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  • Produced water meets drinking water regulations.
  • Healthy and safe water that is not harmful to humans.
  • Maintains ideal pH and conductivity of water.
  • Portable and suitable for a variety of outdoor applications.
  • Advanced water purification technology.
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    NEWater: Commercial Portable Water Purification Systems Manufacturer in China

    NEWater is committed to offering purified and drinkable water for all. Our portable water purification equipments are great for areas where people do not get clean drinking water easily. Besides, these portable solutions are preferred by cyclers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor adventure lovers. They are energy-efficient and can save up to 50% of your investment cost. Choose NEWater for better performance at a lesser late.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Portable Water Purification Machines

    Water Purification System

    The Water Purification System effectively removes unwanted salts, ions and minerals from salinated water.

    Portable Water Purification Systems Military

    Portable Water Purification Systems Military provides a convenient way for the military to use water. Safe and healthy.

    Portable Water Purification Systems

    Commercial water purification systems produce pure water to global industry standards. They use a variety of processes for water filtration.

    Portable Water Purification Systems Units

    NEWater portable water purification systems units are the preferred choice for different industries due to their cost-effectiveness.

    Portable Water Purification Systems Machine

    NEWater offers you a portable water purification systems machine that has a flexible and customizable program.

    Portable Water Purification Systems Plant

    Our portable water purification systems plant maintains ideal standards for the benefit of the environment, people, and especially aquatic ecosystems.

    Your Portable Saltwater Purification Systems Supplier

    NEWater is a global leader in manufacturing the best portable water purification equipment. With best engineering practices and customers in over two hundred countries, our potable water systems are used in a variety of industries including large construction sites, pharmaceutical, chemical, and scientific laboratories, and more.

    We offer on-site assistance for hassle-free installation and home delivery. A one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance are part of our confidence in the quality of our products.

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    Portable Water Purification Systems details

    System Components

    • Raw water pump: provides pressure for quartz sand filter/activated carbon filter/softener.
    • Multi-media filter: removes turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, etc.
    • Activated carbon filter: removes color, odor, free chlorine, organic matter, harmful substances, etc.
    • Softeners: exchange calcium and magnesium “ions” in the most common and simplest way.
    • Safety filter: to prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses from entering the RO membrane with 5um precision.
    • High-pressure pump: provides high pressure to the RO membrane.
    • Reverse osmosis system: the main part of the plant. The RO membrane can achieve 99% desalination and remove more than 99% of the ions.

    Why Choose NEWater?

    1. It meets the demand for an uninterrupted water supply and is an enhanced ultrafiltration unit.
    2. Suitable for treating all kinds of surface water, saving energy, and no pollution.
    3. Controlled by PLC, with a high degree of automation.
    4. With the addition of pharmaceutical backwashing function, it can handle bad raw water quality and produce stable and reliable water.
    5. Combined with other water treatment process equipment to meet the needs of more functions.
    6. Portable equipment, easy to install, size can be customized.

    Portable Water Purification Systems appliaction

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    How Long does the General Production Cycle Need to Wait?

    NEWater’s treatment types of equipment are divided into a large system and a small system according to the water volume. The equipment is divided into portable water-making equipment, small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container-type equipment. According to different water volumes and customer requirements, we provide customized services.

    Conventional small equipment takes 3-7 days, and large equipment takes 2-3 months. This is based on your requirements and water volume.

    If I Need to Customize Equipment, What Data Need to be Provided?

    1. As the voltage and frequency of different countries are different, we first need the local voltage and frequency of electricity.
    2. How many gallons the water requirement per hour is
    3. The water quality of the source water and what requirements need to be met
    4. If you need to provide on-site installation services

    Does the Equipment Need to be Installed On-site?

    1. Portable and small equipment — This is plug and play, it doesn’t need to be provided installation services. According to our instructions, you can install by yourself.
    2. Small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container equipment-we will reserve the interface for docking. If there are installation workers, we will provide installation instructions and installation instructions. If necessary, we can also send someone to install it.
    3. How to provide installation instructions —— We have installation instructions and installation videos. If necessary, we can provide free remote software to help you with remote video installation instructions.

    How to Charge for Installation Service

    1. We provide free installation instructions, with instruction manuals and installation videos
    2. Remote video installation guidance. If it is a large piece of equipment and the customer needs to install it by himself, then we will also provide free remote installation guidance service, but we need to plan a good time, within our working hours. Our working hours are from 9 o’clock to 18 o’clock Beijing time
    3. We send workers to install it. This needs to be based on the size of the project. If we have been designated to install it in the early stage, the installation service abroad will belong to our scope of work, and no additional charge is required.
    4. If we need to send someone to install it temporarily, we need to provide different charges according to different countries, installation technical requirements, and different types of technical work. Welcome to inquire.

    How to Transport the Equipment?

    There are several types of transportation, sea, air, and express

    1. If it is a small device and requires fast speed, we can provide door-to-door service by air and express, the normal transportation cycle is 5-10 days.
    2. If it is skid-mounted or container equipment, it is more appropriate to use the shipping method. The normal transportation cycle is 20-40 days.

    Whats Your Payment Method?

    Small equipment needs payment to delivery

    For skid-mounted equipment and container equipment, 50% is prepaid, 30% is charged after video inspection, and 20% is charged before shipment.

    Of course, we provide you with flexible ways of cooperation. Become our agents, and have more flexible support. Welcome to contact us.

    Do You Provide Maintenance Services?


    1. NEWater provides free installation guidance and a one-year product warranty service. During the warranty service period, if there is an equipment problem, we provide free equipment repair or replacement services. If it is a manual operation, a fee will be charged. We can provide the required equipment replacement.
    2. We provide life-long after-sales service. NEWater has a full set of equipment and accessories, which can be replaced. Don’t worry about the failure of after-sales and maintenance.
    3. During the warranty period, NEWater provides all kinds of professional technical support, and if necessary. We also provide remote video guidance services.
    4. After the warranty period, NEWater also provides life-long after-sales maintenance, which requires a certain amount of manual service. There are also many matching accessories that can be replaced, so there is no need to worry about the later operation of the equipment.

    Do You Provide Design Services?

    Yes, we do.

    For conventional small equipment, NEWater has standardized equipment. For large-scale skid-mounted and container equipment, we can design a process that meets the needs according to different water quality requirements.

    At the same time, we carry out three-dimensional drawing designs according to different requirements and then communicate with customers to confirm.

    After the design confirmation is completed, we then proceed to custom processing. So you don’t have to worry about our design and production capacity. We will provide you with the most professional technical support.

    Portable Water Purification Systems from NEWater

    Our portable water purification machines use predominantly advanced RO membrane technology and can be customized to suit different customer requirements, making it easy for you to access quality water whenever and wherever you need it.

    The primary function of our water purification systems is to remove solids, pathogens, and other harmful elements from a variety of untreated water sources, including a lake, rivers, and well water. By performing this effective purification process, these self-contained solutions can provide an autonomous drinking water supply with reduced cost consumption.

    In addition, many of our portable water purification systems are powered by renewable energy sources, such as windmills and solar energy. These can therefore easily work outdoors, even in military camps and disaster areas.

    If you are looking for high-quality portable water filtration systems, call NEWater today.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for

    Portable Water Purification System.

    In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about portable water purification systems.

    Whether you want to learn about features, design, specification, efficiency, or working principles – you will find everything right here.

    So keep reading to learn more.

    What Is A Portable Water Purification System?

    A portable water purification system is a self-contained device that you can easily transport and use to purify untreated water from various sources.

    This system can purify water in remote locations such as lakes, wells, or rivers for drinking.

    Portable water purification systems will remove various types of contaminants from untreated water such as bacteria.

    These contaminants can cause various sicknesses which can be severe and life-threatening.

    This system offers an autonomous drinking water supply even in areas where clean water is unavailable.

    Besides, this system is small and lightweight hence easy to carry around.

     A Portable Water Purification System

    What Are The Benefits Of A Portable Water Purification System?

    A portable water purification system has several advantages such as:

    ● Affordability.

    Purified water is affordable than bottled water in various categories.

    For instance, you can reuse portable water purification systems to clean the same kind of untreated water.

    Besides, you will only drink bottled water once and need to buy another one when you are thirsty.

    Buying this system may be costly but is beneficial in the long run due to its reusability.

    ● Environmentally Friendly.

    Purified water is friendly to the environment at large since you will not be disposing of plastic bottles after each use.

    Besides, up to 80% of bottles find their way into landfills.

    Also, you will use more energy to transport bottled water from one region to another.

    ● Good Quality Water.

    Dirty and contaminated water may have a foul smell and taste since they have organic and inorganic substances.

    A portable water purification system will eliminate most contaminants from untreated water making it safe to use and drink.

    ● Ease Of Use.

    Portable water purification systems are simple to operate.

    Besides, you can carry this system anywhere when conducting outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, or camping.

    Wherever you are, you can purify any water source by using portable water purification equipments.

     A Portable Water Purifiaction System Is Easy to use

    What Should You Consider When Purchasing A Portable Water Purification System?

    There are many factors worth considering when looking for a portable water purification system for your use.

    Here are factors you should look out for when purchasing this system:

    ● Durability And Maintenance.

    Here, you will consider if the portable water purification system can withstand various elements.

    For instance, ensure that it remains functional following several knocks or dropping it to the ground.

    The design and material construction will influence the durability of this system.

    Also, make sure the portable water purification system is easy to maintain without requiring several tools.

    For instance, some systems allow you to blow out water after every use to clean.

    ● Weight And Size.

    Considering that you will be moving around, you need a small and lightweight portable water purification system.

    Most systems can fit in your backpack but their weight, technology, and component structure vary.

    Ensure the weight and size of the system is suitable for your application.

    A Water Purification System Ideal For Hiking And Camping

    ● Capacity.

    This entails considering how often you will be using the portable water purification system.

    Some systems can operate for a few days while others can function for longer periods.

    When purchasing the portable water purification system, take note of its capacity.

    Some versions can purify less than 100 gallons while others can clean up to 10000 gallons.

    ● Cost.

    Just like any device, portable water purification systems come in a wide price range.

    Consider your budget when you are buying one.

    Besides, being expensive does not always mean it is of high quality or vice versa.

    Some affordable systems will offer you high-quality water purification.

    Also, consider the value of the system as some require frequent replacements yet are cheap.

    In the long run, you will end up spending more on such a system.

    ● Function.

    Here, you will consider what the portable water purification system will do for you.

    For instance, factor in the area you will be visiting if you will be hiking or mountain climbing.

    Also, check if the area has several people and you need to minimize the risk of you getting sick.

    Some portable water purification systems cannot kill viruses, so ensure you purchase a version suitable for your application.

    ● Filtration Speed.

    This entails considering how fast you need to purify water for your usage.

    Every type of portable water purification system operates at a certain rate.

    For instance, some can purify up to 16 ounces every minute while others only a few ounces every minute.

    Consider your needs to understand how fast you require safe water.

    ● Ease Of Use.

    Not all portable water purification systems have the same construction.

    Some systems are simple to use and allow you to purify water quickly with minimal effort.

    Besides, some systems are complex to operate as you need to assemble and clean them after every usage.

    Some models need batteries or instructions to set up.

    ● Battery Needs.

    Most portable water purification systems operate manually as they require no power.

    However, UV portable water purification systems require a power source since they use UV light for purification purposes.

    The power can come by connecting the system to a USB system or disposable batteries.

    ● Water Quality.

    Purifying water in remote areas is about removing protozoa, bacteria, etc.

    Besides, some viruses are small that the portable water purification system may fail to eliminate.

    Ensure you have an idea of the quality of water in the area you will be in as it will assist you in purchasing the suitable system.

    When Should You Replace A Portable Water Purification System?

    If you have been using similar portable water purification systems, you are likely to understand how long it works before needing replacements.

    Manufacturers always indicate how long the purification system will last.

    One indicator that the system needs a replacement is a significant decrease in flow rate.

    This means that the portable water purification system has clogged as it houses large amounts of bacteria that inhibit the flow of water.

    Also, these systems have a range of water gallons it will purify before considering a replacement.

    This means you need to keep track of how much water you have purified over time.

    With this, you can replace the system once it reaches its capacity.

    Besides, some manufacturers recommend not to use the portable water purification system once it reaches within 10% of its lifespan.

    How Do You Clean A Portable Water Purification System?

    There are a few methods to clean this system due to the nature of the material construction.

    Here, we will share a process that will eliminate bacteria in your portable water purification system.

    Besides, ensure you follow this process to the later.

    Begin by filling the portable water purification system with hot water equal to its capacity.

    Thereafter, add two tablespoons of unscented bleach into the hot water.

    The heat from the hot water will assist with rinsing out the bacteria within the portable water purification system.

    Allow the mixture to sit for five minutes, shake gently, and then allow the solution to pass through the system.

    Use at least three rinses to get rid of all the bleach from the system.

    Once you finish the rinsing process, allow the system to air dry.

    Air drying offers a high level of cleanliness before you use the portable water purification system.

    Besides, it will eliminate the chances of bacteria or water breeding in dark areas.

    Also, try to clean the system frequently since it serves as a breeding ground for bacteria after purifying dirty water.

    This means you should wash it with the bleach solution quickly before bacteria multiplies to high levels.

    Do All Portable Water Purification Systems Eliminate Viruses?

    Standard versions of portable water purification systems cannot remove viruses from water.

    Purchase specialized portable water purification systems if you will visit areas prone to viruses.

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    Which Purification Methods Do Portable Water Purification Systems Use?

    Some of these methods entail the following:

    Reverse Osmosis.

    This method will force untreated water via membranes whose pores are small to inhibit contaminants from flowing through.

    ● Filtration.

    This is the most cost-effective and effective technique of purifying water.

    Besides, filtration can involve both chemical and physical processes to eliminate these contaminants.

    Here, the processes have materials that trap will trap active carbon and bacteria.

    ● Boiling.

    This method is safe, easy, and cheap.

    Here, you will boil the water for a few minutes to kill bacteria, parasites, etc.

    ● Chlorination.

    Most developed countries have used this method for many years to kill germs and disease-causing substances in water.

    Besides, you can purchase chlorine tablets that you will dissolve in water to clean the contaminants.

    However, seek medical attention as some people cannot use chlorine tablets.

    ● Distillation.

    This is a process of collecting clean water after you vaporize it from boiling water.

    Besides, this process takes time and needs a source of heat.

    However, it has high efficacy in eliminating parasites, bacteria, and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

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    What Risks Will You Avoid By Using A Portable Water Purification System?

    Having access to healthy and clean water is a priority whether you are exploring areas or are in a wilderness.

    A few things can as harmful to your health as dirty contaminated water.

    Several harmful agents are in untreated and dirty water.

    Some of the risks you will avoid entailing the following contaminants:

    ● E.coli.

    This form of infection will cause diarrhea, fever, abdominal pains, vomiting, etc., and the symptoms may appear immediately or within two weeks.

    ● Legionella Pneumonia.

    This is a form of bacterial that will cause Legionnaires’ disease that may cause coughs, fever, muscle aches, etc.

    ● Salmonella.

    Infection from salmonella causes muscle cramps, fever, nausea, and diarrhea and the symptoms may show within three days of contamination.

    ● Hepatitis A.

    This is a disease caused by a certain virus in water and can cause jaundice, nausea, fever, and stomach pain.

    Besides, the symptoms will start appearing within one month after consuming contaminated water.

    ● Giardia Lamblia.

    This is an organism that will cause giardiasis.

    Giardiasis will cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nausea.

    Such symptoms will start showing under two weeks after consuming contaminated water.

    Diagram Showing Various Processes That Eliminate Different Risks

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    How Do Portable Water Purification Systems And Portable Water Filtration Systems Compare?

    Here is how these two compare:

    ● Portable Water Purification Equipments.

    Water purifiers will eliminate all parasitic, viral, and bacterial elements in the water.

    Besides, they can remove these organisms but cannot eliminate other types of contaminants.

    Most manufactures try to combine purification and filtration elements in these systems to remove several contaminants.

    Portable Water Purification System

    ● Portable Water Filtration Systems.

    These systems are popular than purification systems as they assist in eliminating or minimizing contaminants in water.

    Besides, they can remove impurities such as mercury, iron, copper, nickel, lead, chromium, etc.

    However, they cannot eliminate most viruses and bacteria in the water but will effectively lower their number.

    Portable water filtration systems can remove specific types of bacteria.

    A Portable Water Filter System

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    How Does A Portable Water Purification System Operate?

    Some of the best portable water purification systems apply triple filtration units.

    These units are known as hollow fibers and the water you collect from your source passes via these series of filters.

    Also, these filters will gradually decrease in size.

    The hollow filter fibers have smaller diner holes that allow clean water to pass through.

    However, they will not allow contaminants such as bacteria and debris to pass through as the holes are small.

    Some portable water purification machines apply UV that sterilizes the water.

    There are various types of portable water purification systems but they all operate by allowing clean water through and trapping contaminants.

    Some use ion exchange resins, ceramic substances, or activated carbon to trap contaminants while allowing clean water to pass.

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    How Reliable Is A Portable Water Purification System?

    As long as portable water purification systems comply with NSF international certification standards, they are considered reliable.

    NSF International is an organization that protects the health of humans globally by outlining guidelines for water, food, and other environmental products.

    Besides, if a portable water purification system meets the quality standards set by NSF international, it should have its logo.

    Also, ensure the portable water purification system remains reliable by periodically changing the cartridges and cleaning as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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    Does A Portable Water Purification System Kill Bacteria?

    Some versions of portable water purification systems can kill bacteria.

    Besides, these systems will strain out the bacterial elements but not kill them, making the water safe to drink.

    However, if you want to destroy and kill bacteria, consider purchasing UV portable water purification systems.

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    Which Portable Water Purification System Eliminates Most Contaminants?

    Most portable purification systems can remove most but not all contaminants.

    Different portable purification systems can remove different types of contaminants in water.

    Besides, since a single system cannot remove all contaminants, it is better to select one suitable for your application.

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    What Will A Portable Water Purification System Remove From Water?

    These systems will remove several contaminants such as:

    • Sand.
    • Chlorine.
    • Salt.
    • Sulfur.
    • Fluoride.
    • Chemical filter residue.
    • Bacteria.
    • Chloramine, etc.

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    How Do You Maintain A Portable Water Purification System?

    One of the main maintenance processes entails washing the portable water purification system with hot water.

    The hot water will kill bacteria that start accumulating after you purify the untreated water.

    Besides, you should keep the system at body temperature in cold or freezing seasons as this ensures its effectiveness.

    For instance, keep it close to your body as the warmth from your body will ensure it remains at body temperature.

    This is because portable water purification systems are susceptible to cold as they can crack allowing contaminants to pass through.

    Also, replace the cartridges as the need arises.

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    What Quality Standards Should A Portable Water Purification System Comply With?

    These standards ensure that the system is safe for use and operates efficiently.

    Some of the standards that portable water purification eequipments should comply with include:

    • National Sanitation Foundation [NSF] certification
    • Water Quality Association [WQA] standard
    • American National Standards Institute [ANSI] standard
    • Underwriters’ Laboratories [UL] certification
    • Food and Drug Administration [FDA] Standard
    • The United States Environmental Protection Agency [US EPA]
    • Current Good Manufacturing Practices [CGMP]
    • EDI/CEDI certification

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    What Is A Solar Powered Portable Water Purification System?

     A Portable Solar Powered water Purification System

    This is a system that requires solar power energy to purify water.

    It has solar panels that harness solar energy from sunlight which it converts to electrical energy that assists in the purification process.

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    Which Types Of Portable Water Purification Systems Are There?

    There are several types of portable water purification systems that have various designs and operate differently.

    The type of system you select affects its longevity, ease of use, weight, convenience, and efficacy.

    Here are the types of portable water purification machines in the market:

    ● Straw Portable Water Purification System.

    These are some of the lightest systems available that resemble large straws and operate as normal straws.

    Using these systems involves getting close to the water source and sucking water via the straw.

    Besides, you need to use more force for the straw portable water purification system to work.

    However, it performs a straightforward purification process.

    These systems use hollow fiber membrane cartridges that have a tight, porous, and dense weave.

    This means water has to pass via several layers before reaching you.

    Some benefits of this system are:

    1. Efficient at eliminating contaminants.
    2. Removes substances responsible for bad taste and smell.
    3. Eliminates bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc.

    Some limitations include:

    1. Not efficient at eliminating dissolved contaminants like heavy metals, etc.
    2. Clogging of membranes with time.

    ● Gravity Portable Water Purification System.

    These systems are suitable for hikers, campers, trekkers, etc. since they operate without electricity.

    Besides, they also do not need a constant supply of water to operate.

    This system has two containers that you will place above one another.

    Using it entails pouring water in the first container and gravity will allow water to pass via purification mediums to the other container.

    The second container will collect clean purified water.

    Besides, this system uses a combination of activated carbon and ceramic filters to purify water.

    Some of the benefits include:

    1. You can use the filter for up to one year.
    2. It can remove chlorine.
    3. Effectively eliminates parasites, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc.

    Some limitations include:

    1. Larger configuration.
    2. If not properly stored, the first container can contaminate the other one.

     Gravity Portable Purification System

    ● Pump Portable Water Purification System.

    Using this system involves connecting lead lines to a water source and the other line to the recipient.

    Besides, you will use a small pump to draw water.

    Some pump portable water purification systems use fiber filters, ceramic filters, activated carbon filters, etc.

    Water will pass via the pores but the contaminants remain behind.

    Some benefits of this system include:

    1. It enhances the smell and taste of water.
    2. The system retails important water minerals.
    3. For activated carbon, you can change them once a year.

    Some limitations include:

    1. The large pores in carbon granules cannot stop some species of bacterial from passing.
    2. Trapped bacteria can breed within the system if you fail to change it as recommended.

    ● UV Portable Water Purification System.

    These systems rely on batteries hence have high operating costs.

    Some benefits include:

    1. Enhances the smell of water.
    2. Operates quickly.
    3. It retails important minerals.
    4. Eliminates viruses, parasites, protozoa, and bacteria.

    Some limitations include:

    1. Cannot operate without batteries.
    2. It will not affect chemicals and heavy metals.
    3. The dirtier the water, the lower its effectiveness.

    ● Bottle Portable Water Purification System.

    These systems are beneficial since you can use them even if you do not need purifying water.

    Simply remove the filter cartridge from the bottle and use it normally as a drinking bottle.

    When you want to drink water from contaminated water, fit the filter cartridge and the bottle will eliminate contaminants.

    These systems rely on either solid blocks of activated carbon or fiber filters.

    Some benefits of these systems include:

    1. It is effective at minimizing arsenic, heavy metals, and harmful contaminants in water.
    2. Blocks viruses and bacteria from reaching the purified water.
    3. It will retail important minerals in the water.

    Some limitations of these systems include:

    1. They will not minimize cadmium and dissolved salts such as nitrates and fluorides.

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    Which Filters Do Portable Water Purification Systems Use?

    The different types of filters include:

    • Mechanical filters.
    • Reverse osmosis filters.
    • Absorption filters.
    • Ion exchange filters.
    • Sequestration filters.

    In addition to these, we offer water treatment equipment, drinking water systems, wastewater treatment systems, and industrial support systems.

    Contact us today for all your portable water purification systems.

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