Portable Water Softener

  • Changes hard water to soft water
  • Measured in grain capacity
  • No more mineral buildup
  • Extends the life of plumbing and hot water equipment
  • Easy to maintain

Feedwater:       Springwater, deep well water, seawater, saltwater, etc.
The conductivity of produced water:         1.0~10.0µS/cm
Voltage:       380V+N50Hz(can be customized)
Filter media:                                                   Resin
Productivity:                                                   500L/Hour
Capacity:                                                         250L~10000L
Desalination rate:                                         >98%
Recovery:                                                        50%-75%
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Most Reliable Portable Water Softener in China

Probably the most problematic effect of hard water is in the ways it affects your health. Dissolved metallic residues can cause a weird smell in drinking water. Besides, hard water can cause skin and hair problems over prolonged use.

The bottom line is, you should seriously consider getting a good quality portable water softener. At NEWater, we produce high-quality portable water softeners. Our diverse knowledge in water treatment helps us to create standard products at our state-of-the-art production facility.

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NEWater Portable Softener System Technical Parameters:

Package size
Product size
Gross weight
Filtration process
Ion exchange
Inlet water pressure
Interface caliber
Water yield
Filter material
Cationic resin
Working water temperature
Usage scenarios

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Portable Water Softener Flow chart:

water softner flow chart

water softner flow chart 2 water softner flow chart 3





Feed Water:

Feed Water

NEWater portable softeners can solve all kinds of problems caused by hard water:

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Why Choose NEWater as Your Portable Softener Supplier

We already have enough practical experience as a manufacturer designing and producing softeners in China and have an advantage in the industry. Having already supplied over 2000 customers with our cost-effective portable softeners equipment, ensuring consistent quality.

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portable water softner factory

We Can Promise You

NEWater water treatment solution provider

NEWater Portable Softner Application Example

NEWater portable water softner is a great way to solve water quality problems for your customers without limiting your site and reduce the weight. You can ask us to customize different sizes of portable water softeners, your satisfaction is our pursuit.

portable water softner Application
portable water softner shipping

How We Transport Your Portable Water Softeners

Portable Water Softener

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    NEWater Portable Water Softener

    Water hardness is caused as a result of dissolved minerals and salts. It is a common problem in municipal water supply systems. The usual unit of measuring water hardness is grains per gallon. If the mineral content in water exceeds more than one grain per gallon, it is considered ‘hard’ water. The degree of hardness varies from one place to another.

    NEWater’s portable water softeners, unlike traditional well water treatment plants, are small in size and footprint, easy to carry and maintain, but also ensure a consistent water output, providing convenience and cost savings for the water softening needs of different industries. Our softeners consist of five processes: produced water, backwash, regeneration, replacement, and a quick rinse.

    Portable Water Softener for Pressure Washer

    Advanced ion exchange technology is used in our equipment. The product utilizes a carefully measured amount of saline solution. This solution is made by dissolving sodium or potassium salts. We also used a mineral tank made of resin beads in the portable water softener.

    These resins are responsible for the removal of calcium and scale deposits during the ionization process. The charge generated by the resin beads corresponds to the charge of the incoming water and displaces the calcium and magnesium plasma from the hard water. The charge difference attracts dissolved minerals in the water and causes them to adhere to the resin beads. As a result, the portable water softener produces soft water and with increased use the resin beads become saturated and the NEWater supplied resin can be regenerated. The resin regeneration phase usually involves rinsing the resin with a brine mixture.

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    Our portable water softeners are subjected to a number of quality testing parameters to ensure they have the capacity to meet your requirements, you can also send us a water test report which enables us to assess the hardness level of the water and recommend the best portable water softener.

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