverse osmosis.

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    Can I Get Commercial Portable Desalination Equipment?

    Our extensive range of portable desalination equipment is designed to accommodate various industrial and commercial needs. From small commercial applications such as businesses to big commercial applications, NEWater has the perfect standard desalination system. In addition, we tailor the capacity range, flow rate, and design of commercial portable desalination systems based on instructions given by our customers.

    Do not hesitate to procure your skid-mounted or containerized desalination system for your car wash or food and beverage business from NEWater. Our systems optimally utilize reverse osmosis membranes and filters to generate high-quality water at reasonable costs.

    Figure 5 Commercial portable desalination system.

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    What is the Capacity of a Portable Desalination System?

    Portable desalination units may not have the maximum capacity ranges of permanent systems but they offer various ranges that accommodate most industrial and commercial applications. NEWater manufactures standard containerized desalination systems with varying capacities ranging from 400 GPD to hundreds of thousands.

    Our mobile desalination systems allow you to carry out desalination in places where potable water is readily used. This eliminates the need for large storage tanks. For containerized equipment, they can be used in standard 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot insulated and non-insulated containers. Additionally, our RO portable desalination systems can produce between 1.4 to over 7,000 cubic meters of potable water daily.

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    Do You Manufacture Reverse Osmosis Portable Desalination Machines?

    Reverse osmosis desalination is the most prominent desalination technique given it is comparatively cost-effective and greatly effective. Our RO portable desalination systems eliminate between 90 and 95% of dissolved salts found in seawater. The variation in salt rejection rates is accounted for by the varying concentration levels found in feed water.

    NEWater RO desalination systems are available in a range of customizable capacities and can comfortably handle seawater with TDS levels of up to 45,000ppm. Similarly, they handle seawater temperatures of up to 42 degrees. NEWater will deliver your portable RO desalination system to your selected location irrespective of your country.

    Figure 6 Portable RO desalination system.

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    What Contaminants Does a Portable Desalination System Eradicate?

    The primary role of desalination systems is to eradicate or significantly reduce salt concentration levels found in seawater and brackish water. Reverse osmosis desalination, which is the principal desalination technique utilized by portable desalination units, is very effective in this. Advanced RO desalination eliminates over 99% of dissolved ions and other impurities found in feed water. Here are some other pollutants eliminated:

    ●Organic chemicals.
    ●Viruses and bacteria.
    ●Bad taste and odors.

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    How Long Does it Take to Desalinate Water Using a Portable Desalination Unit?

    The time it takes from filling the portable desalination system to the collection of one minute of clean drinking water is called the flow rate. Our portable RO desalination systems have different flow rates.  Most of our standard portable desalination equipment using reverse osmosis have flow rates of up to 60 m3/hr. You can, however, request a higher flow rate and our engineers will customize your system to accommodate your demand.

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    How Effective are Portable Desalination Systems?

    The input of water treatment system manufacturers in developing and modifying desalination processes has been paid off by increased efficiency and lower operational costs. Be it reverse osmosis or thermal desalination, it is now much easier and affordable to generate potable water from seawater.

    The quality of potable water generated has also significantly improved resulting in increased reliance on portable desalination systems. Reverse osmosis systems have proven that they can eliminate up to 99% of dissolved salts and microorganisms in seawater. Modification of the desalination process allows users to generate desirable water qualities for basic and sophisticated applications.

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    Can I Have my Portable Desalination Equipment Customized?

    To serve limitless industries and scopes of application, NEWater accepts custom orders for mobile desalination systems. We supplement our standard option with customization for the ultimate customer satisfaction. Customization entails modifying the size of the container, the capacity, shape, and flow rate of your desalination system.

    To get a customized desalination system, contact us via email at, and expound to our engineers the customizations you want to be incorporated into your system. Using 3D technology, we will create design samples and send them to you for approval. This ensures we deliver exactly what you ordered.

    Figure 7 Customized skid-mounted desalination system.

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    Are There Portable Desalination Systems for Home Applications?

    Thanks to customization, portable desalination systems have no bounds when it comes to the scale and place of application. Small-sized desalination systems installed on containers or skid mounts can be used to generate clean and fresh water from seawater in coastal towns.

    Such systems can be used to supply fresh drinking water or clean water in homes deprived of fresh water. For instance, a 400 BHL portable desalination water system can produce around 17 gallons of fresh water in an hour. This makes such systems suitable for use in beach homes and small restaurants in coastal areas.

    Figure 8 Portable desalination system for domestic use.

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    How Heavy are Portable Desalination Water Systems?

    The weight of the portable desalination machine depends on the size of the system. The 8000 GPD portable desalination system with two membranes weighs approximately 2600 pounds. On the other hand, a 100,000 GPD portable system with 28 membranes can weigh approximately 14,000 lbs.

    Portable desalination water systems are comparatively lighter in weight to allow smooth transportation as a unit. Smaller portable systems for domestic use are significantly lighter and easy to set up.

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    Do Portable Desalination Systems Generate Clean Drinking Water?

    Countries deprived of freshwater sources such as Saudi Arabia and UAE have perennially exploited desalination systems to generate drinking water.  The desalination processes have over time been developed to effectively eradicate high salt concentration subsequently producing high-grade water fit for human consumption.

    The World Health Organization demands that a gallon of drinking water should contain less than 2 grams of salt. Normal seawater is estimated to harbor over 130 grams of salt per gallon. Desalination lowers the salt concentration levels significantly and removes disease-causing pathogens, therefore, generating fresh drinking water.

    Figure 9 Drinking water produced by desalination.

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    How Much Power is Consumed by Portable Desalination Equipments?

    Power consumption rates of modern RO desalination systems have been reduced by over 70% compared to the 1980s. This commendable breakthrough has been attained courtesy of energy-recovery systems and the innovation of efficient membranes.

    Generally, portable RO desalination systems use between 3 and 10 kW of power per hour to generate a cubic meter of potable water. Energy consumption is often influenced by the size and salinity of your feed water. Given there are various power dynamics in different countries, you can select a 380V/50Hz or 480V/60Hz portable desalination system.

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    How Much Does a Portable Desalination System Cost?

    To derive the overall cost of a portable desalination unit, you need to calculate the purchasing price and cost of operation. The initial buying price varies depending on the size and type of the portable desalination system. This makes it hard to provide accurate general quotations. You can however easily get an accurate quotation by sending an inquiry via NEWater’s website.

    The operational cost of desalination systems is generally cheaper given they eliminate installation costs. The operational costs include power consumption, repairs, and labor. All factors considered, producing 1000 gallons of potable water using a portable desalination machine can cost between $2 to $5.

    Figure 10 Price of a portable desalination system.

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    What are the Disadvantages of Using Portable Desalination Systems?

    The principal limitation of desalination systems, in general, is that they consume a lot of energy. Over 50% of the operational costs of portable desalination equipment are accounted for by energy-related costs. The invention of energy-reserving gadgets has however minimized energy consumption. Other disadvantages of portable desalination systems include:

    • Production of highly concentrated brine, which can hurt marine life when deposited in waterways.
    • They require huge amounts of feed water to generate a small amount of potable water.

               Figure 11 Brine from desalination.

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    Where Can I Purchase the Best Portable Desalination Machine?

    As the demand for potable water heightens, the number of desalination system manufacturers rises. Sadly, not all manufacturers or suppliers can be trusted to deliver high-quality portable desalination systems. NEWater has for close to two decades, specializing in the development of water treatment solutions resulting in astronomical sales across the globe.

    We manufacture standard and customized portable desalination solutions for industrial and commercial applications with unique designs and unmatched efficiency. Our capacity ranges, flow rates, and power options are customizable meaning we cater to virtually all desalination needs. For guaranteed first-rate portable desalination units and exemplary customer service, get in touch with NEWater. A catalog of our comprehensive water desalination products is available on our website.

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    How Durable are Portable Desalination Systems?

    Reverse osmosis portable desalination systems on average have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. With great maintenance and appropriate frequency of use, the lifespan can stretch to 20 years. Certain reverse osmosis components such as the filters and membranes have shorter lifespans. A membrane, for instance, requires changing every three years for optimal productivity. However, adequate pretreatment prevents premature burnout by eliminating contaminants that can potentially corrode the system or clog the perforated membranes.

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    Are Portable Desalination Units Resistant to Rust?

    Yes. Given the conditions, they are exposed to, and the quality of feed water they desalinate, it is paramount that these systems are made of non-corrosive components. Our containerized desalination systems are made of steel frames coated with powder and the respective pipes are made of stainless steel. This mitigates rusting or corrosion which might result from the highly saline seawater. Additionally, our portable RO systems consist of a pretreatment chamber, which entails chemical dosing that ejects corrosive contaminants thus protecting the desalination equipment.

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    Are There Solar Powered Portable Desalination Systems?

    There are numerous off-grid portable desalination units that only rely on solar power to desalinate seawater and produce potable water in turn. Solar desalination systems are more efficient in their power consumption given they reuse the brine, therefore, lowering the amount of power needed to undertake RO desalination.

    Solar-powered desalination systems can be fitted on containers and skid mounts of distinct dimensions. To produce 10,000 liters of potable water using solar-powered desalination, approximately 2.7Kw of energy will be necessitated. Contact our engineers for a customized portable desalination water system powered by solar energy.

    Figure 12 Solar-powered portable desalination system.

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    Can Portable Desalination Machines be Used to Treat Seawater?

    Seawater, unlike most other water sources, has high salt concentrations. Additionally, seawater accounts for more than 70% of earth’s water hence most countries closer to seas and lack adequate freshwater supply desalinate seawater.

    Portable desalination systems are turnkey solutions that permit the instantaneous generation of potable water from seawater through RO and thermal desalination.  The Middle East, for instance, accounts for over 70% of the total desalination systems available globally. Desalinating seawater allows communities and industries in coastal regions to access fresh and potable water for various applications.

    Figure 13 Seawater desalination.

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    Do You Help Repair Faulty Portable Desalination Equipment?

    NEWater engineers are readily available to offer technical consultations and physical repair services where applicable. To our domestic clients, we dispatch technical experts to help resolve defects and to our overseas customers, we provide video consultations.

    Irrespective of your geographical location, NEWater will provide the necessary aid to ensure your faulty desalination system gets the necessary repair promptly. To inquire or seek assistance in repairing a faulty system, kindly contact us via

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    Do You Manufacture Spare Parts for Portable Desalination Systems?

    Get any spare component for a portable desalination machine shipped to you at affordable rates by NEWater. To ensure we have control over the quality of our spare parts, all production is done in-house. We have numerous standard repair components such as RO membranes and filters and we also manufacture customized components.

    In addition, you can consult our engineers for technical advice prior to purchasing a spare component. Where applicable, NEWater will designate experts to help you install the custom repair part or offer virtual tutorials.

    Figure 14 Spare parts for portable desalination systems.

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    Can You Deliver My Portable Desalination Equipment Overseas?

    Yes. NEWater is a leading manufacturer of desalination systems with a customer base spread out across the globe. We deliver our portable desalination systems to over 200 countries using reliable courier service providers.

    Using air shipment, we can deliver your small-sized desalination system in 3 to 7 days while other shipping modes may take longer. Larger systems are expected to take relatively longer but the duration is often influenced by the mode of shipment and delivery location.

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    What is the Difference Between Skid-mounted and Containerized Desalination Systems?

    The primary difference between containerized and skid-mounted desalination systems is exhibited by the manner in which they are packaged. Skid-mounted desalination systems are principally fitted onto metal rails or pallets while containerized systems are mounted on metallic containers.

    Other than that, they both utilize similar desalination techniques and have the same desalination rates. NEWater manufactures both skid-mounted and containerized desalination systems in standard and customized options.

    Figure 15 Skid-mounted desalination system.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms for Portable Desalination Systems?

    As a customer-centered manufacturer, we have constituted numerous flexible payment terms for all our desalination products. For our portable desalination equipment, our payment terms demand that you make a 50% prepayment and a 30% payment after you inspect the video samples. Once we have completed creating your system, you can make the final 20% payment to prompt shipment. For your convenience, we can work out more flexible or favorable payment terms.

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    Do You Manufacture Other Water Treatment Systems?

    Our scope of operation covers a broad range of water treatment solutions. Our resources, expertise, and experience have seen us dominate the water treatment industry locally and globally. Using our state-of-the-art laboratories, we are able to test and analyze water samples, which consequently helps us develop better water treatment systems.

    Our comprehensive water treatment systems possess strong adaptability, high purification rates, and prolonged lifespans. By consistently producing high-quality water treatment systems, our products are held in high esteem locally and internationally. Underneath are some of our other water treatment systems:

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