Portable Water Softener

  • Changes hard water to soft water
  • Retail Support
  • No more mineral buildup
  • Extends the life of plumbing and hot water equipment
  • Easy to maintain

Feedwater:       Springwater, deep well water, seawater, saltwater, etc.
The conductivity of produced water:         1.0~10.0µS/cm
Voltage:       380V+N50Hz(can be customized)
Filter media:                                                   Resin
Productivity:                                                   500L/Hour
Capacity:                                                         250L~10000L
Desalination rate:                                         >98%
Recovery:                                                        50%-75%
Custom Support

Most Reliable Portable Water Softener in China

Perhaps the most problematic effect of hard water is its impact on your health, with long-term use of hard water also leading to skin and hair problems. And it causes scale accumulation, shortening the service life of the appliance. In addition, dissolved metal residues can produce strange odors in drinking water.

You should consider purchasing a quality portable water softener to reduce the concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other metal cations in hard water. As efficient, high-return water softening equipment, we produce high-quality portable water softeners that are easy to carry and can be used in boats, RVs, homes, and personal outdoor applications.

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Accessories for Water Softeners

Portable Water Softener Flow chart:

water softner flow chart

water softner flow chart 2 water softner flow chart 3





Feed Water:

Feed Water

NEWater portable softeners can solve all kinds of problems caused by hard water:

water softner apllication


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